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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Harry Potter > GeneralscriptificusFR18167318,59518307202,1341 Mar 1017 Jul 10Yes

Coitus Interruptus Sempiternus

April 6, 2005, 7:10 pm

She'd brought him some groceries and snuck into his flat. Lots of apples. She'd even gotten him a bottle of good firewhiskey from Nessa, who'd given Astoria a knowing look when she had asked for it. She had cleaned a little and put the groceries away. She considered ordering some take away for them, but she had no idea when Marcus would arrive.

Now all she had to do was wait. Astoria took her lady clothes off and folded them neatly, leaving herself in her underthings and her full camisole slip. She decided to take a nap while waiting, so she laid down in Marcus' bed.

Marcus stomped into his flat, annoyed. He'd just come from discussing the Dark Mark incidents with Nettles. The Ministry had written the first burn off as a fluke, a one time thing. The second burn, they just ignored, despite Nettles' telling them that it was important.

The idiots.

The Ministry was only part of his foul mood. The rest could not be laid at any one person's feet. It was Greengrass's neighbor who had decided to bring by a pan of brownies right as Marcus was ripping Greengrass's underwear off her body.

The Aurors who had flooded Knockturn, banging on every door looking for Morgana only knew what when Greengrass finally had her hands down his trousers.

His mother, who flooed when his mouth had found Greengrass's bared breast.

Her sister, who had a nasty owl who attacked him when he had Greengrass pinned against a wall.

Even Greengrass herself, who only seemed to have visions when he was seconds away from fucking her through the nearest flat surface.

Marcus had a case of blue balls that no amount of jacking off in the shower could help with.

He slammed the door and stopped, realizing, belatedly, that something about the flat was different. He stood still and looked around, looked for minute differences. It was cleaner. And smelled of Greengrass. She had been there. Again.

He kicked off his boots near the door and padded towards his bedroom, only to find Greengrass in his bed, sleeping soundly. With a grunt, he sat on the bed, uncaring about if he woke her. Bint could just get over it if he woke her.

Astoria smiled in her half wakefulness. He had come home. She knew he was sexually frustrated. She could feel it. He was so tense, it was making her tense. Things had been tense, though. She kept having terrible nightmares about snakes and swords. Astoria could not really make them out. She also kept seeing the fight with her at Marcus' back. She was terrified, and Astoria had no idea why.

"Are you hungry?" she whispered.

"No," he growled as he jerked his t-shirt over his head. He smelled like the Ministry. Whatever cleaning product the janitors used always soaked into his clothes, got on his skin, and he had to take a shower to get it off. It wasn't as bad as St. Mungos, but still distinct.

He stood and shucked his trousers, pants, and socks, then kicked the lot of it towards the corner to be dealt with later. Then he strode naked towards the bathroom, hoping that he could get the shower cold enough to help.

Astoria slid out of the bed and folded his clothes in a pile. Then she pressed herself against the bathroom door.

"Marcus? Are you all right? What's happened?"

He could hear her outside the loo, asking bloody stupid questions. He ignored her and let the water stream over his head and shoulders, easing some of the tension in them. It was only a small improvement on his overall mood, but he'd take it.

Astoria tried the door. It was locked. He'd never locked the door before. Astoria jerked on the doorknob to no avail. She made a frustrated sound and kicked the door. Her feet were bare, so this caused her to howl in pain and hop around, holding her toes.

Marcus jerked at the bang on the door, followed by Greengrass yelling. He quickly shut off the water and got out of the shower, not even bothering to dry off as he strode to the door and turned the knob.

Only to find that the old knob had decided to stick as it did occasionally. With a growl he twisted the knob hard and yanked, causing the frame to splinter when the inner workings of the door refused to turn. He got the blasted thing open, though, and stormed through to find Greengrass jumping around on one foot like a bloody loon.

"What the fuck is your problem?"

He was naked and wet. He was absolutely glorious like that. He'd broken the door and water was dripping off of him.


He growled in frustration at her senseless expression. At least she had stopped acting like an idiot, though.

Marcus turned away from her and stomped back into his bedroom to pull on a pair of sweats. When he came back out, she was still standing, looking at him with her eyes slightly glazed, but tracking him, which meant that she wasn't having another cursed vision.

"Snap the fuck out of it," he told her as he pushed past her and collapsed on the couch.

Someone was very tense. Astoria walked slowly to the edge of the couch and pulled her slip slowly over her head, leaving her in her garters and stockings and her matching bra and knickers.

"Oh, bloody fuck," he muttered, his body reacting to the sight in front of him. He was instantly hard.

"You fucking know that it's useless. Someone has cursed me. Or you. It doesn't matter which."

Nevertheless, his hands reached out for her, pulling her until she straddled his lap.

Astoria cuddled into him and immediately began kissing his neck.

"I smell no curses on you. Also? It's terribly difficult to curse a Seer. I think we're being punished for denying one another for so long."

His fingers were digging into her hips. Astoria gave a little sigh and then bit the side of his neck lightly.

He arched his hips up in pleasure at the bite, hands pulling her down to meet his hard on.

"The fates can go fuck themselves," he muttered, one hand moving upward and tangling in her hair, using the grip to lift her face. His mouth ravaged hers, tongue stroking her mouth the way he wanted his dick to stroke her cunt.

She just wanted to curl into him, to take a bite of him, something. It was as if she could not get close enough, and every time he touched her, she wanted it all the more. Things were utterly unfinished with them, and had been for a while. It was making the both of them crazy. She did not want to rush it, but she also wanted for once, just once, to let him finish. She needed him to finish. Consequences be damned.

His grip on her hair was almost painful. Astoria rocked against him, trying to alleviate some of the tension she felt. It only made things worse.

Fuck! He was dry humping her on his fucking sofa. Like a third year on his first trip to the Astronomy Tower. Marcus growled and used his grip on her hair to lift her up, to release the pressure on his cock and give him room to push down his sweats.

Once his cock was free, straining skyward and weeping from the tip, he swept aside her scrap of underwear. This was going to be quick and he didn't care.

He was about to plunge into her when a furious banging started on his door.

He gave a wordless growl and stilled, hoping that the bastard at his door would go away. Or die a horrible, horrible death. When the banging continued, he tossed her off his lap and onto the couch and barely took the time to restrain his dick before stomping to the door.

Astoria bounced and fell to the floor with a groan. Her shoulder had hit hard.

Marcus had flung open the door to little girls selling packaged biscuits for an organization. Astoria clamped a hand over her mouth to hold in the giggles. Especially when all the girls did was point at his pants and giggle. Then they saw Astoria in the background and gave shouts before running. What in the hell were they doing trying to sell bikkies in this part of town anyhow?

Marcus slammed the door and turned to Greengrass on the floor.

"Cursed," he growled and stomped back into the bathroom. Maybe if he charmed the shower into slush, it would be cold enough. Because Slytherin forbid he actually get fucked.
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