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Xander rising

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Summary: During the Halloween episode Xander gets Ares attention and this is the result of it.

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Chapter One

Xander Rising

Author: John "hatten" Carlsson
Beta: Hawklan
Disclaimer: I am the KING of the world if any one tries anything I will send my legions of mice on them or rather I don't own a thing here so don't be mad.
BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Batman and co to DC.

Note: This is inspired from the Fiction: Ares Rising by Teri. If Teri is angry please hurt someone else I don't like pain, but I really beg for mercy in advance.

Thanks to "Canadian Satan", for helping cleaning up some of the spelling before Hawklan got his fingers on this fic to clean it up a bit more.

A short X-over with Accidental Goddess exists. You can read it here.

Summary: During the Halloween episode Xander gets Ares attention and this is the result of it.

Note 2: The story is a bit OOC for some characters because they have a drastic change in life.
Note3: A small waring: This is one of the earliest fan stories I have written, so please to expect to much *g*


Chapter 1

Xander relaxed in his room. Anyone looking would have believed that he was firmly asleep on the couch with a small cat spinning softly on his chest, but inside his mind he went over what happened the last couple of days with his new work and duty. The thousand things that in his mind didn't stop him from hearing the call for help a call from a potential supporter. With a shimmering light he disappeared leaving a frustrated cat behind.

Inside the cats brain, *Warm sleeping place gone again, how dare it. I will claw his couch to ribbons*


A dimension and a heartbeat away in dark brooding cave a young man faced one of the hardest decisions in his young life.

Robin had a real bad day and so far it looked like it would turn to the worst. His arm bone was probably broken or at least fractured and Batman was held hostage and unless he freed him or gave Joker the key to the bio-weapon vault Batman would be killed. Robin angrily kicks a stone. "I am not the hero, I'm nothing."

Soundless a shimmering light appeared and a man spoke softly to Robin, "Robin, why do you look so troubled?"

Lighting fast Robin turned around looking at the strange young man, who probably was only a few years older than he was. He had the ugliest t-shirt Robin had ever seen.

"Who are you and how did you find the Batcave?" Robin asked.

The man smiled a genuine friendly smile and walked towards Robin, "I'm a friend and my name is Xander. Let me look at your arm, I can help you."

Robin's first instinct was to say no, but something deep inside of him screamed to trust Xander, so he just stood still and waited as Xander's hand softly touched his arm. A glowing light spread from him and over the arm.

"So try it now and tell me how you fell," Xander said as he sat down on the cave floor.

Robin slowly started to touch his arm and then flexed it, "It is whole again. It's not broken anymore."

Xander smile and said, "Actually it is still broken. I just hold it together until it heals itself. It's like glue just without the drip and drop."

With a confused voice, "So I can fight again?" Robin asked the smiling Xander.

"Yup, you can save the life of the Bat Tim." Xander answered.

"I... I... how did you know that?" Robin asked, nervous about the amount of knowledge Xander had.

Xander smiled looking a bit nervous, "I am the god of bravery and sidekicks, my new line of work, but I like it."

Robin looked a bit drooping, "Can you prove it?"

Xander laughed, "Hehehehe you have to have Faith, not the girl, just Faith."

Curious Robin asked, "So what I'm supposed to now? Bend over and worship you now?"

Astonished Xander answered, "Gods no, but sacrificing a Twinkie or offer me a prayer would be nice. My strength comes from such acts after all."

"If you are a god, can you help me free Batman?" Robin asked.

Xander looked like he was sleeping before his eyes opened, glowing with a golden light, "Yes and no. I can in this case and probably ONLY in this case give you a map to where Batman his held and a phone number to Catwoman. She is in town and she is, in this case, likely to help you if you offer her a escape the Batman once free card."

Depressed Robin asked, "That's ALL?"

"Hey, I am new at this and as gods go I am still weak. Info is the most I can do and I do have others to help. Actually you are the first and I still haven't got any followers," Xander said.

Not to impressed Robin said, "Oho, I love to talk but,"

Xander cut him off with a wave, "Don't bother. You have a friend and a town to safe. Just know I am there for you."

