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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Harry Potter > GeneralscriptificusFR18167318,59518307202,1341 Mar 1017 Jul 10Yes


Hannah apparated to the coordinates Blaise had given her.

"Oh my."

It was a rather large house. Willow has said as much, but seeing it was an altogether different matter. Hannah smoothed down her pale pink summery dress and walked towards the massive structure. He has said he put her in the wards, so she had little trouble getting to the front door. Hannah knocked and waited. A house elf answered. Hannah crouched.

"Oh hello. You're Didly, yes?"

"And this is being misses Hannah. Master Blaise said to take you to the sitting room. He be down in one moment."

Didly led her to the least formal sitting room on the ground floor.

Hannah stepped through the door.

"Oh my."

She did a turn of the room, taking in as much as possible. It was a very lovely room. She'd never seen anything quite so grand. Didly was just watching her.

"How rude of me, Didly. Do you find you like the new decor? I know you like the kitchen. Blaise has spoken of it. I do hope I get to see it. I love the kitchen."

Blaise grinned as he walked in the door. "And I promise that'll be on the tour. Probably last because I don't expect to get you away from it. Did you find it easily?"

"I had very little trouble with it," Hannah replied, walking towards him. "I was just pleased the wards did not crisp me."

She could not help herself. Hannah ran a hand down his arm.

Blaise rolled his eyes. "I would never let the wards crisp you." He grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room. "Come on. I'll show you the rooms. They're much more exciting than the dreary sitting rooms."

"I didn't find the room at all dreary," Hannah said, quite pleased when he tucked her arm into his.

Hannah was very happy he'd invited her. She was further glad it appeared to just be the two of them in the house. In the past, being quite alone with someone with his reputation would have frightened her, but Hannah was actually hoping the reputation came out to play a bit today. She wouldn't mind. She didn't care if it made her a bit of a slag, but she was ready for more than kissing and cuddling. He had that effect on her.

"The south wing has always been my mother's, and even though she's banned from the manor, I can't bring myself to move anything. The west wing is where all the informal sitting rooms are and other rooms like the library, main drawing room, and the music room. The east wing has most of the guest rooms, and the north wing holds my rooms and rooms where friends and relatives stay when they visit. Where would you like to go first?"

Not thinking, she responded with, "Your rooms."

Then she blushed darkly.

He snickered and led her up the main staircase. "Excellent choice."

The way to his rooms was quick and in no time at all they arrived at his main door. He opened it and ushered her in. "It's like a small flat. Sitting room, small kitchenette. My private library is off to the side. Bathroom is through the bedroom, which is just in there."

Hannah peered at everything.

She resisted the urge to sit upon the bed. His bath and closet were enormous. She liked them. They suited him perfectly. While she thought he was not looking, Hannah sniffed one of his jackets. Though it had been laundered, it still smelled of his cologne.

"The closet was the hardest. I couldn't figure out how I wanted to organize everything." Blaise looked around with a critical eye. "I'm still not sure I like it, although I'm sure I've tried every way."

"What's this nonsense? You're far too picky. It suits you. I rather like it. You could fit several of my closets in here."

She walked towards him, running her fingers along the bedding.

Blaise flopped back on the bed. "I'm not picky. I just have an exceptional way about me."

Hannah stopped and looked down at him. She had to admit he made a nice picture like that. Hannah shook her head to clear it. She was supposed to see the house - not take one look at him on the bed and want to join him in it.

"You're picky."

"Exceptional," Blaise retorted. "My nonna says so." He stuck his tongue out at her. "And all the rooms in this wing look a lot a like. My sisters each have a room they designed, and there's a mini-nursery for the screaming toddlers. The private music room is just down the hallway, next to Draco's rooms so I can irritate him if he's over and wants to sleep."

"Draco has rooms here? My goodness. That's lovely of you. What would you like me to see next?"

Hannah bounced a bit in her excitement.

Blaise grinned and got up, grabbed her hand and tucking it into his arm again. "There's the outside pool and gardens and of course the ballroom and the kitchen, which I know you're dying to get to. Kitchen first then?"

"Oh yes," she replied.

