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Love in Sunnydale

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Summary: After moving away from Pittsburgh Justin finds new friends in Sunnydale and maybe new love. (Warning: Xander/Justin slash)

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Television > QAF (UK and US versions)JacobPhoenixFR21612,3780243,1394 Mar 1030 Jul 10No

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Chapter 2

Disclaimer: Same as previous chapter.

Chapter 2

Xander was showing Justin around the school when he saw Principal Snyder show up and say, “Harris, who’s this?”

Justin looked at Snyder and said, “Sorry sir, my name is Justin Taylor, I’m a new student and Xander was just showing me around.”

“Oh,” Snyder said, “well Mr Taylor I think you could’ve found a better guide than this slacker,” and added, “Remember to choose your friends with a bit more wisdom,” and walked off.

Justin watched Snyder walk off and thought, ‘What the hell was his problem?’ He looked at Xander, who looked kind of down by what Snyder said; he looked at Xander and asked, “Are you alright Xander?”

“Yeah, I am,” Xander frowned, “it’s just that Snyder doesn’t like me or most kids in general.”

‘Oh,’ Justin thought looking at Xander’s frown, ‘that didn’t look good on him,’ and wondered why Xander put up with that kind of crap and then wondered how Snyder got into a position that was near kids?

As Xander and Justin walked down the hallways, Xander pointed out certain things and his mood improved a bit as they got away from that Snyder guy, he was kind of weird but a lot things seemed weird in this town.

As they came to the Library Xander looked in and saw the gang was talking about the latest demon, he had wanted to introduce Justin to Giles but he didn’t want Justin to get involved in the slaying so they backed away.

“Hey,” Justin asked, “what’s going on with you, didn’t you want to introduce me to your librarian?”

“Not right now,” Xander said, “Giles looks like he’s busy so I’ll introduce you later.”

“Oh, okay,” Justin said wondering what was going on with Xander, he seemed a bit moody and he kind of reminded him of Brian and as he thought about Brian, Justin flashed back to when he first met Brian at Babylon. He tried to stop the memories as he missed Pittsburgh so much.

“Hey,” Xander said, “Justin what’s wrong?” as he went near him he saw that Justin had a frown on his face and he wanted to help his new friend.

“It’s just that I miss some people in Pittsburgh,” Justin said sadly.

“Oh,” Xander said softly, he had no idea who Justin had left behind in Pittsburgh and said, “Oh god did you leave your, Uhh, boyfriend back there?”

“No,” Justin said, “Brian and I weren’t boyfriends just quite yet,” but he then looked at Xander and said, “but he was the guy I lost my virginity too,” smiling at Xander’s blush and how his eyes went wide.

“That’s good,” Xander stammered out, “he must’ve been quite a guy,” and continued to try to get the thoughts out of his head of Justin and this Brian guy rolling around together.

“You know something Xander,” Justin said, “you’re kinda cute when your all flustered like that,” he laughed as Xander’s face went beet red and he was just staring into space, he got a bit worried until Xander shook his head and Justin said, “You feeling better there Xander?”

“Yeah,” Xander said, “sorry about zoning out like that, no one has ever called me cute.” ‘Unless,’ he thought bitterly, ‘they’re planning on eating me or were playing with my feelings.’

Justin looked over and thought to himself, ‘Who wouldn’t consider Xander cute? He was funny and in fairly good shape,’ he patted Xander on the leg and grinned brightly at Xander.

Xander stiffened at Justin’s touch and looked at Justin’s bright smile and said, “Damn, your smile is like sunshine, you know that?”

“Sunshine was my nickname from one of my friend’s mom,” Justin said remembering Debbie and wondered if she knew he was gone yet, ‘Probably,’ he thought, ‘would she miss me or just forget me? I hope not.’

“Well the name fits, you could cheer up anyone with that wonderful smile,” Xander said now grinning.

“You’re not bad yourself Xander,” Justin said as they got up to go to lunch.

Meanwhile in the library, the gang was talking about the Mayor and Willow looked up from her computer saying, “It looks like he hired someone new for his office, her name’s Jennifer Taylor.”

