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Turning the Tide

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Summary: When a package arrives during the middle of an apocalypse chaos ensues for the would be delivery boys.

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Chapter Two: What's in the Box

Turning the Tide

Chapter Two: What’s in the Box?

Disclaimer: I don’t own Eragon or Buffy

Alec sighed in relief as Jessica gave a contented burp and curled her head against his shoulder. She’d been crying for the past hour while he’d been trying to get her bathed and in bed. Gently he set her down in her play pen. Jess promptly turned the play pen into a cozy nest and fell asleep with a sigh.


Alec jumped and bit down on an undignified yelp as he emerged from the office sans baby. The speaker was Thomas. Thomas looked exactly like his mother and acted exactly like his mother, in fact the only reason people didn’t believe he was Faith’s male clone was because his skin was darkly tanned year round.

“Goddammit Thomas!” Alec cursed, “Don’t sneak up on people like that!”

“Who’s sneaking? I’ve been standing here for the past fifteen minutes listening to our dear sweet cousin break mirrors,”

“It wasn’t that bad,” Alec protested on Jessica’s behalf.

Thomas raised an eyebrow.


“Is everyone else in bed?”

“Why are you asking me?”

“Because I know you look out for Hope and Hope puts the little ones to bed when Mum and Faith are away,” Alec returned.

“Yeah, everyone’s in bed, maybe they’ll even actually sleep,”

Alec grunted in response glancing at the phone habitually to check for new messages.

“Nothing yet,” Thomas said gruffly.

Alec turned away from the phone and glanced at the security monitor, he cursed colorfully when he remembered about the package that had arrived before Jess had started acting up.

“What?” asked Thomas.

Alec ignored him for the moment. Luckily the box was still there. It seemed intact and if anything had been lying in wait to jump him as he opened the door they were probably long gone by now. Alec jogged down to the front gate with Thomas strolling out behind him lazily, curiosity getting the better of him. Alec examined the box, suspiciously but when he poked it with a stick and nothing happened he picked it up. Thomas didn’t offer to help, that was okay the box wasn’t all that heavy, well it was heavy but it wasn’t something Alec was going to end up indebted to Thomas for.

He set the mysterious box down on the floor of the foyer only to find that Thomas had returned with a crow bar.

“It’s not addressed to us, it’s council business we can’t just go snooping...and you’re not even listening to me are you?” Alec said disgustedly as Thomas wedged the crow bar into place and ripped off the top of the crate.

“Come on boyo; don’t tell me you’re not curious?”

“I would like to point out that curiosity killed the cat,” Alec said but he bent down to look inside the crate none the less.

Inside the crate was a chest. It was made of what looked like melted bone and was printed with runic script that Alec had never seen before.

“You ever see anything like this?”

“No...hey, that is a demon chest! A locked demon chest! Don’t...”

Too late. Thomas raised the crow bar over his head and brought it down on the lock with a resounding clang and a blinding flash of white light that signified the breaking of some kind of spell. The lock fell to the ground with a comparatively tame clink.

“Thomas...” Alec warned but he was already throwing back the lid of the chest to look inside.

Nothing dramatic happened to Alec’s relief but that didn’t of course mean that nothing had happened. The best curses after all were the kind that caught their targets completely unawares. Muttering under his breath about suicidal lunatics he came to kneel beside Thomas and look at the contents of the box. If he was going to die after all he might as well see what he was dying for.

“Holy shit,” Thomas said eloquently.

“I will see your ‘holy shit’ and raise you a ‘well bugger me with a silver spoon’,” Alec said.

“These things could be worth a fortune,”

“They certainly are shiny enough,” Alec agreed.

Inside the chest were gems. They were each about a foot long and ovular in shape and they glittered prettily in neat rows among the wadded cloth. Each was a different colour.

“Who’re they from do you figure?” asked Thomas.

“Well let’s read the scroll and find out,” Alec suggested breaking the wax seal on the scroll in question and muttering a quick translator spell under his breath.

“Show off,”

“Hey, sometimes it pays to be the Red Witch’s babysitter,”

“Well, what does it say,” snapped Thomas impatiently.

Alec began to read the scroll aloud.


I am calling in my favor. I saved your life and you owe me a debt in return. Trust me I would much prefer never to invoke your name but I have the fate of Alagaesia to think about and so my own distaste must be set aside. Take these eggs to your homeland and guard them well, after enough time has passed see to it that they are returned to Alagaesia safely by whatever means necessary. That is all I ask of you. See to it.


“There’s a note... ‘Slayer, take these to the Hellmouth and drop them in while saying these words or an entire world will be enslaved and a race extinct. I am regretfully unable to perform this task myself but I gave my word and I will see it done. Lind’or,” Thomas said reading the note aloud.

