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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Harry Potter > GeneralscriptificusFR18167318,59518307202,1341 Mar 1017 Jul 10Yes

Wickedness is a Myth Invented by Good People account for the curious attractiveness of others” -Oscar Wilde

March 16, 2005 10:44 PM

Clad in sweat pants and tank top, Buffy finished stretching on the mats in one of the training rooms. She trained late on nights she didn't have to patrol so that she didn't run into any slayers. After dinner, hardly any of the slayers came in to train, choosing to do homework or relax. It was the perfect time to hone her skills.

She wasn't sure what she would work on tonight. Buffy figured she'd go all out on a punching bag and then take to the mats for some weapons training. She hadn't touched her scythe in a while, but decided a broadsword would be just as good.

After putting up her hair in a ponytail, Buffy turned to the small CD player she brought in from her room. Music started blasting from the speakers; the kind of music that Giles said made his ears bleed. With a grin, she starting jabbing at the punching bag, tossing in a kick every now and then.

Draco strolled into the training room clad in just his sweat pants. He knew she was down here. She was always down here on nights she did not patrol. He was glad of it. He did not want a bunch of teenagers watching him get his arse kicked by a tiny woman.

He needed to improve his hand to hand. She was the one to help him. He'd been sparring a bit with Oz, but there was only so far they could go with that.

"What is that noise?"

Buffy nearly over extended her arm with her last punch because she jumped when she heard Draco's voice. She took a deep breath and stretched out her back. "It's my practice music. I was here first, so you snooze, you lose."

She turned around to stick out her tongue at him but stopped halfway when she noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt. Down, girl.

Buffy cleared her throat. "So, what are you doing down here?"

"I was hoping you'd spar with me a little. Teach me some things. My wand is deadly, but what happens when it gets taken from me? Really all I know is how to do with any decent sort of result is take a beating or throw a punch. And even the punch part I'm not too sure about at times."

She was a crap teacher, or so she thought when she taught Dawn, but that was her little sister. Draco said he knew how to throw a punch, and he did need to learn a bit more than how to use a wand, especially if he wanted to train Pevensie one on one.

"Okay, let's see your punch."

Buffy walked over to him and stood in front of him with her hands to her side. "Hit me."

"What? No."

She made a face at him. "Like you could actually do it."


"Hit me... ferret."

"I see what you're doing, and it won't work. I know I can't hurt you, but..."

Then it occurred to him - he could not hurt her. Draco moved suddenly and swung at her with his right. She'd stop it, of course.

He'd projected his move and completely threw his upper body weight into the punch, making his center of gravity far too high to stay balanced. If he had hit her and she was a normal girl, she would have been out, but throwing a punch was more than landing just one. If he wanted repeated strikes, he'd need a little help.

Buffy leaned to her left, grabbed his wrist when he hand passed her and used his momentum to flip him over onto his back on the mats.

Buffy grinned as she leaned over him, crossing her arms. "So class, what did we learn?"

"That you're faster than I am, and apparently Nonna Zabini is right and I need to eat more, so that I am a heavier weight to prevent such hurling me about."

She chuckled and offered him a hand up. "Who's that? I don't think you need to eat more. You weren't a feather to turn over, you know."

"Felt like I was - considering the impressive force that I hit the mat with," Draco grunted. "Nonna Zabini is Blaise's grandmother. She's a phenomenal woman."

Buffy just kept grinning. This was a bit too much fun. She'd never sparred with a guy who hadn't known how to fight, except Xander, but Xander didn't count.

"Okay, while that was impressive for a single punch, you need to change a few things if you want multiple hits. The first thing you did wrong was start with your left side towards me. Your strongest side needs to be the closest thing to your opponent. Knees bent, feet shoulders width apart, and weight on the balls of your feet."

Buffy went around him correcting his stance. "You know how to make a fist, so now just keep your arm parallel to your body and your hand right below eye level."

She stood back and checked everything. He looked so intense. He was clearly concentrating on her instructions. She giggled.

"What?" Draco snapped. "I look ridiculous? Well, I feel a little ridiculous too. This isn't natural to me. The short staff is the only training I have. Pevensie now surpasses me there. I need more tricks to pull out of my figurative hat here."

Buffy put a hand over her mouth. "It's not that, it's just... you look like you're trying really hard, and I've never seen someone who's not a slayer put so much effort into holding a stance. You need to relax a bit."

