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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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Harry Potter > GeneralscriptificusFR18167318,59518307202,1351 Mar 1017 Jul 10Yes


April 18, 2005 10:00 PM

Anya had griped quite a bit about how unadventurous Hannah's underthings were, but Draco had picked out a nice matching set in a pale color. Anya, of course, had been the one to help her change. Now Draco just needed to get Blaise here and be ready to get himself and Anya out.

Hannah was giggling and unable to walk properly. Anya had situated her on the couch.

Draco used some floo powder and appeared in Blaise's fire. "Blaise!"

Blaise had been leaning back in his chair when Draco's head appeared in the fire and he flailed, trying to regain his balance. Thankfully, he didn't tip backwards and crack open his skull.

"Bloody hell, Draco! I'm right here!"

"You're needed at Hannah's townhouse right now."

Draco didn't tell him any more. He just grabbed Anya's arm and got next to the front door. His plan was to hex Blaise's clothes off, pull Anya outside and disapparate.

Blaise nearly tipped over the floo powder container when he reached in for the powder. The moment he stepped through the floor, he realized something was wrong. Hannah was laughing on the couch, nearly naked, and Draco wasn't in his sight.

Then the next moment, all his clothes but his pants were gone.

Anya cackled as Draco pulled her outside. This was one of the best drunk nights ever.

"That's for my hair, you pillock!"

Draco slammed the front door and dispparated with Anya.

"You're in your underpants," Hannah said, giggling. "I suspect Draco and Anya got me drunk."

Blaise was never one to be ashamed of his body, but in this situation, he would have liked to have more clothes. "Draco got you drunk, flooed me, hexed my clothes off, and... what? Why the hell are we in this situation?"

"I don't know," Hannah said, frowning. "I wanted to see you earlier, but you don't look happy to see me. Like the library. You don't want me, so I'll put more clothes."

She tried to get up, but failed. Her body refused to work. She flailed pathetically for a long time before giving up.

"I can't work my body."

After swearing against Draco in his mind for a good few minutes, Blaise sighed. He didn't feel right leaving her here drunk, but he sure as hell didn't want to be in this situation. "Where's your alcohol? It's not for you, it's for me. I have a feeling I'm going to need it. Still in the same place?"

Without even waiting for a slurred response, Blaise headed off and pulled out the wine she kept, and found he'd missed one of his own liquor bottles in the move. That would work well. He didn't even bother with a glass because he wasn't sharing with Hannah. She was doing just fine on her own.

As he came back into the living room, Blaise made a face at her state of dress. "Can't you put on some clothes or something? You almost naked is far too distracting."

Hannah tried to move again and fell off the couch.


She managed to roll onto her back. Well, more like flailed.

"You're only in pants. I'm not getting dressed if you aren't, jerkface."

Blaise nearly snorted out the scotch he was drinking. "Pardon? Did you honestly just call me jerkface? What the fuck did I do? And can I remind you my clothes were hexed off?"

"I heard you. I saw you. You didn't come to finish what you started. You went to find someone else to start with. You lied to me, Blaise Zabini. You said I was desirable, but you don't desire me. I even told you to seduce me, and you haven't."

He didn't know whether to blame her ramblings on the fact that she was drunk or pissed off. "I honestly have no idea what you're talking about. The only thing I can remark on is the fact that I did try to seduce you. I was two steps from shagging you into that couch when we were interrupted!"

Hannah pointed at the Blaise in the middle. "I saw you with Luna Lovegood! You did not even come to find me that day! You spent it flirting with her! I knew you would do this to me! I knew it! And I let myself fall for you anyhow! I'm so stupid!"

The last was screeched. Hannah tried valiantly to get to her feet. She wanted to storm off, but she could not get far from the floor.

Blaise's eyes widened at her outburst. It took him a moment to figure out how he would approach this situation. In the meantime, he downed more scotch. "She's going to organize my library. I met her at Flourish and Blott's looking for designer books."

"And you didn't come find me like you said you would. I saw how you looked at her. We aren't even... and you already hurt me."

Hannah flailed on the floor.

Blaise laughed at the sight she made. She was pouting and throwing a fit like his small cousins. "I didn't come find you because I didn't think you or your co-workers would appreciate us shagging in your office. It would get out, and it definitely would get out, and the last thing either of us needed were reasons to be made fun of there."

"So you'd rather have everyone whispering behind my back about how I'm so unattractive in some way that I can't even tempt the manwhore? You couldn't even use me properly. You didn't even get what men always want before moving on, and I practically begged you to do it. I'm so stupid, and you're laughing at me. Just go home."

She rolled on to her belly and tried to crawl for the stairs.

"And I tried to do it! Repeatedly! Even once after my grandmother was here! I was dragging you up the stairs! We were half naked in the shower together! We had our shirts off on the couch and I was this close," Blaise held his forefinger and thumb up close together, "to ripping your trousers off and shagging you through the cushions. Don't give me any of that shit!"

Blaise grabbed the bottled and took a big gulp of the liquid. "You want to shag, then let's shag!"

"Fine! You'll have to help me. I can't walk, and I don't believe you anyway. You're just humoring me now. You don't want me."

He'd nearly finished the bottle of scotch and was well on his way to being drunk himself. "I swear after this, I'm going after arse only."

Blaise stood and helped Hannah stand. "Come on. We're going upstairs and I'm going to show you just how much I don't want you, you silly bint."