Robin smiled knowing that somewhere someone believed in him, he jumped on to his bike and rode away from the Batcave leaving the new god in a cloud of dust.

A voice echoed through the cave, "Would you like a cup of tea, Sir?"

Xander turned around, "I love to, Alfred. You wouldn't happen to have a Twinkie?"

Alfred smiled, "Of course, but surly a god like you would prefer something better then a Twinkie?"

"Better then a Twinkie? I don't think so," Xander smiled as he followed the friendly old man out of the cave.


Some days later

Batman entered the cave and saw Robin doing something strange and so asked, "What are you doing Robin?"

Robin replied, "Building a shrine to the god Xander."

Batman raised an eyebrow, "In the Batcave?"

Robin blushed, "Yeah is that a problem? He is the god of bravery and sidekicks and I thought I needed the extra help."

"Hmmm, I just don't understand why it is decorated with Twinkies?" Batman said with a confused smile.

Alfred answered that for Tim, "You know, I met him and he really likes Twinkies."

Batman blinked a bit, but decided that something was best left unanswered and left the two alone in that part of the cave.


Far away in another part of the country surrounded by books was a young girl studying hard, grown in frustration and irritation.

"I never get this right," the frustrated cry echoed across the empty room as the girl once again tried to fix the problem.

"I'm not smart," she said depressed as she slumped down.

With a shimmering light a good looking young man sat down beside her "And if you haven't been there Hawk-Man and many innocent would have died in the Opal building, but you overcame you fear and saved them."

Hawk-Girl looked up confused, "Look chuck. How do you know that? I haven't told anyone."

Xander smiled as he answered, "I am Xander my lady, the new God of Bravery and Sidekicks."

Hawk Girl smiled, "A God? With that t-shirt, are you serious?"

Xander smile was gone, "No I'm not Sirius. As I said I'm Xander, the new God of Bravery, Sidekicks and protector of fashion victims, besides Hawaii t-shirts look good."

Hawk-Girl replied, "Those t-shirts don't look good on ANY ONE."

Xander grinned, "At least you feel a bit better know. Look Hawky, what is your problem?"

"He didn't see me," Hawk Girl answered.

"What?" Xander looked a bit confused.

"Charley, the boy in my class, I'm not smart or cute enough for him to even see me. How can I be a hero if I don't even have a boyfriend?" Hawk-Girl said.

Xander look perplexed, "Having a boyfriend has nothing to do with being a hero. Trust me I'm a God and I still can't impress the girls I like."

Hawk girl look up at him, "Really?"

Xander replied sadly, "Really, their names are Cordy and Buffy and they knew me before I became a God and they still think I am a looser."

"You are kidding, right?" Hawk girl asked.

"No, I can't tell Buffy, because she is a hero and I told and even showed Cordy my powers and she still thinks I am a looser."

Hawk-Girl giggled, "That's so sad."

Smiling Xander offered her his hand, "You know, smiling like that and I know you can get his attention."

With a sparkle of light Xander disappeared leaving a pink rose as a goodbye.

Side Story 1

The gang is out

Ed looked up at Phil, his right hand and pain in the ass at the bowling hall, "So are we booked full for tonight?"

Phil answered him, "Jup bossman, most of the locals are there and then lane 7 and 8 is booked by some outsiders, having some kind of fun. Quite a lot of strange things they ordered."

"What do you mean?" Ed asked.

Phil start reading, "Sake, Mjod, I didn't even know you could order Mjod, but they gave me an address and behold it is here."

Molly, which stood near them, interrupted the boys, "Wait, Mjod? Is that not what the Vikings drank?"

Phil nodded, "Exactly right."

Ed just said, "Strange."

Phil replied with a grin, "I haven't even begun yet."

Molly looked curious, "There is more?"

Ed asked, "They did pay didn't they?"

Phil nodded, "Don't sweat it. They paid in advance and threaten to throw me in the darkest pit of hell if I try to make a fool of them."

