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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Harry Potter > GeneralscriptificusFR18167318,59518307202,1341 Mar 1017 Jul 10Yes

She Called Out a Warning

June 15, 2005 5:00 PM

Mac walked into Neville's place a bit early. She had volunteered to pick up Pevensie today. The younger slayer was cureently glaring up at Rowan Blackwood. The werewolf was hunched a bit so he could talk closer to her face. His eyes were narrowed in irritation. Mac grinned. Those two were always arguing.

"Neville 'bout?" she asked, almost hating to interrupt their glaring contest.

"You're early," Pevensie said.

"Aye. I wanted to talk to both of ya first."

Mac walked towards them, taking out the old picture of the Ravenclaw common room she had. It was one of the few times the group had been still enough and not with their noses in books. It had been taken by Colin Creevey when Mac was in her sixth year. It was before Dumbledore had died, and everyone looked happy in the snap. Even Luna was there. She was standing off to the side looking at the camera with her wide eyes. Mac was sitting in between Padma Patil and Michael Corner. Padma had her arm around Mac. Kevin Entwhistle was laughing his head off at something Su Li had said. Lisa Turpin was leaned down and whispering something into Mandy Brocklehurst's ear, who was seated on Michael's other side.

But most importantly, Terry boot was standing between Anthony Goldstein and Stephen Cornfoot behind the couch Padma, Mac, Michael and Mandy were sitting on. And Boot didn't look too drastically different in present day. Just a bit older.

"Iffen either of ya see this bloke here around Neville, beat him into the ground."

Rowan blinked.

"He has it in for me for somethin' I did to him a long while ago, and he threatened my Nev."

"Jesus Christ, Mac," Pevensie said. "What did you do?"

"Ya know the story. Tis the one wit Blaise."

"He's the teeth guy?" Pevensie said, pulling the picture back to take another look.

"Teeth guy?" Rowan said.

"Mac punched him super hard and knocked a bunch of his teeth out because he bet Blaise he... well... about Mac and stuff. It wasn't nice. Use your imagination."

Rowan looked at Mac with a wary expression.

"Dinna worry, pup. He pissed me off somethin' fierce. He bet Blaise couldna get into my knickers. No' a nice thin' to do to a lass."

She spotted Neville in the doorway just watching them. She wondered how long he'd been there and how much he had heard.

Neville didn't like hearing that someone was going after Mac. "He's back for revenge then?"

"I'm almost embarrassed. He hexed me in the back then ran off like a girl when Blaise came to help. I told me I would rue the day. I dinna know whether to laugh or be confused."

Pevensie snickered. "Rue the day? He said that? Who actually says that?"

Neville shook his head and walked over to her, looking her over carefully. "But you're alright? He didn't hurt you?"

Mac snickered a bit. "No. He dinna hurt me."

Then she got a very serious look on her face and put a hand on his chest.

"But he knows 'bout you, and he threatened to hurt ya. Tha's how he could hurt me. I dinna know how he knew, but he does, aye. Iffen he harms ya, I'll tear him apart wit' m'bare hands."

Neville gave her a look. "You know I can take care of myself. Compared to seventh year, he's just a fly. I can take care of Boot myself."

"I mentioned where he hexed my back, aye? He doesna fight fair, Nev. You do. Yer all noble and stuff."

She moved closer to him. Yes, he was all noble and good, and that was what she liked about him. He stood up for what he knew was right - even if he was scared to.

Whether she liked it or not, he pulled her in for a hug. "Nothing is going to happen. I don't always fight fair. Your brothers saw to that. You can't be my knight in shining armor all the time, Mac."

Mac held him tight.

Pevensie blinked and pulled Rowan into the back.

When Neville grunted in pain, Mac let up a little. "Nothin' were goin' to happen to Connor either. He promised me he'd come home, aye. He never did."

"That's different, Mac. Terry Boot isn't a mass of murdering Death Eaters. He's a pissed off little school boy wanting revenge for something he deserved. Promise me you won't worry about this."

"Yer too late. I already showed this to yer employees."

She handed him the snap. It was one of the few times she'd felt like part of her house. The only people who'd even spoken to her in a nice way had been Luna, Padma and Corner, and the latter two were iffy at times. With Michael it had usually been when he needed help with his Charms homework.

"Don't get them started, especially not Pevensie. She'll try to go after the bastard now, and then Malfoy will blame me for it." Neville took the picture and brought it closer. "It's strange looking at pictures taken back then. I think we all looked so different."

"Well, ya were smaller iffen I recall," Mac said as she playfully punched him in the chest.

She looked at Neville oddly. Something about that was very familiar. Mac shook it off.

"Did ya know Lovegood has a new buddy?"

Neville made a face at her. "I think Luna is allowed to have friends. I'm not her keeper."

"Aye, but ya are her friend. I canna say much because he's Willow's friend, but the amount of time Malfoy spends in the library is a little odd. You could say somethin' Willow wouldna get mad at ya. She'd get mad at me, I thin'."

He blinked. "Luna... and Malfoy? You're joking."

"I seen it m'self. He does stuff, little thin's, but I know him, like ya know him, and I worry 'bout Luna, aye. Ya know how a Slytherin can be 'bout their people. I dinna think Luna would like all tha', ya ken?"

