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Volume II: Burn

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scriptificus Totalus". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The continuing series posted on livejournal written by 5 authors crossing Buffy and Harry Potter and chronicling the rebuilding of the Watcher's Council in that universe.

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April 19, 2005 7:44 AM

Draco had been up a while. He'd taken some spectacular hangover relief potion. No one brewed it better, in his opinion. He stepped through the grate at Hannah's and looked around. Nothing too out of the ordinary - though he did notice an empty bottle on the coffee table. Draco picked it up to inspect. It was that scotch Blaise was fond of.

Draco grinned as he set it back down and headed up the stairs. Hannah's kneazle blocked his path halfway up, hissing. Draco leaned down to the animal and hissed back. The kneazle made a mewling-growling sound and ran off. Draco smirked. He stepped through the bedroom door with a flourish.

Then blinked at the bed.

"Oh for fuck's sake!"

Blaise groaned. If Draco had shown up with no hangover relief potion, he was going to kill him. "Will you shut it? And you better bring me some potion."

He slowly pulled the pillow over his head. "Didly! I need a water!"

A leg nudged his own and he nudged back. "Draco, not when I'm hungover."

"I'm over here," Draco said from the doorway. "Didly? Decidedly not here, as this is not your home, nor is it your bed that you are very much not alone in."

Voices were filtering through the terrible haze of Hannah's sleep. She did not want to wake - because she knew she felt horrid. Hannah groaned and tried to roll over, but her body brushed against someone... who was naked.

Her eyes snapped open with a gasp. And that hurt so she grabbed her temple and groaned again.

A female gasped right in his ear. The noise hurt and his head throbbed, but Blaise forced himself to open his eyes. If Ella had somehow gotten through the wards, he was going to kill her. But instead of dark hair, he saw strands of fair color.

Oh fuck. Hannah.

Blaise became aware that his pants had gotten lost sometime in the night, as usual when he got hot, and he tried to scoot away to avoid accidentally brushes, but Hannah's bed was much shorter than his and he ended up tumbling off the edge.

"Blaise," Hannah gasped, grabbing for him.

Her eyes widened as she was looking over the side of her bed at an utterly nude Blaise Zabini. It was not the worst thing she could have been looking at first thing in the morning.

"Bloody hell!" Draco snapped, turning his back. "You're both sodding sky-clad. What in the hell happened here last night? Nevermind. I don't want to know. Get dressed. I've hangover relief potion for the both of you."

He left.

Hannah pulled the bed sheet to her chest and told herself she would not cry. All that wanting, and she would not even have a decent memory of it. All she had were disjointed fragments.

Blaise closed his eyes tightly and didn't even bother getting off the floor. He didn't remember much. He wasn't even sure how we got up the stairs and why he didn't insist on going home. Or where his pants were.

"I don't suppose you know where our clothes are?"

"No," Hannah replied, trying to keep the waiver out of her voice and failing.

She was mortified. She had allowed herself to get drunk. She'd had sex, obviously. Likely unprotected sex too. Blaise would definitely be done with her now, and with her luck she would be pregnant and have to raise the baby alone. Or his family would try to take it. Or they'd make them marry and Blaise would spend the rest of their lives hating her for trapping him.

Her eyes were now wide in panic and she was gripping the sheet to her chest tightly. Hannah shivered a little. How in the hell had her life gotten so off course?

Just the thought of standing up made Blaise's head spin. After months of trying to get Hannah into bed, he finally did it but couldn't remember a damn thing. "Well at least we made it to the bed. I don't even remember that far."

He looked around and spotted his pants at the foot of the bed and crawled over to get them. Using the bed as leverage, he gingerly stood up and slipped them on.

The last thing Hannah recalled was dancing with Draco and talking about how she wanted to see Blaise, how much she cared about him. It did no good to pout now. He would be done with her, and what she had of him was all she would have.

Didn't mean she had to like it or even be happy about it. In fact, it made her want to cry. Quite a lot. As in, she would not be going to work today. She planned to stay in bed and eat ice cream until she puked. Litter the place with crumpled tissues. She was not this girl. She'd behaved so cheaply. She had given herself to a man who did not want her beyond what they'd had last night, and there was no taking it back.

Blaise leaned over and tapped the raised area where he guessed her leg was under the covers. "Come on. That hangover relief will get rid of the nasty side effects of last night."

He spotted her bra on the floor and leaned over to get it, grimacing as he sat back up. "Don't trip coming down the stairs."

Hannah could feel the tears spilling over anyhow, despite her best efforts not to cry. She tucked the sheet around her and rushed to the bathroom. The rushing made her a bit ill, though. Hannah collapsed before the commode, her knees hitting the tile quite hard as she grabbed onto the porcelain and emptied what was left in her belly.