Buffy’s face suddenly lit up, “Xander’s new friend, he said his last name was Taylor, he must be her son. What do you think the Mayor hired her for?”

Giles sighed and said, “Maybe we should inform Xander that he should probably avoid all contact with Mr Taylor until we are sure about him and his mother.”

Willow frowned, she knew how that would go, she saw that Xander had already considered Justin his friend and knew what would happen when they told Xander to stay away, he had a stubborn streak and there was no way he would simply abandon one of his friends because of what someone had told him to do.

“Uhh Giles,” Willow said, “Xander won’t listen to you about Justin; he’ll probably ignore everything you say to him about Justin.”

Buffy looked at Willow and asked, “Why would he ignore what Giles would tell him to do?”

Giles stammered out and said, “I wouldn’t tell him he couldn’t be friends, I would just suggest he just avoid the young man until we can be sure of him.”

Willow smiled to herself and knew just how this would turn out; Giles would calmly tell Xander of his fears and Xander would nod and ignore then Xander would be hanging out with Justin an hour later but she could hang out with them too after all Justin didn’t seem evil.

Meanwhile, Xander was still talking with Justin when Willow came in and sat between them, she smiled and said, “Hi Xander, I thought I’d get to know you’re new friend better.”

“Oh, that’s great Willow,” Xander said confused about why Willow was suddenly being so interested in his friend.

Willow looked at Justin and decided that there was no way he was evil, Xander usually had a good sense about these things and if he was bonding with Xander so quickly then it meant that Xander liked him and she would support their friendship.

Justin said, “Uhh, it’s nice to meet you, Willow is it?”

She nodded and said, “It’s nice to meet you too,” and proceeded to ask Justin questions about where he came from and she found that she liked the guy and if he was Xander’s friend she would be Justin’s friend too.

And as quickly as she came she left and Xander said, “Sorry about the third degree Willow gave you, she’s a bit overprotective about me, I guess.”

“Hey, it’s alright,” Justin said, “I like how she went to make sure I was a good guy to you, right?”

Xander said, “Yeah, that’s gotta be to be it.” Xander thought, ‘Willow wouldn’t have given Justin the talk like that unless she had reason to be distrustful about him and Justin was a good guy.’

“Hey,” Xander said, “I gotta get going for a minute; I’ll be back in a bit, okay Justin?”

“Oh, okay,” Justin said as Xander left, he wondered why Xander suddenly left like that.

Xander walked through the hallway to the library and saw Buffy and Giles talking by themselves, he walked in and asked, “Is there a reason why Willow was giving Justin the third degree?”

Giles looked up and said, “Well we found out his mom works for the Mayor and we’re thinking of checking his family’s back story out and Willow talked to Justin on her own I assure you.”

“I don’t think he or his mom are evil,” Xander said, “I mean not everyone who works for the Mayor is evil.”

Buffy smiled at him and said, “We’re just thinking of you Xander.”

Xander looked at her and listened to her reasons for why they might not be able to trust Justin just yet and Xander reasoned that they were good reasons but he trusted Justin, he thought, ‘Justin was nothing but honest with me and that puts him heads above some of the people I had met in my life.”

“So,” as Buffy said, “we think it’ll be good if you just avoid contact with Justin until I can verify that he’s a good guy.”

“Uhh, sure,” Xander said and he left the library to go back and talk with Justin.

Willow had just walked in and was listening to the conversation Buffy had with Xander and smiled; Buffy just made Xander want to hang out with Justin even more, she really didn’t know Xander as well as she thought.

Xander got back to where Justin was waiting and said, “So Justin, you doing anything this weekend?”

“No,” Justin said confused by what brought Xander’s sudden change of personality, he was kind of upset after that Willow girl came to talk to him and now he was cheerful.

“Good,” Xander said, “because I want to show you around town, is that alright with you Justin?”

“Uhh, yes,” Justin said confused, ‘Did Xander just ask me out?’ he thought, he looked up and saw Xander’s lopsided grin and answered it with his own grin.


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