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This story is No. 4 in the series "Dawn's NCIS". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Fears of a demonic uprising in the armed forces sends Dawn and Angel to D.C., working at NCIS. As Angel falls for a certain forensic specialist, Dawn falls in love as she is reunited with the father she thought abandoned her. Dawn/Tony, Angel/Abby

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Chapter 19

A/N: Disclaimer-I know nothing, see chapter 1 for details on what I don’t own.


“Dead sailor on the Roosevelt,” Gibbs said, standing up. “Let’s go.”

Tony grabbed his go bag, ready to follow his boss out of the office.


Tony looked up at the catwalks, sighing at the look on the director’s face. He knew that look; she was about to piss Gibbs off.

“We have a case,” Gibbs said, blatantly ignoring her.

“No, you don’t,” Jenny said. “Angel, the SecNav called, this apparently falls under whatever jurisdiction that you have. It’s your case.”

“Okay,” Angel nodded, reaching for the phone. “We have a case.” He hung up the phone, grabbing his own go-bag.

“Did you call Kelly?” Gibbs demanded.

“Yes, I called Dawn,” Angel nodded. “We have a case.”


“Seriously, how exactly do people live in submarines?” Dawn said, musing out loud. “Because really, this is worse than sharing a house with only 2 bathrooms and 20 teenage girls. Add in the fact that you can’t leave anytime you want, and I would probably end up in a nuthouse.”

“It’s not as bad as you would think,” Angel said. “You get used to it after awhile.”

“I think I’ll pass,” Dawn wrinkled her nose. “So, my dad is not at all happy about this.”

“Nope,” Angel agreed. “He seemed a little pissed.”

“A lot pissed, actually,” Dawn corrected. “Hopefully it’s not demon-related and we can call dad in.”

“Hopefully,” Angel said, and then paused, nose lifting up in the air as he subtly sniffed the air. “But then again, maybe not.”

Dawn followed Angel’s gaze, sighing at the group of sailors walking their way. “Demon?”

“The middle height one with red hair,” Angel whispered. “Half-breed of some sort, I can’t tell from here.”

“Joy,” Dawn muttered. “I actually kinda thought this whole demons invading the military was just Giles’ over-paranoid butt.”

“It still might be,” Angel said.

“Let’s hope so,” Dawn patted Angel’s arm, and then switched back to English, tapping their guide on the arm. “We need to start interviewing sailors that were in the area, we’ll start with those three.”


“I didn’t really know Private Perkins,” Private Abe Reynolds (who also happened to be a half-demon) said. “He just transferred here.”

“Hmm,” Dawn tapped her chin. “So, what kinda demon are you?”

Reynolds chocked, his eyes widening.

“Dawn, we were supposed to be subtle,” Angel said. “That wasn’t subtle.”

“You know me and subtle aren’t friends,” Dawn reminded him. “So, Reynolds, you’re a half-breed, what’s the non-human type of your demony genetic-makeup….was that offensive?”

“A little bit,” Reynolds sighed. “Are you a member?”

“A member of what?” Dawn asked. “A member of the half-demon brood, the answer to that would be no.”

“Then you’re not a member of DITM,” Reynolds said.

“Do you know what he’s talking about?” Dawn looked at Angel.

“No,” Angel frowned. “Reynolds, what the hell is DITM?”

“Demons in the Military,” Reynolds said. “It’s an underground organization within the military, we’re a hundred strong.”

“Jesus Christ, Giles was right,” Angel growled. “What’s the big plan? Take over the military, destroy the world?”

“No, not…why would you think that?” Reynolds frowned.

“A hundred demons join the military, to what end?” Angel asked.

“Because we’re patriots,” Reynolds replied. “I’m an American. I have just as much right to join the military as full humans.”

“So, DITM isn’t planning on trying to take over the military at some point?” Angel asked.

“No, it’s a support group for demons and half-demons in the military,” Reynolds said. “We have every right to join the military but it’s hard being different, hiding so much about yourself. It’s worse than “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. So we have meetings, blogs, ways of talking to each other, let each other know there are others experiencing the same problems.”

“Okay,” Dawn leaned back in her chair. “Not really the direction I thought this would go in, what about you, Angel?”

Reynolds jumped to his feet. “Angel, the vampire with a soul Angel?”

“Yes,” Angel pushed his chair back slightly, bracing himself.

“It’s an honor to meet you, sir,” Reynolds saluted. “You’re a real inspiration. I joined the Navy because of you, plan on becoming a SEAL.”

“Angel inspired you?” Dawn asked, hiding a smile at said vampire’s uncomfortable look.

“Angel Investigations, we help the helpless,” Reynolds quoted. “You helped people, not because you had to, but because you wanted to. You showed that demons are more than the monsters from story books. We can be more than demons. I’m a Bracken half-breed born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and I’m a Navy officer.”

“If you didn’t have anything to do with Private Perkin’s murder, how did we get called in?” Dawn asked. “We’re only supposed to be called in when the supernatural comes into play. Perkins was shot, nothing supernatural about that. You’re the only supernatural thing around.”

“The SecNav’s personal assistant is a part demon,” Reynolds said. “She has records of where every member of DITM are stationed. She sent out a mass email to members stating that if an investigation happens near us, the investigators might be aware of our non-humanness. I was a little thrown by Ms Summers direct approach.”