Blaise winced at the sound of Hannah hitting the floor and emptying her stomach. He'd been around enough females with hangovers to know what to do, though, and if he left her there, he'd catch hell later. After grabbing a washcloth and wetting it, he leaned on the wall by the toilet and held her hair back, putting the cloth on her neck.

He noticed her cheeks were wet and frowned. "Head hurt that bad? One of my cousins had such a bad hangover the pain made her cry as well. I'll get that potion for you."

Hannah laid down on her side and curled into a ball. Let him think that the hangover was making her cry. It would be better than him knowing the truth. It was a terrible moment for a person to realize they cared more for someone else. Him living here, them talking - she had come to care. Now that was all over, and she was not entirely certain she could stand it.

It was a miracle he didn't trip and break his neck coming down the stairs. "Draco? Where are those potions? Hannah's going to start dry-heaving any moment."

Draco wiped the dark look off of his face at the tone in Blaise's voice. This was different. He handed two vials to his best mate with a curious look. Blaise seemed worried, and that was different. If this had been bitchface, he'd have made fun of her for puking and looking gross. His eyes actually looked a little wide and panicky right now. Draco had been all ready to give him an ear-full about playing around with Hannah Abbott's heart, but now he suspected Blaise wasn't.

"Do you need me to help?"

Blaise was about to fob off the whole problem on Draco-he didn't do well with physically sick people, even if they were females he'd just slept with-but then he remembered a crucial element. "As much as I would beg you to, Hannah's only got a sheet for covering. You seeing her starkers might not help the situation."

Draco grinned. Worried about her, check. Did not want best mate seeing her naked, check. This was definitely a bit different from the other times he'd found himself helping Blaise through a morning after. He decided to test it a bit.

"I did get a bit of a peek when she tried to keep you from flailing yourself off the bed. Very shapely bum the lady's got there."

Blaise rolled his eyes before drinking his potion down. "You work with the woman, Draco. Do you really want me to go around saying you saw her arse?"

"No. Just wondering if you're finished here, is all," Draco replied, knowing he was being crass and letting Blaise think he was thinking something he definitely was not.

"Why?" Blaise said, crossing his arms. "Are you volunteering to go help? I do remember the fact that you hexed my clothes off earlier. Were you waiting to swoop in after the terrible night after to save the day?"

"There's more than one girl I've comforted that you've left behind the next morning. After the whole Buffy thing, it's obvious that they do not care if I date within, so long as the person is of age. I'm saying Hannah's not so bad. She's a fair dancer, and makes these fudge bikkies with marshmallow creme that I like."

So far this was getting Draco nowhere. He knew what he had seen, but his best mate was apparently too thick to see it himself. Draco was wanting a reaction, but he was not getting one. He would though. If not today, another day, because Draco could feel in his gut that there were reactions to be had here.

"Good. Thanks for the potions, and don't trip going through the floo." Blaise took Hannah's potion and stalked off towards the stairs. He was a mixture of insulted that Draco thought so little of him and irritated that he had no memory of last night with Hannah. Granted, Draco had past precedent to go on and it was his own damn fault for getting drunk, but he felt like pouting a bit.

Draco chuckled t himself and flooed to the Council. It was there. He saw it. This was by no means going to be easy, but he was equal to the task. He'd get his mother involved if he had to. Blaise's happiness was important to her as well.

Blaise didn't even bother with announcing himself. He set the potion on the floor beside her then leaned against the counter. He supposed they needed to actually talk about it, but he couldn't figure out how to go into the situation.

Hannah managed to get the potion down, but just laid back on the tile. She still felt terrible, and it had nothing to do with her hangover any longer. She was probably making a very pathetic picture, all disheveled and weak on the floor, but Hannah didn't really care right now. She was pretty well disgusted and angry with herself for allowing the situation to occur.

"You can go if you want."

Blaise chuckled. "I'm still in no condition to floo or apparate, so we're stuck together for a little while longer." He looked over at her and noticed the empty potion bottle. "That help a bit?"

"With that hangover part, yes. I did not realize Draco kept up with potions. That worked rather quickly."

He wasn't going to go away so she could cry it out.

"Could you hand me my robe please?"

She did not have to tell him where. He'd lived here. He knew. Hannah put it on as gingerly as possible, trying to to show anything - even though he had seen it all anyhow.

"He probably went by my place first and noticed I wasn't there but grabbed some out of my stores. I keep a regular supply and he's used to dealing with me after I get trashed. I do the same for him." Blaise chuckled. "So he took you out dancing and got you drunk. Impressive, Madam Liaison."

Hannah gave a very unladylike snort. "I am decidedly unimpressed with my behavior."

She got up slowly and maneuvered herself to the sink where she started giving her teeth a thorough brushing. Then she rinsed with mouthwash just to be sure to get all the vomit from her breath.