She came up next to him and adopted the same stance. "Now, when you throw a punch, the first two knuckles need to make contact first. Keep your head and back straight or else you lose your center of gravity and anyone can flip you like I just did. Don't lean into the punch and breathe out when you start to punch. I know it sounds stupid, but the alternative is broken fingers and a simple bruise on the bad guy."

"All right."

She moved around him again and held up her bare palm for him to aim at. Draco had always been rather adept at following instructions. This trait had been a problem for him in his teen years because the people giving the directions did not always have his best interests at heart.

He concentrated because he wanted to be worthy of this. His fist connected with her palm making a satisfying thump.

Draco had done everything right, which was very impressive. He could have drawn it back faster, but his stance had stayed firm. It had the same power as his first punch had, but he was ready for a second punch right after a pause. That didn't mean she didn't want to screw around with him.

With a shout, she brought her hand into her body and cradled it, calling upon her acting skills. If she were lucky, she'd get some fake tears out of the deal.


Draco rushed closer and tried to look at her hand.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been able to hurt you. I didn't... I don't know what happened. Here, let's get you to Willow."

He put an arm around her shoulders and tried to steer her to the door.

Buffy grabbed the arm around her shoulder and flipped him for the second time in the night, but this time she kept him down by sitting on his stomach, her knees on either side of him. At his shocked face, she grinned.

"I know you're full of yourself, but really?"

Draco's eyes went wide, but then narrowed. "You little faker. That was not at all funny. I didn't hold back because I didn't think I could hurt you."

He put his hands on her hips with a slight smirk.

She leaned over, putting her hands on either side of his head. "I think it was funny because you can't hurt me. My hand has a little sting but that's it. You did well young padawan."

Draco glared at her. "I don't think you ought to be calling me young. I'm the same age as you, six months your elder in fact."

He did not mention that he knew dating someone so close to her own age to be a radical turn for her. Not that they were dating. Or anything of the sort.

She wasn't quite sure if that meant she was old or young herself. At least she wasn't being flat out called ancient. "Yes, you're positively withering away. You're not even thirty."

Buffy hoped this wasn't uncomfortable for him, because she was just fine where she was. Her arms were holding her up just fine and his hands on her hips were pretty steady.

"Neither are you, and that's my point. You aren't even the oldest slayer. You're just the longest slaying one. MacDougal is the eldest, I think. She has near two years on you in age."

She'd never realized that. "She does?" Buffy smiled. Never before had she felt like sticking her tongue out at younger slayers--well, that was a lie--but she would definitely have to bring this up the next time she was called the old one. "You just made me a very happy not-old slayer."

"She was in my year at Hogwarts. That makes her at least a year older than you because all of us in my year were born in 79 or 80."

He grinned at the idea that he had made her happy with such a simple thing.

Buffy decided she wanted to move on past ages, schools, and taunting baby slayers. She crossed her arms on Draco's chest and was glad that she had a short torso as she laid her chin on her folded arms. "Think you're up for round two? I promise not to make you look like an idiot who thinks he honestly bruise me."

Draco glared at her. "Certainly."

They got up and he did not even give her a chance to get ready. Draco came out swinging. She'd block everything, of course, but it was good practice.

She blocked the first two punches easily, but they were strong punches and had quite a bit of power behind them. When he threw in an uppercut followed by a punch to her midsection, she darted back a bit. Buffy had not taught him that, and those were good punches. But it was when a kick of his nearly took off her head that she darted back out of range fully and glared at him.

"Not too bad. You've obviously been practicing. Who taught you?"

Draco smirked. He knew it had been wrong to let her believe he was as untrained as she thought, but fighting her was fun. On some level, he had known it would be.

"You know the watcher from China? Li Jiao? She got tired of me, how did she put it, stumbling around like an oaf with a stick."

"And I thought this was going to be a boring beginner session." She rolled her neck. "Let's try that again. Just make sure you don't lean too far back when you kick."

He tucked away that part of himself that was taught you did not hit or hex women and went after her. He couldn't hurt her like this, and it was good for him.

Buffy could tell he was getting into it now. Maybe he'd finally gotten it in his head that he didn't have to hold back. She was mostly working on her defense, which was nice for a chance. She'd had years of training so she could easily see the weaknesses, but when she would correct him during their fighting, he would instantly change and move on.

She would never tell anyone this, but Buffy zoned out when a song came on the CD player. It was her favorite to listen to and so she was paying more attention to the words than to Draco. The result was one of his punches to her face got through. Her head snapped back with the force of it.


