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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Harry Potter > GeneralscriptificusFR18167318,59518307202,1341 Mar 1017 Jul 10Yes

Your Chip on Shoulder Technique...

... is no match for my watcher's wand


Draco and Pevensie were coming out of his rooms and heading to the training room. He very nearly bumped into Pansy.


He could see her looking at his and Pevensie's workout clothes in distaste already. Draco sighed. He was only wearing his black sweats, a black tank and his flipflops. They sparred barefooted around here. Pevensie had on a training bra and her track shorts with her pink flipflops. Both had toenails painted black. She had done his, and he rather liked them, so he kept them.

"Well," she said lightly, taking a step back. "I guess that answers my questions of where you were and if you were busy. Have fun beating each other up?"

"She's sparring with other girls on her level today. I'll be watching then I have a training session with Li Jiao. Want to come along?"

Pansy glared at him. "I'd rather move in with Hufflepuffs."

Draco gave her a look. "You aren't interested in my job. I see. More interested in what Nott does. I see."

Oh no he didn't. "I hung about in that awful infirmary because I was bored and you were elsewhere on a play date. I am not bored today, I am hungry, and you know how I feel about Muggle violence."

"I'll get the house elves to bring you something nice. Unless you don't want to hang around me today. Nott's more interesting. I understand." Draco sighed dramatically before turning to head for the stairs.

"That bullshit hasn't worked on me since fourth year," Pansy replied as she followed. "I am only doing this so you'll stop bitching about me not caring. Are we clear?"

"You won't be bored," Pevensie said. "Draco's pretty good at kicking people in their faces."

Draco snorted.

Pansy rolled her eyes. "I deplore physical violence. It's entirely too much work. Why spend hours trying to break every bone in the body when you can just snap them all with a wave of the wand?"

"I could probably snap a regular person in half," Pevensie mused.

"She's stronger than normal, and she doesn't have a wand. No magic, just supernatural strength."

She shook her head as they entered the training room. "I still don't like it." She looked around, noting the girls already fighting. "Well? Where am I supposed to sit for this show?"

Draco offered her his arm and led her to a short stack of bleachers. He grabbed a cushion out of the bin next to them for her. Draco motioned the house elf that usually stood in the corner over.

"Get Miss Parkinson anything she requires for a snack."

Pevensie walked up to the group of older slayers there and started talking.

Chao-Ahn was eyeing her. "You fight Kennedy."

Pevensie blinked and turned. Alice sided up to her and Sveta came up on her other side.

"She's back? For good?" Pevensie had never really liked Kennedy. She thought she was a little too bossy.

"She's visiting. Wood sent her to get something or whatever. Apparently she gave Andrew a black eye. Seems like Wood sent her on vacation," Alice whispered.

Pevensie eyed the other girl. Kennedy was good. Probably better than her. She also looked like she knew it too. That made Pevensie irritated.

Pansy grabbed Draco's arm before he could walk away. "Tell me what it is I'm supposed to be watching."

Draco had gone tense. "What the fuck is she doing back here?"

"Robin sent her, " Rona offered. "She punched Andrew. She's only here for a week, thank god, because someone came back to England with a huge chip on her shoulder that so does not jive with me right now." Rona looked at Pansy. "I'm Rona. You'll be watching Draco's little bit hopefully give Kennedy something to worry about."

She knew nothing of what was going on, so she just gave up and turned to the house elf. "Get me whatever wine is in this god-forsaken place and some fresh fruit. No melons. Add a dash of sea salt."

When Pansy turned back to the group, nothing had changed. "I was under the impression you did more than stare at each other."

"All right, this is the deal," Rona said. "Kennedy thinks she's a badass. She used to be Willow's girlfriend, and no, Willow does not know she's here. Well, knowing Willow, she probably does by now, but no one warned her or anything. She's my friend and all, but sometimes I want to punch Kennedy in her face. She's been talking trash about how it's beneath her to fight a young slayer. Vi got in her face about it. It was beautiful."

