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CSI: Point of View

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This story is No. 1 in the series "CSI: Point of View". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Halloween, a night to become something different. What happens when the doctor kit that Xander picks up contains the ID of a man known as one of the most dense, frustrating, insightful, highly intelligent, nerdy beings on the CSI Vegas task force?

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CSI > CSI Las VegasLilNezumiFR1313,5162206,92424 Feb 1024 Feb 10Yes
Title: CSI Point of View

Main pairing:  No pairing at this point, this is a stand-alone tale, of very brief duration.  See my profile for preferred pairing style.  This is part of your warning.

MY Inspiration:  CSI Vegas, Halloween Fics from this website, Flash Idea that I’m not sure if it has been done yet or not

Warning:  My preference in writing stories with romantic pairings usually fall under the m/m slash category and if this series does continue.  Future stories may contain slash references depending on where the rest of the stories are going.

Disclaimer:  This is my standard disclaimer; I don’t own anything in regards to the sources of MY Inspiration.  All publically recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

All the characters, worlds, base concepts or general ideas are just a bit food for the writing bug.  This story is pure fiction and is in no way meant to copy or reflect real life, events or people, should this happen then obviously it is pure coincidence.

Summary:  Halloween, a night to become something different.  What happens when the doctor kit that Xander picks up contains the ID of a man known as one of the most dense, frustrating, insightful, highly intelligent, nerdy beings on the CSI Vegas task force?  It’s a good thing that this man was part of the night shift because he liked the fact that he was not really forced to interact with humans that often.  Sometimes he just didn’t understand them due to the differences between his age and that of his subordinates.


Xander was looking over the costumes in this new Halloween store.  He was here before the girls because he wanted to hunt down a bargain without them interfering.  The girls being there meant that the shop owner was likely to jack up the prices because let’s face it girls spent money like it was going out of style, especially if ‘they’ believe there was a bargain to be had and definitely if there was a sale sign posted.

This time he told them that he had a mid-shift at one of his numerous fast-food jobs and needed to hunt for his own costume early.  Unfortunately it looked like the owner was still setting up some stuff and he couldn’t find the toy gun that he planned to purchase. 

He took his time to look around the store, but nothing really caught his fancy until he came across a silver tool chest.  It has bottles of colour liquid, black and neon colour powder, brushes, clear tape, swabs and a bunch of other stuff.  The was even a hidden compartment that held a toy pistol that was meant to imitate one of the popular black handguns that cops used in T.V. shows, like the ones where they loaded clips in the handle.  It was funny that there were two extra clips, but Xander figured that they were toy replicas of real cartridges too.

He closed up the hidden compartment quickly and just looked at the empty jars, different sizes of envelopes, red tape that had the word ‘evidence’ and petri dishes, wondering just what this kit was supposed to be used for.

“Crime Scene Investigations,” the shop owner said. Xander was startled by the owner standing nearby watching him, but he tilted his head in a clear indication that more information was needed. 

“They’re usually cops or doctors that specialize in investigating crime scenes.  They use these tools to gather the evidence and then take everything they collect back to their labs and use bigger machines to help analyze them into base components, compounds, DNA, etc....  It’s to figure out who the culprit is or who to begin asking particular questions to in regards to certain crimes.  This kit comes with a set of overalls although it does have CSI Las Vegas on the back.”  He held them up and noticed that they just might fit the boy.

“How much?”

“I’ll let it all go for twenty,” the shop owner said.  “Not everyone wants to be something so mundane,” however seeing the teenager’s frown he quickly added, “But if you tell everyone where you got your costume then its free advertisement for me.”

Xander was happier with that explanation for the price, rather than getting stuck with a costume nobody would consider ever wanting.  He figured that with the explanation he could possible cobble something together for a decent costume.  He was hoping that he might be able to add something that allowed supernatural elements into the Crime Scene Investigation explanation.  It would certainly have helped them out if there was such a thing around that could help them analyze demons and their most likely paths and targets, rather than just stumbling across dead bodies.

