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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Harry Potter > GeneralscriptificusFR18167318,59518307202,1341 Mar 1017 Jul 10Yes

The Accidental Something

June 19, 2005 5:42 PM

Theo looked up in surprise when the infirmary door was kicked open. Pevensie was sporting a bloody nose and carrying an unconscious girl.

"Theo... help."

He gestured to one of the beds. Pevensie set the girl down gingerly.

"What happened?"

"She busted my nose, and I got pissed."

Theo did a diagnostic charm. The other girl's jaw was already turning purple. Pevensie had broken it. Theo needed to reset it before it healed wrong. He'd learned that lesson already - slayers healed fast.

He did the charm for that before she awoke. Slayers tended to lash out when his healing pained them, as he'd already found out the hard way. That had been another lesson.

"How hard did you hit her, Pevensie?"

"With everything I had."

Buffy pushed open the infirmary door. One of the slayers had come to get her when word of the fight got out. "What happened?" she asked, taking in the two slayers.

"Anger stimulation issues," Theo replied. "Chelle is going to be fine. Pevensie broke her jaw. I already reset it. She should some around soon. I'm going to take a look at the broken nose now."

Pevensie blinked. "She broke my nose?"

"Don't worry, Pevensie. I'll set it and heal it. No one will ever know."

"What the hell? You broke bones on each other?" Buffy walked over and glared at Pevensie. "What happened that you had to hit each other that hard? You know I don't tolerate fighting outside of training."

"We were training. Her watcher asked me to spar with her. She broke my nose. I saw the blood and I got mad. I didn't mean to knock her out. I just wanted her to back off."

Alice skidded into the doorway. "Oh my gosh! Are you all right? Williams is still snapping out of his shock. I think he's on his way here right now. I'm just faster."

"Pevensie is going to be fine, Alice," Theo said. "And so is Chelle."

"What the hell kind of training were you doing that she was given the go-ahead to break your nose?" Buffy asked loudly. "Did Williams ask Draco if you could train? You're on different levels, and he knew that."

"Oh my gosh, Buffy. Chelle is totally jealous of Pev," Alice said. "Mainly because she has a crush on Rowan, but Rowan doesn't like Chelle and Pevensie gets to work with him. And she has Draco as her watcher. Everybody wants Draco as their watcher. He's so cool. And she gets to go on patrols. And Blaise Zabini talks to her."

"Oh my god, Alice, shut up," Pevensie said.

Buffy crossed her arms and glared at Pevensie. "Did you know about this? Did you know that this was a chance for Chelle to get back at you?"

This was the first real problem of outright jealous she'd encountered that resulted in bloodshed and unconsciousness. It made her nervous about issues to come.

"What? No. Alice is being weird again. She's not jealous of me. Chelle just doesn't like me. She has no reason to be jealous."

"Oh my gosh," Alice said. "You're, like, so deluded. You know why no one but me talks to you really? Jealous. I don't care so much. I'm not competitive, but most of the rest of us are. You're the queen bee, slayer. There isn't a girl around here besides the ones at Sunnydale that doesn't want a piece of you. You held your own with Buffy in a fight. You're the one to beat, girl."

"Oh great," Pevensie said.

Buffy turned to Alice. "Get Draco and make sure Williams comes here right this instant if you happen to see him on the way."

When Alice rushed out of the infirmary, Buffy sighed. "Great. Just what we needed. Teen drama."
"It's not my fault," Pevensie protested.

"No one said it was, Pevensie," Theo assured her. "But perhaps breaking her jaw wasn't the best response."

"I didn't mean to," Pevensie said, her voice breaking.

She looked down, feeling her eyes fill with angry tears.

Buffy let out a deep breath. "You were angry. When a slayer fights when she's angry, the hits are harder, stronger, and they have more passion in them. Don't ever train with someone when you're angry. Stuff like this happens." She walked over to Pevensie and leaned down to her level. "And it wasn't your fault that you were paired with Chelle. She's on a different level than you and Williams should have cleared it with Draco first. It wasn't his right to request you in a session."