"Oh I do so dislike people who feel entitled." When Draco gave her a look, she grinned. "I've not yet hit my hypocrisy quote for the month. Not a word."

Pansy turned back to the girls. "So, Draco's little slayer is just going to lay her on her arse to shut her up? Sounds terribly like Gryffindor antics to me. What happened to decent blackmail and mental torture?"

"You need to meet Kasie," Rona said. "And I think Draco handles the mental anguish making. It's the perfect symbiotic relationship - Draco makes you cry, Pevensie makes you bleed."

Alice and Sveta joined them on the bleachers.

"Oh my gosh," Alice said.

"Do not start that 'oh my gosh' shit, Alice, " Draco snapped.

He was terribly nervous as he watched Pevensie stretch. Kennedy was just watching her with this look that made Draco insanely angry. He had to restrain himself from giving his girl a power-boost.

"I don't like her already." A bowl the fruit she requested appeared next to her and she slowly grabbed a piece. "Do sit darling. Or go by your slayer. You're practically vibrating with nervousness. Don't you boast about her all the time?"

"She's very good. If it were staffs, I would not be worried," Draco said, as he moved to stand next to Li Jiao.

"Don't listen to him," Rona said. "Pevensie's great. She was kind of crap when she first got here, but all her hard work is paying off."

Draco was now pacing between Li and Pansy while watching Pevensie.

Pansy rolled her eyes. "Don't make me hex you still, Draco. I'm actually curious about the whole event now and you're spoiling my concentration." She leaned over to one of the slayers, the one Draco had called Alice. "I don't suppose it's a fight to the death."

"W-what? No!"

"Damn," she muttered.

"I'm hoping for a little blood myself," Rona said.

Sveta giggled. "Maybe she knock her out like Chelle. That vas funny."

"Pevensie broke Chelle's jaw," Alice added for Pansy. "She hit her with an uppercut that brought Chelle off her feet."

Li barked something in Chinese and Draco stopped pacing.

"She's got quite the temper," Pansy murmured, accepting the glass of wine the house elf finally brought. It was a white, and a bit too sweet for her tastes, but it was a good vintage. "Is Draco usually this nervous?"

"With Pevensie?" Rona said. "Oh yeah. Everybody wants a watcher like him. We all worry about one another, though. You should have heard him when Williams had Pevensie fight Chelle because Chelle is jealous."

"Oh yeah," Alice said. "He told Williams if he ever used his slayer like that again he'd make him beg for death. It was so scary. Then he spent the rest of the night cursing because we made him watch 'Bend it Like Beckham' again."

While she had no idea what a Beckham was or how it bended, she imagined it was torture for Draco. "It's our Slytherin nature. You don't touch our things." Pansy narrowed her eyes as the slayers started doing... something. "What's happening now?"

Chao-Ahn sat next to Rona. "It about to get good."

Pevensie's heart was hammering in her chest, and Kennedy had a look on her face that said she wanted to squash the younger slayer like a bug. There was a tense moment before Kennedy charged, a fury of fists and feet.

Pevensie panicked for a moment, only half blocking the shots as Kennedy forced her to defend and step backwards. Then Moody's advice filtered into her brain. Don't lose your head. Keep thinking. Look for an opportunity. Constant vigilance.

She watched and grabbed Kennedy's ankle. Pevensie twisted, forcing the other slayer to roll with it of have a broken ankle. Kennedy went down hard.

Eat mat, Pevensie thought.

Her face was serene, but inside she was cheering. Pevensie looked at Draco. He gave her a slight nod then motioned for her to pay attention to her opponent. Kennedy now looked pissed. Not good. Pevensie took a stance and danced backwards on the balls of her feet.

Pansy couldn't help the wince that came when the older girl hit the mat. "That looked like it hurt. I suppose retaliation is in order?"

"If she can catch her," Rona said. "The stringbean is fast like a freak."

