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CSI: Point of View (II)

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This story is No. 2 in the series "CSI: Point of View". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Halloween, a night to become something different. What happens when the spell left something lingering like ideas, career paths................. A different kind of appetite?

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CSI > CSI Las VegasLilNezumiFR711,5520105,6384 Mar 104 Mar 10Yes
Title: CSI Point of View (II)

Main pairing:  No pairing at this point, this is a stand-alone tale, of very brief duration. See my profile for preferred pairing style.  This is part of your warning.

Warning:  My preference in writing stories with romantic pairings usually fall under the m/m slash category and if this series does continue.  Future stories may contain slash references depending on where the rest of the stories are going.

MY Inspiration:  CSI Vegas, Halloween Fics from this website

Disclaimer:  This is my standard disclaimer; I don’t own anything in regards to the sources of MY Inspiration.  All publically recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

All the characters, worlds, base concepts or general ideas are just a bit food for the writing bug.  This story is pure fiction and is in no way meant to copy or reflect real life, events or people, should this happen then obviously it is pure coincidence.

Summary:  Halloween, a night to become something different.  What happens when the spell left something lingering like ideas, career paths................. A different kind of appetite?  (Part II, upon request from the wonderful reviewers and reviews)


Sunnydale California

Xander surfed the mystical realm of the World Wide Web extensively.  He was looking for something that would call to him and the knowledge that he obtained on that fateful Halloween night.  It was enough to know that Doctor Gilbert Grissom was not some made up fictional character.  However it was slightly disturbing to him to know that he had been influenced in such a way that his mind was securely compartmentalized.

There was no other explanation.  The exchange between the two also had a spill over effect. 

Xander was suddenly re-visiting his old childhood interests.  He was actively looking for ‘cool looking bugs’. 

He even had other things in his mind like sign language, which is not something that he could figure out why Grissom would need it, but his hands suddenly took on a life of their own when he was sleeping.  His hands were learning sign language.  In this manner his mind accepted the language and he was able to quickly translate the language into verbal speech and vice versa. 

It was the same with Latin and the scientific names for the normal everyday bugs that he saw on a daily basis.  Ants were no longer just ants, but ‘Hymenoptera Formicidae’ or just formicidae, crickets became ‘Orthoptera Gryllidae’ and many more drifted in and out of his mind.  The words were like music or something and they floated to the surface of his mind every time he saw a creepy crawly bug.

There was one other aspect of the exchange that had him curiously interested and looking for good sources.

It was a treat to find a place in L.A. that imported the stuff and that one of the ‘food specialty’ shops in Sunnydale had been interested in bringing in new products just like these.  He provided them with a wish list of the items and soon the demons, half-demons and other non-human creatures that frequented the shop thought nothing about the lone human among them searching for the same type of foods.


Over time in high-school Xander had gotten used to trying to fight off the girls, who would always, always try to steal bites of his hard earned lunch.  That stopped suddenly after one day when his current crunchy lunchy goodness was interrupted by Queen Cordelia walking by.  She snagged something from the bag of chips on his tray.

She popped it into her mouth, chewed a couple of times and paused.  She turned to look back at him and noticed that he wasn’t eating regular chips, but something that looked like a giant cricket.  He lifted the bag so that she could read the label and even then it took a couple of seconds for the words to register.

Giant Roasted Crickets, Salt-Vinegar Flavour” (...i...)

Cordelia quickly spat out the offending foodstuff into a napkin, had a good look at it, legs and all, and then shrieked out loud in the school’s cafeteria, tossing down to the ground.  “What do you think you’re doing?”  She yelled.  “Are you trying to poison me?  You could have warned me, you insensitive jerk.”

“Why?” Xander said, crunching on a particular tasty section of the bug.  His grin was hyena evil, toothy and wide.  When he blinked slowly to look like he was innocent, his eyes flickered in the green spectrum quickly, but reverted back to his deep puppy brown.  “You and several others steal my food every day.  You’ve never once questioned what was in it before.”

Her eyes grew to twice their normal size in shock.  Every person in the vicinity of this exchange moved slightly closer to listen in on this particularly interesting and weird conversation.  Buffy and Willow were at the table where Xander had been eating and they too had never noticed the food that he was eating.  They were just as guilty of stealing bites of his food and now they looked decidedly green around the gills at the thought of what they might have eaten.

“You never ate this kind of thing before,” she said, quite sure that this was the first time.

“Wrong,” he said and popped another cricket into his mouth.  “I eat stuff like this all the time.  In fact you remember that crunchy PB&J sandwich from the other day?”  Cordelia and her entourage nodded their heads with horror dawning in their minds.  “Did you really think that it was only the peanuts in the peanut butter in it making the sandwich nice and crunchy?”

“It had better have been,” she threatened.

“Sorry,” he said with a mischievously quirky smile that Willow and Buffy recognized from his demon baiting nightlife.  “It was specially made with roasted water beetle, peanuts and powdered scorpion.”  (...ii...)

He looked at their horrified faces with ill-concealed glee.  He quickly gathered his tray and packed up his things.  He dropped off the lunch tray on his way out, in order to get to the library, saying, “What can I say?  I seem to have recently developed some very exotic tastes.”

Everyone that had listened to that conversation never bothered stealing Xander’s lunch ever again.  They didn’t want to know what those things were.  The bags may have been similar to the regular chips or chocolates, but after quickly reading the fine print, no one ever asked him for a taste or stole a bite of his lunch again.


LAS VEGAS Crime Lab – Night Shift

Dr. Gilbert Grissom stared at the box sitting on his desk.  It had been an impulse buy, but strangely it contained something that he had been craving to eat for a while now.  He looked closely at the ingredients and wondered why anyone in their right mind would want to eat these things. 

More sugar than nutrition,’ he thought as he re-read the label.  ‘It doesn’t look that appetising.

Over the course of his evening shift, he kept thinking about the box in his office.  It really had been a strange impulse buy.  His mind was equally on this box, as it was on his current cases.  He was sure that his staff had noticed it, but they never commented on it.

‘NEW – with Banana Cream Filling

That’s what drew his attention, the banana filling.  He wasn’t too keen on the ‘Original’ flavours of things, but this new one called out to him.

Nearing the time that their night shift was over, he broke down and took one out of its ‘individually wrapped package’.  He placed it on a small plate that he kept in his office for the times that he needed one. 

He inspected the thing, sniffed it, touched it and stared at it.  He pinched a bit off on the end and noticed that he didn’t get any of the cream.  He put that little bit in his mouth and then picked up the rest.  He consumed this strange thing slowly and with small bites in order to analyze the taste and texture.

“It’s missing something,” he mumbled out loud.  ‘It was only a dream, but it makes sense that the teenager that I thought I was would like this stuff.

The other members of his team watched with curiosity as their supervisor, a grey haired gentleman walked into their common break room, put something on the communal table.  He left behind a box of sweets.  He looked at them and then he answered their curiosity before leaving by saying, “The original is better.”

They all stood there, as he returned to his office and they stared at the box.






Banana Twinkies – Golden Sponge Cake with artificially flavoured Banana Creamy Filling” (...iii...)



(...i...)   There are web sites dedicated to the exotic nutrition found in insects and the “Giant Roasted Crickets” in different chip like flavours do exist.

(...ii...)  The peanut butter is a made up combination of stuff to add an ick factor.

(...iii...)  This exists.  Found on the web, so obviously not something that I made up on my own.

The End

You have reached the end of "CSI: Point of View (II)". This story is complete.

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