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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Harry Potter > GeneralscriptificusFR18167318,59518307202,1341 Mar 1017 Jul 10Yes

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I'm Going to Take my Time

Neville wiped off his face with the towel after he finished brushing his teeth and washing his face. While in the bathroom he'd put on his pajamas, which consisted of an old Gryffindor t-shirt and some flannel bottoms that in no way matched but were very comfortable.

"You better not steal the covers!" he yelled out of the bathroom as he ran his fingers through his hair.

Mac was rushing around trying to get herself situated before he came out. Her 'pajamas' were pretty much scraps of black lace that were strategically placed. She quickly turned down the bedding and placed herself on the bed in what she hoped was a sexy pose. Mac grabbed the book she'd brought to read and opened it in the middle.

With a sigh, he left the bathroom and headed into the bedroom, looking forward to falling into bed and sleeping. "I don't know what you planned on doing tomorrow, but sleeping in sounds..."

He trailed off as he blinked at Mac's form on the bed. Neville's gaze didn't know where to look between the black lace knickers and the sheer short cami leading up to her black bra. "Bloody hell!"

Mac flipped the book down "What's wrong? Is it a spider? I dinna like them either. Iffen we can get a shoe, we can smash it. Or release it outside."

"Are you honestly wearing that to bed?" he asked, his eyes still glued on her.

Mac set her book on the bedside table. "Wha's wrong wit' it?"

She got out of bed and twirled around. She grinned to herself when she was faced away from him. That had been an awfully dumbstruck-in-a-good-way look on his face.

Neville had to force himself to look up at the ceiling. "Damn it." He started pulling the extra blankets off the end of the bed and grabbed a pillow. Looks like he wasn't going to enjoy the bed after all.

"Wha' in th'hell are ya doin'? Get in tha' bed."

Mac wanted to stomp her foot. How was she supposed to work her sex magic if he ran off and slept on the floor or the chair?

"Not until you change into something that doesn't make me want to stare at anything but your face," he replied firmly.

"I dinna sleep in trou," she snapped, looking at his pants. "Canna sleep wit' my legs covered."

The said, Mac stormed over to her bag and grabbed one of her t-shirts. She took the sheer cami-bra off. Then, just to be mean, she turned around to face him before slipping the t-shirt over her head.

Neville threw up his hands. "Why didn't you wear that in the first place?"

"Fine, I willna bother wearin' nice thin's for ya anymore. Got it."

Mac climbed into the big bed and threw the covers over her head, in a definite pout.

Neville sighed, realizing he'd put his foot in it. "Mac, it's not that I wasn't appreciative of the nice view. I just don't want you to think the only reason I invited you to a weekend here is because I want to shag you."

"Did it occur to ya tha' I wouldna mind? I like ya lots, Nev. I thought ya invited me to be wit' me... alone. So's we could be together, enjoy one another. I packed accordin'. Are ya sayin' ya dinna want me?"

He gave a wry laugh. "I'm saying I don't need fancy lingerie to find you attractive. You do that all on your own."

"But the tits and arse outfit helped, aye? I dinna know my boobs could do tha' wit'out a corset, and did ya see how tiny these knickers are?" she said as she lifted her tee to look at them. "They're no practical for slayin'. I'd get bit for being distracted by pickin' them out of my arse all night."

Neville snickered as he sat on the bed. "I did notice all that, yes. But next time, give me warning, yeah? You nearly gave me a heart attack."

"No' the organ I were lookin' to affect," she said then gave him a saucy smile.

"Oh you affected that one as well," Neville said offhandedly. "Still are, as a matter of fact."

Mac scooted closer to him. "Really?"

She wrapped her arms around his middle from behind and kissed his nape. Then she laid her cheek against his back.

Neville rubbed one of the hands around his abdomen. "Really," he answer huskily before turning around in her arms leaning down to kiss her. They both started to scoot towards the head of the bed. As he stretched out on top of her, he made sure not to crush her with his weight. "I know with the outfit and the talk and everything... but are you okay with this?"

He was so... nice. She wasn't used to that. It was a good thing.

"Aye," she whispered, then smiled. "I been okay wit' this practically since we first kissed."

"Good to know," he said before kissing her again. He slowly started to bunch her shirt up. "This is so much easier to get off than that black lace. I would have hated to rip it."

"I wouldna have minded," Mac said, her hands going up under the back of his shirt.

She used her knees to push him back them pulled his shirt over his head, throwing it to the floor. Then she wrapped her legs around him and planted one hand against one of his pectoral muscles.

Not to be outdone, Neville pulled her up and removed her shirt before she laid back on the bed. He'd seen her without a shirt on in flashes when she felt like being coy, but as Neville laid a kiss to her collarbone, he marveled at the creamy skin.

Mac smiled, despite being a bit nervous. It wasn't like it was the first time with her, but this was the first time in a long time she felt like it mattered. This definitely mattered to her.

As he kissed her collar and move down, her skin went to gooseflesh and Mac gave a little shiver.

"Cold?" he asked as he moved down her stomach. He reached her knickers and pulled them back a bit, letting them loose and hit her hip with a snap.

Mac jumped. She actually jumped.

"No. I'm no' cold. Far from it."

He was playing with the waist of her knickers. Mac was trying not to grab onto him for fear she might hurt him. She took the lead in most things, but she was thinking perhaps he'd like to just now. Her hands were starting to fist into the bedclothes, though.

Neville placed one last kiss above the band of her knickers before leaning back and grabbing the edges. "Hips up." She did as he said and he slowly pulled the black lacy knickers off of her. He stayed kneeling and tossed the knickers over to her back with the top half of the outfit and the t-shirt. After lightly running his hands along her shins, he picked up one leg and started run kisses along her skin.

