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New Kids On the Block

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Summary: Summary: Xander, Buffy, Dawn, and Nox (Dawn’s twin brother) head to Forks, Washington. The Council had heard stories about a different breed of vampires that live there so Giles sent them to keep an eye on the town.

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Twilight > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersSunnydalesinFR1846,250042,16822 Feb 101 Mar 10No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or the Twilight series and will not be making any money off of this or any works. All recognizable characters are the soul property of their creators and affiliated organizations and companies. Nox is my own creation and as thus is the only character I can clam as my own along with any other original characters I create. Any recognizable spells used are the idea of the writers and creators of Buffy.

Summary: Xander, Buffy, Dawn, and Nox (Dawn’s twin brother) head to Forks, Washington. The Council had heard stories about a different breed of vampires that live there so Giles sent them to keep an eye on the town.

Pairings: Bella/Edward, Edward/Nox with some light Dawn/Mike and Buffy/Spike

Warning: This story will have sex between members of the same sex (guy/guy) and some mature language if the idea offends you or mature language is not for you please do not read.

“Are we there yet?”

“No Dawn, not yet.” Twenty minutes later.

“Are we there yet?”

“No Dawn, we wont be there for another hour or so.” Twenty minutes later.

“Are we…”

“Dawn!” Giggling erupted from the back of a 2000 Mercedes as it sped down the highway, the driver slightly irritated by the teen in the backseat.

“Chillacks Xan-man!” Dawn broke out in giggles again her blue eyes sighing with mischief as she locked eyes with Xander in the review mirror. “So, what’s the deal with this Forks place anyway? Who names a place Forks?”

“Forks, Washington a small lumber town which now relies mostly on its correctional centers as a source of jobs for its population. Their also into game fishing and have a nice national park. Not much of a demon population though.” Rolling her eyes Dawn turned to face her twin brother his nose buried deep in an old tome.

“You’re such a brown nosing kiss ass. You can relax, Giles isn’t here.” Said twin smirked, his silver grey eyes focusing on her for a second before returning to his book.

“Hey Xander?”


“Are we there yet?”

“Damned it Nox not you too! Buffy make them stop!” Laughter once again erupted in the car as Xander huffed. The car speeding passed the welcome to Forks sign, population 3,120.

A squeal of delight rang loud through a house on a seldom driven down street a few miles outside of Forks, Washington. A petit pixie-like girl twirled her way down a staircase and into the living room of said house to finally rest in front of her family.

‘I’m guessing you had a vision then Alice.” Amusement could be heard in the voice as the person gazed at the exuberant girl.

“Oh Carlisle, things are about to become very exciting around here, very, very exciting!” Alice’s bell like voice rang out happily as she bounced over to her husband Jasper pressing herself close to his seated 6’3” frame.

“And why is that dear?”

“Well, because a new family of sorts is moving here!” Turning to face her mother for all intensive purposes she smiled widely at Esme.

“Great more humans; just what this town needs. Why are you telling us this Alice?”

“Well Rosie, I thought it was exciting and besides we’re all going to become really close.” Rosie or rather Rosalie as was her name scrunched up her nose at the idea of getting to know more humans. In her mind humans were vermin and it was bad enough that they had to deal with Bella. Now Alice tells them they had more humans coming to barge their way into their un-lives.

“You can do what you want Alice. I on the other hand do not plan on getting to know these humans. It’s bad enough have to be subjected to Bella.” A growl escaped the throat of a seemingly seventeen year old boy sitting at the foot of the couch Rosalie was sitting in. His copper haired head turning so he could glare at the beautiful blond before returning to the video game he was playing with another young man.

“Come on babe.” The other young looking man said not tearing his eyes away from the TV screen. “Bella’s not that bad, a little mopey but not bad.” Snorting Rosalie rolled her eyes and returned to her copy of a vintage Vogue.

“If you say so Emmett.”

“I can’t believe I’m the only one excited about this.”

Alice whined. “Jasper you’re excited right?” A weak smile graced Jasper’s generous mouth as he looked down at his wife perched on his lap.

“Of course I’m excited Alice. I can’t wait to meet them.”

“Liar,” she pouted “well I know Edward’s excited, aren’t you Eddie?”

“Yes Alice I’m a tremble with excitement.” Just then a crashing sound came from the TV as a red convertible race car crashed into a wall causing Edward to sigh in defeat.

“Serves you right for the sarcasm.” Edward rolled his eyes at Alice then turned to a grinning Emmett.

“Why do I even play these games with you?” Exacerbation laced his words as Emmett shook with held in laughter.

“Because I steal your sheet music; come on Eddie, best two out of three.
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