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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Harry Potter > GeneralscriptificusFR18167318,59518307202,1341 Mar 1017 Jul 10Yes

Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Hannah had been floating on cloud nine since her tour of Blaise's manor. Her boyfriend was sweet. Hannah would never tell him that, though. She had baked him his favorite biscuits - white chocolate chip macadamia nut. Didly let her inside. She looked around. She still could not get over how beautiful his home was.

She absently wandered and ended up in the kitchen. Hannah set her plate on the counter and started exploring.

Didly had alerted him that Hannah was in the kitchen. Blaise wasn't surprised. He slowly made his way to her and stopped short, just to watch her flit about the room. She was acquainting herself with the area.

"Anyone ever tell you you're nosy?"

"Only about your kitchen," Hannah replied, skipping up to him and kissing him.

Hannah wrapped her arms around his neck and wiggled close. She kissed him again more seriously this time.

"Maybe next time I'll be nosy about your bedroom. I made you bikkies - your favorites."

Blaise had leaned down to kiss her, wrapping his arms around her waist, but one eye popped open as he spied the plate she brought and inched that way. "You're going to make me fat, you know."

"You'll just have to exercise more."

She could think of several things he could do to work off the excess. Hannah kissed him again. She just didn't get tired of doing that.

Blaise chuckled and popped a biscuit in his mouth. "Between you feeding me and snogging me, I'm liable to die of asphyxiation. I can't get a breath in. What happened to saying no to me? You were so dead set against it when we first met."

Hannah ran a hand down his chest while nibbling on his neck. "You're my boyfriend now, and in case you don't recall, I did invite you to seduce me. You're sort of irresistible to me."

He grinned, recalling she had wanted him to seduce her. Now that they were together proper, he didn't feel too bad about doing it either. After leaning down to kiss her, he lifted her up to sit on the edge of the counter. "Likewise," he muttered against her lips.

Blaise was about to lean her back and climb onto the counter on top of her when something thwacked against his arm, hard. He pulled back and glared at the offending object--a wooden spoon.

"Bloody hell, Didly!" he snapped, rubbing his arm. "What the fuck was that for?!"

"You is not having sex in the kitchen!" the house elf screeched.

He rolled his eyes.

Hannah giggled. "We're sorry, Didly, but when Blaise kisses me, I forget where I am. There's bikkies if you'd like one."

Hannah pulled Blaise's arm up and kissed it where Didly had hit him.

That left his side open and Didly took the opening. Blaise tried to grab the spoon he was smacked with, once again, but the house elf danced back. "We're going, you ungrateful little beast."

Blaise helped Hannah off of the counter and grabbed the plate of biscuits, intent on taking them with him, not caring if the house elf wanted one.

Hannah grabbed a bikkie off of the plate and held it out to Didly with a wink. He took it with a smile at her. She and Didly got along great. She just adored him and wished she could take him home with her.

He held the plate close after that. "Would you stop it? The more you do that the more he's going to hit me."

"Didly, please don't hit Blaise. It makes him cranky."

She winked at the house elf again before hooking her arm through Blaise's.

"He's sweet, you know. You could be a bit nicer."

After glaring at Didly, he led her out of the kitchen. "There is no bloody being nice to him. He's a sadist."

"And do not even try to convince me that is a problem for you. I know it isn't."

She was hoping to go up to his rooms. She'd worn her pretty undies and everything.

Blaise had taken a bite of a biscuit but glared at her. They slowly walked towards his rooms. "So what brings you by? Work going well?"

"When I am at the Council, yes. When I am at the Ministry, no. I think I'm going to be sacked. They're not pleased."

He snorted. "I say quit before they get the satisfaction of firing you. Plus, a disgruntled employee quitting looks worse for them then their personnel having to fire someone. It's all in the statistics."

"But with everything that's going on right now within the Council, I think my being the liaison as long as possible would be the most beneficial for them. Best to put off them placing some wanker who doesn't know which end of a stake to use in the position."

She watched as he placed the plate on the coffee table in his sitting room then flopped back on the couch. It was a very inviting picture - especially with the way he threw his arm over his head on the cushions.

"That's why I enjoy not having a job. I don't have to do shit if I don't want to."


Totally distracted by the lounging. Hannah was blinking and staring. She was very lucky. Her boyfriend was very man-pretty.

Blaise's eyebrow went up. "You all right? Something on my face?"

