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Phoenix Burning

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Summary: During his infamous road trip Xander met and saves Davey Boy Smith’s life and got an invitation to ‘The Dungeon. He The portal Dawn’s blood opened drained the Hell Mouth’s power, forcing it dormant for at least a century. This takes place around s

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Phoenix Burning

Title: Phoenix Burning

Disclaimer: Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon own all the rights to the characters and locations in this story. I will make no money from this story.

Timeline: The portal Dawn’s blood opened drained the Hell Mouth’s power, forcing it dormant for at least a century. This takes place around season 8.

Back Story: During his infamous road tip Xander met and saved Davey Boy Smith’s life and got an invitation to ‘The Dungeon. He takes that offer up after leaving Sunnydale.

OOC: Sorry White Werewolf for the title, Phoenix is Xander’s wrestling name. The Dungeon was the greatest technical wrestling school, run by the now deceased Stu Hart.

Summary: Xander’s has become a wrestling legend, now he has been summoned to the big leagues.

Rating: PG-13 for blood.

OK let’s get the road on the show….

The sound of the fans cheering throughout the crowd was overwhelming, Stone Cold had been pumping the crowds for weeks about the legendary man about to join his Fed. Tonight his promo was being shown, and the SCXW fans were excited. The smell of sweat, blood and testosterone was thick in the air along with anticipation.

Simultaneously “Break Shit” by Limp Biskit hit the sound system and the Titan-Tron flared to life. The scene was a surreal one. A home video showing four young boys in a makeshift ring, wrestling. One team was dressed like the Legions of Doom, make up and football shoulders with giant foam spikes. The opposing team had gone with the classic, yet timeless Killer bees. Though the wrestling was crude, the passion was undeniable. As the intro music faded, Pink Floyd could be heard playing in the background of the home video.

The passion of the teens in the ring was compelling, making up for the lack of skill, and then the voice everyone was waiting for was heard. “My friend, Jesse and I had always dreamed of becoming the tag team champs in the WWF. Back when wrestling was a Federation and not entertainment when the LOD dominated the Tag.”

The video continues for a moment, laughter could be heard throughout the arena. As the scene shifted to one more recent, and well known; The Dungeon. Stu Hart’s basement school; where he tortured those lucky enough to be accepted into the elite club of true talent.

The voice over continues as the video showing Xander getting jobbed by Stu, the passion still very much alive. “Though my friend was gone, our dream still burned within me. We had wanted to be wrestlers as long as we had known each other, many things happened between his death and starting our dream. My heart always knew that I would one day be here though.

The promo is now cycling through a series of training clips each about a minute long. There is a notable increase in Xander’s technical skill, and a dramatic increase in his build. Going from an in shape man to a 5’10 rock hard engine of destruction.

“Though I had quickly became friends with them they worked me night and day, Bret told me it was this reason I got the ‘special’ treatment that only family receives. Four mile daily runs, hours of practice, weights and a strictly enforced diet almost killed me. The only thing keeping me going, a promise I made on the grave of my friend, my brother Jesse.”

The screen fades to black leaving the arena in shadows. “To my dismay the world of wrestling was harder to enter then I though. Even though I went to one of the most famous wrestling schools in the business, I had to leave the country to find work. I debuted in the IWA, August 1997; two year after my dream took flight.” The screen starts again showing Xander’s first match, a two on one match. “I faced two other curtain pullers, my first match and I faced certain defeat.”

The match continues for almost a minute, Xander obviously dominating both men. Before fading to another scene. This time a steel cage is descending over the ring, Xander and three other wrestlers inside. “It wasn’t the first time I had beaten impossible odds, and not the last. Each victory I scored they raised the stakes, trying to beat the gai-jin down.”

“I had been there barely three months, and already I was becoming a crowd favorite. The announcers were comparing my antics to a young Cactus Jack another Japanese favorite.” The giant screen begins to fade out, not going quite going black. The ring began morphing into something deadlier, the ropes changing to barb wire, thumb tacks covered the floor and strange lumps could be seen in the corners of the ring.

“The hardest of hardcore matches, Taipei death match. Most sane wrestlers run for the hills when they heard their name in the same sentence with it. I fought there time and time again pitted against the best they could throw at me, until the inevitable happened.”

The color began to slowly come to life on the screen, focused on the face of a very bloody, very angry Cactus Jack. Xander is slowly standing up, tack could be seen stuck all over his badly beaten body. “I was handed my first defeat and only serious injuries at the hands of the King of the Death Match himself Cactus Jack.”

The shot pans around showing a capacity plus crowd, two legendary wrestlers had packed the arena. Thousands of screaming fans could be seen, heard hell felt through the camera. The amount of blood was driving them into a frenzy, then it happens Xander is sent flying into the corner. Hitting the switch setting off the C-4. He was pushed back into the ring and Cactus Jack was later quoted as saying ‘I could feel it, I knew the match was over I just wish the kid was in better shape. By then I wanted to job to him.’

As the Titan-Tron fades for the last time an EMT can be seen entering the ring with a stretcher. “Third degree burns covered my back chest and shoulder, I had broken my collar bone and fractured both shoulders. I remember waking up three days later, my first words were about the match.”

As the lights come on in the SCXW arena, Xander could be seen in the ring. He’s wearing black trunks and no shirt. The camera focus on his chest, a tapestry of burns, jagged scars and a giant tattoo sitting above his heart. “The Phoenix is ready to burn once more.”
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