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In-between the light and the dark lies the Twilight

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Summary: Xander finds out that his parents ain't his parents and the PTBs are cruel. (Warning: Xander/Edward/James slash)

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own either BtVS, Angel the series or the Twilight series.

Timeline: Season 2 of Buffy before the Halloween episode and before the first Twilight novel/movie.

A/N: I am not sure how this story will turn out but it will be a Xander/Edward slash.

Chapter 1


Charlie Swan and Renee Swan had twin children: Alec and Isabella Swan, however two months after they were born Alec was kidnapped from the Swan’s home by one of the Powers That Be champions and placed into the care of the Harris’s and was renamed into Alexander Lavelle Harris, who didn’t know that he was adopted by the Harris’s and that his real name was Alec Charlie Swan. Xander would grow up unaware of his family and Charlie and Rene were so devastated by the loss of Alec that they swore themselves to secrecy about Alec from Bella until she was old enough.


Xander was walking near his home when he heard a loud crashing sound and grumbled, “Looks like my parents are at it again,” as he walked towards the door he was stopped by his Uncle Rory.

Rory looked at Xander and said, “Xan, don’t go in there you’re parents are, well, in a mood again and I prefer that you don’t get involved with this one.”

“What the hell is the difference between this one and all the others?” Xander groused.

Rory sighed, he was the only one who, besides his parents, knew how he came into their care or how the PTBs needed a champion to aid the Slayer and took Xander away from his actual family and placed him with his goddamned brother and his wife. Rory had finally decided to the right thing by his nephew and help him find his family; he deserved better then Tony and Jessica.

“Look Xander I have to tell you something,” Rory said all of a sudden, pulling Xander towards his car.

“What?” Xander said trying to dislodge himself from his uncle’s surprisingly strong grip.

“You ain’t a Harris, never was,” Rory said as he pushed Xander into the car.

“What?” Xander asked in a small voice.

“Ya’ll were kidnapped by a group of beings calling themselves the PTBs, fairly powerful but also the worst bunch of collective asshole ascended life forms in existence,” Rory said as they began to drive towards the exit of Sunnydale.

“And you know this how?” Xander asked.

“Because I was the one who kidnapped you when you’re a little guy, you’re only two months old when I found you,” Rory said.

“But,” Xander said quietly, “why’d they want me?”

“They needed someone to be the Slayer’s lapdog and they decided on you Xander,” Rory said as he drove out of Sunnydale.

“Where’re we going Rory?” Xander said sounding surprised that his drunken uncle knew about the slayer.

“To LA boy, there is Anagogic demon that I know about who can verify my story so you don’t think it’s all the rambling’s of a drunken man,” Rory replied as he drove way past the speed limit.

Xander nodded blankly, unsure of how to take what his uncle was doing. He was getting nervous and his uncle’s behaviour wasn’t helping.

“Try to get some sleep Xander because I don’t want you to live on the Hellmouth no more,” Rory said.

“What?” Xander said afraid that he would never see his friends again.

“Don’t get like that Xander,” Rory said, “The PTBs placed certain safeguards on you to make sure you spend your whole life being what they shaped you to be.”

Xander sighed and went to sleep and as sleep over came him he wondered what safeguards Rory was talking about.

Rory knew he was doing the right thing, all Xander would’ve done is get slowly ripped apart by the Slayer’s gang till he was nothing but a waste of skin and bone and the worst part about it was that his friends wouldn’t have known what they were doing, ever, because of those damned spells of loyalty and submission.

Xander was shaken awake by Rory and Xander mumbled, “We here yet?”

“Yeah, we are,” Rory said as he got Xander out of the car.

Lorne was waiting for this, he saw Rory and the boy come in and he sensed the immense guilt and sorrow coming from Rory and the confusion from the boy, “Oh,” he whispered, “this was going to be hard.”

Rory saw Lorne come down and hug him, Lorne said, “Sweetie, you should’ve brought him sooner.”

“Forgive me Lorne,” Rory politely said, “until a year ago I had thought I had done the right thing.”

Xander looked nervously at the green skinned demon and said, “You’re not going to eat me are you?”

“No cupcake, I’m not going to eat you,” Lorne laughed as he ruffled Xander’s hair.

Rory said, “Xander, this man is a good friend of mine, he helped me get off the sauce so I could do this.”

Lorne looked at Xander, smiled widely and said, “Why don’t you sing for me cupcake.”

“What?” Xander asked looking confused, “Why do you want me to sing?”

“Because I can read you better,” Lorne said.

Xander shrugged and walked up to the stage and began to sing, as his voice carried though out the almost empty club Lorne whispered, “Oh god Rory what did you do?”

Rory replied, “The worst thing I have ever done.”

Lorne said, “That’s enough Cupcake, I got enough from that song.”

“So,” Xander said, “you ready to tell Uncle Rory that he was wrong about me?”

Xander, looking at the Lorne’s eyes and Rory’s eyes, realized that Uncle Rory might not be lying.

Lorne said, “Cupcake, sit down and I’ll tell you what’s going on.”

Xander sat down looking at Lorne and the man he thought was his Uncle and said, “Tell me Rory.”

Rory flinched at Xander’s harsh tone but believed Xander had every right to angry and told him the story.