“She does that,” Angel said. “If you had nothing to do with Perkins, our investigation can be handed over to the team I am with at NCIS. Are you sure?”

“Yes, sir,” Reynolds nodded. “I spoke to him once since he’s been onboard. Whatever was behind his murder, it had nothing to do with the supernatural.”

“Works for me,” Dawn said. “Here’s our card, if you do hear anything that suspicious that does fall under the supernatural, can you let us know please?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Reynolds said. “Mr. Angel, you should come to one of our meetings.”

“Angel’s not really the meeting type but I’ll see about getting him to go,” Dawn smiled. “In the meantime, I’m going to call the SecNav and tell him it’s not ours. And then call my dad and tell him to come take over the case.”


“Gibbs’s phone is ringing,” McGee said.

“I can hear it,” Tony said, glaring at the younger agent. “Answer it.”

“No, not with the mood he’s in,” McGee backed away from the phone. “You’re the senior field agent, you answer it.”

Tony looked at Ziva.

“You are the senior field agent,” Ziva agreed. “As such it is your responsibility to answer the boss’s phone.”

Tony grabbed Gibbs’s phone with a growl. “Agent Gibbs’s desk, this is the very special Agent DiNozzo, how may I help you?”

There was a brief pause before the other person answered. “Tony, it’s Dawn. Where’s my dad?”

Tony’s hand clenched around the phone, questions on the tip of his tongue that he wanted to ask but knew he couldn’t. A week had passed since they decided to take a break and just be friends, and it was a hard week. Between double-guessing his decision, and he did every time he saw her, to waiting for Gibbs to kick his ass for breaking up with his daughter (even though it was a mutual decision), Tony had felt like he’d been walking on eggshells all week. Dawn was always pleasant to him, and him to her, but there was still a bit of unease there. It was hard for them to be around each other without there being a bit of tension. “Gibbs is with the Director.”

“Let me guess, trying to figure out what case Angel and I are investigating and why we got sent out,” Dawn said, her tone light.

“That would be my best guess,” Tony agreed. “He was mighty pissed when you left.”

“I figured he would be,” Dawn sighed. “The SecNav should be calling the Director now, you guys get the case.”

“I thought it was yours,” Tony said. “Fell under whatever jurisdiction that you have.”

“It was a false alarm,” Dawn replied. “It’s all NCIS’s. Can you let dad know about it?”

“I think he knows,” Tony murmured, looking up at the catwalk where Gibbs was sprinting down the stairs.

“Okay,” Dawn said. “See you in a bit.”

“Yeah, see you,” Tony hung up the phone, not really looking forward to working with Dawn again, in the field. He could handle seeing her in the morgue or lab, where he could focus solely on whatever he was being told, but in the field, his job was to look around, notice everything. And everything included the people in the field, which would include Dawn.

It might just be him, but he was pretty positive Dawn had taken to wearing clothes that broke every single dress code NCIS had. Too short, too tight, too much skin, too much cleavage, too much leg, too much….everything. He was an leg man, followed by an ass man. Dawn had beautiful legs, and the best ass he could remember seeing in a damn long time. And it was always there, on display. Short skirts, that rode much too high, and were always much too tight. He was surprised Gibbs hadn’t complained to the director to get her to have Dawn stop (Tony was very positive Gibbs had tried telling Dawn to stop himself with no result). So he was getting ready to go out in the field, with Dawn, and to try not to stare at her or god forbid ogle her, which he always seemed to want to do. He now completely understood why Gibbs’s made rule 12.


“I have no idea what they were looking for,” Officer Roberts said. “They were talking in some language that I have never heard for most of the time that they were here. Then they interviewed three sailors before stating that they were done with their part of the investigation.”

“I want to talk to the officers that they spoke with,” Gibbs ordered, barely waiting for the officer that had shown Angel and Dawn around to nod. “McGee, Ziva, work the scene. DiNozza, you’re with me.”

Tony nodded, following his boss silently. He knew exactly what Gibbs was doing, trying to figure out what was so special about the three sailors that Dawn and Angel interviewed. To figure out what the SecNav thought set this case apart from any other case. Officer Roberts turned into a small lounge-type room, stopping outside of the door.

“They’re in there,” Roberts said. “Do you need me…”

“You can go,” Gibbs interrupted. “Thank you, Officer.”

“Not a problem, Sir,” Roberts saluted and then left.

Tony followed Gibbs inside the small lounge where five sailors were seated, the oldest barely looking old enough to drink. Straight away Tony knew they had nothing to do with the murders, they all looked scared shitless just sitting there, there was no way they were capable of murder.

“Sir, we’ve already been interviewed,” a Latino kid said. “We told them everything we knew.”

“I know,” Gibbs said. “What exactly did they ask you?”

“Just if we knew Perkins,” the dark-haired kid next to him said. “How often we saw him, if we knew of anyone that had any problems with Perkins.”

“They didn’t really ask us anything other than that,” a redheaded kid said.

“Except, the hot chick said to tell someone named Gibbs, ‘Nice try, pops, but being all sneaky-snoopy isn’t going to reveal anything’,” the dark-haired kid said. “Do you guys know someone named Gibbs?”

“He’s Gibbs,” Tony answered for his boss. “And the ‘hot chick’ is his daughter.”

“Oh,” the kid murmured, frowning. “Think I can get her number?”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Twilight" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Dec 11.

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