Ed laughed, but stopped, as Phil didn't even smile, "You are joking right?"

"I don't think he was joking," Phil said. "Anyway then there is the food, Pizza's and Okinamijake. I had to find a Japanese restaurant just to find that stuff and also some Greek food I can't even pronounce."

Molly laughed, "What do they call them self?"

"Now the strange and fun starts, am I right?" Ed said.

Phil nodded,"I can see that you were an advocate before. You are right. They are two teams, one calls themselves the Wargods and the other team calls themselves Lovegods."

They laughed at the funny twist.

"Love and war, eh?" Ed quipped.

Phil nodded, "And just listen to the names. Ares, Alexander, Athena, Raiden, Strife and Tyr for the Wargods and then come the Lovegods Afrodite, Cupid, Freya, Benten, Ranko and Urvasi."

Molly said, "Boy they sure take the joke a bit too far."

Ed just nodded, but smiled.

Phil looked confused, "I don't get it."

Ed replied, "The names. Every name is of a god of war or love except Alexander and Ranko."

"But Athena is the name of the Goddess of intelligence," Molly said.

Ed nodded, "You are right, but she also was a warrior maiden."

Molly asked, "Are you sure?"

Ed replied, "She was known as a warrior Goddess and protector of Athens."

Phil asked a bit confused, "So those guys named themselves after myths?"

Ed nodded, "Exactly, except the last two. Alexander means protector of man and Ranko is Japanese. I think it means wild child."

Molly added, "Or wild flower. Did you know that Benten according to the myth had four arms?"

Phil laughed, "So she will be a natural in bowling. They said they would be here exactly at 8:00 and its 7:55 so we will soon see."

Exactly four minutes later the door opened and the first team walk in and the bowling hall went silent as everybody stopped to look at the persons.

No, Ed thought, Warriors is the only word to use for those,

They wore night black leather jackets with red signs and their names on front and big red text on the back -Pin it on the Wargods- written in gothic writing.

The first man was big, muscular and move like a warrior.

Ed could see cruelty and blood thirst coming from him in wave after wave. He had a cruel smile on his face and he looked at them with badly hidden despise. He had long black hair and a face most women would find fascinating, on his jacket stood the name Ares.

The second was a woman with flowing long brown hair and small spectacles. She also held a portable computer in one hand. Ed felt like a mouse in front of a cat that suddenly decided she was not hungry. Yet there was no cruelty or other emotion, just an endless well of intelligence, analyzing everything and finding most things not worthy, but by the gods she was a beautiful girl. The sign on her jacket named her Athena.

Number three was an equally impressive man, which moved with feline elegance. He had long white hair and a cruel smile, but kind eyes that were filled whit so much energy that Ed suddenly felt lazy. His jacket said he was Raiden.

The number four was less impressive, a thin almost anorectic young man who strode in like a rooster, proud and cocky, he had short black hair and numerous scars and tattoos. His jacket said he was Strife.

Number five was a young looking man and wave after wave of bravery and friendliness came out from him, yet Ed could see in his eyes a hardness and ruthlessness that belonged only in a warrior or murder his jacket said his name was Alexander.

Number Six really got Ed's attention a tall man with golden hair to his shoulder and a mighty beard. He was a head taller than the others were and walked like a king or a general. Ed could see how a few older soldiers suddenly stood at attention as he walked by them, nodding and acknowledging them and Ed noted his left hand was missing. In its place was a prostheses shaped like an axe.

Molly said nearly speechless, "Ed, when you said things never are boring in a bowling hall you were not kidding."

Then the door opened again and the team called Lovegods strode in.

Their Jackets were pink with a golden heart and on the front stood their names and on the back with big letters stood -Love Strikes back-.

First was a goddess, it must be a goddess because a human could not be that beautiful. She had long flowing brown hair that touched the ground beneath her, beautiful passion full eyes looked at him and the others and he could feel the temperature increase in the room. On the jacket he could read the name Aphrodite.