"Not yet."


"Nothing," Hannah squeaked.

He just shook his head. Must be the sun or something. "Well? Sit down. I wasn't exactly doing anything before you came over."

Hannah sat down right next to his hip. All she'd have to do was lean over. She probably had a very dopey look on her face, but all of this was hers now. She was allowed to enjoy it. Hannah absently put her hand on his thigh.

"Wh-what were you planning on doing?"

"Maybe do a bit of reading. I have a few letters to write and some more potion ingredients that need to be cataloged. I was going to either take a swim or nap later, depending on how lazy I was."

Blaise ran his hand up her arm. "What about you? Any other plans?"

"You sleep naked still?" Hannah asked before she could help herself.

Because if so, she'd like to take a nap.

He laughed loudly. "Not when I nap, but if the occasion takes me, I do like to enjoy the water without trousers."

Her eyes went wide. "It's outside. You're naked outside? You go outside... naked?"

That was a rather distracting mental image.

"I've never swam naked," she said. "The only time I'm naked with water is in the bath."

Blaise gestured around. "Who's going to see? It's not like the house elves haven't seen me without clothes."

"I'd be embarrassed. I'm just not as... unreserved, I suppose. Though if you did decide to have such a swim, I'd definitely like to watch."

He shook his head with a grin. "It's not a free show. You should try it."

"I'm your girlfriend. I think naked shows should be free for me. And no, I don't think I could. In case you haven't noticed, I'm modest."

"This is a relationship. Tit for tat, sometimes literally," he responded with a smirk.

Hannah leaned close and whispered, "You're serious. You want me to go swimming with you. Naked?"

"Of course I'm serious," he said with a laugh. "I wouldn't have suggested it otherwise."

"I don't know... I... I... I..."

She could feel all the blood rushing to her face.

On a whim, Blaise leaned up and kissed her to stop her from stuttering. "I only said it was a thought. You don't have to join with me if I do decide, but I do invite you to stay for dinner. It's nice having someone else to dine with."

"I'll consider the swimming, but I will definitely stay for supper. Thank you."

She would like to swim with him. Now the naked part made her nervous. Maybe he wouldn't mind her swimming in her underthings.

Blaise grinned and stood up, grabbing her hand and leading her out of the room. "I know my sisters left a few bathing suits if you'd like to wear them. Nora's about your size."

Hannah was smiling until he led her into the pool house to change and she saw the bath suit he offered. It was a few scraps of cloth and strings. Hannah changed into it, however. She also wrapped a towel around herself before stepping out. She might as well have been naked.

For her sake, Blaise only took off his shirt and trousers, and kept his pants on. Not waiting on her, he dove in, relishing in the slightly warm water before surfacing and wiping off his face. "Well?" he asked, treading water. "Are you coming in?"

Hannah took a deep breath before removing the towel and tossing it on a lounge chair. She walked down the steps and into the water quickly.

He snickered when she quickly sunk into the water so it was up to her shoulders. "Tell me you can swim."

"I'm not going to drown, but I'm not a fish either."

She was, however, concerned about swimming out of her suit. Every time she moved, she felt like her boobs were going to come out.

"Well it's no fun if you just kneel there where it's shallow. Don't make me drag you down here and push you under. Or are you one of the prissy types who doesn't like to get her hair wet?"

Hannah raised a brow before she dove under and swam to where he was, popping up in the water right before him and spitting some in his face with a giggle.

Blaise lurched back with a splash and a surprised laugh. "Oh, I warned you." He reached out and pushed down on her shoulders until her head was completely under the water.

Hannah came up sputtering and sent a big splash in his face before trying to swim away.

"Why the hell did you splash me? I'm already wet!" He started to swim after her and grab her ankles when she wasn't kicking them. He'd done this plenty of time with his family to learn that getting kicked in the face wasn't fun.

Hannah squealed as she tried to get away. She was wriggling and splashing. Hannah supposed between her wriggling and not tying knots like she should, the bikini top couldn't take the pressure. So she was swimming topless after all.

Between his rush to swim after her and the splashing from her kicking, Blaise couldn't see, so it was surprise when something washed up onto his face. He pulled it away and started laughing, holding Hannah's bikini top. "What's this? Decided to go starkers after all?"

Hannah had her arms folded over her chest. "May I have that back, please? I don't think I tied it proper."

