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The next generation

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Summary: A sort of continuation of my Aaron/Buffy vignette from my Women's Day collection. Will have the Scoobs' kids, so it's all OC's.

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Television > Criminal MindsShulikFR1521,810092,47825 Feb 1025 Feb 10No

back and forth


Hi Joy,
I hope you guys are doing okay, stay safe alright? You know I worry about my baby sister.

I was emailing with the guys yesterday, apparently neither Cyrus or Lex knew that you guys went on vacation. What happened? Why am I the only one that knew?

And is it bad that I told them?

Have you talked to mom lately? She seems really weird every time I call, I'm worried. Aunt Dawn let it slip the other day that she's not talking to dad much these days, I don't know whether it's empty nest syndrome or something more serious- but I'm a little bit freaked to be honest.


Hi Big Brother!

First things first, what happened to your face? Are you okay? Are you hurt?

We're doing really good, the sun is good for all of us. Sineya's learning how to surf and Thena's doing the native sight seeing tours like nobody's business. I'm just working on my tan which means oodles of beach time for yours truly!

Sin's crazy muscled now though, she trains every day even on vacation. Scary stuff if you don't know Aunt Ken.

Now, are you sure something weird's going on with mom and dad? Maybe it's just the wedding thing?

It sucks that Auntie Fai's on her recruiting tour, she would have told us whatever we wanted to know.

I'm going to write mom and see what she says. If I were you I wouldn't be writing her until you heal, you don't want the parents freaking out.

I guess it's okay that you told the others, but you know how overprotective Lex gets. And Sineya's been bitching about him more than usual.



Hi mommy!

We're doing great, me and the girls are learning to surf. Thena says hi but Sineya is too busy kicking the local surfers' butts. I'm just going to go ahead and say hi for her.

I'm talking to Jack pretty often, he's good. Busy.

He said that something's weird at home, is everything okay?

I like Aunt Willow's spell, it helps us keep track of each other.



You need to go check up on the girls, apparently they're learning to surf. You know what that means.

I can't leave, General Finn's being a bigger bastard than usual and the Grv'alniks are coming out of everywhere.



Whoa, you need to get your face fixed before you write home.

Yeah, I know what that means- surfer boys. I'll ask for a personal day and go check up on the girls.

The hospital's finally quiet, the drama's died down a bit and nothing big should happen for a while.

Be careful. I'm sending you some Grv'alnik antidote just in case, those things are fucking nasty.


Thanks sis,

Yeah- I don't want mom freaking out.

Lex you paint? You're such a fruitcake it's not even funny.

Yeah I paint. It helps me relax after surgery.

Next time you get attacked by a poisonous demon, make sure to contact your *other* cousin that works in one of the country's best hospitals.

Oh wait, you don't have one. Jackass.

I'm going tomorrow.,

Alright you fuckers, which one of you sent Lex here?


The End?

You have reached the end of "The next generation" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Feb 10.

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