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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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March 31, 2005 6:49 PM

She had not resisted the arrest, but she probably should have. Then again she did not want Oz or Draco doing anything drastic. She knew that look in Draco's eye. He was willing go get himself in big trouble for her. While, Willow appreciated it, it was not necessary. The boys would tell Giles, and Giles would get angry.

Then he would come get her or possibly get the coven.

Then things would get very interesting. Because Nessa and Augusta were scary. Very scary. Not to mention Astoria. Willow knew, could feel it in her bones, how fine the line between sanity and a lack thereof Astoria walked was. Willow would not put it past her to do something very drastic, and a drastic Astoria, Willow was learning, was a very bad thing indeed.

She was placed in a little room with a table and two chairs. There was one of those big two way glasses, and she could feel the army of wizards and witches on the other side looking at her.

"Hi there," she said walking to the glass. "This is a big misunderstanding. We slay vampires, and I wasn't even doing that at the time. I was shopping. I don't slay people anymore, you know. Well, really I only did the one and that wasn't me me that was evil me. Big difference."

Someone giggled, and someone else commented that she was cute.

"You think I'm cute? Thanks. Now I'm all embarrassed and stuff."

There were several gasps and comments about her being able to hear them. The noise was so loud, all the thoughts and all the whispers, that Willow stumbled and grabbed her temple.

"Ouch. Could you guys maybe thin the heard in there? Everyone's so loud. It's giving me a headache."

She backed away from the window until the sound was dulled for her. It was several minutes before the door opened and two men entered. Willow could still feel two more behind the glass.

A quick study of both me told her exactly who they were. She was impressed. She'd gotten the big guns.

"Miss Rosenberg, I'm-"

"Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Minister of Magic, and you're Harry Potter," Willow giggled. "Draco is gonna be all third grade about this."

Both men frowned at her.

"Primary school?"

"Ah," the Minister said.

He was interesting in this older Robin Wood sort of way. Right down to the earring - only his was a gold hoop. It made him look a little pirate-y. Willow decided she would not mention that. He might not be 'pirates yay'.

"How is it that you know who we are?"

"I didn't read your minds or anything if that's what you're asking. I read the Daily Prophet. It has pictures. They move and stuff. I think that's really cool, and it's probably all boring to you guys, but I'm new to it, so I say wow."

Harry Potter grinned at her before he stopped and went back to looking stoic.

"So what's the hub-bub, bubs?"

Both men frowned again. Willow had to mentally tell herself to think Giles-speak so that they would understand her.

"What did I do? Why the arrest thing?"

"We did not have you arrested," Harry Potter protested.

"I was magically bound and carted off like a criminal, guys. What would you call it?"

"I'm sorry," Minister Shacklebolt said. "That should not have happened."

"There's a lot of that with me. The should not have happened part."

Both men shifted uncomfortably.

"What's going on, guys? You're making me nervous."

"Were you aware that on Wednesday, March 24th someone sent out a call through something called the Dark Mark? It's a tattoo-"

Willow interrupted. "Yes. Draco was screaming his head off and had a panic attack. It was a little hard to miss. Why are you guys..." It dawned on her. "Oh. You guys think I did it."

"Not actually," Harry Potter said.

"But it did cross your mind. I suppose that should be expected. Dark mojo happens and run to the witch who nearly drowned herself in it and almost ended the world."

Kingsley Shacklebolt sat across from her. "Miss Rosenberg, that is very powerful magic, and quite frankly, you're the only witch alive who could manage it."


Willow felt cold. This meant there was something as big and bad as she had once been out there yanking people's chains.

"But it wasn't me. A part of me is flattered that you guys think I am that powerful, but I'm not."

"You released the essence of the vampire slayers from a slayer weapon."

"Well, yeah, I did, but this is beyond that, and I don't think what did do it was even human. The magic felt all disjointed. Might not even be one person."

"You don't have a wand for us to disprove this," Harry Potter said quietly.

She could feel the anger and pain screeching to come to the surface. Willow could easily subdue the both of them and walk out of the room. She was not one hundred percent certain she could get out of the building, especially with the two guys behind the glass.

They'd kill her - in a heartbeat and without even thinking twice.

Willow hung her head and started crying. It seemed the appropriate response. She was so tired of this. She always had to prove her goodness. Funny how proving she was a badass was not as stressful as this. She was also scared because she knew her losing it again was becoming a possibility.

"What are you... are you crying?"

Willow looked up. "A little, yeah. I lost control once, and it was almost three years ago. I work very hard to keep my power in check, and it's very upsetting when I get accused of evil things. Especially when I did not do said evil things. I wouldn't even begin to know how to do a page call through a tattoo. That was his magic, he created and controlled it. I do not have the power to overtake that signature."

Suddenly, the door was opened and a middle-aged gentleman with graying sandy hair, a young woman with short blonde hair stalked inside. Willow could see Andromeda Tonks in the hallway arguing with what Willow assumed was an Auror. Andy was getting loud, too, and poking her finger into the guy's chest. The door closed before Willow could make sense of what was being shouted.

"Daniel?" Kingsley asked.

"Hey, Kings. Potter. I'm afraid this interview is over."

Willow "Who..."

"Terribly sorry, Miss Rosenberg. My name is Daniel Penshaw," he said, extending a hand. "This is my daughter Darby Penshaw. We are solicitors with Penshaw and Penshaw. I believe you know my niece Daisy? I'm now your solicitor. Andromeda Tonks retained me for you. I also handle her estate."

Willow shook his hand in a daze. It was starting to amaze her how well-connected Andy was. Darby shook her hand as well. Willow smiled. Darby was very cute. Her face was sort of round and her blue eyes held friendliness. She looked nothing like Daisy.

"Let's go," Darby said.

"Not so-"

She held out her card to Shacklebolt. "We'll set up a proper meeting. You have no proof Miss Rosenberg was involved. This was just a misunderstanding. Do let's not make it into something more. You may visit the Council with Mr. Penshaw or I present to speak with our client, but until proof of wrongdoing is produced, she better never be hauled in here as she was today, or you'll be seeing me again, and I won't be as nice to you next time. I'm already irritated that she looks as if she has been crying."

Willow blinked. So, okay, Darby Penshaw was cute, but she had a bit of bite to her. She had just reminded Willow of Cordelia in Queen C mode just then.

They were allowed to leave. Harry Potter gave Andromeda a very confused look as she hooked Willow's arm through her own.

"Oh dear," Andromeda said after they were some steps away. "I do believe there's going to be hell to pay for today's events."

"Andromeda, I don't want you in trouble."

"Willow, dear, they need to know who they are messing with when they violate your rights in such a manner. They best feel lucky I didn't floo Nessa or Augusta to come with me."
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