"Especially not with Malfoy." Neville decided the next time he made a trip to the Council to drop off some supplies he'd steal Luna away for a lunch. It had been too long since they talked.

"She doesna seem as bothered by him now. She let him put her up on his broom, and they flew in the back gardens. Tis all the younger slayers are on 'bout these days. Tha' and Blaise havin' to carry me up the stairs. I wish they'd shut it 'bout tha' one."

"He carried you up the stairs? When the hell did he carry you up the stairs?"

Mac made a face at him. "Twas no big thin'. Boot graze-hexed me in the head after he threatened. I was dizzy and off balance. Blaise had to help me. Well, he dinna have to, but he did. Twas nothin'."

Neville didn't like the thought of Zabini going after Mac again. "You don't still... like him, do you? I mean, I would maybe understand if you did."

Mac gave Neville a look that suggested he had lost his mind. "I dinna want to kill him or break thin's on him any longer. He's helped me twice now, but I'm no' attracted to him any longer iffen tha's what ya mean. I know better. Sure, he's a pretty mon, but I dinna want to see him naked again. I done tha'. I want to see you naked now. Besides, I think Hannah Abbott would tear m'hair out iffen I decided I fancied him."

He was thrown a bit by the naked comment. "I'd be okay with you breaking things on him. I don't mind that at all."

"I've outgrown tha' finally. Now, he pisses me off again, I'll break his face again, but there are other thin's I'm more interested in for my free time, aye?"

She smiled at him with hooded eyes and ran one finger up and down his bicep.

Neville grinned and leaned his head down, his forehead against hers. "I have a delivery coming up in a few weeks in France. It's not Paris, but maybe you could come with me?"

Mac giggled. She actually giggled in delight and grabbed both his arms. "Aye. Anywhere."

She had never been to France before. She hoped Buffy and Willow let her go. Oh, they should just try to stop her. She agreed to train to be a better slayer, but she was not giving up having a life. Buffy seemed pretty adamant that slayers keep a social calender of some sort. Mac would soon find out how true that was.

"Excellent. I can't wait. I'll close down the shop proper so it'll be like a holiday."

Mac grinned. Perhaps she needed to look into sexier night clothes. Right now she mostly slept in ratty old t-shirts and her knickers. She was thinking perhaps something in black lace that was mostly see-through might be in order.

Because she so was not kidding about wanting him without his clothes on.

He wound a hand around the back of her neck and leaned down to kiss her. Just as his lips touched hers, a crash sounded from the back and he paused. "Damn," he muttered, pulling back. "I forgot you're here on official business."

Mac glared at the back. She was going to break something on whomever did that. Neville went to move away to check on them, but Mac pulled him down to kiss him first. Disruptions or not, he was not getting away so easily.

As he wrapped an arm around her back and pulled her close, he decided that his next delivery to France couldn't come soon enough. When Neville pulled away, Mac was pouting a bit. It made him grin. "I'll go get Pevensie."

"I was early, ya know," Mac said, not letting him move. "We still have a few minutes."

"We're in the middle of the shop where anyone could walk in off the street or Pevensie and Rowan could come in the back. You're going to have to wait until France."

Mac gave him a playful glare. "All righ'. Ya act like I canna be patient. I can, but ya think on this when ya recall yer th'one tha' wanted to wait."

She pressed as much of herself into him as she could and kissed him like the world was about to end. Her hand even grabbed a bit of his hair in the back to hold him in place.

When she stopped and stepped back, Neville glared at her. "Cheater. You are such a cheater."

"Tis no' cheatin'. Just remindin' ya of the pre-show for what yer waitin' on, aye. Just hurryin' ya along to make travel arrangements."

Neville just shook his head with a grin. "Pevensie! Time to go!"

Mac grinned until she heard a scuffled from the back and Rowan dragged Pevensie out front with her in a head lock under his arm. Before Mac could break it up, Pevensie used one of her legs to trip up Rowan's, and they both of them went down in a wrestling pile. It was a bit funny, though, because they were very careful to avoid the tables of shelves. It ended with Pevensie sitting on Rowan, straddling him. Her skirt was all scrunched up, so much so that her pink cotton knickers were playing peek-a-boo. Mac quickly grabbed her by the shirt and lifted her off.

"No' appropriate."

Rowan was lying on the ground grinning. He tucked his arms behind his head. "Pink knickers? Really?"

Neville huffed and pulled Rowan up. "I would like to have one work day where the two of you don't wrestle each other to the ground."

"If she and I suddenly started getting along, you wouldn't know what to do around here, admit it. Some of the customers come in here just to listen to us trade barbs." Rowan grinned at his boss.

He rolled his eyes, not denying it. "You still have an hour left. You get to move fertilizer for the rest of the day. " Neville gave him a light push to the back.

Rowan pointed and winked at Pevensie as he lumbered to the back. A smug look was plastered on the boy's face.

"See you tomorrow, kid."

"I'm not a kid," Pevensie snapped.

Rowan just chuckled.

Pevensie lunged to go after him, but Mac still had a hold of her.

"I'll see ya soon," Mac said in a soft voice to Neville. "Let me know when we leave, aye?"

"I will," he said with a grin. "Be safe."
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