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Turning the Tide

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Summary: When a package arrives during the middle of an apocalypse chaos ensues for the would be delivery boys.

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Chapter One: A Task for Alec

Turning the Tide

Chapter One: A Task for Alec

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Eragon

Author’s Note:
Dearest Readers I’m afraid this story doesn’t really feature too much of the Scoobies, but I hope you’ll enjoy it in any case.


Tuesday July 17th 2026: Cleveland, Ohio

All was quiet in the Joyce Summers School for Girls, it was summer vacation and most of the raucous Slayers-in-Training were home for a bit of a break. So to help with the cost of keeping such a school running the building was converted into a hotel. So of course sixteen year old Alec Summers was left manning the front desk.

“Al, will you come play with me?” begged an adorable little six year old with long pin straight dirty blond hair.

“I can’t right now Lizzie I’m working, where’s Gracie? Doesn’t she want to play with you?” sighed Alec.

“Gracie’s reading her comic books,” Elizabeth Wells pouted.

“I’m sorry sweetie, I can’t play with you, Auntie Faith said I have to man the desk while she, Mom, Dad, and Uncle Rob deal with an apocalypse,”

“Mama got kidnapped again,” nodded Lizzie sagely.

“It is a Tuesday, I don’t know why everybody is so shocked,” muttered Alec.

“Is Mama gonna be okay?” asked Lizzie.

“Of course honey, Auntie Dawn will be okay Uncle Andrew and Aunt Willow will find her just in time to have her stitch everyone up when they get back from the apocalypse,” Alec reassured his youngest cousin.

“What about the baby, will the baby be okay too?”

“Yes Lizzie, Auntie Dawn will make sure little Kendra is okay too,”

“Oh that’s alright then,” nodded Lizzie.

“Why don’t you try and find some of the others, I think Joy and Cassie are having a tea party in Grandpa’s library,” Alec suggested.

“Do I have to drink tea too?” asked Lizzie wrinkling her little nose cutely.

“No sweetheart, you can just pretend if you want,” he assured her stifling a chuckle.

“Okay,” agreed Lizzie skipping off to bother his sisters.

Not five minutes later the peace and quiet of the hall was disrupted once more with the arrival of Caridad and Vi in the front foyer.

“Alec, we got called in for the apocalypse, where is it?” demanded Vi impatiently.

“Well Mom and Dad are at the Hellmouth and Auntie Faith and Uncle Rob are downtown doing damage control because the centipede demon got loose again,” Alec explained.


Alec looked up to see Kennedy rocketing down the stairs baby Jessica in her arms.

“Could you please just watch her until I get back? Thanks,” she said dropping the giggling red-headed one year old into his lap and taking an axe from the wall, “Come on guys, there’s a bunch of little snake demons that got out of the Hellmouth and into the water supply...”

Alec looked down at baby Jessica, she seemed happy enough, her diaper was clean and she was busy gnawing on her fist. He supposed he would forgive Kennedy for saddling him with her again. The Brat as his Mom liked to call her wasn’t really the motherly type. If Aunt Willow hadn’t really wanted kids she never would have had them.

“Ricky let go!”

“Take it back!”

“Bite me! – OW! THAT HURT!”

Alec gave a shrill whistle to catch the attention of his sister and his cousin.

“Richard Angel Wood let go of my sister’s hair right now before I pound you! Joy Jennifer Summers stop antagonizing my cousin or I’ll pound you!” he threatened, apparently Ricky had interrupted the tea party, hopefully Lizzie and Cass would find something else to do.

“He started it!” shrieked Joy indignantly.

“I did not!”

“I don’t care who started it, I’ve finished it, no more fighting!” he ordered sternly.

Glowering ferociously they obeyed slinking off in opposite directions. Alec wasn’t too worried, they were seven and eight respectively, no one could hold a grudge at that age. Little Jessica babbled nonsensically and wriggled throwing in the occasion ‘Jess Down!’ to get her point across. Thinking fast Alec ducked into the back room and set her in her play pen with a box of crayons and one of Anya’s coloring books. What Anya didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.

With Jess safely occupied for the moment Alec turned back to his job of manning the desk just in time for the phone to ring.

“Joyce Summers Hotel and Gym, Alec Summers speaking, how may I help you?” he answered politely.

“This is FedEx, I’m at the front door here, let me it, I got a package for you,”

“I’m sorry that is not possible, leave it at the front gate and someone will be along to retrieve it once you have left the property,”

“Whatever,” sighed the FedEx guy into the phone.

Alec heard him mutter, paranoid nut case, before he hung up. They really were, paranoid nut cases that is, but Aunt Dawn had been kidnapped by a mailman no less than twice. Once a vampire had infiltrated the school disguised as a statue, and Dad had told him the story about how when he and Mom were in high school a Tarakan Assassin had been selling make-up door to door. All sorts of creepers and nasties lured people out of their houses or lured them into having people invite them into their houses, better to be paranoid than dead. Alec switched on the security feed monitor and typed in the code for the front gate watching carefully as a small wooden packing crate was unloaded from a FedEx truck and the grumpy looking Joe from the other end of the telephone got back into his truck and drove away without any sign of hesitation. It looked like the package was kosher.

“Are Mom and Dad back yet?” asked his cousin Hope having appeared out of nowhere and startling about five years of his life out of him.

“Not yet,”


Hope walked away tossing her long dark hair carelessly over one shoulder as if she wasn’t worried. The truth was Hope always worried that her parents wouldn’t come back one day, but she took after her Mom and didn’t allow herself to show that fear to the world. Alec understood that, even respected it sometimes, the fear came with being the child of a Watcher and a Slayer.

Author’s Note: Okay my first crack at this kind of thing, hope the lack of Scoobies isn’t too disappointing! Please review!
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