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Choosing Destiny

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Supreme". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: After Xander becomes the Sorcerer Supreme the Slayer Spell is broken. Now Buffy and Joyce both get a chance at a new destiny.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered
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Chapter Two

Disclaimers in the first chapter.


As the wooden gate shuddered under another blow from the beast on the other side, the Monks of Dagon looked at each other in terror. “We should have done the spell,” one told another in a language that wasn’t English.

“But the dream said that one would come to finish the beast,” the other countered.

“Before or after we’re dead?”

“It matters not,” the third argued. “All that matters is that God’s will be done.”

“True,” the first agreed, “but I cannot but hope that his will is that . . .” his voice trailed off as a ball of light appeared near them. It faded to reveal six females. One was an older woman, in a long white gown and with a golden tiara in her curly hair. The others were in their teens.

Stepping forward, the only redhead told them, “I am Willow Rosenberg. This is Queen Joyce of the Amazons. And we are here to help.”


The monks stood between the gate and Buffy as it shook again. Cracks had appeared and splinters had flown far enough to reach them.

“A mere child cannot defeat the Beast,” one of the monks said.

“I am a child blessed by the gods,” she insisted. “Their Chosen One.” She grimaced before muttering, “At least this time it actually means something.”

“We are not willing to sacrifice you this way,” the second monk insisted. “Your death would only –“ the gate crashing open cut him off as they all turned to look at the curly-haired woman standing with her fist out from where she had destroyed the barrier.

“Where’s my key?” Glorificus asked.


Nervously the monk led the five women into the room. “This is the Sanctuary of the Key,” he told them.

“Wow,” Willow whispered.

“I don’t see anything,” the dark-haired Amazon said.

“Faith, quiet please,” Joyce instructed.

“Oh, uh, sorry, your Majesty.”

“It is, normally, invisible to all but the most magically adept,” the monk explained. “Although,” he glanced at the wall behind him, “the green shadows are seen by everyone.” Indeed, instead of black, the people in the room were casting green shadows.

“Willow,” Joyce asked, “will the spell still work?”

“Oh, yes,” she confirmed. Willow held out a hand to Faith. The bag the girl had been carrying was placed into her hand. As soon as she released, it, however, Willow was almost pulled off-balance by the weight. Getting a grip on it with both hands, she managed to keep it from the ground. “Forgot about that,” she told them.

Turning to the monk, Joyce placed her hands on his shoulders. “You and the others have fulfilled your duties and protected the key. Now, that task falls to us. Go, and may the grace of your Messiah go with you.”

“I,” was all the monk could get out before two of the girls escorted him from the room with surprising strength. Closing the door, the two posted themselves as guards outside.

Turning from the door, Joyce saw that Willow had almost completed the circle with the salt from the bag. She stepped through where the salt had not been placed then reached up to her shoulders and undid the clips, letting the gown fall to her feet. The tiara was placed on top of it, leaving Joyce Summers nude in the circle at the center of the room.


“No key, today,” came a female voice from the direction of three monks. “Or ever.”

“Your lips don’t move,” Glory observed.

“It’s not them.” Buffy stepped from behind one of the monks as she scowled at Glory. “By the order of the Gods of Olympus, I am here to stop you.”

Glorificus chuckled as she looked at her opponent’s outfit. Her knee-high brown boots had brass shin-guards that rose high enough to protect her knees. A short-sleeved white tunic, while covering her shoulders, dipped low enough that it barely lined the edge of the brass bustier where it revealed a bit of cleavage. The bustier was, it seemed, form-fitting if the muscular abs and the navel were accurate. Below the bustier, the tunic became a shirt that reached halfway down her thighs. Silver bracelets covered half of her forearms and a golden rope was attached to her right hip.

“So, a quick beating, maybe a snack, then you slugs will take me to my key.” The Beast gave Buffy a grin. “I’d give you a moment, but I’m in a hurry.”

“The stupid ones usually are,” Buffy shot back.

“You’ll pay for that,” Glory growled just before she attacked.


Willow finished the inscriptions around the outside of the circle with chalk, then sat just outside of it and began to cast the spell.

Faith and the other girl moved back against the wall as the wind picked up around them. After giving each other a glance, they looked back to see a green glow beginning to form in the center of the circle next to their queen.

Gently, Joyce held her hands out to the glow and smiled.


With a growl, Glory brought her fist around in a swing that would have snapped a steel girder. The punch was blocked by Buffy’s bracelet, who then followed up by a punch of her own. This one connected, sending Glory flying back to crash through the wall of one of the buildings.

“Wow,” Buffy mused to herself, looking at her fist, “I really am stronger than I use to be.”

“But not very smart.” Buffy looked up just in time for the log to slam into her face.


The glow became more intense as it concentrated within the circle of Joyce’s arms. Despite the intensity of the wind, however, the salt was unmoved. Faith and the other Amazon were pressed against the wall by the wind that all but drowned out Willow’s voice as she continued the spell.

Slowly, the green light became a glowing haze. Then, the haze began to take shape as it thickened. Tendrils began to move away from the top of the haze, then, as they changed color, began to become hair. The glow faded as the haze took the shape and color of pale skin. Two thick tendrils of haze moved around Joyce’s body, then solidified into arms. As it became more solid, Joyce intensified her grip. Finally, with a final few words cried from Willow, the salt flashed away to nothing. Scorch marks were left on the floor, with two wind-blown Amazons along the wall, a tired sorceress and Joyce with her arms around a girl of around thirteen.