He paid for his costume and then headed out to his part-time job.  He hadn’t lied to the girls.  He still needed the cash to pay for more clothes because his parents refused to foot that particular bill ever since he began his night time activities of hunting demons with the Slayer.  He’d had to buy a lot and mostly on the cheap hence the numerous Hawaiian shirts.


It was days later, nearer to Halloween and Xander had stashed a couple of freshly carved stakes in with the toy gun.  Just because the gun was a toy didn’t mean that he was going to take a chance that vampires are supposed to take the night off.  He knew that the law averages on the Hellmouth said they wouldn’t be that lucky.

He looked up some stuff from Giles’ books to see if there had been any Watcher or any other people who had studied the demon crime scenes with the same idea.  The idea of specifically analyzing gathered samples or whether there was such a thing as a Crime Scene Investigator for demonic crimes. 

He found a couple of books related to potions and potion-type analysis for specific results like magical demon or creature identification.  Let’s face it not all supernatural creatures were demons, but since a good majority of them were in this town, he needed something simple to identify the larger variety living in Sunnydale. 

Also, since as a group, they never looked for information in that manner these particular books were stored at a distance from the main body of the ones they commonly used to research.  He decided to ‘borrow’ them for a while.  It’s not like Giles would be asking them to research these kinds of potions anytime soon, as he was definitely a spell caster type, preferring to use spell components rather that mixing up potions.

He found a lot of very useful information about potions that could help to identify fluid matter from various demon species and the books had clear instructions about interpreting the results.  It even had a table type list of the colour changes or other effects that were likely to occur.  It was certainly something that would be very useful to help ID the demons and-or other magical entities wondering about his home town.

Xander added several of the potion bottles that he prepared to his improved kit.  It included some stuff known to be harmful to demons, like holy water, rock salt, wolfsbane powder, other herbs and liquids in a potion like combination.  He even had crystal stones of various types all shaped like small spoons or tongs (tweezers) for the gathering of demonic fluid or body parts. 

He found a place that sold cheap, but effective capped or corked vials with the magical strength and ability to contain his samples without spilling or contaminating the rest of the stuff in the kit.  The coloured water fluids in the existing bottles found in the kit had to be changed to a non-plastic format, just in case.

The silver-like case was also changed to something that he had built in woodworking and shop class, based on a movie and a couple of  animé shows that he like called “Samauri Deeper Kyo” and “Mushi-Shi” (…i…).  He was only interested in replicating the chest like back pack that the characters used and that’s what he did in his class. 

His box-backpack had drawers with latches and a couple of the drawers had layer trays that worked like a multi-layer tool box.  He re-enforced the wood of his box with the tin-type metal from the silver case and even took the time to carve a few runes of preservation and protection on it that he had found from Giles’ Watcher books.  It was a little more streamlined, less boxy now, and easier to carry.  He figured that it might be needed for most of their night-time prowling after Halloween night.

He had begun that project at the beginning of the school year with the hopeful result that it would last through many of the demonic confrontations they normally have.  It was created with the view to carry emergency first aid stuff to help whenever they happened to be injured when fighting.  He aced his project, but he hadn’t used the box-backpack up until now, and now... it was a something that boosted his costume.  He was going to use it as a test for Halloween.

CSI: Las Vegas’ was still written on the back of the overalls, but Xander added Harris to the right chest pocket.  It made it look slightly more official, at least that’s what he thought.

He added a wide leather tool belt completely modified to carry a large wooden mallet with both sides of the mallet head sharpened to stake-like points.  He had an iron mallet too in case they encountered something that did not have a vampy nature.  There was also a pair long needle nose pliers and several leather pouches with different powders on this belt.

The pouches contained the powders in simple snack baggies and differed from simple white chalk, unscented talcum powder to ground dry chilli peppers.  There was even a mix of dry potion ingredients that can be blown into the face of most demonic attackers to put them to sleep. Everything was separated in difference portion sizes because demons were not a one-size-fits-all type.



