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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Harry Potter > GeneralscriptificusFR18167318,59518307202,1341 Mar 1017 Jul 10Yes

You Better Lose Yourself in the Music

March 23, 2005 8:51 PM

Draco watched with wary eyes as Pevensie faced Caridad with her short staff. Caridad was one of the more seasoned slayers. She had survived the battle at the Hellmouth. She was not messing around with her staff, but then again, neither was Pevensie. Draco felt confident his slayer would not have too poor a showing.

"You don't really think she's ready for this, do you, Malfoy?"

"Yes, Henderson, I do. Pevensie is a fast learner."

Rona was watching. She grinned at Draco. She'd seen Pevensie with the staff. She knew.

The girls bowed and Pevensie gave a shout and went on the offensive. Caridad danced back while blocking her hits.

Pevensie wished Buffy were here. She so wanted to impress her, but Rona was just as good. She really looked up to the slayers who had been at the Hellmouth for that battle.

"Jesus, Malfoy, did you magick her or something?"

Rona turned on Henderson before Draco could retort. "No, he didn't. She's just good with a staff. Recognize."

Much nicer than Draco would have put it. His response likely would have involved suggestions of what Henderson could shove up his arse.

Some of the younger slayers had walked in and were rooting for each opponent. Draco was pleased to note that weird Alice and Pevensie's sparring partner Sveta were cheering for his slayer. He also noted that the girl Chelle who helped in the greenhouses and that annoying Brittany chit were cheering for Caridad.

As the crowd grew, someone turned on the sound system in the training room. Buffy had insisted upon it. She said music helped her train. Someone Draco had learned was called M's and M's was blaring through the speakers. He thought those were Muggle candies, but what did he know.

Pevensie moved to the beat, but did not let it take her focus. The sound and noise in the training room just made her focus more. It barely registered that she was listening to Eminem. Caridad attacked and Pevensie defended.

Caridad was stronger and more experienced, but Pevensie was quicker and more imaginative. She dove to the side and rolled. Caridad was moving up behind her, so Pevensie jagged back from under her arm. The staff connected with something, and she heard a grunt. It gave her the chance to get on her feet and get away.

She was sweating as they traded blows again. Caridad overextended and Pevensie kicked her staff out of her hands. She gave a shout and jabbed at the other girl's face, stopping the end of her staff just inches from Caridad's throat. She was breathing heavily as she looked at Draco - only to notice at some point Buffy had joined the crowd.

"Still unsure if she's entirely ready, Henderson?" Draco asked.

The music was loud, and she recognized it. It was one of the more popular songs to train to with the teenage girls. Buffy was surprised to see the crowd that had gathered, but it was a worthy show. She hadn't been in the training room to observe in a while, but Pevensie was really making strides with her staff. Draco was teaching her well. She didn't stick to the conventional hits, and that was something she had over Caridad.

Applauds and cheers rang out when the spar ended, and Buffy clapped with the rest of them. She'd remained hidden behind some of the taller slayers because she didn't want her presence to disrupt Pevensie and Caridad, but now she stepped through the ring of spectators.

"Why don't we find out for sure?" As Caridad stepped back into the crowd, Buffy picked up her staff. "You up for round two?"

Pevensie swallowed nervously. So this was what it felt like to go into a fight you were pretty sure you were going to lose.


Draco curbed the urge to shout at Buffy not to hurt her. It would not be a fair fight, and not just because Buffy was the more experienced slayer, but because Pevensie was already exerted. He knew fights weren't always fair, but he worried about the little blonde in his care.

They bowed and Buffy immediately took a step back, keeping a loose defensive stance. She was going to let Pevensie rest for as long as the other slayer was comfortable. This was not only for Buffy to see how Pevensie was in a fight up close, but to show that they didn't all get to rest in between fights.

She'd honestly rather be fighting vampires. It had to be less scary. She waited for an attack. It did not come. Pevensie took a hit that Buffy easily blocked. She was nervous. She wanted to do well.