She looked at her nose. "That's the only serious hit she got on you, right?"

"I let her hit me a few times, so she wouldn't feel bad in front of her watcher, but I think she realized I was holding back. I think that's where it all went wrong."

Theo started laughing but covered it with coughing.

Chelle groaned, so Theo went to check on her.

"What in the fuck happened?" Draco snapped.

Alice was right behind him with wide eyes.

Buffy winced as she hadn't considered something in her logic of telling Draco what happened. Buffy was fully prepared to knock Williams around a bit before sending him to Giles for a Watcher to Watcher verbal lashing, but she hadn't considered Draco snapping and hexing the man.

"There was a grudge match disguised as a training session. I'm going to deal with it, but I wanted you aware. Pevensie's nose was broken, but not much else."

Draco stalked over to Pevensie and took her chin in his hand. He looked at her face. He looked at Chelle, who was now awake. Draco slid his wand out of his sleeve.

"Williams? Where is he?"

"Oh my gosh," Alice whispered.

"Put it away, Draco," Buffy said firmly. "You don't deal with this; you deal with your slayer. This is my job."

Draco was looking past everyone to the doorway. Williams was standing behind Alice.

"You do anything like this again to my slayer, and you will beg me to kill you."

Draco slid his wand back.

"Oh my gosh," Alice said.

Theo's eyebrows were raised. He'd never thought Malfoy could truly care about anyone other than himself.

"You've said that already, Alice," Buffy said calmly. "And Draco, you know the rules. Giles is in charge of Watchers. You don't get to dole out the punishments."

She turned to Theo. "Is Pevensie cleared to leave?" Having Draco and Williams in such close range was making her nervous.

"I know where you sleep, Williams," Draco said.

Theo could not help himself. He snickered when Williams paled. "She's fine to go. Chelle too. No sparring for a day or so just to be safe."

Chelle left with Williams quickly, and Draco moved to assist Pevensie.

"I'm fine."

"You knocked her out."


He leaned close to her ear. "That's my girl."

Pevensie grinned.

"Alice, we're all about ice cream and some movie that will likely set my teeth to gnashing tonight," Draco said. "Would you care to join us?"


"I will accept that as a yes?"

"Yes. Totally."

Buffy grinned as the trio left the infirmary, until she remembered the paperwork she had to do about this. The grin abruptly fell off her face. She looked over at Theo. "Gotten used to tending to girls who come in looking like that yet?"

"I've seen worse," Theo replied quietly. "When you have to lay out dead classmates in an infirmary, you stop being bothered by blood and broken bones."

She gave him a small grin. "I've been there. After burying friends and family members, cut knees and bloody noses aren't that big a deal."

"That was weird though. I know Malfoy. I've known Malfoy since we were babies. He thinks Alice is a werdo, yet he invited her along. Very strange."

"Well maybe he's grown up since you've seen him last," she said with a shrug. "Pevensie is classified as a weirdo when she came here. This lifestyle changes people."

"Oh that's right," Theo said in a dry tone. "He's your boyfriend. Funny how I hardly ever see the two of you together."

Buffy paused. She had completely forgotten about that. Oops? "We're both extremely busy, and it's not like you take strolls along the hallways at all hours. We're not joined at the hip."

Theo gave her a look. "I think you aren't joined at all. Though I can't understand why you'd lie to me about it."

He moved swiftly and came to stand before her with a grin on his face.

"Are you a lie detector now?" she asked, not denying it at all.

"A keen observer of life. Some people in my life thrived in the spotlight. I was content to watch and know the inner workings. So why the lie, Summers? No one lies for no reason unless you're pathological, which I doubt, so what was yours?"

Telling the truth was probably the best option. "Your reaction. I needed to see how you took to someone being attached to him and if you'd still give me the light of day. I know what Draco's done in his life. We've both done things we're not proud of, but he has my alliance first. If you were going to be an ass about it, you were gone." She looked at him with a grin. "And it wasn't necessarily a lie. I think he's just too much like Spike for me to wrap my head around."