Gil Grissom looked out upon a strange sight.  It was one that he had never seen before and couldn’t quite comprehend at the moment.  He had never in his life seen quite the variety of creatures as he did now.  An even stranger fact, he quickly noted, was that he was not wearing any form of eyewear.  He also had a pack on his back and was wearing a belt that he knew contained enough strange powder to knock out any creature that wanted to attack him.

He needed answers because scientifically none of this should be possible.  ‘It is possible, if you suspend your scientific mind for a bit,’ a voice said in his mind.  ‘Don’t worry you’re not going crazy.

“Well I must be if the voice in my mind is not my own,” he reasoned with the voice.  He noted that the tone of his spoken voice was different too.

It’s called spiritual possession,’ Xander said. ‘My name is Xander Harris.  If you’ll look at the left pocket of the overalls you’ll see the name Harris on it.  Presumably if you’re really are someone with the name Grissom, then that should be the name you see, don’t you agree?

“How do you know my name?”

Not to offend you, but it is here in your mind,’ the voice of Xander replied with a slight mental poke.  ‘Also when the magics took hold I felt the name echo, calling you forward into being.  Most of the creatures you’re looking at really are only children.  It’s Halloween and it seems that some magical mischief has caused us to become our costumes or perhaps cause our costumes to come to life.’

“This sort of event happens often around here?”

More than you think possible, especially in this town.

“What town would that be?” Gil asked.

Sunnydale, you’re in California right now,” Xander answered the question.  ‘Here let me try something and if this works, you should have an idea of everything that can go on in this town.

Gil felt another internal nudge.  Suddenly his carefully ordered mind opened up to a whole new level of information that he had never thought possible.  Book information, demon information, Watchers, Slayers, vampires, and all manner of supernatural information that Xander had kept to himself came into being. 

His personal experiences with demons and his previous encounter with being possessed by the Hyena spirit came through.  This included the disturbing fact that there was a spiritual residue of the creature still in his mind because it had never been banished, just cages.  It had never integrated fully either, until now.

“Oh my,” Gil mumbled.  He happened to glance down at the name he was currently wearing and noted that it did indeed state ‘Harris’.  “It seems that I am the one that does not belong…”  A particular memory came through and because of his education and interests he was soon very fascinated by it.  “Did that really happen?  You must tell about this.”

Hunh! What the mantis-demon lady thing?’ Xander asked for clarification and feeling the affirmation that that was the question, he answered. ‘Ooohh, yeah!  Several guys from my class disappeared after she gave them special attention in class.  I was next and looking forward to it, but at least I have a couple of good friends who know to question too much of a good thing.

“I understand, but the anatomy of a human shouldn’t have been able to support such a skeletal configuration,” Gil started to say.  He sensed the confusion in the teenager and therefore he did his own version of pushing experiences and knowledge into the mind of the boy he was possessing.

No way,’ Xander exclaimed.  ‘You’re a doctor and you work with cops.  You like bugs, well not that bugs aren’t cool when you’re like ten or something, but to have a career where you can actually use that information is way too cool.

“Thank you very much,” Gil replied drily.  “How about we find a solution to preventing anyone from coming to harm because of this spell before we continue our discussion?”

Right, you’re right,’ Xander said.  ‘I don’t think that this will last long, but in my experience and from some of the books I’ve read, spells of this nature…

“…have a limited time frame,” Gil said as he reviewed the data from the downloaded memories.  “Depending on the hour the spell was cast, this one might last until the hour is matched like ten in the evening to ten in the morning or…”

…the major component maintaining the spell is destroyed,’ Xander finished.  ‘We’ll need Giles for this.

Gill nodded and then he noticed a red-headed ghost that had been trying to get his attention for a while.  “Can I help you?”

“Xander what do you think you’re playing at?  It’s me Willow and I think that we need to get Giles to help us, but we have to find Buffy too,” Willow said.

“We’ve turned into our costumes,” Gil replied.  “Why do we need to find a Buffy?”

Oh man,’ Xander said in Gil’s mind.  ‘She’s the kick-ass Slayer of this town, but tonight she was wearing the costume of a nineteenth century genteel woman.  She’ll be very vulnerable right now.

