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Don't Know Why

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Summary: Willow meets someone that could change her life forever

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: JamillessthanlucidFR1521,651048,87415 Jan 0315 Jan 03Yes

Don't Know Why

Title: Dont Know Why (1/2)  
Author: lessthanlucid
Disclaimer: Song belongs to Norah Jones, AB to LKH and BTVS to Joss.
Pairing: W/ ? surprise
Feedback: Makes me happy to know someone appreciates my attempts at different.
Distribution: Anyone can have it just let me know where it goes. Archived at Twisting the Hellmouth.
Notes: Takes place in the AB universe. No spoilers for the show or Ab. Willow did go bad and she is now learning to control her power. Jamil, Shang-Da and Richard are in LA because Richard had to go to a teaching seminar there.


Sunnydale, California (1 week ago)

"Buffy, I don't see why I have to be the one to go. Why can't Xander go? or Spike?"

"Will's you know why. Spike would be staked by Angel before he could utter a word and Xander has issues with Angel and Cordelia. There's no one else but you. You also can safely drive yourself there and back in my SUV. I would go but I couldn't drive myself there, remember me failed Drivers Ed 3 times."

"Fine but I'm going under extreme duress. What am I going to get anyway? Giles said it was some book on weird prophecies about the end of days. He said they also mention things about my role or at least a slayers role in the whole thing. Wesley knows what to give you. Have fun, be careful. Gotta go slay some vamps so I'll see you tomorrow afternoon sometime? It shouldn't be more than just a pickup but take some extra clothes just in case." What? I spill coffee on myself? Probably. LA here I come.

I waited 'til I saw the sun
I don't know why I didn't come
I left you by the house of fun
I don't know why I didn't come
I don't know why I didn't come


LA, 3 days after leaving Sunnydale.

Stupid UPS people. Why cant they just get here with the package already? How hard could it be? I've been in LA for 3 days in the hotel. Helping Cordelia answer phones, I'm reduced to researching demonic possessions of pipes for Angel. How demeaning, I'm going to do something extremely ugly to the UPS man when he arrives with that damn book. Turn him into a frog and ugly frog the color of his own uniform.



"You do know that starring at the door wont make him come any faster? In fact it makes everything move slower. How about me and you go to this bar I know and catch up on.....things?"

"Cordy, I don't think--"

"It will get you out of the office." Cordelia taunted knowing Willow was dyeing of boredom

"I'm there." With that thought I went upstairs and magic myself some bar hopping clothes which consisted of black leather pants, boots, and a jewel green tube top. Glamour spell took are of the make up and hair. Cordy was ready by the time I went downstairs

"Willow, you look good. A little to Faith like for my taste but not too bad, better than the softer side of Sears." I laughed at her totally Cordy like compliment and we headed out.


When I saw the break of day
I wished that I could fly away
Instead of kneeling in the sand
Catching teardrops in my hand

Caritas- after 2 Long Island Ice Teas

"Go for it."

"No, I couldn't."

"Yes, you can, just get up go over there and use a pick up line guys usually use. He's totally checking you out." At Cordy's urging and with the Tea I drank making me feel pleasantly happy I didn't find anything wrong with doing just that.

He was yummy and surrounded by his friends I guess. They all looked at me when I reached their table.

"Be unique and different say yes?" They all looked confused then laughed.

"Richard's not interested so beat it." I wished these women would leave the Ulfric alone to drink a beer in peace for once. I knew Shang Da was thinking the same thing.

"That's nice. Who's Richard?" They pointed to the guy in the middle, he was hot but not what I wanted.

"Oh, that's nice too but I done want him, no offense Richard." I gave Richard a happy smile.

"None taken."

"I was after your friend here but that was before he opened his mouth, now I'm not so sure....what do you think Richard? Should I give him another chance or go for your other friend he has a very intense stare that makes me shiver and think of other intense things." I could hear growling coming from my hottie. Guess they weren't quite human then again I wasn't either. The really tall GQ Asian guy was laughing and Richard was pushing my hottie out of his seat with a simple, "Have fun, and Jamil done be stupid twice."

My heart is drenched in wine
But you'll be on my mind
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