Second was a young man, that even the strictly heterosexual Ed felt attracted to, his hair was golden and he walked with an almost dancer like elegance. Friendly looks that promised love and friendship were given to anyone that looked at him.

Number 3 was a short Japanese girl with red hair. She had big breasts or it was probably just because she was so short that they looked that big. She firmly oozed sexuality and passion with every move she made. Ed realized that she moved like a warrior and her eyes were studying and cataloging everybody as she strode past them like a cat. The dress was obviously silk, flowing soft like something from a harem dream VS a Geisha House, but still it didn't reveal anything or hid anything. Ed couldn't decide if it was indecent or not, but it sure was beautiful. The Jacket named her Ranko.

Number four was a golden haired beauty, which moved with the self-assurances of a warrior and like the others a body of a goddess, her clothing looked more like paint then a real dress and her name tag said she is Freya.

Number Five was beautiful and sexy girl, she moved with a mix of a predator and prey, between her eyes she had a big stone and Ed was not sure, but it look like a Rubin, a big one. Her name tag said she was Urvasi.

Number six was another Japanese girl. This one moved with the security of a dancer and had a friendly smile, a love filled smile and it took Ed almost a minute before he realized that the girl had four arms. Her name tag said she was Benten.

The silence was total as the "gods and goddesses" started their bowling tournament, regardless of the surprise of the mortals.

Slowly Molly turned to Ed, "Did you see four arms on Benten?" Seeing how Ed nodded she continued, "Did the hunk named Tyr only had one hand?" Once again seeing how Ed nodded she became silent again.

Ed still looked at the love gods, "I guess this explain what the gods do this day's."

"Damn Bentan must be great at foreplay," Phil said a bit too loud at which most of the action in the Bowlinghall, including the gods, stopped and stared at him.

Some days later

The battle had been hard, but the Joker was defeated. Standing surrounded by the shrapnel of the big building Batman started to look around after Robin.

Batman found Robin, his body looked broken and bleeding from too many cuts and wounds. A sea of blood had surrounded his body. Batman was on his way when it happened.

A shimmering light appeared in front of the unconscious and bleeding Robin.

Surprised, Batman didn't have time to do anything, except to watch how the man started to glow and Robin's wounds stopped bleeding and he went from unconscious to sleeping.

The man berthed out and smiled a crocked smile and munches on a Twinkie.

"Who are you?" Batman demanded to know.

The man smiled and in a mocking bow replied, "Xander, God of Bravery and Sidekicks and a friend."

Batman looked at the man, his sharp mind analyzing everything before he said in a baffled voice, "I don't believe it."

Xander blinked, "But believe me I am a friend."

Batman answered, "That I believe."

Xander looked amused at Batman, "You don't believe that I am god?"

Batman shook his head, "It's obviously that you are some kind of god."

Xander looked even more curios now, "Then what?"

"Your t-shirt, it's hideous," was Batman's answer to the question.

Xander shook his head a bit annoyed, "Oh man not you too, Ares, Zeus, Cordy, Buffy. Can I help it that I am also the Saint of fashion victims? Beside there is nothing wrong with multi colored Hawaiian t-shirts."

Xander slowly disappeared in a spark of light but not before he turned Batman's mantel to a multi collard flag.


"Xander, you could get hurt," Buffy said, as Xander slowly stood up after being knocked down by a vampire.

"Well have you considered that it was part of my master plan?" Xander said.

Buffy looked at Xander, "What master plan, getting a concussion?"

"No, that is just the bonus, but by allowing the first vampire to knock me over I managed to trip the vampire you had problems with and you dusted them both," Xander said with happy voice.

"Right," Buffy said. "You should really stay home Xander, you are just a normal guy you could get hurt doing this."

Cordy standing nearby added, "Right loser boy, you can't even find a t-shirt that match your pants. Believing you can fight is pure hubris."

Buffy looked a bit cross at Cordy, "Don't help Cordy, I" but Xander had already walked away towards Giles. Buffy didn't see the grateful looks Cordy and he exchanged on their way over.

Only Giles did and yet another thing that bothered him about Xander lately grew inside of him.
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