“Which way did this Buffy go?”  Gil asked the ghost-Willow.  Willow pointed the direction that Buffy had run off screaming into the distance when she was startled by a car.  “You go find this Giles and explain the situation to him.  Tell him that we suspect the shop where we purchased our costumes is responsible for this trouble.  I will find her and take her home.”

“We…”  Willow started to say, but then she said, “Never mind, you do that and if you or I run into Angel or anyone else not affected, we should let them know what’s going on.”

She took off in one direction, while Gil (Xander) took off in the direction that apparently Buffy had taken.  It didn’t take long to find the displaced maiden and her screaming ways.  Gil was finding the sound of hysterics a little intolerable, that and the fact that she refused to listen to him forced his hand.  He stuck his hand into a pouch of powder that he was sure would not harm her... just knock her out for a bit.

He pulled out a small snack-pack baggie, inhaled a deep breath, opened the baggie, and exhaled a puff of powder into her face.  He was very careful to close the bag and return it to the right pouch.  He just wished that he had been wearing gloves, as some of the powder was now on his hands and possibly on his face.

Unscented baby wipes,’ Xander said and nudged the location of them into Gil’s mind.  ‘It’s a good thing that you didn’t breathe it in, but it’s not supposed to affect humans quite like that.  On humans it would just numb an area that the powder landed on, depending on the amount.  You should only feel a tingly sensation.

“You’re right and the wipes are an excellent idea,” the older man said, pulling out one and carefully wiping his hands and face free of the powder.  He didn’t want to throw the wipe away, but Xander pointed out the turned over garbage can next to them.  “Very well, now let’s see about bringing this young lady home.”


The events of the night passed and soon a new day rose. 

The day after Halloween, Xander woke with a refreshed mind and a different outlook to everything.  His mind was scientifically ordered and that meant he needed to change a few personal things.  Although, how or where to begin?  Well that wasn’t the difficult part, he did have an idea. 

He went to the Town Library, accessed the free internet and started searching for information on a particular doctor, just to see if he existed.  He does!  He’s an entomologist by the name of Doctor Gilbert Grissom, Crime Scene Investigator for the Las Vegas crime lab and the Vegas police department.

Xander shook his head now understanding why that man was different.  The age difference alone between the two of them provided him with a different older and educated outlook.  He had also retained the information about cases that the man was currently working on and had worked on in the past.  A couple those Xander knew would forever remain unsolved, unless he could convince the old dude to accept magic and the supernatural once more. 

He had a feeling that without the connection they had, it would be difficult.  He didn’t even think that this man was going to be the same as the one that temporarily took over his body.  The one who had been there exchanged a lot of his personal life and details with the teen’s displaced voice in his mind.

Xander reviewed his grades and then looked into a few other things like additional courses and better jobs that were not quite on the human side of the fence.  He made plans based on what he found and on some of his new interests. 

He needed to get the right education requirements in order to actually meet up with the man to ask a few questions and get clarifications on some of the things he learnt.  He figured that maybe one day he could help the guy out.  He didn’t know whether to head in the direction of pure science or try out the police angle, but then again the police in Sunnydale might be the easiest to tackle since they were kind of lax. 

However, that still meant Police Academy training of some sort.  It was much like the Army.  You could join, if you fulfilled the physical and mental requirements. 

I wonder how young you can be to enter that and just how long it takes to go through the levels,’ Xander thought.  He made his plan and made a choice. 

The rest of his life would be interesting.  At the moment, though, he certainly wasn’t ready to leave Sunnydale or his friends yet.  However, now he was going to be able to approach the whole demon, supernatural, magical and Hellmouth situation with new insight. 

You might just call it, a “CSI Point of View”.



(…i…)  Disclaimer:  Samurai Deeper Kyo & Mushi-Shi Shi are the properties of their respective writers and artists who created them.  I have not invented any animé titles, as I’m not that creative in the first place.  Hence all the fanfiction stories rather than something truly original.

The End

You have reached the end of "CSI: Point of View". This story is complete.

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