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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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April 12, 2005 1:55 AM

Blaise was going over more decorating books. He truly had no idea where to start, except he wanted what he had gone. He'd figured he'd start with something small, like his bathroom, but that proved to be too much. Now he was back in his study pouring over the books.

The last person he expected to slide out of the floo was Draco's little slayer though.

"Now we know why your parents didn't name you Grace."

She sprang quickly. Pevensie was right in his face within a second.

"Now is not the time for your sarcasm. We need to have a conversation."

He didn't like her tone. She was too smarmy for her own good. "Are you capable of such a thing?"

"Your actions nearly got me and the only person who gives a damn about me killed. You can give me a minute."

Pevensie backed off and started pacing. She'd tried to let this go, as Draco had, but she kept having nightmares of that thing beating her nearly to death. She had been scared. There was no calming down or letting go with her on this.

Ah, so this is what this whole ordeal was about. He was wondering if they were every going to talk about it. "What the hell do you want me to say?"

"That you're sorry would be a damned start. Do you know what that thing did to me? If I had not been a slayer, I'd be dead."

"I know that, and I'm sorry you were hurt." Blaise stared at her icily and refused to further remark on the situation. He'd destroyed the relationship between his mother, his ex-girlfriend, and numerous clients because of his refusal to work in Knockturn to the extent he used to, but he wasn't about to explain that to her. It wasn't any of her business.

"You don't even care. I don't know why I bothered. I thought... nevermind. I always think that and I am always wrong, but for some freakish reason Draco cares about me a little, so if you ever hurt him again like you have with this, I will find a way to hurt you."

"You think I wanted either of you hurt like that?" Blaise asked. "You think I'm unaware of the danger I caused? Things aren't so simple, you know."

"They never are, but you could act like you care. I know that's hard for you, but normal non-Slytherin people like to see a little remorse when someone they considered a friend does something that almost gets them killed."

Blaise chuckled, but there was no humor in it. "So I don't care? Draco's told you this? That I didn't care about what happened? That I did nothing?"

Even though they hadn't talked, just the fact that Blaise was back in the Manor was enough to clue Draco in that something had shifted. He knew his mother had returned to Greece for a while, but she'd stayed with Narcissa while securing the trip. Draco must have known about it.

"We're not talking about Draco. We're talking about me. You hurt me. You hurt Draco, and he might think things are fine now, but I no longer trust you with him. You get it?"

He'd never had anyone in his life who didn't already get the strange and explosive dynamic of pureblood families. It was hard to explain it to anyone. "Did you ever wonder why I moved out of here? Did you notice when I moved back in?"

"You wanted to be alone. Which I don't get because Hannah wants to be with you, but whatever."

Blaise shook his head with a grin. "I left because I needed Ella out. My mother stayed, and as long as she stayed, I would not return. I distanced myself, and only came every few days to acquire spells, amulets, or potions my mother made to sell in Knockturn. I was her fence and I handled the good I loaned out."

Saying it out loud made it much more real, and Blaise sighed. "I kicked her out and told her I never wanted to speak with her the day after I found out you and Draco had been hurt. Cut all ties with her and any other dealers I worked with in Knockturn. Some of the death threats I've been getting are quite creative."

"Who? You tell me who, and we'll see how threatening they can be with broken bones."

She was angry with him, but he was important to Draco. She would not let anyone hurt Draco. That meant not letting anyone hurt Blaise, and honestly, she did like Blaise.

He laughed. "You were pissed as hell at me not two minutes ago and now you're coming to my rescue. You run hot and cold, don't you?"

"I'm still pissed at you. That doesn't mean I want you dead. Geez."

"Well at least there's one of you in this world that isn't scrambling for my throat. That's a nice feeling." Something occurred to him. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in class or something?"

"I wanted to talk to you without Draco knowing. He thinks I'm in class, yeah."

Blaise sighed. "I'm going to get blamed for this, you know. Well come on," he said, standing up. "Might as well have fun skiving off. Thirsty? Hungry?"

"Yes. Always."

"I forgot you'll eat anything if it's edible. The elves are just going to love you." He led her out into the hallway. "How did the pink hair go?"

"He had more of a tantrum about the lions."

He chuckled. "I figured he would. I'm just sorry I didn't get to see it. I might borrow the memory later."

"You'll be borrowing it from Buffy. I only heard about it."

One of the house-elves brought her the biggest sandwich she had ever seen. She grinned happily and started eating.

Blaise glared at Didly. "Oh no, I wouldn't like anything. Why on earth would you get me something?"

"You is taking away our kitchen!" the house elf said, and Blaise groaned.

"I'm remodeling it, Didly. I'm giving it back. Hell, I'll let you choose the kitchen you get back." The house elf didn't seem convinced. "Go through my books in my study and pick one if you don't believe me! Salazar, you're the most irritating elf."

"I think you're cool, Didly. He's telling the truth about the kitchen. I might be better when he's done. You never know."

