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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Harry Potter > GeneralscriptificusFR18167318,59518307202,1351 Mar 1017 Jul 10Yes

One of Many Ways

March 27, 2005 8:54 PM

After her episode on Wednesday, Willow running through the council holding an ax and screaming Buffy's name was not exactly well-received.


Time was running short. Pevensie's strength was failing. Willow stumbled and the ax skidded across the floor.

Buffy walked out of her room but quickly and jumped up, tucking her lugs under her when an ax nearly took off her ankles. She looked from the ax to Willow, who was getting up off the floor. She rushed over to help her friend up. "What? What is it?"

"The Southbriar. Pevensie's..." Willow cut herself off with a scream of pain.

Oz stepped out. "Willow?"

"Southbriar! Draco!"

Now she knew why Willow had the ax. Buffy didn't even think twice about picking it up and starting at a run, glad she had her training clothes already on. This would have been much harder in heels.

"Move!" she shouted at slayers leisurely walking through the walls. Most knew to plaster themselves to the walls when they heard someone running, but not all the slayers had been here a while.

As she burst through the doors leading outside, she picked up her pace.

Oz noticed Daisy was suddenly at Willow's side. The redhead looked up at him.


Oz turned and ran. Buffy likely had it under control, but a little in the reserves never hurt. Plus, he was friends with Draco too. Sure, the guy could be an ass, but that didn't mean Oz wanted him damaged. He was a team player here. Buffy was long gone, so he stopped and did something he rarely did.

Oz turned, shredding his clothing. He picked up her scent easily and went tearing after her on all fours with a howl.

The moment Buffy saw Pevensie, she knew the slayer was one second from collapsing, and she didn't see Draco anywhere. Without though, she dove into the creature Pevensie was fighting. When she rolled away and took up a fighting stance, she paused in confusion. It wasn't a vampire, because there were no ridges, gold eyes, or fangs. "What the hell?"

That was all it needed to back hand her so hard she stumbled. Not a normal human then. Buffy gripped her ax tightly and went after it, looking for a weakness.

Teeth bared, Oz latched onto the back of the leg of the half-demon Buffy was fighting. Pevensie had collapsed and Oz could see Draco lying on the ground not moving. The demon batted the Oz wolf away. Oz rolled and smacked his jaw a bit. The blood was funny. They guy did not smell wholly human, but the blood tasted like tanned leather. He was pretty sure that was a Beyar demon. They were common to this area.

While Oz had a hold of the... thing, Buffy slashed at it with the ax. It tried to lean back out of the way, but she still managed to catch it across the chest. When she brought the ax up, she saw the blood wasn't red, but almost purple. Buffy made a face at it.

"You know, you really need to get this looked at. There may be something wrong with your blood sugar levels."

The demon, because she was sure it was a demon now--what else would have purple blood, growled and swiped at her again. Buffy was expecting the back hand again, and brought her ax down, severing the arm. Purple blood spewed onto her shirt.

"Oh that is so costing you!"

Oz turned back to human when he saw Buffy had the situation well under control. He really needed to get Willow to spell him so that his clothes returned to him when he changed back. He apologize to a grave that he plucked a bouquet from. He held it in front of himself as he approached Pevensie and Draco. Pevensie had already shrugged out of her elastic-waist skirt that she had over her leggings. She held it out to him.


Oz ducked behind a large monument and donned the skirt before coming to check on Draco and Pevensie again.

Buffy huffed as she hefted her ax. She wanted this over with so she could check on Pevensie and Draco. "God, I hope you're not like that purple dragon thing in Hercules." With that, she feinted left and swung right, chopping off the head of the demon in one swipe.

After a few moments when the body didn't let out a single twitch, she tossed down the ax and ran over to Pevensie and Draco. "Thanks for the back-up," she said to Oz. "And nice skirt."

"Here to help." He looked at Pevensie. "Can you walk?"

"Yeah," she said as she tried to stand, but her legs would not support her.

Oz grabbed her and hooked her arm around his shoulders to help her. She winced in pain. Draco still was not moving. There was a very nice bruise cropping up on his jaw.

Buffy didn't want to move Draco to injure him more, but there was no way he could be treated out here where another demon or vampire could attack. She quickly, but gently, picked him up and started a brisk pace back to the Council. "Pevensie, what happened?"

"I had just slayed a vampire when this yahoo jumped out from behind a crypt and said he was going to kill us."

Well, more appropriately kill Draco to hurt Blaise, but Pevensie did not think Draco would want everyone knowing that. She would let Draco and Blaise handle that one.

"He had an amulet that made him way stronger than he was normally, but I actually smashed that. That really pissed him off. Things were going all right before that. Draco was hexing. I was punching and hitting. Then his stupid tattoo went apeshit again. It distracted him. That's when the demon-y guy hit him hard in the face."

And after that was when the demon-y guy had said Zabini was going to be pissed that she had destroyed that amulet he had loaned him. That distracted Pevensie enough for him to get in a dazing punch that had her on the defensive.

They reached the council and Buffy immediately took Draco to the infirmary. She laid him on a bed and then went to Pevensie and helped her on her own bed.

"I'm gonna go find real clothes and put this to be laundered, Pev," Oz said to the little slayer.

Daisy and Willow rushed into the Infirmary.

"I owled his mom, his aunt and Blaise," Willow announced. "Is he all right? Is Pevensie all right? What happened?"
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