Hannah's feet sort of dragged along the stairs as they tried to make it up to her bedroom.

"You've really hurt my feelings," Hannah said. "I like you a lot. I think you're an interesting person."

Blaise snorted as he made sure to keep his center of balance forward so they didn't fall back. "Well, the same goes for you. I have to say this is a first for me."

"What is? I know you've had sex before." Hannah wrapped her arms around his neck.

He put his hands on her hips as they reached the top of the stairwell and he steered them towards her bedroom. "Oh no. That I can do. I've never had a woman throw a spectacular fit before and act like a little child. It would have been cute if the subject wasn't so stupid."

The door to her bedroom was open so as he walked in, he pushed Hannah lightly onto the bed. "Happy now?"

"No," she snapped. "You called me stupid. So my feelings having to do with you are stupid? So I'm stupid because are care about you? Not your body or your money or your status or whatever else every other stupid cow you've gone out with has used you for? I like the person I have gotten to know. That's stupid?"

"I was making polite conversation! I flirted a little bit! I asked her out to dinner to discuss her working on my library! So I'm sorry that I added a little shameless flirting into the conversation!"

"And if she'd have you, you'd sleep with her too. Oh my god, I am so stupid."

She tried to walk away and fell.

"If I didn't know better I'd swear you were trying to make me jealous, and that's exactly the sort of not nice things you would do. I like you, but I feel like you won't want me after... you know."

Blaise picked her back up again. "Would you like to know what we talked about? Ghosts, pixies, and how female demons rip off the head of male demons. How is that romantic? Is that pre-shag talk to you? Well no wonder we haven't done it yet!"

"I was jealous!" she shouted at him. "I want you, and between my own stupid pride and circumstances beyond my control, I can't seem to have you!"

"Of what?" he asked, honestly confused. "That I was having an intelligent conversation with another woman?"

"I know it doesn't make any sense! I just... I like Luna Lovegood. She's very nice, but I wanted to tear her hair out in that moment. I spent so long wishing you'd just leave that Ella person, so I could... try."

Blaise was suddenly very tired. "I thought you didn't want to take advantage of me? I thought that all those time we snogged, even after I broke up with Ella, that you didn't want to push issues?"

"I was trying to be good. I don't want to take advantage of you. I just want you."

He snorted. "How did that turn out for you?"

"I don't know. I think things are still... I couldn't be with you when you had a girlfriend and you needed a break after her. I couldn't be the other woman. Someone did that to me once. It's horrible to find out. I didn't like her, but I couldn't do that."

"Someone fucked you up all but good, didn't they?" he asked rhetorically. Blaise laughed to himself. "You're going to hate yourself tomorrow, along with Draco and whoever the hell else that was."

"Because you'll be done with me by tomorrow?" she asked in a small voice.

She was worried about the answer. She did like spending time with him.

Blaise grabbed one of the pillows off the bed and fell forward onto it, bouncing. He felt like screaming in frustration. The alcohol was taking away the pleasant buzz and now he felt lethargic. "You'll hate yourself because you're in your knickers and you were taken out to get drunk so you could be thrown at me when my clothes got hexed off."

"Draco saw me crying. I think he was just trying it show me a good time, and he asked Anya along so it wasn't a date. He's a very good dancer. I don't think he suspected I'd talk about you the entire time, and I'm not drunk."

He leaned up on his elbows. "You were crying? Because I was talking to another woman?"

"I might have overreacted. I mentioned the jealous, right? Haven't you ever behaved unreasonably about someone you cared for? And don't lie and tell me no. You're friends with Draco."

"I've known Draco my entire life. That doesn't count."

"I told myself you were horrible and I wouldn't like you, but I do. Probably more than I should. What you do matters to me, who you are suddenly matters. Because I got to know you."

She reached out a clumsily touched his face.

"I know you now."

Blaise shook his head with a laugh. It was the strangest conversation he ever had. "So going to hate yourself."

"We aren't talking about me. We're talking about you."

She leaned over and kissed him. Hannah's eyelids were feeling heavy.

Blaise kissed her back and ran his fingers through her hair. "And isn't that such a wonderful subject?"

"Mmmm. It's a fascinating subject for certain."

Hannah fought to keep her eyes open.

He sat up and stretched his back a bit. "Get under the covers and sleep this off. Do you have any hangover potion?"

"I don't know," Hannah slurred. "Stay here. Don't leave me. I promise to keep my hands to myself, but you don't have to."

Blaise chuckled. "We're both going to need it tomorrow. I have some back at the Manor. And if I stayed, I'd stay in the other room."

"No," Hannah snapped, pouting. She wrapped her arms and legs around as much of him as she could get to. "You're very warm. I want you right here. Please."

He flailed and ended up falling back onto the bed. This was a sticky situation. If he stayed and still went to dinner, it would seem like he was taking advantage of the situation, which he wasn't. "You're not going to let me go, are you?"

"No. I like you right here."

Her breathing was evening out as she drifted off, but no, she was not letting him go. Not without some sort of fight.

Blaise groaned and tried to move to where he was more comfortable. The plan was to leave once she'd fallen properly asleep and let go of him. "Fine, you needy little drunk."

"Not drunk," Hannah murmured as she snuggled against him a little.

He chuckled and relaxed, closing his eyes with a sigh. "Very drunk. Now sleep."
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