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Turning the Tide

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Summary: When a package arrives during the middle of an apocalypse chaos ensues for the would be delivery boys.

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Chapter Four: The Sun is Always Rising Somewhere

Turning the Tide

Chapter Four: The Sun is Always Rising Somewhere

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Eragon.


Alec woke up with sand wedged in pretty much every crevice you can think of but well rested enough.

“Finally, I thought you’d never get up,”

“I take it from the sand in places I didn’t know I could even get sand that it wasn’t a really elaborate realistic dream,” grumbled Alec spitting out a mouthful of sand.

“Yep, but this place is pretty cool,” Thomas said anxious to share the discoveries he’d made while his partner in crime slept.

“Did you even sleep last night?”

“Not for a second,”

“I see, continue, by all means,”

“We’re on an island; it’s pretty big and mostly covered with rocky cliffs and grassy valleys. This world has one moon and it was full last night, and I think we’re living in a ruin. It’s like this massive palace was made by sculpting the rock, the architecture is...incredible, I’ve never seen anything like it,”

“You didn’t by any chance happen to spot a bathroom while you were admiring the architecture? Did you?” asked Alec.

“They have really basic indoor plumbing, toilets that empty by gravity, hot spring baths, hand pump showers and sinks,” Thomas said.

“That’s good, lead me to them,” Alec demanded.

Thomas complied, leading Alec up a winding flight of stone stairs and into a grand palatial structure made of granite that seemed to be melted and warped like soft cheese. It was incredibly beautiful, as was the view of the early morning sun glinting off the grey-blue ocean and lighting up the lush valley below.

“Pretty amazing, right?” Thomas grinned.

“Ladies and gentlemen the understatement of the millennium award goes to...”

“Come on, bathroom’s this way,” said Thomas rolling his eyes.

Thomas led him unerringly through the maze of corridors and galleries all abandoned and stripped of homey touches. Clearly no one and nothing had lived here for a long time.

“What do you think happened to this place?” Alec asked.

“A battle of some kind, on the lower levels there are claw marks and scorched bits everywhere. Everything is sound and standing, but it’s pretty clear that some pretty powerful people were fighting,”

“I think these people, or demons, or whatever, were probably magic users,”

Thomas shrugged.

“You’re bathroom,” he said with a bow and a flourish.

Alec rolled his eyes and went in to do his business, deciding to hop into the hot spring and get some of the sand off him while he was at it. When he emerged scrubbing his hair into semi-dryness with his sweater Thomas was sitting lazily by one of the wide clear windows watching the water crash against the cliffs far below.

“You wanna go down there? We need to eat after all and there’s nothing up here,” Alec shrugged.

“Let’s go,” said Thomas barely able to contain his excitement under a thin veneer of cool.

Quite frankly it was freaking Alec out. He hadn’t seen Thomas act like a kid at Christmas since that Christmas when they were eleven and he got that set of throwing knives from his Mom.

It was a long way down, a really long way down. In fact it took them fifteen minutes to get to the bottom of the freaking stairs.

“Jeez, talk about your over doing it on the stairs front, it’s like these guys could fly or something,” Alec said shaking his head at the stairs.

“You’re just out of shape Summers,”

“Hah! We’ll see who’s out of shape when we have to climb all the way back up those stairs!”

Thomas grunted in response.

The stairs ended with a snaky paved walk that led straight into the nearest valley. Alec and Thomas were both relieved to see that everything looked fairly Earth normal. The grass was green, the birds looked like birds, the flowers smelled like flowers and there was only one sun that shone with a typical summertime brightness.

“Alright so what are we looking for?” asked Thomas surveying the valley.

“Well someone or something lived here, and they seem to be mostly human, ergo there must be an orchard or a garden or something around here somewhere, look for something that looks like a fruit,” Alec said logically.

Five hours, lots of sticky overripe fruit, one fight, and an hour at the beach later the boys decided to head back up the Staircase of Doom, as they dubbed it halfway back up, and take another look at the eggs. Alec was feeling a bit guilty that he hadn’t thought to check if they’d survived the trip before. After all he did risk life, limb, and world to send them here. Breathless and with jelly legs they sat themselves down in front of the chest and took out each one of the ten eggs and looked them over for any cracks or signs of damage. There was nothing, each egg was just as perfectly smooth and flawless as they had been before the trip.

“So what are we gonna do?” Thomas asked.

“I guess we should find out what’s in these eggs, or who wants them, and give them to their proper owners,” shrugged Alec.

“Dude, were on a freaking deserted island,” Thomas pointed out, “How are we going to get to shore?”

“Good point,” Alec conceded, thinking.

“If we can’t get off this rock, as pretty a rock as it is, we’ll have to settle in for the long haul, right?” Thomas said slowly, “There’s plenty of wood and fruit and game, I bet the other valleys have crops like you said before, we just gotta get to them before they rot,”

“Right, we’ll have to make bows and arrows and snares and clothes, fish traps would be good too now that I’m thinking of it, march up the breadth and length of this island gathering all summer and then hunker down and hope we don’t freeze or starve come winter. Are you freaking insane?”

“Got any better ideas?”

“Nope, not a one,” Alec admitted.

“Then let’s do that,”

“Right and what about the eggs? We can’t just leave them sitting around,”

“Why not?”

“Because something wants to destroy them badly enough that they had to be sent to another dimension to be kept safe,”

“Uh huh, did you ever consider, super genius, that maybe the reason the eggs were sent to that demon was because they were evil? What if whatever is inside these eggs is dangerous and whoever was trying to destroy them had the right of it?”

“Then why would the demon send them to a Slayer?”

“Yeah, remember the part where it was a trap!”

“Just because the eggs were used as a lure and bait for a trap doesn’t mean that THEY are evil,” Alec insisted stubbornly.

“Whatever dude, I’m just saying, until we know what’s in those things why should we care?” Thomas shrugged subsiding.

Alec jumped to his feet without warning.

“Yo, dude, don’t take it personal...” started Thomas trying to prevent another fight.

Alec wasn’t out to start a fight however instead he closed the chest the eggs had come in and waved his hand over the lid using the same spell he’d used to translate the runes that made up the letter. There was brilliant flash of light and Alec was thrown back a good three feet and lay sprawled and unconscious in the sand.

“ALEC!” shouted Thomas alarmed.

He knelt down to check the other boy’s pulse, letting out a relieved sigh when he found it strong and steady. Gritting his teeth he reached out and slapped Alec clean across the face, hard. Alec didn’t rouse, though some of Thomas’ anger at him for scaring him abated with the physical expression of violence.

“Must be magical backlash,” Thomas muttered to himself glaring alternately at the chest and at Alec.

All too soon the activity of the day and the lack of sleep from last night caught up with him and Thomas fell asleep leaning on his arm which was propped on his knee. He didn’t even wake up when he fell over into the sand.


Author’s Note: Not the most exciting chapter of all time I know, but I’m still getting everything set up for the action. Don’t be afraid to make other suggestions as well, I know a lot of people weren’t satisfied with the Inheritance Cycle books or the Eragon movie and since I’m re-working things anyway, why not take this opportunity to give me ideas on what could happen to make the story more interesting? Please Review!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Turning the Tide" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Mar 10.

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