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Horror 101

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Summary: Everything I know about survival I learned from watching horror movies.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > ComedyamusewithaviewFR1383,72134811,43128 Feb 1029 Jun 11Yes

The rule of which we do not speak.

A/N: I'm putting the close on this one for now. At some point I will probably come back and write up all the suggestions people have left (because there are some awesome ones in there), but this is - and always WAS - intended to be the final chapter and the "last rule". Douglas Addams made this number famous, I'ma try and make it INfamous.

The rule which we do not name (otherwise known as rule #42).

“Why is Lori pouting on the couch instead of gearing up?” Tina asked curiously.

Lacey flinched, “She can’t come with us.”

“Why not?”

“It would break the rule.”

Which rule?”

THE rule.”

Tina stared at her grim-looking superior, unsure whether or not she wanted to push the older girl. She was new to the rules, having only been at Admiral Andrew’s Slayer retreat for a few days before shipping out to the Atlanta House. She and the other girls unlucky enough to only receive the rules second or third hand were trying desperately to catch up, but Andrew’s Rules had not yet been codified into the Handbook. They were too new, even if they did have the full support of Mr. Giles, Mz. Summers, and (rumor had it) Mz. Buffy.

Lacey, seeing Tina’s turmoil, finally looked up from the stake she was giving a last, pre-excursion waxing. “Cadet, what do you notice about Lori’s current state?”

Tina blinked, then turned to furtively study the other Slayer. “She’s wearing pajamas?”

“No, not that.”

“She doesn’t have a buddy?”

“Not that either, c’mon – think!”

Tina scowled, frustrated. Lori wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, she was just sitting on the couch, watching some TV (what looked like a Mel Brook’s comedy) and eating ice – oh. “She’s not sharing her ice cream… and no-one is trying to make her.”

“And that means…?”

Tina flushed, “She’d be putting out a scent trail that would drive all the vampires and other good sniffers back into their lairs for the next week.”


Rule #42 (unabridged): Nobody wants to deal with a PMSing Slayer. NOBODY.

A/N2: Not back, per se. I AM writing, but life has been happening. Don't look for more right now. Just be pleasantly surprised if other stories end up suddenly finished.

The End

You have reached the end of "Horror 101". This story is complete.

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