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Love in Sunnydale

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Summary: After moving away from Pittsburgh Justin finds new friends in Sunnydale and maybe new love. (Warning: Xander/Justin slash)

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Television > QAF (UK and US versions)JacobPhoenixFR21612,3780243,1394 Mar 1030 Jul 10No

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Chapter One

Love in Sunnydale

A/N: this is a big AU of BtVS season 3 and of Queer as Folk Season 1 and it will be slash of the Xander/Justin variety, it takes place after the Lovers Walk episode.

Disclaimer: I do not own either BtVS or the Queer as Folks series or the characters in the shows.

Chapter 1

Justin looked at the information for the town of Sunnydale, his mom moved them here after she had seen his father kick him out, and his mother had enough so she decided to move them to Sunnydale as she had actually gotten a good job there working for the Mayor’s office so she, Justin and Molly were moving to California. Justin was pissed off; he had lost his virginity to Brian and he really loved the older man, he wondered, ‘Would Brian even notice if I was gone or would Brian move on?’ as he packed his bags, Molly had complained about moving and leaving all of her friends behind but their mom had made up her mind, she wanted a new beginning for all of them.

“Mom,” Justin said, “isn’t there anywhere else we can move too? Like, maybe, somewhere else here in Pittsburgh?”

Jennifer looked at Justin, he had changed so much in the last couple of months; she had found out he was gay and, well, she was still trying to accept that about him. What she couldn’t accept was his crush on such an older man but maybe he could at least find someone nice around his own age and maybe, just maybe, they could find happiness in Sunnydale.

“But mom, the town seems almost abnormally normal,” Justin said as they drove west, “it sounds like a boring little town,” he continued to try to convince her again.

She looked back at Justin and said, “I know it seems hard right now but you’ll find new friends there.”

Justin growled as they continued to drive west, he really didn’t like leaving his friends and Brian behind but he knew that Brian could find someone new and resigned himself to wasting away in a normal humdrum town away from the city, at least it was close by LA which would be cool to spend his Fridays and possible weekends.

As they drove past the welcome sign Justin grumbled and said, “I don’t think I’ll like it here,” as they drove to their new house, he saw the rather large house and Justin said, “Mom, how did we get this place?”

“Oh, the property values in this town are really low,” Jennifer said as she opened the back of the U-haul, “like they’ve been slashed repeatedly,” and added, “Justin, help me with the boxes.”

Justin sighed as he picked up the first box and carried in the house, he heard his mom say, “The top left room is yours.”

“Alright mom,” Justin called as he brought in the boxes. ‘Thankfully,’ he thought, ‘we didn’t bring that many boxes, dad had been particularly bitter in the divorce,’ he was struggling with some of the heavier boxes.

Justin growled, ‘Did my mom have to be cheap by not hiring moving men?’

He suddenly heard a voice say, “Hey, do you need help?”

Justin looked up and saw a smiling man around his age he gulped and said, “Yeah, I do.”

“Okay, let me help,” the boy said as he picked up a box and carried it to the door.

Justin smiled and said, “Oh yeah, I’m Justin Taylor, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Oh, I’m Xander Harris,” the boy said as he got back into the trailer to pull out a box.

“Nice to meet you,” Justin said as he found himself checking Xander out. He thought to himself, “Xander’s not that bad looking,” he idly wondered if Xander was gay but decided against hitting on him for now because he really had no idea how Xander would respond.

Xander and Justin worked throughout the day unpacking and finally finished well before sundown, “Well,” Justin said, “looks like it’s going to be night soon.”

“Uhh,” Xander said, “looks like it’s time to get indoors Justin, this town gets a bit weird at night. I’d hate it if something happened to you on your first night here.”

“Oh,” Justin said, “I was hoping to see if there were any clubs here.”

“Well,” Xander said, “if you want tomorrow I’ll take you to the Bronze.”

Justin smiled at Xander and said, “That’d be great, I’d love that but hey, do you want to stay for dinner? I owe you one.”

Xander thought it over and knew that he had to go to a meeting of the Scoobies tonight, he really didn’t want to though he felt like he was being left out again. Maybe he could take Justin to the Bronze tonight, after all they really didn’t need him and he would like to have a normal night out.

“Hey Justin, I might be able to take you to the Bronze today, if you want to that is?” Xander said cheerfully.

Justin shot Xander a huge smile and said, “I’d love that,” and ran inside to tell his mom that he’d be out for a little while.

Jennifer looked at who Justin was spending time with, she saw a handsome young man with a large smile and gentle warm brown eyes; he seemed to be a polar opposite of that Brian Kinney man that Justin had a crush on and just for that she liked him already, she really liked that he helped packing, he didn’t have to, it was him being polite that won her over and she hoped that he would become Justin’s friend.

“Yes, you can go Justin but you have to have dinner first,” as she got to the phone, she looked at Xander and asked, “What’s a good place to call for takeout?”

“Uhh, in Sunnydale?” Xander said, “Around this time not many restaurants have take out at this time of night. In Sunnydale it gets kind of weird after dark.

“Oh,” Jennifer said worried, “maybe you two should stay in, and then we could watch some movies or something like that.”

