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Ghosts of the Past II - The Legend of the Lady

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Ghosts". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Duncan heads back to Seacouver, and Giles and Ethan head over to London, to renew a few old ties. Who is the mysterious 'Lady' and what is her connection to Methos? What, exactly will be revealed when Methos faces another of his ghosts?

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered
Highlander > Giles-Centered
RuthlessFR1345,419084,46523 Feb 1018 May 10No

Prologue - Histories

Disclaimer: Only the idea behind 'Ghosts' is mine. And the 'lady'. She's all mine, too. As for the rest of it...Well, you get the idea.

A.N. Sorry it's short, but I wanted to get this up and moving.

Ghosts Of The Past II – The Legend Of The Lady

Prologue – Histories

When they whispered around the dying fire-light, they called her demon. Or Monster. Or at least, those that dared to mention her did. The elders never spoke of her for fear of inviting disaster.

She had been found on the banks of the river one morning when a couple of the woman had gone down to the river to do some fishing. One of the woman had recently lost her own infant, and it was she who took the baby as her own. She called her “Kra-aton”, which meant, simply, “Found Joy”.

She was risen the same as any other woman of the clan – taught her peoples ways, and their beliefs. When she turned fourteen, she was given to a reasonable man, as was tradition among them. Then they called her “Tronthos” which meant wife, or “Saradan”, the translation of which was ‘Mother.”

While she did everything that was expected of her in the first role, she couldn’t fulfill the second. By the end of her twenty-eighth year it became obvious that she wasn’t going to bare her husband any children.

She became resented.

And the leader of the clan made his decision.

One night, when the moon was full, and the days were being swallowed up by the long winter nights she gained a new name.

“Archon” – “Sacrifice.”

And she was driven away, and into the forest.
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