She stumbled and took an involuntary seat on the mat. Draco scrambled over to her and lifted her head slightly. Her nose was bleeding, but not a lot.

Buffy felt around her nose. It was a bit out of place, and if he ruined her nose, Buffy was going to kill him. With a wince, she moved it back so it felt straight. "Nice punch."

Draco went all watcher on her. "I should not have been able to land it. What in the bloody hell were you thinking about? Because it certainly was not my fists coming at your head."

He was turning into that weird slayer dream Spike in her head. "Thank you Randy Giles, Jr. I just got momentarily distracted."

Draco glared at her. Sure, they were just sparring and this was more about working on his abilities than hers, but did she do that often? That truly frightened him. What if she were distracted when she fought something that got in a lucky shot?

"Don't do that."

Buffy blinked at him in confusion. "Call you Giles? Okay. No need to get your panties in a twist over it."

"Well, the idea of your being hurt bothers me a great deal. And I do not wear... panties."

She wiped the blood away from her nose and took a deep breath. It would bruise a bit, but be fine in the morning. "It's cute that you were worried, but I can take care of myself. And sorry about the panties. Don't get your knickers in a twist."

Draco glared at her. "Nor do I wear knickers, thank you."

She couldn't help snickering. "Well it's nice to know you go commando."

"I'm glad you seem to think so. I almost wish I had known you in my younger days. I was much more fond of being naked then."

Buffy crossed her arms, assuming they were going from physical to verbal sparring. "You don't like being naked now? How do you bathe?"

"I adore being naked, and I bathe quite often, but living in a house with many, many teenaged girls and one particular one who thinks my space is her space too and walks in unannounced whenever she likes - there's not a lot of nude opportunities here."

"Sounds like someone is a little oppressed and frustrated." Buffy walked over to him with a sigh. "Poor baby. No wonder you feel the need to come beat up on me."

"I think the word you mean is repressed, and I am certainly not repressed. Repressed Slytherin is like an oxymoron. It just doesn't happen. I firmly believe one of us started the sexual revolution. Also, you really shouldn't see my sparring as beating so much as... a little harmless flirting. I've always been a bit of a pigtail puller."

Her eyebrow went up. "You nearly broke the nose of all your ex-girlfriends? Explains why you're single."

"Only Astoria, but she likes it rough."

"Are you always so kinky?"

Draco pretended to think about it. "Yes."

Buffy got into his personal space so that her crossed arms were touching his chest. "What would you say if I didn't believe you?"

He leaned his head towards hers. "That it's your loss."

She uncrossed her arms and let them fall to her sides as they moved closer, their bodies almost touching. She could feel the warmth from his skin. A drop of perspiration dripped down his chest and her eyes followed it before coming back up to his. "And what would you do if I didn't believe you?"

"This, I suppose."

With no interruptions this time, Draco leaned in and kissed her.

It was several seconds before a feeling of wrongness settled over him. He liked her, he truly did, but there was nothing there. He didn't even know how that was possible. They'd been flirting rather shamelessly for months. He had even been attracted to her physically before now. This just felt awkward and uncomfortable, though - like they really should not be doing it. Draco pulled back with a furrowed brow.

She'd been waiting for this for a while, and when she and Draco finally kissed, there was nothing. No passionate fire like with Angel, no urgency and lust like with Spike, and no comforting warmth like with Riley. Hell, even she and Parker had more attraction, and he was, well, Parker.

Buffy leaned in again, wrapping her arms around his neck. After a few moments, they stilled and she pulled back again. "Well, damn it."

"Yeah," Draco said, feeling distinctly uncomfortable. "I don't have a sister, but I imagine that's exactly what kissing her would be like."

She made a face. "You've been regulated into Xander territory. Sorry. You give good flirt though. It's not just me though, is it?"

Draco grinned as he put appropriate space between them. "And you are a true creature of grace, but you are now in the company of Willow, Blaise and each of his sisters. People who are rather attractive, but I have no spark that way with."

Buffy put her hands on her hips with a grin. "Too bad."

Even though they weren't in close proximity, Buffy was still close enough to dart down and swipe Draco's feet out from under him. "This could have been fun."

Draco sat up. "I agree. Guess we'll have to settle for friends. Have I mentioned how adept at shopping I am?"

While she was distracted by the idea of shopping, he moved quickly and pulled her feet out from under her.

Buffy leaned up on her elbows and glared at him. "Cheater."

"Slytherin," he replied in a tone that said 'duh'.
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