Pevensie wasn't fighting like she had with Caridad. She was nervous about fighting in front of people with the older slayer. Buffy dropped any sort of stance and turned to Rona, exposing her back. "Turn up the music, would you?"

Rona did as asked. Pevensie frowned. It was very loud. Too loud. And suddenly Draco was next to her grabbing her arm.


"Stop holding back," he whispered.

He backed away.

Pevensie sighed and tried to forget this was Buffy. She attacked.

Buffy blocked the attacks, but not all of them were easy. She knew the basic attacks, and those were easy to fight against. "Stop going in a sequence. You're making it too easy."

She quickly did the same sequence Pevensie was doing, adding in a few jabs. She pulled the hits, and some didn't even make contact, but she just wanted to show how to mix it up. Buffy knew Pevensie could do that, and was trying to get more comfortable. It was either that or make her angry, and she didn't think Draco would appreciate that.

Well, of course she was making it easy for Buffy. Buffy had seen most of it by now.

Inspiration then struck.

It was not typical at all, but distracting. Pevensie spit at her. While Buffy was distracted by the 'eww' of that, she went to sweep Buffy's legs out from under her with her own legs and not the staff.

It was rather silly. She could handle demon guts but saliva made her act like a teenage Dawn having a tantrum. As soon as Pevensie started to swipe out her feet, she threw her weight back and rolled, twisting back on her feet and attacking with the staff again. She took some steps back with a grin. "While that wouldn't help much in a fight against a slime covered demon, you get points for originality."

"I knew you wouldn't like it."

Draco was trying to keep from smiling.

Pevensie attacked again, going as hard as she could.

This was more like it. Buffy didn't take offensive shots, instead going on the defensive. The circle of slayers had to break as Pevensie drove her back out of the circle. Observing form while making sure she didn't get smacked in the head with a large wooden object was a lot harder than she thought it would be. There were a few close calls.

When they had reached the back of the training room, Buffy took a deep breath, and started countering the hits, making Pevensie take a few steps back. She didn't hit as hard as she could, but she hit at a quicker pace than Pevensie was probably used to.

Tired, she stumbled and went down on her butt. Pevensie repeatedly blocked the shots Buffy swung down at her while trying to back away and gain her footing again.

"Get up," Draco whispered.

He knew she was tired, though. He could see it on her face.

Buffy knew Pevensie's arms were tired, and she didn't want to make the young slayer over exert herself. With one last hard hit, she knocked the staff from Pevensie's hands with her own. She was panting lightly, and stood her staff upright and leaned on it. "Well that was bracing."

She held down her hand to help Pevensie up.

Pevensie was breathing heavily and frowning. Draco walked up next to her. "Stop that look. You did very well."

Buffy shook the hand she was holding up. "You did. There are some things you could work on, but there are things I work on too. Besides, you stood up for a while after that hard fight with Caridad. I had Draco on his back after the first punch."

"You guys have the weirdest foreplay," Pevensie said as she headed for the showers.

Draco sputtered.

Buffy coughed, Faith's insistence that slaying made her horny reverberating in her mind. "For your information, Draco and I are not interested in each other romantically. Besides, I don't date Watchers."

"Well, yeah," Pevensie said. "Until now the only one you've really been around much is Giles, and not that he's not handsome for a seasoned gentleman, but he's like your dad and stuff. That'd be like, incest."

"Stop talking," Draco said.

Buffy made a face. "I agree. Stop talking." She turned to all the slayers around them who were staring. "Show's over. Everyone scatter."

Pevensie was starting to go to the showers, but Buffy wanted her to hold back for a moment. "Pevensie, stick around for a second."

She waited for all the slayers to make their way out of the room. When it was empty, Buffy grinned at Pevensie. "You did pretty good. You're ahead of where I thought you would be. You still have a few weak areas, but I'll let Draco know about them so you guys can train on it."

She would not cry.

"Thanks, Buffy."

Pevensie turned and ran.

"You're welcome," she said to open air. "That girl must really want a shower."
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