"I do not need your help reigning in my elves." Blaise reached over to grab a fallen piece of lettuce off her plate, but his hand was slapped with a wooden spoon. He pulled it back. "Son of a bitch. Didly, what have I told you about that damn spoon?"

The house elf disappeared and Blaise sighed. "He's more irritating than you, and that's saying something."

"He just hit you with a spoon," Pevensie managed, laughing hysterically.

Blaise glared at her and would have stolen the rest of her sandwich if he wasn't so sure Didly wouldn't pop back in and steal it away. The house elf was oddly adept at pissing him off. "Yes, now that you've observed me being abused by my house elf, eat your sandwich so I can send you back. I just know Draco is going to kill me for not sending you back straight away."

"Please. You're his best friend. He adores you. If you were a girl, he'd be all over you."

She dug into the other half of her sandwich, chewing happily.

Blaise snorted. "Who said I had to be a girl for that to happen?"

"All right. He can be the girl."

She didn't get it, and this was going to be very amusing. Blaise beckoned her out of the kitchen and he walked her up to his bedroom. It was still the same as he'd left it, just with fewer things since Ella had been gone. He'd been staying in a spare bedroom, but all his pictures were left, including the one from the dare in fifth year that an audacious little second year had the gall to take. Blaise pointed at it.

"Yeah? So? I've kissed girls too," Pevensie replied. "Doesn't make me gay. You both like women, and no amount of kissing each other will change that. You two do this often?"

Blaise was silent, wondering who Pevensie had kissed. "We've always shared. We were supposed to marry a set of sisters, but then Draco had the gall to turn his into a lesbian."

"I wish Astoria Greengrass was a lesbian. Then maybe she'd keep her claws off of Marcus."

Pevensie's eyes went wide. She so had not meant to say that.

"She is a lesbian, and she's the lesbian Draco was supposed to marry. I helped her break up with her girlfriend a month ago. She's an excellent snogger."

"Then how come she's all over Marcus Flint every other night in the Back Alley Bar? That doesn't sound very lesbian-y to me, Blaise. And Draco said she liked both. Well, I overheard him say so to Willow. And he has lunch with Astoria sometimes. He knows you made out with her."

Blaise knew he was going to catch hell for that later. "I did it so she could break up with her cheating girlfriend. She owes me now. And you want to know why she's all over Flint? She's insane, that's why. Get over this little crush before you get hurt."

"You're just jealous because I don't like you like that. He's nice to me. He lets me get into fights."

"And Draco knows this?" Blaise asked, his eyebrows raised. "Flint is a very special breed of bastard. You need to get over your infatuation."

"It's not an infatuation. He's perfect. And don't call him a bastard. I just got over being completely pissed at you kind of. Why are you trying to make me mad again?"

"He's perfect," Blaise repeated in disbelief. "Do you think Draco's perfect?"

Pevensie snorted. "No, of course not. He's all pointy and throws tantrums."

"Oh, so if he wasn't, you'd think he was perfect. That's nice to know."

"Draco could never be perfect. That's his charm. Someone is going to have to find his flaws attractive. Same thing with you."

Blaise nodded. "Do you consider his inability to kill an innocent person a flaw? What about him being a Death Eater?"

"I consider his possessiveness and his tantrums a flaw. His need to needle people. How closed he is. You're the same. With the closed off."

Pevensie was in for a rude awakening regarding possessiveness and tantrums if she stayed close to Flint. His temper was legendary in Knockturn. "You're going to get hurt. There is no 'if' about it. Being around Flint will lead to you being hurt, and if it's serious, it'll kill Draco. He knows more about Flint than I do because I don't fuck with him. I know better. I don't do business with anyone that does business with him. Just because you're a little girl with more strength than usual doesn't mean shit."

"I'm going to get hurt anyway. I always get hurt. That's all my life has been - pain."

"And aren't you just the cutest little ball of sunshine," Blaise snapped. "You can choose not to be hurt, you know."

"Not at the expense of someone else. I'll take me being hurt over Draco any day of the week and twice on Sundays. How do I choose not to be hurt? Never let anyone in? Yeah, that's a good plan. I'll bet Hannah really likes that about you."

Blaise laughed. "We are not talking about Hannah. And we really shouldn't be talking at all. You need to get back before Draco finds out you're here and comes after my arse."

"How's he going to know I'm with you?"

He had a look.

"Fine. Take me back, buzzkill."

"Well what are you going to do around here?" Blaise asked, waving his arm around.

"Explore? I've never been to your house, and hey, I just noticed it let me floo in. You added me to your wards. That's really cool. Now I come over whenever I want."

He laughed again. "I only did that because if you got caught in my wards, your joints would be slowly pulled apart one by one until either released or killed in agony. If you came around when I wasn't here and that happened, Draco would kill me."

"You think he really would? You think he'd kill you if you got me killed?"

"Well he sure wouldn't let me forget about it. We've been in a few physical tussles in our time."

"Oh," Pevensie said, looking down. "Yeah, we should go."
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