Blaise observed her in the mirror. "You know, I honestly didn't expect you to be the sort that would be embarrassed after a night like last night. I'm the one whose clothes were hexed off and so I had a pity party for myself and got smashed."

Hannah bundled up what little courage she had and turned to him. "I'm not embarrassed really. More disappointed and disgusted with myself. I had one chance with you, and I ruined it. I don't remember, and now you're finished with me, and all I have are fragments, so you'll excuse me if I am not jumping for joy at something that's so out of character for me. I just wanted something better than I've had in the past... before you ran away too."

His eyebrows went up. "You seem pretty damn sure about what I'm going to do. Slept with me before, have you?"

"It's what always happens to me," she said, making a face at him. "It's nothing to do with you, though your reputation does lead me to believe it will happen. It's not your fault. I knew who you were going in. I wanted you anyway. I like you. I like being with you. I like you grandmother and the bits of family I have met. You make me feel happy. And I suspect all of that is over, so I can't be happy about it."

"There's only one problem with that."

"And that is?"

"I don't remember a fucking thing," he said with a grin. "And I'm sure as hell not going to follow what you assume is the normal routine after a night of sex with me and drop your arse because I don't remember properly picking it up in the first place, so both you and Draco are shit out of luck there."

Hannah frowned. "What does Draco have to do with this? Oh gods, was he in the bed with us too?"

Hannah put a hand over her eyes.

Blaise snickered. "Salazar I hope not. I really do doubt it though. The only warm body I remember bumping into this morning in the bed was yours."

Hannah smiled and looked away shyly, her face going pink. That had been rather pleasant. She'd forgotten how lovely waking up with another person could be. She should walk away now, though. Demand he leave her home, leave her alone. When he did finally leave, it was going to hurt. She would be devastated.

She looked at him, and she could not.

"I do remember that you got your feathers ruffled about the fact that I asked another woman out to dinner, even though I tried to assure you that it was for conversational purposes only because she's going to be organizing my library after she's done at the council." Blaise smirked at her. "Someone's got a wicked streak of jealousy."

Her face flushed even more. "Oh." Hannah paused then carried on. "Well, I suspect you are worth the effort. Maybe I intend to fight for you."

That made him laugh. "There's nothing to fight for! You're getting upset over nothing. Is that the reason you got drunk in the first place? Because you thought I'd moved on to another woman?"

Hannah shifted uncomfortably and looked away. "Maybe."

Blaise started laughing and headed out of the bathroom. Sometimes women were so strange. If Blaise was ever jealous, he didn't get drunk. He made sure the other man wasn't in the picture any longer then got drunk with his newly acquired female friend.

"It's not funny," Hannah snapped, following him. "I saw how you were talking to her, and it looked intimate. I was upset, and Draco has this way about him. He can talk people into things, and Anya would not take no for an answer and before I knew it all the Scottish men were telling me how desirable I was and Draco was having to hold me up because my legs wouldn't work properly."

"I flirt, Hannah. I make intimate conversation with anyone. I'm a conversationalist and I enjoy holding conversations with people, including women. Draco is a meddler. He likes to poke his nose into others' business, which is what shouting at me to urgently come to your place then hexing my clothes off when I got here was. He arranged it. If you want to be pissed, be pissed at him."

"I don't want to be pissed at anyone. I also don't want to be jealous or hurt, but how can I stop that? I waited for you, and when you came, it was to see another woman, and maybe if the tables were turned, you wouldn't care. Perhaps I mistook what was going on. Maybe you do need to be finished with me."

Hannah sighed and headed down the stairs. Everyone else she had ever been with had ruined her for normal relationships. She was too wary. He would not appreciate that.

Blaise pinched the bridge of his nose and followed her. He could feel another headache coming on. "I went to find her because I had a job for her to do. I wanted to see how she was working on the library and what her methods were before bringing some strange woman into my house. And another thing? I'm not shagging you at the Council. I don't shag in workplaces, so it would have been a disappointing visit as is."

"Maybe for you. I happen to just like spending time with you. And my floo is connected to the one in Willow's office. We could have always stepped out for lunch."

"Well, considering the previous times I'd seen you I'd been about to shag you through the couch, I didn't automatically think of going out to lunch," he snapped.

Hannah frowned. For having had sex last night, he certainly was tense. Maybe he needed it again. Hannah moved to the window and scribbled a note for Willow before sending it with her owl.

"Are you hungry?" she asked in a small voice.

Blaise sighed. "Not for anything large, and I do need to get back so that my elves don't worry, but I won't say no to something small."

"Hmm, I have cereal, yogurt, um... I could scramble you eggs?"

He sat down at the table and propped his feet up. "Eggs will be fine."

Hannah leaned down and kissed his temple as she moved to the refrigerator. She cared about him a vast deal more than she should. It was going to wreck her one day.
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