She would have to remind herself not to dwell. She had a habit of that with a well-appointed kitchen. She would spend hours looking and studying everything.

They went back down another set of stairs that was close to the kitchen. Unlike in other homes of purebloods, the kitchen wasn't shoved in the back and outfitted only for elves. His nonna would be visiting and she liked to cook. His sisters did as well, and growing up in Italy meant socializing occurred in the kitchen over half the time.

Blaise opened the doors to the area. The house elves weren't amassed in the room, but Didly and two others were working on dinner for the night and probably getting a head start on breakfast.

"Oh my," Hannah whispered.

It was a very lovely kitchen. Hannah ran her hands along the counter. She moved to where the house elves were preparing and absently started helping them. She didn't mean to. It just happened.

Blaise's eyebrow went up and he sat down at the island, propping his chin in his hand. Didly appeared next to him, looking at Hannah nervously. "Should we be continuing or--"

He cut him off with a wave of his hand. "I knew this would happen. Help her find things. I imagine she'll end up shooing everyone out eventually."

"Oh. I'm terribly sorry," Hannah said, spinning around to the sink to wash her hands. "I didn't think. I just... well, it's soothing for me. Apologies."

He chuckled. "By all means keep going. You're welcome to stay for dinner, and I don't mean just cooking it. I'll show you were I normally eat. I hardly ever use the dining room. It's too formal for one person."

Blaise led her outside to the large patio and gardens. There was a small table that he normally took his lunches and dinners at, and then the bar, hot tub, and pool with the walkway leading out into the gardens. "It's not the same view as the other Zabini properties, but I enjoy it."

"If I lived here, I'd have dinner parties all the time." Hannah smiled. "Not that I have many friends to invite, but I imagine a great many of the slayers would like me cooking for them. And I'd bring my laptop and work by the pool all day. I'd plant things on something bigger than a rooftop."

She giggled. It was a foolish thing to say. She would never live anywhere as grand as this.

He waved his hand at the gardens. "I don't know what the hell is out there. Flowers, I suppose. I hired a landscaper to do all that. I hate dirt. You're welcome to look." Blaise headed over to the bar and grabbed the pitcher of water kept there during the day. "Care for a drink?"

"That sounds lovely. Find me some good wine."

Hannah kicked off her shoes and hurried out into the garden to have a look.

"How much did you pay for this? Does someone maintain it? It's lovely, but whomever did it had no imagination."

Blaise sent one of the elves to the wine cellar to fetch some wine as he poured them both a glass of water. "The elves maintain it, but the actual design was something the landscaper came up with. I didn't much care about the design as long as it looked different after he finished."

"Like I said, no imagination. I'd have at least a few fruit trees. I know that you can afford to buy the fruit itself, but the elves might like coming out for stuff on the property. My Mum did. She had her own garden, and we had fruit trees."

He paused with his drink halfway up to his mouth. "I hadn't considered that. Nonna might like some herbs grown here. She doesn't like market herbs because she says she doesn't know how they're treated as they grow or whatever."

"Exactly," Hannah said. "Everything I cooked for you at my townhouse was seasoned with fresh herbs from my garden. There's nothing more satisfying than making a mint tea with mint you've grown then picked yourself."

"I'll look into it," he said, accepting the wine from the house elf. After uncorking it and pouring a glass for each of them, he handed her the glass and sat on one of the lounging chairs with a sigh. "So, do you approve?"

Hannah left her shoes off and stretched out on a lounge chair next to him before accepting the glass he offered. Hannah took a sip.

"I do. Very much. You have a lovely home. Yes, I do approve. I could vacation here."

Blaise grinned. "You're welcome to. That's why I have rooms for my sisters, some cousins, and Draco. It's a vacation spot. I don't mind. I go to them to vacation and vice versa. The elves would probably have a field day with you in the kitchen. They're used to letting someone use it. I'm pretty sure you've a standing invitation to my father's place and my grandparent's in Italy."

Hannah smiled. "I do like your grandparents very much and your stepmother was very nice, though she kept getting an odd smiling look on her face when looking at me."

Hannah didn't want to mention that she suspected Gia was imagining the children she and Blaise might make.

