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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Harry Potter > GeneralscriptificusFR18167318,59518307202,1351 Mar 1017 Jul 10Yes


March 27, 2005 8:59 PM

Willow was pacing and wringing her hands. Andromeda had been the first to arrive. She was already up in the infirmary with Draco. Buffy was sitting with Pevensie. She had sent owl things to Blaise and the Malfoys. Andy had assured her that Draco's mother would be here. Willow hated to meet her under these circumstances.

She had done everything she could, but Draco would not wake. Andromeda was going to see if the coven could help.

Narcissa's heart had stopped when she received the missive that Draco was injured. She hadn't even bothered to tell Lucius or any of the house elves, instead leaving the letter for them to find. She apparated at once to the edge of the wards using the coordinates Draco told her when he first started at the council. At the front steps, there was a woman pacing.

"Where is my son?"

"This way," Willow said, not even bothering to introduce herself.

There would be time for that later. They made their way up to the infirmary quickly. Alice was sitting next to Pevensie's bed and holding her hand. Both girls looked so tiny. Pevensie was so little. She looked so broken.

Buffy was pacing. She hadn't even changed out of the blood stained clothes. Willow could feel her worry.

Andromeda was leaned over Draco. She was brushing his hair from his forehead and whispering in his ear. She straightened abruptly when she saw Narcissa.

Narcissa was torn between rushing to Draco's side and holding back because of Andromeda. Her maternal instincts won out and she briskly walked to the other side of Draco's bed. "Hello Andromeda."


Andromeda did not know what to say. Things were always awkward at best when she was around either of her sisters.

"He's stable. He just won't wake," Willow offered. "Pevensie said the demon who attacked them had an amulet of some sort. I'm still working out the details."

She would not mention that Pevensie had also been thinking that the demon was someone Blaise had done business with in the past and had mentioned that he was killing the one thing Blaise cared for. She didn't think that would go over well at all. Willow had not meant to 'hear' that.

Narcissa couldn't take her eyes off of Draco. She ran the back of her hand down his face, his warm skin the only visible confirmation she could see that he was alive. The blankets over him covered his chest and visible signs of breathing.

"An amulet, you said? Have you alerted Blaise that Draco was injured?" she asked, detached, still stroking Draco's face.

"Yes," Willow replied. "They had a falling out earlier this week. I do hope... I'll make him all right."

"Willow," Andromeda warned.

"I'll make him all right. I will."

"He was distracted."

Everyone turned to see Pevensie sitting up.

"It burned again, and that distracted him. He had the thing. We... had it. Then..."

Willow shook her head 'no'.

"We were distracted." That thing saying that Draco was going to die because of Blaise had terrified her.

"What attacked you?" Narcissa asked. "Has it been dealt with?"

"I tried," Pevensie said then looked down at her hands. "It was bigger and stronger than me. If Buffy hadn't come..."

"It was gonna kill him," Alice said, her voice squeaking. "Pevensie kept it from killing him. Beyar demon. Can easily pass for human. Stronger, but usually not too bright. This one I think was half human. Not as big and brawny, but smarter. Though who'd have sex with a Beyar demon?"

"Someone mightily desperate, I'd wager," Draco rasped.

Buffy rushed up behind Draco's aunt and looked at Draco. Even though their kiss didn't mean anything, she still was extremely worried about him and her slayer. He was like Xander in more ways than one. He was her brotherly friend and always getting thrown about.

She had looked up when Pevensie had spoken, but Narcissa's head snapped back when Draco spoke. She forced herself to keep her voice even and not become overly distraught. "Draco? Darling, can you hear me?"

"Mum? Oh bloody hell. Who owled my sodding mum? Unnecessary worry for her. I'm all right. Just a slight knocking out. Happens to Giles all the time."

Andromeda giggled, but covered it with a cough.

Narcissa leaned back, all traces of worry vanishing from her face. "Well I know you're feeling better because you're swearing. Watch your mouth, Draco." She would worry over him in private. There was no need to embarrass him, which is what he'd asked her not to do, in his own way.

Buffy grinned as she watched the dynamic between Draco and his mother. It reminded her of her own mom who would always worry when Buffy came back bruised and banged up. "You gave us quite a scare. You and Pevensie both. Not to mention I ruined a perfectly good shirt saving your ass."

When Narcissa looked over at Buffy with her eyebrow raised, Buffy's eyes widened. "Not that I wasn't totally happy to save said ass. Not that your son is an ass. Well, he is sometimes. But that's neither here nor there... wherever here nor there is," she finished with a wince.