"You don't know everything about Draco," Theo said as he moved to put away some of supplies for the day. "I think no one knows everything about Draco. It's nice that he has your unwavering support. I think most Slytherins could use more of that."

She jumped up on one of the beds and began swinging her feet as she watched him. "Does that include you? Is that your way of begging for it?"

Buffy blinked and flushed when she realized how her words could be taken.

Theo spun around and smirked at her. He clasped his hands behind his back. "I'm terrible at it, but if you'd like me to beg, I could give it a go."

She was a bit shocked at the turnaround from Theo. "Um, no, that's...that's okay. No begging required."

What the hell was wrong with her that she constantly put her foot in her mouth around men?

The fact that she seemed a bit uncomfortable and awkward right now made him smile more widely. His smiling and talking seemed to have put her off balance for some reason.

"Are you certain? I've never tried, but what if I'm good at it? You could have helped me discover a hidden talent?"

"Talent?" The word made her flashback to hunter dolls and murdered classmates at shows from high school. She could pull off that damn show, so she could damn well flirt with the healer. It was just like with Draco, and Theo didn't look a thing like Spike.

"What makes you think I'd be any good at making you beg?"

Theo raised a brow. "Really? You? Have you seen you? Have you see you fight? You're really going to go there? I think perhaps the gods themselves do tremble when you shout in anger."

Buffy had to smile at him. "That was one hell of a compliment. Be honest. How long did you rehearse that line?"

"I have a way with words. I try not to rehearse, but the first time I peeked in at you training, the gods trembling part was in my head then. You're very graceful, but I imagine you know that. I find it fascinating that you plan to keep your bite scars. Fascinating in a good way."

Every time the scars where she was bitten were mentioned, Buffy swore the skin around them gave a jolt. She shivered a bit. "They're me. I wouldn't be Buffy without them. Just another layer to the mystery that is me, grace, or lack thereof, and all."

He didn't think it would be entirely appropriate to say he'd like to peel back her layers. He liked his limbs attached to his body.

"I think you are the sort to always be you, but it would just be a different version of you. Visible scars brings questions. A truly brave individual meets those questions head on without flinching. Most people have not mastered that, and most never will."

"Most people, you excluded, are too scared to ask. It goes back to that gods trembling thing."

"I have an appalling lack of fear."

Probably due to the house he grew up in, the people his parents made him associate with, and all that he had seen and done.

That made her laugh. "I have fear, but I tend it ignore it. It gets me in trouble. A lot. That and my shoe addiction."

"It's almost a pity that you and Draco don't suit because that sounded like a description of him. Add in 'I have bad plans and act upon them often' and that would be Draco. Yes, almost a pity. Almost."

He smiled at her.

Buffy returned the smile. "So you never have bad plans and act on them? That's a strictly 'Draco' trait?"

"Not like him. It's an art form with him. It's epic. Like whole forests burn down and things blow up. It's not like 'oh hell now I have a mustard stain on my shirt'. No. It's 'wow, that small island is no longer on the map'."

She laughed loudly. From what she'd seen of Draco, that was certainly true. "Mustard stains are only bad when people start singing about it. Then it's time to get the hell out of dodge."

Theo chuckled, having no idea what she was talking about. Most of the time he didn't, though, with these Americans. This group had experienced a great many things. Perhaps her most of all. She had altered the world by coming back from the dead. He'd love to ask her about that, but he knew she would not go for it. She did not know him well enough. Not yet.

"Would you like to have dinner with me sometime, Buffy?"

She had no idea how they went from mustard to dinner, even though it partly made sense if he was aiming for hamburgers and hot dogs. "This isn't just because I almost dated Draco and you want to make him have one of those famous tantrums, is it?"

"That's just a bonus. He's always at his most amusing when he is gnashing his teeth, but I happen to like your company thus far and would like to see if we can keep this up."

Willow's advice to just start dating rattled around in her head, and before she could talk herself out of it, Buffy nodded. He wasn't a watcher and so far he'd shown regardless of his personal feelings for people in the Council, he always healed them. "It's a date."

Theo grinned. He could hear the undignified screeching already, and as an added bonus, he got to have a date with a beautiful woman.

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