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Love in Sunnydale

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Summary: After moving away from Pittsburgh Justin finds new friends in Sunnydale and maybe new love. (Warning: Xander/Justin slash)

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Television > QAF (UK and US versions)JacobPhoenixFR21612,3780243,1394 Mar 1030 Jul 10No

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Chapter 6

Disclaimer: Same as previous chapters.

Chapter 6

Justin visited Xander for a week; he would read to him and care for him and Cordelia would take him there and home, Buffy was starting to trust Justin and Willow was crying, she didn’t think Xander’s dad would have done this as he never cared what his son had done before, fact was he was more disinterested than anything but she could see Rory doing this as his uncle was actually fairly intolerant.

Willow decided to sneak around as she was sure that it wasn’t Tony, not as much as Cordelia was sure Tony didn’t do this as she thought. She wondered vaguely who would have even known that Xander was dating Justin as not many people in school cared, especially because of Larry.

Buffy was beyond pissed; the police let Tony go because there wasn’t enough proof while she wanted to go all slayer on him and Faith was agreeing with her, it had taken both Giles and Wesley to keep them from doing something they’d both regret.

Giles walked in to the library and he was beyond upset, he had visited Xander for a couple days and there wasn’t anything he could do to help, he went to his office and grabbed a glass and poured himself some scotch and sighed, he wanted to find something to take his anger out on when Angel walked in.

Angel ducked the bottle being flung his way and held his hands out trying to calm him down, he saw the pain on Giles’s face and he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Xander’s in the bloody hospital in a coma because someone saw him kissing another young man!!” Giles nearly screamed in rage.

“What?” Angel growled, “Who hurt him? Was it that Justin kid?”

“No,” Giles laughed bitterly, “Xander’s been dating him and a week ago someone beat him severely and we only found when Cordelia got angry and told us off.”

Angel walked out angrily, he had seen Buffy earlier that night but she seemed distant and now he knew why, he ran to the hospital as he was worried about Xander, not that he’d admit that to anyone.

As he got to the hospital he saw Justin sitting next to Xander and he was rubbing Xander’s hand so he decided to stay in the shadows and watch them, as he settled in he sniffed the air to reassure himself that they were both okay.

Justin wondered how Cordelia pulled this off allowing him to stay all night with Xander, he looked up and swore that he saw that Angel guy staring at him from the shadows so he walked out and stared into Angel’s eyes and said, “There a reason your here?”

Angel was impressed, he had thought he was well hidden but he must have gotten careless for Justin to find him, he said, “I was just worried about Xander, I just heard about the attack.”

Justin shrugged and went back to stay near Xander’s side and stroked his cheek, he was miserable; he knew they were both young but he honestly could see himself having a future with Xander and he had an idea that when Xander gave his love it was for keeps.

Angel simply watched Justin next to Xander and could hear Xander’s heartbeat; it was strong and it was getting stronger but for some reason he wasn’t waking up, like he didn’t want to wake up.

“Hey Xander,” Justin said, “I’m just going to get something to eat, I’ll be back soon,” and left.

After Justin left Angel walked in, disgusted with himself for what he was going to do to wake Xander up, he knew the boy was going to hate him but he couldn’t stay like this. He had heard that people in comas could hear their loved ones and it seemed he wasn’t waking up for Justin but he might wake up for someone he hated.

Angel sighed and put his best Angelus voice and said, “Harris, never figured you for a fairy but I got to admit that you have an eye for beauty in that Justin kid; he’s so sweet, innocent and pure. But don’t worry about him; I’ll see to him while you lay in dreamland, just don’t expect him to be so pure or innocent when you wake up. I bet his blood is just as sweet as he is.”

Xander was in a nightmare; he saw Angel feeding off Justin and feeding him blood, he attempted to stop it but he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head and collapsed, he saw the scene shift and he was in front of Justin’s grave and he saw Angel helping Justin out of his grave and Justin’s face, it scared him as it was ridged and his eyes, those beautiful blue eyes were gold and he screamed.

Angel jumped back in surprise, he knew the boy liked Justin but he smelled the anger and fear as Xander’s eyes opened, he looked at Angel’s eyes and said, “Stay the FUCK away from my boyfriend before I kill you in horrible ways that involve needles filled with holy water!!!”

Xander tried to get up but he was still too weak, he saw Angel smiling with relief and patted him on the back, while he glared at him Angel said, “Do you need something to eat? Drink maybe?”

“What the hell?” Xander growled, “Where am I?”

Justin was walking back when he heard the scream, he ran in and saw Xander up and looking around, he rushed in and hugged him.

Xander returned the hug and gave Justin a kiss; he pulled Justin towards him to keep him from Angel who simply smirked.