Kennedy came up swinging, and she was not holding back at all. She landed and punch that sent Pevensie flying. Kennedy did not stop. She kept coming. Pevensie rolled onto her side and kicked the other girl in the gut making Kennedy stagger backwards. This was getting serious. Pevensie had a funny feeling she had pissed Kennedy off and now the older girl was trying to hurt her.

Pevensie tried out a move the new slayer from the Philippines had taught her - a Muay Thai knee strike. She grabbed Kennedy's shoulder and forced her down while bring her knee up. The other slayer crumpled and Pevensie danced back.

When she looked at him, Draco nodded his approval again.

"Well done," Pansy said, glancing at the fallen girl. "But she needs to stop taking her eyes off of her opponent. That's the first lesson in school."

"She cares what Draco thinks too much," Alice said. "You see how he keeps motioning for her to look back. It's Pev's biggest flaw - she looks for approval too much."

Kennedy rushed her and Pevensie shoved the other girl back in the shoulders before sending a flying knee kick to her face. Kennedy's head snapped back as she staggered. Muay Thai fighting was all about force and leverage. Pevensie liked it. With her arms and legs as long as they were, she could get in some good strikes without getting too close.

She looked at Draco again and that's when Kennedy swept her legs. Pevensie went down hard.

"Kennedy, that's enough."

Willow was standing in between Draco and Jiao. Draco had slipped his wand from his sleeve. He was pretty well ready to hex Kennedy.

Pansy sat forward with a grin. "Now this part I could get into."

"Hey, Willow," Kennedy replied flippantly.

"My office. Now." Willow said. "Pevensie, are you all right? Do I need to get Theo?"

"I'm good." Pevensie walked past Kennedy. "You hit like a girl."

Kennedy lunged for Pevensie's back, and Draco hexed her. Several of the girls jumped. He was pretty quick with that twig.

Willow glared at him and went to check on Kennedy.

Pansy chuckled and stood, walking over to Draco and his slayer still carrying her wine glass. "You're still wickedly fast with your wand, aren't you?" Pansy cocked her head when she looked at the other slayer. "Went a bit easy on her, didn't you? I don't even see blood."

"That's Willow's ex girlfriend. And I already broke someone's jaw. We aren't supposed to spar all-out."

"The knees?" Draco asked.

"Muay Thai. The new slayer Amihan is teaching me."

Draco nodded. Pevensie had expressed a desire to learn as many fighting styles as possible.

Pansy grinned. "I was actually talking to Draco, but it seems to me you'd do more damage if you'd stop taking your eyes off of her to double check with Draco every time you blink. No wonder she got the drop on you."

Pevensie glared at her.

"Don't," Draco said before she could move. "Go work with Sveta and Alice."

Pevensie gave him a salute before she ran off.

"She doesn't take criticism well. I'm working on that. Don't worry, I won't let her put you in a headlock."

Pansy's eyebrow went up. "I'd hex her if she took a step towards me, and then I'd hex you for letting her entertain the thought."

"Don't be offended. She always entertains that thought. Her impulse control is getting better, though. I also think she cares too much about what you think to damage you, but she was thinking about it just then."

"Doesn't take criticism well? That doesn't sound at all like you, does it? Neither of you takes the truth well."

"There's truth, then there's your particular brand of acid truth."

Pansy shrugged, unapologetic. "Truth is truth, whether you want to hear it or not. If she'd kept her eyes on her opponent, she wouldn't have been knocked down so easily. How is that hard to comprehend?"

"It's not, but there's a way to deal with her. I'm still learning it. But I do get upset when she gets upset." Draco smirked. "You want some food with that wine?"

She gave him a bland look. "I mention the fact that I'm hungry when I first arrive and you're just now offering me food beyond snacks? You still have simply deplorable manners."

"I have manners," Draco protested. "I just choose not to use them all the time."

He held his arm out for her.

Pansy waited a few moments before taking it. "It better be a damned good lunch. No skimping."

"The house elves here are actually quite excellent."
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