Rory sighed as he waited at the portal of lost souls for his admittance to see the Oracles, as the door shimmered open and he walked through he saw the Oracles look at him with false sympathy on their greyish green faces.

The female Oracle said, “Rory Harris we have a task for you.”

“What’s the task?” Rory asked in his most humble voice.

The Male Oracle said, “You need to take a child from his natural parents and place him upon the Hellmouth.”

“Why!!?” Rory almost screamed.

“That is, how you say, ‘need to know’ Rory Harris,” the female Oracle said in an almost sweet voice.

“You will do this as soon as possible,” the Male Oracle said.

“I ain’t taking a kid from his family,” Rory said angrily.

The Female Oracle frowned and said, “If you won’t, we shall take him and destroy the family.”

Rory paled, he knew the PTBs would do that and said, “I’ll do it.”

“Excellent,” the Male Oracle said, “it’s is time for me to send you to where the child sleeps.”

Rory grumbled as he felt the Oracles send him to where the boy was sleeping, he looked at the house before him and walked towards the door, he felt the door being unlocked and saw the couple sleeping due to a spell cast by the Oracles. He walked up to the nursery and saw two little babies sleeping in their cribs, he found the boy easy enough and took him, the boy started to cry in his arms.

He whispered, “It’ll be alright kiddo,” as he turned to leave, he heard the little girl cry out for her brother. Rory’s eyes clouded with tears as he walked out the door as he was being teleported away from the house, he heard the parents wake up and heard their screams of anger and sorrow as he was teleported back in front of the Oracles.

The Male Oracle said, “Well done Rory Harris.”

“Indeed,” the Female added as she took the baby boy from him and placed him on an altar.

“Hey!!” Rory said, “What’re you doing to the kid?” as he heard them begin to chant out a spell that sent two ribbons of light into the boy’s chest.

As the light faded the Male Oracle smiled and said, “It is a loyalty spell, he shall be always loyal to his friends.”

“And,” the Female Oracle said, “I added a submission spell to go along with his loyalty spell.”

Rory nearly vomited and said, “You cast dark magic on him? For what reason?”

The Male Oracle said, “For the greater good,” as he smiled at the boy’s crying.

“Now,” the Female Oracle said, “it is time for you to take him your brother, it is he who we decided to raise the boy.”

Tony Rory screamed, “Are you two fucking mad? I wouldn’t trust him with a cat, let alone a child.”

The Oracles looked at him and smirked as they blasted him against the wall, the Male Oracle said, “You will listen to our instructions.”

Rory sighed; at least he could keep an eye on the boy and try to protect him from the worst of
Tony’s actions.

**Flashback ends**

Xander looked at Rory and whispered, “It didn’t work you know, Tony hated me.”

“I know Xander,” Rory said, “I was full of so much self hate and guilt that I took up the bottle too and became this wreck of a man and I saw you going down the same path that I was going down and I knew I had to make amends.”

“So, if I am not Xander Harris who am I?” Xander asked the bitterness in his voice growing stronger.

“I wasn’t sure,” Rory said, his head hung in shame, “but I found out,” he added, “who your parents are: Charlie Swan and Renee Swan, plus you have a twin sister named Isabella Swan.”

“So,” Xander said, “where do they live?”

Rory said, “They divorced a while after you were taken, I’m thinking that was my fault too.”

“So what do we do now?” Xander asked.

“I’m sending to you back your father, I couldn’t track down your momma but your father I could find him,” Rory said.

“So where does Dad live?” Xander asked.

“In a town called Forks, he lives up there alone,” Rory said, “he’s the chief of police for the town.”

“So what the hell are we going to tell him?” Xander asked sarcastically, “Say, ‘hi dad, I’m your long lost son?”

Rory pulled out a letter and a plane ticket out of his jacket and said, “This will explain everything to him.”

As Xander took the letter and the ticket his uncle passed him another envelope full of money.

“Uhh, thanks Uncle Rory,” as Xander took the money

“That’s for all the times I failed you Xander while you’re growing up and for denying you a chance for knowing your family,” Rory said quietly.

“It’s alright Rory,” Xander said, “you may have made a mistake but I hate the ones who ordered it.”

Lorne said, “I hate to break up this moment sweeties but I have to get Xander to the airport soon.”

“Are you coming with me?” Xander asked Rory.

“No,” Rory said, “I can’t, I’m going to be punished for doing this and then the Powers will be looking for you.”

Xander’s eyes widened in fear and said, “You’re going to be punished because you helped me?”

“No,” Rory said, “this punishment was deserved for what I did to you Xander; Lorne will take care of you.”

Xander looked at the green demon and saw Lorne nod sadly.

Rory looked at Lorne and said, “Run while you can, for the love of god run before they get here.”

Lorne nodded and said, “C’mon cupcake,” grabbing Xander’s hand and leading him back into the street, “It’s time for us to go.”

As they left the club Xander looked back at his uncle, who brandished a shotgun, and said, “Thanks Uncle Rory,” then Lorne and him off into the night towards the airport and to Xander’s father.

“Run Xander, as fast as you can,” Rory whispered into the night as the shadows began to lengthen and he felt the Powers coming his way.


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