Angel said, “Xander, it’s time for Justin to know the truth, don’t you think?”

“What truth?” Justin asked almost afraid and gulped, “Were you two lovers?”

Xander looked pale and like he wanted to go back into the coma and sputtered, “Lovers!!?” and Angel simply looked thoughtful and winked at Xander, causing him to shudder even further and said, “Justin, please don’t take me to that scary place.”

Angel said, “Okay Xander, I’ll tell him if you won’t, this kid is sweet like candy,” he vamped out and said, “Look at me Justin.”

Justin looked ill; he saw the guy’s face shift, his features got replaced by ridges, yellow eyes and his teeth. He paled and looked for something for hit the guy with.

Xander glared at Angel as much as he could, who simply smirked until Justin, in an attempt to protect his boyfriend, slammed his leg into Angel’s groin as hard as he could.

Angel collapsed while Justin grabbed a tray and hit Angel on the head and screamed, “Xander, run!!!”

Xander began to laugh as Angel struggled to get up only to be smacked down again and told Justin to stop.

“But Xander, he’s a monster,” Justin said as he prepared to hit Angel again.

“Yeah, he’s a monster but right now he’s a kind of good monster,” Xander laughed as he pulled Justin towards him and hugged him.

Justin returned the hug, grateful that his boyfriend was awake and kissed him deeply and asked, “Do you remember who attacked you Xander?”

Xander shook his head and said, “Whatever did it, did it from behind so I couldn’t see them.”

Angel nodded and saw that they needed to be left alone and watched the two embrace passionately and smiled softly as the two embraced again, he sighed.

Xander looked at Justin and said, “I’m sorry for not telling you about things in this town, I wanted to keep you safe from the things out there.”

Justin whispered, “I was more shocked about your friend and I’m more afraid of what people do, I mean Xander you were viciously attacked by a human.”

“Yeah,” Xander muttered slowly as Justin kissed him again and got up to leave; Xander looked and said, “Hey, I don’t want to be alone.”

“I’m not leaving you, I’m just calling Cordelia that you’re up and she’ll inform your friends,” Justin said.

“Oh,” Xander moaned, “But come back soon.”

Angel saw Justin leave and followed him, he’d protect him while he made the call, he looked at the clock and noticed that is was three in the morning, that was going to go well for Cordelia.

Cordelia was sleeping when the phone rang and she woke, bumping her head against the wall muttering, “Someone had better have died.” As she picked it up she heard Justin’s voice telling her that Xander was awake, she got up and said, “He’s up?”

She got dressed quickly and ran out of the door and into her car, she was going to see Xander now and she prayed that he could tell her who did it.

Justin ran back in to the room and saw Xander trying to get up and pushed him down, “No Xander, stay down and rest.”

“Come on,” Xander groaned, “I’ve been asleep for a week; I want to take a walk.”

Justin sighed and held Xander down while he watched Xander give him a look that seemed to plead with him to let him go, “No Xander, you need to be in bed for a bit longer.”

“Alright,” Xander grumbled as he laid back down; he just wanted to walk around and if his walk took him out of the hospital who was he to argue but as he looked at Justin who gave him a look.

As they sat talking about what happened the week while he was gone Justin told Xander how much he missed him and that his friends came to visit him too. Cordelia came in and hugged him tightly saying, “You big goof, you need to be more careful next time.”

“Yeah,” Xander grumbled, “Now please get me out of here; I wanna be anywhere else but here.”

“No,” Cordelia said, “You have to be here, for tonight at least but Justin and I can stay here.”

Xander sighed as Justin gave him a kiss and said, “Alright, I’ll suffer one more day but I want to let the girls know I’m fine.”

“In the morning,” Cordelia said, “But you sleep now or at least stay in bed.”

“Yes Cordy,” Xander groaned as Justin walked out to get something for them all to eat.

Cordelia sat next to Xander and said, “Are you alright? I mean, are you in any pain?”

“No,” Xander groaned, “But, before you ask, I don’t remember much about my attacker, whoever did it was behind me.”

“Was it your dad?” Cordelia growled out angrily, “That’s who the police thought did it.”

“No, I don’t think he’d care enough about me dating another man,” Xander said, “Anything to get me out of the house faster, short of killing me. I mean he hates the police, he doesn’t want them near him.”

The morning came soon enough and Cordelia went out to get Xander some clothes and they left, Xander stretched out his legs but was disappointed to find out that he had to use a cane until he got his full strength back.

“Xander,” Justin said, “You’re going to be living with me and my mom until we are sure that whoever attacked you is behind bars.”

“Ooh,” Xander said, “Moving in together already? A bit fast for us don’t you think?” and laughed.

Cordelia shook her head and said, “When we get back to your house Justin I want to call his friends, that way they can visit us there.”


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