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A new world

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Summary: “I’m not OK! The world is not how I thought it was, there’s danger everywhere, and I’m far away from home! I’m surrounded by people who want to drink my blood and eat ME!*Sob*I’m not ok.I ‘wish’ you did know how I feel-” ‘Oh, crap’Thought Xander. SLASH!

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Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Atlantis ProjectMerKatFR1527,4836598,22726 Feb 1018 Aug 11No

Red dot

Title: The evil red dot
Author: MerKat

Fandom: Stargate/BTVS

Pairing: M/M M/F

Summary: “I’m not OK! The world is not how I thought it was, there’s danger everywhere, and I’m far away from home! I’m surrounded by people who want to drink my blood and eat ME! *Sob* I’m not ok. I ‘wish’ you did know how I feel-” ‘Crap’ was the only word Xander could think of as he vanished in a puff of smoke.



Although Rodney’s bedroom was an improvement it was still a cage Xander couldn’t get out of. He was still helpless. The cool metal door wouldn’t open for him and he couldn’t go out the window. ‘Unless I grow wings and learn how to fly.’ Xander thought unhappily. At least Rodney was a pretty nice guy, getting him food and water, petting him, and playing with him. Xander's still embarrassed about his uncontrollable need to chase the laser pointer every time Rodney pulls it out. He knows it’s not solid, that he can’t get it no matter how fast he goes, but every time catchitcatchitcatchitcatchitnow flashes through his brain. It’s wired in the core of him to chase stuff. Human turned space kitten here!

Xander looked up from his spot sitting on Rodney’s pillow to see said laser pointer of doom in the Head of Sciences hand. Xander’s fur puffed up and his eyes focused on it immediately like a lion would the wounded zebra. He let out a purr/growl as Rodney waved the silver object in front of him. “I can see you know what this is. Do you think you’re going to catch it today, boy?” Rodney said happily to his new roommate.

When the red dot appeared on the floor Xander was off like a shot, flying through the air like a little Tasmanian devil on speed. Xander let out a little snarl as he batted at the red dot, as he tried to bite it, as he tried to follow the evil creature up walls and over shelves with a single minded focus. So when the stubborn metal door to freedom opened as he ran past chasing the red pest he didn’t notice.

“Hey, let me try Rodney.” Col. John Sheppard said with a grin on his face as he wrestled the laser pointer out of Rodney’s hand.


Xander growled when the evil dote did a 180 forcing him to scrap his claws on the hard floor to turn around as fast as he could, catchitcatchitcatchit screaming in his head. The red dote jumped up on the desk and Xander followed it with a one tracked mind full of determination.

“Hey, not on the desk! My papers!” Rodney yelped as said papers went flying.

The dark haired man laughed even as he apologized. “Man, he loves this thing, huh?”

Rodney grinned. “Climbed up Ronon when Teyla pointed in at him. It was funny. Like mountain climbing Mt Grumpy Caveman.” Rodney’s large blue eyes widened when the laser dot appeared on his chest, he yelped when a little ball of brown fur bulldozed into him and started hiking up his pant leg golden brown cat eyes narrowed. “Hey!” The red dot stops at his chest and his armored kitten started harmlessly boxing his chest with strong little paws.

John laughed so hard tears formed in his eyes.


Xander winced as a small hand petted roughly over his back, petted him like a dog. It didn’t feel as good as dogs make it seem. Small fingers pulled at silky fur and scaled flesh pinched by over eager hands shifting wildly. Xander stood and dealt with Teyla’s young baby Toraan as best he could and dug his claws in the carpet to prevent them from lashing out. He reeealllly wanted to scratch Toraan’s fat toddler hands away, teach the kid not to mess with him, but held himself steady. He wasn’t a real space cat, he could control himself. ‘Don’t claw the happy infant Xander . . . Don’t claw the happy infant Xander . . . Don’t claw the happy grabby infant Xander . . . Don’t claw the happy grabby squealing annoying infant Xander!’

When sticky slobber covered hands ran over his back harder than the last time Xander snapped, hissing like sizzling water on a hot pan Xander wriggled out of Toraan’s hold and darted under Rodney’s desk. Toraan started to cry big fat lip quivering tears. “Oh, little one.” Teyla hums as she picks up her child.

“Where’s my cat?” Rodney frowned as he reenters the room from the bathroom.

“I think Toraan scared him, he is underneath your writing desk.”

Rodney looks the baby over and blinked. “I’m surprised he doesn’t have scratches. Cats don’t like being teased.”

Teyla shruged. “Maybe Copper is just more patient then other cats?”

“Copper?” Rodney scuffed. “Who came up with that? I was thinking of naming him after Leonardo DaVinci or Gabriele Veneziano or Andy Nimmo or um 42!”

Teyla tilted her head to the side. “That is what John called him today at lunch.” After pressing her forehead then her son’s to Rodney’s she leaves to prepare for dinner. Rodney coaxed his annoyed tilnithk out from under his desk and looks him over. “I guess you do have a bit of copper coloring in your scales . . .”


