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Darla Drabbles/FFAs

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Summary: A collection of drabbles or FFA repsonses which focus around Darla. Variation of length- all over 100 words though. Rating will change every chapter.

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Multiple Crossings > Darla-CenteredTouchoftheWindFR1517561357528 Feb 1028 Feb 10Yes
A/N: This is an Angel/Supernatural One-shot.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and Angel to Joss Whedon.

Rating: Mature (rated for warning)

Warning: Character Deaths

Summary: Darla finds the Winchester’s while pregnant with her and Angel’s son. However, Ruby has plans for her child.

FFA: Ruby/Darla

Her Darling Baby

The rain thundered down on the roof of the Motel. The roads outside had long since been deserted as the storm had rolled in bringing rain and high winds. The thunder would roar every so often drowning out all noise from the Motel.

Screams could be heard from within, the sound pained and periodic as someone lay inside one of the rooms holding their protruding stomach. The blonde who lay on the bed was wet from having being outside when the storm hit and was rubbing her pregnant belly with caring hands despite the tears which ran down her face as another contraction hit.

Also in the room were two men and another woman. The woman was brunette and stood with her arms crossed looking at the woman on the bed. Her dark eyes took in the woman with an almost malicious glint. The men in the room were in their late twenties and while one was tall the other was average height and one brunette and the other dark blond.

“We can’t take her to a hospital, Dean,” the tall man spoke clearly and with exasperation.

“We don’t know how to deliver a baby, Sam!” Dean yelled back.

“Right- you two idiots!” the woman shouted losing her cool, “Dean- go to reception and ask for more towels. Sam- go into the bathroom and get us some hot water going. We’ll need a lot.”

The men looked at her for a moment and then headed out to their respective jobs while shooting the woman on the bed a last glance. The woman walked closer to the bed.

“You can’t have my baby,” the blonde said through gritted teeth while she breathed unnecessarily through the contraction.

“Yes I am, we both know you can’t actually birth your son,” Ruby said calmly as she moved to sit on the bed, “if you don’t stake yourself your son will die. Sam and Dean won’t think any different of me if I stake you to save a baby. I would bet they were planning to stake you anyway once the little one was born.”

“I won’t have you raising my son,” Darla said while groaning loudly.

“Yes, I will,” Ruby said, “he will be a great force of evil. The Miracle Child of two vampires.”

“Dean and Sam won’t let a demon raise my child,” Darla snarled back while he face shifted as anger coursed through her veins.

“Now, now, that temper is most unbecoming,” Ruby said as she pulled a stake from her jacket.

Darla moved her hands from her stomach and tried to sit up while clutching the handle of the knife she had acquired from Dean’s bag.

“This is for the good of your son, Darla,” Ruby said as she moved the stake above Darla’s heart.

“And this is for your own good,” Darla snarled and with one swift movement she plunged the knife forward and with a sickening thud planted it in the chest of the demon. The crackle sounded through the demons body as she froze- light seeming to dance over her in a strange red and orange hue. At the same time Darla grabbed the stake with her other hand as the demon fell down dead.

With a growl Darla dropped the dagger and pushed the body from the bed. A scream tore from her throat as Sam burst from the bathroom carrying a tub of water. He froze as he spotted Ruby’s body and then looked at Darla.

“What?” Sam said while placing the water down and looking at her with a serious glint in his eyes.

The door behind him opened to admit a wet dean carrying a bin bag which Darla assumed held some towels. He stopped short once the door slammed close and looked at Ruby before looking at Darla- an approving look in his eyes.

“That bitch was not getting her hands on Connor,” Darla said while she clutched the stake firmly, “he’s the only good thing I have done.”

And with that Darla plunged the stake into her heart and with an explosion of dust died but not before she heard the first cry of her son, Connor.

Dean and Sam froze looking at the dust covered bed which held the wailing infant. Dean moved forward while barking at Sam to get a towel and scooped the tiny babe from the bed.

“Shush, Connor, shush,” Dean crooned at the baby, “its okay…you’re okay. Daddy’s here.”


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The End

You have reached the end of "Darla Drabbles/FFAs". This story is complete.

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