He didn't come any closer, but he didn't toss it out of the pool either. "Need help tying a proper knot, then?"

"I suppose. Come closer then. My feet can't touch where you are."

Blaise swam over and handed her the top as she presented her back to him. He tied the bottom first, making quick work of the knot, but he took his time tying the knot behind her neck. She held her hair up for him, and when he finished, he started kiss the water off of her neck.

Hannah closed her eyes with a shiver. Arms wrapped around her middle and Hannah was glad they were in water because her legs were feeling rather jelly-like. She probably could not stand upright if she wanted to.

He detached his lips only long enough to ask if she was cold. The water and air both were warm, but he could feel the goosebumps rising along her skin.

"Cold?" She turned in his arms. "Hardly."

Hannah wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned into him.

It was the first time they'd had so much skin to skin contact, and the extra heat from the sun and the slippery water around them wasn't helping his calm. Their kiss was slow but exciting as the water lapped gently against their bare skin. If one of the house elves interrupted them now, he was going to kill them.

She was just going to expire right here. When he started kissing her bare shoulder, she gave a little sigh. Hannah was glad her feet could touch. She'd have drown otherwise.

Blaise gave a low chuckle. "Why do I have the feeling you're about to just sink underwater?"

"You make my knees go weak," she whispered.

He ran his lips up and down the side of her neck. "Good thing I have a hold of you then." He gave the area where her neck met her shoulder a little nip.

Hannah giggled when he did that. There was so much skin exposed on him right now, she pretty much did not know where to settle her hands, so she didn't settle them anywhere in particular. Hannah just let them roam.

They were floating towards the deeper end, so Blaise brought them towards the shallower end of the pool. His wand was lying on his towel near the edge, and he summoned two towels from the pool house that his uncle had put a charm on to float no matter the weight placed on it. He held one out for Hannah to lay back on.

Hannah did and was surprised when it floated despite her weight. She giggled. Even though she felt even more exposed floating, Hannah was enjoying this. It felt playful and fun.

Blaise hopped up on his own towel and pulled hers closer. He put his arm around her, her head laying back on his arm, as they floated, still in the water but the towels holding them up. "See, if you didn't have a job, you could do this with me all day."

"Blaise, if I didn't have a job, I'd also go mad."

She traced a finger in circles on one of his pectoral muscles. She did like touching him. Quite a lot, actually. she also liked when he touched her. Now she felt like she could do those things. Kisses and anything else had made her feel guilty when he was not her boyfriend.

"Why? Because you would be bored? I guarantee I would keep you occupied."

She was tracing circles on his abs. "Hmmm?"

He had to close his eyes and enjoy the sensation. Her touch was light and driving him up the bloody wall. "I said I would always find things to keep us occupied."

"Yes, I imagine you could, but then I might start to feel like a kept woman."

Blaise laughed. "I'd get over that feeling very quickly."

"I'm not going to quit my job, Blaise. I'm not a quitter, nor do I give up so easily."

He knew he could badger her until she would do it just to make him shut up, but that was too easy. "I sense that about you. What are you going to do when you are fired?"

"I'll become a watcher," Hannah announced. "Mr. Giles and I have already discussed it."

Blaise groaned. First Draco and now Hannah. "And who is the lucky young woman you get to watch?"

"I probably won't watch anyone at first. Not until I am trained a bit more. There's so much to learn"

She smiled at him, her fingertips playing with the waist of his pants.

He turned his head to nuzzle her. "Your hands go any lower and we're going to revisit the swimming starkers conversation."

"If these scraps of cloth come off of my body, swimming will not be the activity I plan on participating in."

"And why do you think I objected to them in the first place?"

"If you wanted to make out, you could have just said so. There's a cute little padded bench in the pool house. We'll so have to get out of the water, though, because I'll drown otherwise."

"But where's the fun in that?" He used the arm already underneath her and rolled her over on top of him and then back into the water. When they came up, he was laughing and swimming towards the steps.

Hannah surfaced, sputtering. She swam after him. He was much faster than she was, but no sooner than she was up the steps and out of the pool, he had his arms around her and was kissing her again.

He had to be careful not to trip over any lawn furniture and make sure to pick up their towels and wands. It was harder since he was still trying to keep his lips attached to hers, but he managed. "Want to dry off inside or stay out a bit longer?"

"I want to be where you are," she whispered.

She could get used to this. Late afternoons making out with her boyfriend by the pool.
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