“Which Slayer do you think he means?”

“Aunt Buffy probably, Mom doesn’t really have a do-gooder reputation,” shrugged Thomas.

“So what should we do?”

“Come on, Vi and Caridad left the portal open, we’ll take it to Siberia and deliver it ourselves,” Thomas said closing the lid.

“Thomas, it could be a trick, what if instead of sending the eggs where they’re supposed to go we open the Hellmouth and destroy the world,” Alec protested.

“You worry too much, besides there’s only one way to find out,”

Thomas picked up the case and dashed through the portal disguised as a wilted potted palm tree.
Alec cursed and scribbled a note, leaving it on the counter for whoever found it and ran after him. Siberia was cold and when Alec sprinted through the doors of the Anya Jenkins School for Gifted Girls out into the frigid wind and calf deep snow he wished he’d thought to bring a jacket or some snow boots. Thomas’ thick soled boots left clear tracks for Alec to follow, not that he could ever forget where the Siberian Hellmouth was, he’d nearly died there once after all.

“Thomas!” Alec shouted bursting through the doors of the hollowed out building that had once been a military research station.

“In here Smart Alec,” Thomas called.

The pit was just what sounded looked like, a large deep black yawning hole with the faintest glimmer of red light coming up from the bottom that showed the lava stored under the Earth’s crust here and gave this particular Hellmouth the feeling of always being sinister and active. Thomas stood a good few feet away from the edge, waiting for him the annoying arrogant bastard.

“Knew you wouldn’t let me do it alone,” he smirked.

Alec grit his teeth angrily.

“Yeah well it’s not like you can incant to save your life,”

Grudgingly he snatched the note with the incantation from Thomas’ hand.

“Hurry up; this thing ain’t getting any lighter,”

Taking a deep breath and praying he wasn’t about to end the world because he couldn’t out stubborn Thomas Wood he began to read gesturing for Thomas to throw the chest into the Hellmouth. With a grunt Thomas complied. The Hellmouth lit up and turned an innocuous looking swirling purple colour, the chest vanished in a spark of violet colored light and a tinkling musical sound. Alec breathed a sigh of relief, no fire, no brimstone, and no apocalypse.

“Ah...Alec...what the hell is that!”

Alec took one look at the streamer of purple energy streaking towards them and turned tail and fled.

“Nothing good!” he answered.

The two teens hurtled towards the door of the burned out compound as fast as their long legs would carry them. It wasn’t fast enough. They cried out as the frigid purple tendril encased them in bright light and roaring music and then there was the unmistakable feeling of falling and they both screamed unashamedly for all they were worth.

Author’s Note: Bit of a cliffie. Hope you enjoyed! Please Review!

And for all those that are confused as to who did what for how many muffins below is a timeline for the events that take place between the collapse of Sunnydale and the Present Day in this story. Eventually I hope to have some fan art to go with it too but that might take a bit.


Collapse of Sunnydale: Summer 2002

Travel Years: 2002-2008

Faith and Robin married: Fall 2007

Joyce Summers School for Girls Opened: Summer 2008

Xander and Buffy return from Africa and Rome: Fall 2008

Dawn Completes Degree at Oxford: Summer 2009

Giles and Andrew Have Re-Built the Council in England: Fall 2009

Buffy and Xander Married: Winter 2009

Andrew and Dawn married: Summer 2010

Alec Summers Born: August 23 2010

Thomas Wood Born: September 4th 2010

Brazil Headquarters Finished: Early Winter 2010

Lucas Wells Born: January 17th 2011

Hope Wood Born: March 29th 2011

William Summers Born: October 31st 2011

Formation of Hellmouth in Siberia: March 21st 2012

Scoobies Move Temporarily to Siberia: 2012-2014

Anya Jenkins School for Girls Opened: 2013

Johnny Wells Born: February 13th 2014

Marianne Summers Born: April 21st 2014

Donna Wood Born: December 6th 2014

Jesse and Anya Summers Born: July 25th 2015

Cassandra Summers Born: April 1st 2016

Grace Wells Born: June 5th 2017

Richard Wood Born: May 24th 2018

Joy Summers Born: November 9th 2019

Elizabeth Wells Born: March 1st 2020

Tara Rosenberg Born: December 21st 2020

Libby Wood Born: June 12th 2021

Nicholas and Annie Wood Born: September 28th 2022

Jessica Rosenberg Born: May 27th 2023

Rupert Giles retires as Head of IWC: 2024

Present: 2026

Alec Summers and Thomas Wood disappear: Tuesday July 17th 2026

Kendra Wells Born: November 30th 2026
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