He rolled his eyes. "Ignore Gia. In fact, you're welcome to ignore my entire family. They're all insane."

Blaise noticed all the stares they'd gotten at the family dinner, and he was very glad that Hannah didn't speak Italian. The number of times he'd been asked who his girlfriend was and when they'd be getting married made him dizzy.

"I liked them. Most of them were very nice. Though I suspect one of your cousins made an inappropriate comment about my person. I can't be sure, though. I don't speak enough Italian to know. He got swatted by someone, so I imagine it was not nice."

He snorted. "That was the youngest male cousin. Raffael. He's a pain in my arse, is what he is, on top of being a pervert. The person who did the swatting was probably his girlfriend, although why she puts up with him I'll never know. Speaking of, there were plenty of those comments made about us as well."

Hannah choked on her wine. "Like what? Oh goodness. I'm glad I don't speak Italian. I would have been blushing all night."

Blaise laughed at her response. "It wasn't just the Italian. The whole family speaks an arseload of languages. It's hard to keep up. Cecelia has the most irritating habit of switching languages mid-sentence. She says I do it too, but I think she's lying."

"You do when you're upset. I've noticed that. You swear in Italian." Hannah shifted, turning her body more towards him. "What sorts of things were they saying?"

"I'm not telling," he replied with a laugh.

Hannah glared. "I bet Nonna would tell me. Or your grandfather. He seemed rather keen on my being your girlfriend. I know you don't like that word, but I know that's what they called me."

The talk with Pansy and Astoria in his mind, along with Draco and Pevensie's glare, was going to make him say something stupid. "Of course they did," Blaise said with a casual scoff, taking another drink. "It's what you are, isn't it?"

Hannah coughed, her sip of wine going down the wrong way.

"Am I? Is that what you want? I don't recall being asked, but if that something you would like, just ask me. If it makes you feel better, I'll most likely say yes."

"See, there's a problem with that, and it's going to sound stupid, and you are not allowed to laugh." Blaise sighed. "I've never actually asked a girl to be my official girlfriend."

Hannah almost laughed, thinking he was joking, but then she realized he was dead serious. Hannah set her wine down.

"Well, go on then. I promise not to laugh."

He blinked at her. "What? I still have to ask?"

"Yes," Hannah said, giving him an exasperated look.

Blaise rolled his eyes. "Fine. Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes," Hannah said happily.

She picked up her wine and started sipping again. Hannah could not keep the grin from her face.

In all honesty, the whole thing wasn't that difficult, but he still liked the whole 'I'll assume I'm your girlfriend now' situation more. "So, are you going to stay for dinner? It should be ready soon."

"If you'd like me to," Hannah replied.

She just could not stop smiling. She was Blaise Zabini's girlfriend.

His eyebrow went up. "Are you all right? Is the wine too strong? You're not drunk, are you?"

"I'm not drunk. I'm just very happy right now."

Hannah finished her wine and moved to sit on his lounge chair with him. She leaned over and kissed him.

"You saying you want me as your girlfriend makes me very happy."

He lifted his arm and draped it over her shoulders. She curled into his side. "Having you as my girlfriend makes me happy. And you're not too psychotic so that puts in the plus category with my family."

"I'm glad I make you happy. I'll try not to act crazy."

Hannah rubbed a hand on his chest and kissed his neck.

Blaise put down his glass and wrapped his arms around her. "I think you can act as crazy as you'd like. I find it oddly attractive."

"You've never seen me lose my temper," Hannah said between kisses. "I wouldn't give me license to act as crazy as I want. Also, I might take to jealousy again."

He chuckled. "Well, you're entitled to it now." Blaise was thinking in boyfriend mode again. He hoped she liked diamonds. He grinned. While the last few women he'd been with were a pain in the arse, Blaise loved to lavish the women in his life.

"But I don't want to be that girlfriend. I want to be the girlfriend you like being around because she makes you happy. You can't honestly tell me that my acting like a crazy woman would make you happy."

"No but it would be damn amusing."

Hannah playfully slapped at her boyfriend's chest. Her BOYFRIEND.
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