"You're beautiful."

Mac couldn't respond. From the moment he'd touched her legs, she'd been jelly. She loved to have her legs touched and caressed.

"Yer no' so bad yerself," she managed, her voice cracking.

He moved his lips over her knee and then to her inner thigh. Before he forgot, Neville looked up at her, grinning at the sight. "Are you on the potion or should you cast a charm?"

"I take a potion," Mac replied.

She'd nearly said 'huh'. She was completely distracted by him touching and kissing her legs.

He put his hands on her thighs and ran his thumbs across the skin. "Are you all right?" he asked with a small grin. "You're being awfully still and quiet."

She shivered. He kept rubbing her legs. She could not think when he did that. It made her tingly all over.

"My legs are... sensitive."

And judging by her reaction, he guessed it was a 'good sensitive'. Neville ran his hands up and down her legs, trying to see where the most sensitive spots were. It was just another piece of the puzzle he liked to put together.

Mac nearly came off the bed when he rubbed behind her knees. She launched herself at him, pinning him to the bed, before straddling his hips and leaning down to kiss his chest. It was after a minute of this, she realized what she had done.

"Sorry. Ya got me a bit... worked up just then."

Neville let out a breathy laugh. It was a rush to find oneself flipped over and pinned to a bed then ravaged. "I really, really didn't mind."

Mac giggled before she pressed herself against him. His skin was warm. She moaned a little as she moved against him. Mac took an earlobe in her teeth and pulled slightly.

He groaned loudly and rolled his hips, irritated that fabric still separated them. He reached down to his pajama bottoms and pants, trying to get them off with Mac still sitting on him.

Mac reached around a tried to help him. The leg touching and the whole anticipation of the evening equaled her being fairly ready to proceed. It was nice that he was wanting it too. Once his remaining clothing had been removed, Mac grabbed his sides and rolled them. Neville seemed confused at being back on top, but Mac smiled at him.

Her strength was surprising. As he moved in between her legs and positioned himself, he looked up at her curiously. "You're not going to slam me into the ceiling if I accidentally hurt you, are you?"

"Ya would never hurt me," she whispered.

And Mac believed that about him. She was in no way delicate, but he treated her like she was at times. She liked that. It was different. No one else, no even before she had become a slayer, had even treated her so gently.

"And I would never hurt ya intentional, Nev. Never."

Neville believed her. He slowly pushed himself inside her, letting them both adjust. He lowered himself onto his elbows as he rocked against her gently, placing kisses along her neck.

She was trying not to make noises, but Mac was pretty sure she was failing there. She braced her feet on the bed and used the leverage to make her hips meet his. She wrapped her arms around around his middle, one hand sliding down over a butt cheek.

Her nails lightly scratched at her back and he responded by thrusting a bit faster. Neville slowly slid his hand underneath her to help hold her hips up. She was trying to hold back from vocalizing. He bit her neck and shoulder, seeing if he could get her any louder.

Mac shouted. She held herself back from crushing him with her thighs. They were moving together awfully quickly and she was beginning to worry she might actually hurt him. Mac didn't want to harm him when everything was so nice a getting really frenzied. She worried she would lose herself in the feeling of this and damage him.

Neville moaned. A fine sheen of sweat was covering their bodies. He leaned up to capture her shout in a kiss and her nails slid down his back again. He had no doubt there would be marks, but he was also trying to careful and not grab her hips and bruise them.

They he moved a certain way, and she shouted again, her hips moved up with such force that she nearly unseated them from the bed.

"Ya dinna... have to hold back..." Mac panted. "Ya willna hurt me."

With a grin, Neville leaned up and ran his hand along her thigh. "Don't worry about hurting me. I can take it."

She shivered when he did that. The leg-touching was so not fair. Mac wrapped her legs around him tightly so he could not get to her thighs again - not with his hands. She buried her face in his shoulder, her hands gripping his back tightly.

"Cheater," he breathed, knowing there was no way he could get her legs from around his hips. Instead he ran his hands up her sides to cup her breasts. "Such a cheater."

Mac raised and brow. Then she flipped him onto his back in one swift move. She sat up and braced a hand against his chest before she started moving again. This was different and she had to close her eyes to concentrate at times.

He groaned as his back hit the bed but it turned into pleasure as Mac began to move again. He was penetrating deeper and the power in her hand kept him down. He gripped her hips as she moved up and down.

This was better for her.

His hands were gripping her hips very hard. She might even gets some bruises. Didn't matter. They would be good bruises. If she could show them off without getting into trouble, she would. Mac moved faster. She was building the friction, and it was lovely.

He was not going to last much longer. As he brought their hips together, his hands traveled down her legs and he lightly scratched them. He felt her go a bit slack and Neville rolled them so he was on top again. This time he didn't give her a chance to lock her legs around his waist. Thrusting into her quickly, he grabbed one of her legs and ran his thumb under her knee, remembering how sensitive it was.

Mac shouted in surprise as she came. She had not been expected him to take back control of the situation. Not only had he done so, but he'd used his newly-learned knowledge of her body against her.

That was his undoing. Neville thrust into her a few more times before he came and he had to remember to breathe. He caught himself on his elbows so he didn't crush her and gently pulled out of her, laying to her side. They were both panting and catching their breath.

"Well, I'd say your seduction plan with the lacy nightie worked."

Mac giggled as she rolled onto her side and managed somehow to throw a leg over his middle. She wiggled until she was comfortable, curling into his side nicely.

"Tha's good to know. I have a red one for tomorrow."

Neville pulled the covers over them and put his arm around her middle. "Red's my favorite color."

Mac yawned, feeling a bit tired. She did, however, commit that fact of him to memory. She would be needing more red clothing.
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