"Mother, this is Buffy. Aunt Andy, I don't believe you've met Buffy either. I'm sure Giles told plenty of her on your... date. And this, Mother, is Willow. Who I am certain owled you, Aunt Andromeda and Blaise. Should I expect him to come crashing in here at any moment?"

"He better," Willow muttered.

Buffy gave a little wave then stopped, turning to Andromeda. "You went on a date with Giles?" she asked slowly.

"Maybe," she said warily. "I understand you might want to threaten me about that."

"Buffy," Draco said dryly. "Please do not threaten my aunt."

Oz picked then to walk in to check on Draco and his slayer.

"She kinda likes Giles," Willow added. "She gets all warm when she thinks about him."

"Willow," Andromeda scolded. "That's an invasion of privacy."

Oz did not want to think about anyone getting warm with Giles. he knew it happened, but that did nto mean he had to contemplate it. He frowned, nodded at Draco in a way that let the other watcher know he was glad he was all right and there would be a talk later, then abruptly turned and left the infirmary to move away from the disturbing ex librarian talk that was likely to ensue.

Buffy winced. "Oh god, I'm having band candy flashbacks. Stop, just... stop. I'll threaten you properly after I scrub my brain out. All I can think of right now is the old threat of ripping out your rib cage and wearing it as a hat."

Narcissa smoothed out the hair on Draco's forehead. She couldn't stop making sure he was still alive and well. He was going to be the death of her. "I like her. I have a feeling your father would as well."

"Yes, well, that's nice. Don't get any ideas. She's like the sister I always wanted."

Suddenly Pevensie was sitting next to him on the bed.

Draco frowned. "What are you doing? You're hurt. Go lie down."

"You scared me."

"Didn't I promise no leaving? Still here, aren't I?"

Pevensie looked at Draco's mom. "He and Buffy kissed and it didn't work out so much."

"Very private things there, dammit," Draco snapped.

Buffy turned to Pevensie with wide eyes and then to Draco. "Did you tell her?"

"I didn't tell anyone," he said. "You think I want that publicized?"

"Oops," Willow said.

"What oops?" Draco snapped, turning to Willow "What do you mean oops?"

"I might have... well, your energy was all wonky after and I... and I was talking to Oz and Anya might have heard and..."

"Oh fantastic. Thanks."

Andromeda was snickering behind her hand.

Buffy stared at Willow in horror. "Anya knows? Anya? Well why not take out an ad in the newspaper? You probably would have saved your breath!" She turned back to Draco. "This is all your fault. You made my energy wonky."

"Me? It takes two, you know, and you were the other of that two. Have you ever thought you were the one who made your energy wonky? I mean, I was very charming and lusty."

"Oh. Eww." Pevensie got up and moved back to her bed.

"You were charming and lusty first. If you hadn't opened your door with no shirt on, then I wouldn't have been coy and flirty."

Narcissa grinned, glad her son was feeling up to witty barbs. She knew when Draco truly didn't feel well was when he was silent.

"I can't listen to this," Pevensie said, covering her ears.

Willow frowned. "I'm not really sure I want to either. Draco, in case you forgot, that's your mom there and your aunt there, listening to the who was flirty and lusty talk."

Buffy had forgotten too and she felt her face flush.

Narcissa grinned over at Willow. "I think it's adorable that Draco thinks he can charm the ladies. He's been doing it since he was little."

"Oh he can," Willow said. "I think he's lovely, and a lot of the slayers have crushes."

"This is true," Alice said.

Draco had a look of horror on his face. "Stop helping."

"When I first met him, I had a crush. Considered turning him into a girl too."

"Shut up," Draco said, staring at Willow in shock.

Narcissa smiled down at Draco. "I'm glad you're all right. I was extremely worried when I got the owl. You know I couldn't bear it if anything happened to you. I'm sure your father is equally worried and will want to know you're doing well."

"Yes. Of course hew as worried. That's why he rushed here to see about me. Just like Blaise did. I rate really high."

"Well in your father's defense I didn't even tell him you were injured. I rushed over the moment I read the owl." Narcissa sighed. "Blaise is having a hard time right now. He probably hasn't checked his owls. He had a bit of a fight with his mother. She's staying at the Manor right now, by the way."

"I know," Draco said. "He's staying with... someone else."

Narcissa smiled at him sadly. "Darling, I don't think you understand. Up until yesterday, she was still at Zabini Manor. They had, from what I understand, a very large fight and Blaise barred her from the wards and claimed he didn't want to speak to her again." She looked at him worriedly. "Darling, are you all right? You just look a bit pale."