On Atlantis it’s hard to keep a secret, secrets always wiggle out of whatever safe place one keeps them in. An alien animal on base was bound to become a non-secret sooner or later. How Copper 42 McKay escaped Rodney’s room was a complete accident. It was all Zelanka’s fault.


His third day on Atlantis and Xander was already starting to fall into a pattern of daily life. Most of it revolved around Rodney and meals with short visits from John, Tayla, and Ronon and Tayla’s cute but slightly evil five mouth old. Xander was more than willing to admit he had a few dog like qualities like loyalty and sad puppy dog eyes and fetching like a pro, so he wasn’t all that surprised when he gained that sitting by the door and waiting for master to come home thing. He waited for Rodney to come back to the room for every meal and the man never failed to return.

Xander was starting to feel comfortable in this new existence as Dr. Rodney McKay’s pet after the horror that was planet Ruldrum and the hardship that was his life before the wish as a Watcher but always in the back of his mind Xander was keeping track of the days he had left. To lose his hang ups about gay sex and sex with strangers was a lot to ask of someone in a month’s time much less sixteen days. What was worse was he didn’t know how to mark someone even if he found them suitable. Xander didn’t want to think about what was going to happen in sixteen days, every time he did panic would rear its ugly fat head.

Xander was so lost in his Oh no’s and what should I do’s that he failed to notice the door open till Rodney was almost on top of him. Literally. Xander’s eyes widened, hair bristled, and tails rattled as trays clattered to the ground and food fell like asteroids. Xander hissed and darted around the two bodies and down the corridor before he even realized he was out of Rodney’s room.


Rodney McKay was a busy man with an important job that left him with little sleep and very little free time but he would be damned if he let his pet suffer for the universes lack of consideration for his schedule and needs. All none life ending emergencies could wait till Copper got his din-din and some playtime damnit. Determined to fulfill his unsaid oath Rodney ran down the corridor with two trays of food and ignored everyone and anyone that wanted to talk, shoot the breeze, ask a question, or simply say hello, Rodney McKay smartest man in two galaxies had better things to do then impart words on lower life forms (At least for right now). He was so talented at ignoring all other semi-intelligent bipedal creatures around him that he failed to notice Dr. Zelanka chasing after him with the determination of a small steam train.

“Rodney! RooooodNEY! MCKAY!”

At his door Rodney stopped then opened it and was about to enter when a solid weight cursing in Czech crashed into him. Rodney squawked as he fell into his room smearing his spaghetti and Copper’s alien chicken and rice all over his front and face. Rodney barely heard his startled cat as he geared up to start a full on McKay rant. “Ziggy! What-”

“Rodney! I’ve been yelling for you since you left the science wing! You wouldn’t answer the radio. There is a problem with the ZedPM’s power flow!” Zelanka straightened his glasses and glared at the head of science. He barely let Rodney feel the full heat of his glare before he was pulling the man back the way they came. “Did you hear something rattle just a moment ago?”

They left a trail of tomato sauce and noodles from Rodney’s room all the way to the power room.

Hugging the wall Xander slunk quietly down the long cold corridor till he made his way to the first open door. A very large storage room. To his small height the grey metal storage boxes all stacked up neatly looked like endless pillars reaching toward the unknown. Made him feel extra small. Xander weaved around this maze of unfriendly metal with his ears pinning back and his four tails rattling slightly like a small band of frightened mariachi players were following him.

Lost. He’s lost. Lost in a room full of boxes that would have only reached his upper hip if he was human shaped. Snarling like the tiniest lion in creation Xander looked around for a perch or something tall enough to see over the mess of metal boxes and racks. Finding canvas covered crates Xander dug his claws into them and started climbing up. From his new view Xander saw three doors and a set of windows. Well he knew the windows were out unless he suddenly grew wings. The far right door was closed, the door closest to his position had to be the way he came in, and the door to the left looked . . . busy. People were moving boxes in and two guards stood on each side of the door with guns in hand. Xander did not want to go to that door not when a normal sized bullet could punch a fist sized hole in his tiny body.

With the grace of a true born cat Xander climbed down the crate like a drop of water would slide off a rain jacket. With his ears peeked up and aware of danger Xander made his way over to the open door with the hope that he could slip passed without anyone noticing. But he had Xander shaped luck and that was usually bad luck with the side of bitchy buttmonkey trouble thrown in.


“There’s an unknown creature on the base, sir!” Major Lorne reported crisply to Sheppard.

Putting down the latest team report John let out a sigh. He could smell trouble. “Did the person who saw it get a good look?”

“Yes, sir. Beck and Stackhouse were moving supplies from the halls when a cat like animal darted between them. They tried to capture it but it went into the vent in sector 8 where the residential area is.”

“Try and catch it but don’t hurt it. I think I know what it is.” John watched Lorne nod and leave and had to sigh, yep he was going to be in trouble. Tapping his radio he called Rodney. “McKay where’s Copper?”

“It’s all Zippy’s fault!”


The End?

You have reached the end of "A new world" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Aug 11.

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