The log shattered when it hit the crossed bracelets, but Glory got in a few more punches before Buffy was able to get her bearings. “Stupid!” Buffy barked to herself as she ducked a punch. “No more playing around!” Leaping into the air, she drove the ball of her foot into Glory’s temple, sending the hell-goddess spinning across the clearing.

Incoherent with rage, the Beast leaped to her feet and charged. Repeated punches were blocked or dodged, until one finally slammed into the bustier just below the heart. Buffy was knocked backward, then hit the ground and rolled once, ending back on her feet. As Glory dove at her, Buffy leaped into the air to avoid the tackle. Coming down, she spun and struck out with her foot to meet Glory’s nose.

Glory flew across and slammed into a massive tree that was growing on one side of the monastery, snapping off a branch half the size of her waist. As she leaned back and shook her head, Buffy pulled the rope. A loop in the end draped itself over the broken end of the branch as the rope coiled and looped over Glory’s head.


“Is that it?” Faith asked Willow as the two moved away from the wall.

“That’s it,” Willow confirmed. “Rebecca, this would be a good time.”

As the second Amazon pulled a pack from her back and opened it. As she pulled out the cloth Joyce leaned back and smiled down at the girl.

“You okay, honey?”

“Mom?” The girl looked confused. “What’s going on?”

“I’ll explain when we get home.” Joyce stepped back as Rebecca offered the robe to the girl.

“My Queen.” Turning, Joyce saw that Faith was holding up her own gown.

“Thank you, Faith.” A moment later, and the two were dressed. “And now,” Joyce said, “we need to find out how Buffy is doing with the Beast.”


Still unsteady, the Beast saw the rope now looped over her neck and growled. “You can’t just tie me up like a pet!” She started toward Buffy, but was stopped by the loop around the branch. “I’ve had enough of you!” she yelled a Buffy as she grabbed the rope coming from her to Buffy and pulled with all of her strength.


The Amazons came into the clearing as the body of the Beast fell forward. The head was rolling a few feet away as Buffy looked on in surprise.


The sound of her mother’s voice pulled the former Slayer from her shock. “Mom?” Seeing the girl standing beside her, Buffy smiled. “Hey, Dawn.”

“Hey, Buffy.” Dawn looked around in confusion. “What’s going on?”

“I’ll explain later, dear,” Joyce reminded her. “Buffy, what happened to the Beast’s head?”

“I was trying to tie her up with the lasso,” Buffy explained. “I had one end looped around the branch and a loop around her neck.”

Faith laughed. “She pulled it, didn’t she?”

“How’d you know that?”

“She pulled it hard enough it was like piano wire. They use to do that in Viet Nam.” She looked at Joyce and shrugged. “At least, that’s what one of my Mom’s old boyfriends told me.”

“They used piano wire to cut off people’s heads?” Buffy and Dawn said in unison.

“Ew,” Dawn added.

“Rebecca,” Joyce asked, “could you retrieve the head, please? The gods will be pleased with having their wishes answered so exactly.”

Buffy leaned her head to one side. “That’s right, they did ask us to bring them her head. I thought they were being, you know, metagoracal or something.”

“Metaphorical,” Willow corrected as she took a crystal from a pouch on her belt. “Xander?” she asked into the crystal.

“Hello, darling,” came Xander’s voice. “You done with the hen party?”

“Sweety,” Willow said in a pleasant tone, “how’d you like to sleep on the couch for a month?”

“Willow Rosenberg!” Joyce admonished.

“Way to reveal the ol’ sex life, Red,” Faith added.

Willow glared at Buffy, who only smirked at her. Then, to the crystal, she said, “We’re ready to come home, Xander.” After giving Buffy another glare, she added, “Then I’m going to hide in the basement for a year.”

“Everyone needs to be touching,” Xander reminded them.

Joyce put a hand on Willow’s shoulder, with Dawn holding her other hand. Buffy put a hand on Willow’s other shoulder, with Faith and Rebecca doing the same to her. “Ready,” Willow reported. A moment later, a ball of light formed around them. After a few seconds it, and the women within, were gone.


It was simple instead of the usual ornately designed pedestals usually seen on Olympus. A platter was on top of the three-foot-tall pedestal with the head of the hell-goddess sitting upright upon it. A small collar had been put around the neck to hold it upright.

There were six seats arrayed before it. Zeus, with Hera to his right, sat in the middle. Athena sat to his left, with Ares next to her. Artemis sat on the other far end, with Hades between her and Hera. Everyone looked at Hades for a moment before he shrugged and snapped his fingers.

Glory’s eyes snapped open. She looked around for a few seconds before she snapped, “What happened? Where am I? Why can’t I move?”

Hera chuckled. “In order, you cut off your own head, your on Mt. Olympus, and you are separated from your body.”

A look of concentration crossed her face before her eyes widened. “But if that happened, why am I not dead?”

“You were,” Hades informed her. “But since you are a goddess I simply brought you back.”

“You know we don’t die quite like mortals,” Athena reminded her.

This time the voice was much more humble. “But why?”

“Because,” Zeus said as he glared at her, “you’re going to tell us all you know about the gods of the other dimensions.”

“Especially those who dropped you off in this one,” Ares added.

“Why would I do that?”

Zeus laughed as he rubbed his fingers together, generating sparks.


Done. I had this tale figured out in my head, but I couldn't get Buffy's outfit figured out and I wanted it to be very different from Wonder Woman's, who every (correctly) guessed she was going to be similar to. Now I need to get back to trying to finish up some of my other stuff.

The End

You have reached the end of "Choosing Destiny". This story is complete.

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