"What are you doing?" Willow snapped.

"I'm going to check on him," Draco said, trying to get up.

"Draco Orion Malfoy," Narcissa said in a steely voice. "Sit. Down. You are in no condition to see to Blaise and I'm sure once he finds out you've been injured, he will come running."

"He's my best friend. I'm going to see him. He needs me."

Willow smiled sadly. She wished Blaise could see this. She was the same way. If Buffy or Xander needed her, there was no one that would stop her.

"Sit down or I will force you, either with my wand or by having Miss Karlsen sit on you. He will come when he can." There was a loud noise outside the infirmary followed by Blaise sliding in, his eyes wide and his clothes disheveled. "There now. Never say I'm not truthful."

Blaise didn't know what to do. Narcissa was here, as was Willow. He was equally surprised to see Draco's aunt there. It must have been serious. He wasn't sure if he was really wanted here, but when he'd read the owl, he'd thrown on his pajama bottoms and a shirt laying around and rushed out. He hadn't even bothered with pants under the bottoms.

"Blaise, come have a talk with Draco. The poor idiotic boy was worried about you."

"Is he all right?" Hannah said, rushing in behind Blaise in the most awful pink flannel PJs Draco had ever seen. "Oh Draco. Oh my goodness. That owl scared us to death. Do you need anything? There's a kitchen. I can bake you something. Are you hungry? You must be hungry. Oh dear."

Draco looked from Hannah to Blaise. "Mother said you had a fight with Calanthe. Are you all right?"

Blaise winced as he walked over to Draco's bedside. "It's nothing." The way Narcissa was looking at him proved she knew the details and that the nothing would soon be something. "We just had a disagreement is all. She's out of the Manor and I'll be redoing it soon. But that's not the point. What the bloody hell happened?"

Pevensie hobbled over. "There was this demon when we were on patrol, and he attacked us with this amulet. He was half Beyar and half human. We sort of had it, but then Draco's mark started burning and the demon said some stuff, you know, and we got distracted, and he cracked Draco's jaw with hsi fist. While he was out, I put myself between them and he beat the shit out of me."

Pevensie was giving Blaise this betrayed look. Like he was the one that had attacked her.

"Okay," Willow said, steering Pevensie back over to her bed. "Why don't the rest of us give Blaise and Draco a moment."

She pulled the curtains closed around Pevensie and Alice.

Narcissa put her hand on Draco's arm. "We will talk about this business about your mark later," she said softly as she stood.

She paused as she walked past Blaise. "Your mother is staying with us at the moment. Make no mistake about it, Blaise, we are going to have a talk."

He nodded, knowing that he was going to get more than just a harsh lecture. "Yes, Narcissa."

Blaise slowly walked over to Draco once everyone had given them space to talk. "Is it true? A half-human Beyar with an amulet?" he asked, his heart sinking. When Pevensie had first announced what attacked them, Blaise wanted to deny it and run back out of the infirmary. Just days ago they'd had a shouting match over his hobby possibly harming Draco and now it had happened.

"Yeah," Draco said. "He said he was going to kill me to hurt you. Something about a potion and his sister. I guess you pissed him off. Said he was going to take me away from you because you cared about me the most. That true?"

Blaise sat down on the edge of the bed and couldn't catch Draco's eye. "I'm sorry. I never meant for you to get hurt, or Pevensie."

"She's going to be all right. She was amazing. I think she's pissed at you, though."

"She has every right to be. She didn't need to get dragged into this." Blaise sighed as he looked over at the pulled curtains that concealed her and the other slayer. "I never wanted you dragged into it either."

"I know, and deep down she knows that too. She's only mad because she cares about you."

"You know, I thought about leaving yesterday. Heading to Italy and staying with one of the girls or with Nico, because none of this shit happened while I was here, but then I knew you'd throw an even bigger fit when I left. I would rather not have my arse dragged back here because you had a tantrum."

Draco grinned. "I would have dealt with it. I can't believe Hannah came here with you. That's nice. She looked really worried. I don't want you to leave. We'll deal with this. Your mum, the Manor, everything. Just don't run off. Face it. I'll help you, I swear it."

"Well I made a bit of a ruckus when I got the owl. It went to her first and then she came to get me. Although she made more of a fuss in the beginning because of my lack of pants." He looked down at the pajama bottoms. "Which reminds me, you don't happen to have any clean ones about, do you?"

Draco started laughing.
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