Xander grinned and said, “Oh, Justin and I would be alright, I know how to avoid the trouble spots in Sunnydale.”

“Well, please be careful, both of you,” Jennifer said, “I don’t want anything bad to happen to either of you.”

Xander nodded and grabbed Justin by the hand said, “Don’t worry, I won’t let anything harm your son,” as they left the house.

As the two walked through the town Xander kept Justin close to him to keep him safe, when they came to the Bronze Xander sighed with relief; they’d be good for the next little while he kept an eye on Justin, he thought to himself, ‘Justin’s cute, he would be like candy to vampires.’

Justin looked around at the people dancing at the Bronze and thought to himself, ‘They had good music here,’ he guessed that it was one benefits to living in a small town; they had good live music, but he sighed, ’I miss Brian a lot and I wish I could just go back to living in Pittsburgh but, as it was, I was stuck in Sunnydale,’ but as he saw Xander weave through the crowd holding a couple of drinks, ‘At least I have a friend.’

As they sat down Xander asked Justin all sorts of things and Justin saw no need to lie about himself, he decided to let Xander know that he was gay, hoping he wouldn’t lose Xander’s respect or friendship, “Uhh, Xander I’m gay, I feel it’s better if you know outright.”

Xander looked at Justin in surprise and said, “Uhh, I don’t care actually that if you’re gay, it’s cool with me.”

“You’re uneasy aren’t you?” Justin said quietly, fearing Xander’s response.

“No,” Xander said truthfully, “I’m not uneasy, I actually respect you for telling me outright.”

Justin smiled brightly, his blue eyes wide. Xander gulped, he had never seen eyes that blue before, and not that he was checking Justin out, no sir, not him. He checked out girls before but he heard a little voice say, ‘It’s not like you’ve had THAT much luck with the women Xanny boy,’ as he looked at Justin’s eyes again, they were really pretty.

“You alright Xander?” Justin asked a bit nervous at why Xander just stopped and stared at him for a bit.

“Uhh, yeah,” Xander said quietly trying to keep his mind off Justin’s eyes.

The two boys chatted for a couple minutes when Justin heard a, “Xander, there you are,” Justin looked up and saw a blonde girl stare down at them.

Xander said, “Uhh, hi Buffy how was the meeting?”

Buffy sighed and said, “We were wondering where you were, you weren’t at the meeting and we didn’t know where you were.”

“I thought I was allowed to have my own life Buffy?” Xander said a little peeved that she was scolding him for just trying to his own life and make new friends.

“It’s alright, we were just worried,” Buffy said as she suddenly noticed Justin sitting next to Xander, she smiled, Xander’s new friend was cute and she smiled at Justin, “Hi, I’m Buffy.”

Justin looked at Buffy and said, “Hi, I’m Justin, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, same here,” Buffy said as she sat down across from him, she admired Justin’s blonde hair and those blue eyes. He was a total babe; she openly stared at him until Angel came in.

Justin noticed the tall dark stranger come in and, well, he was attractive but he had some sort of weird vibe that he didn’t like, he saw Buffy smile and go and kiss him.

She looked back and said, “Oh Justin this is Angel, my boyfriend.”

Angel smiled gently at Justin and said, “It’s nice to meet you Justin.”

Justin noticed that Xander was getting a bit nervous by Angel’s presence and wondered why he didn’t feel good around the guy; maybe Angel had done something to Xander and said, “Uhh, I gotta get going.”

Xander said, “Let me walk you home Justin, it’s getting late.”

“Sure,” Justin said, as they left the Bronze Justin wondered why Xander didn’t like Angel but he knew it wasn’t his business but Angel creeped him out, what was it about him? He would’ve thought that he would’ve gone crazy for some tall dark stranger but something about him felt wrong.

As they got to Justin’s home Xander said, “Uhh, if you need someone to show you around at school tomorrow I can.”

Justin shot Xander a winning grin and said, “Thanks Xander, I’ll see you tomorrow then,” and closed the door.

Xander walked home as he always did avoiding areas that he knew to be demon infested, for some reason he was excited about meeting Justin, maybe it was just that he needed some male friends and Justin would be cool to have as a friend.

Justin was laying in his bed thinking about Brian, Daphne, Debbie, Melanie and Lindsey, he missed his friends in Pittsburgh but maybe he could make some new friends here so he wouldn’t complain too much and he thought, ’Hmmm, that Xander wasn’t exactly hard on the eyes.’

The next morning Jennifer woke Justin and Molly up and said, “Okay guys, I gotta get you guys ready for school,” as she heated up a couple of leftovers for them, she looked at them and said, “I’ll buy groceries tonight, okay?” After they ate Jennifer got them into the car, she dropped off Molly and then Justin, she looked at him and said, “I know you’re unhappy here but you’ll love this place, I’m sure of it.”

Justin sighed and said, “Whatever,” and as he walked out and towards his new school he would do his best to make the best of this new place.


Poll Question: Should Justin find out about Sunnydale’s unique wildlife or should I concentrate on this being more of a romance between Justin and Xander and also what should the Scoobies reaction be when they find out?

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