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Once More, With Glee.

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Summary: After Sunnydale sinks, several of its former residents set up in Lima, Ohio and start attending/teaching at William McKinley High.

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Chapter Six

Notes: So, I started this story before the second half of season one aired. After the season ended, I felt a little lost. But I've had enough positive comments that I want to keep this story going, even if it is splitting off from the canon universe. The biggest difference, of course, is that neither Puck nor Finn is the father of Quinn's baby. Who is? We shall see. Also, I said Puck was 17, although at the end of the season they made it pretty obvious that most of the glee club is supposed to be 16. Let's just say Puck got held back in kindergarten. There are three powerful demons living Lima (and probably a couple of minor ones, but they not the ones to worry about) and a handful of vampires. Let's see what happens next.

Thanks to lumierelanuit and melissouza for the recs! And thank all of you for the nice reviews. I might have abandoned this one without a little prompting.

Thanks to Shulik as usual, for kicking my butt in gear. Go vote for her in the COAs!
I'm nominated in the Best Games Crossover category.

Additional note: this story is going to have some abuse themes in it. Just advance warning that it might eventually turn a bit darker than most of my other fics.

Chapter 6

Puck listened as Mr. Harris explained everything to him—magic, demons, werewolves, monsters. Puck was torn between calling them all crazy, and being incredibly turned on that he just bedded a superhero. The redheaded lady levitated the table to prove to him that magic was real—as though he hadn't just seen her pop into the kitchen from nowhere. And then the brunette who usually worse scarves around her neck, and always hung out with Artie, was tossed a wrench by the shop teacher—which made Puck wonder why there was a wrench in the kitchen—and she bent it in half. Puck noticed that the girl, Shannon or Sharon or something, had her hair pulled back in a ponytail, and he could see why she usually wore scarves. She had a nasty-looking burn on her neck.

“It's not nice to stare,” Shannon said, giving him an evil death glare.

“Sorry,” Puck said, looking down at his plate. These girls were scarier than Rachel during one of hissy fits.

“Look,” the redhead said, “I get that you hang out with my girls. If you can keep a secret, that that's cool. If you can't keep their secrets, I'll have to wipe your memory.”

“No, I'm good,” Puck said, “What's your name again?”


“I'm good, Willow. So monsters are real and you guys are superheroes. I can dig that.”

“Actually,” Xander said, “You might be able to help us. Have you lived in Lima your whole life?”

“Yeah,” Puck said, “Pretty much. Why?”

“As far as we can tell, there are three really powerful demons living in town. There might be a few little ones too, but there are three really powerful ones,” Dawn said. “And a handful of vamps. If you were going to guess who was evil in this town, who are the first people who come to mind?”

“Coach Sylvester,” Puck said immediately.

“That's the vibe I get,” Caridad said. “She 'ping' as evil. But like maybe she try and hide it with mojo. She still feels evil.”

“That's what most of the girls have been saying after gym class, Willow, that their gym teacher is evil,” Kennedy said, slipping her arms around Willow's waist. They could tell that Puck was staring at them, but they weren't surprised. He seemed like the type of teenaged boy to be spellbound by lesbians.

“We all thought that in high school,” Willow said. “But it's worth checking out. I'll make you a potion to tell if she's a demon.”

“What about demons installed in human bodies?” Dawn asked. “Wesley was telling me that one of their former clients was this necromancer who would install the essences of living demons into dead human bodies so they could pass in normal society.”

“I might have to tweak it. At the very least we can set something up to tell whether or not she has a soul. Other than that, we can try and refine the demon locating spells.”

“Anybody else in town creep you out, Puck?” Shannon asked. “Make you uncomfortable or maybe seem a little too perfect?”

“Mr. Ryerson is kinda creepy,” Puck said. “He used to be the glee coach until he got fired for fondling a student. He still lives in town, but they don't let him teach anymore. Josh Groban took got a restraining order against him, 'cause Mr. Ryerson was stalking him and sending him nude pictures.”

“That sounds like potential demon-material,” Willow said. “Fondling students is definitely not of the good.”

“Well, unless you are a student,” Xander pointed out.

“Yes, then it's okay.” Willow said. “Well, as long as the person being fondled is agreeable to the situation,” she clarified.

“Okay, you've just used the word fondle way too many times during breakfast,” Dawn said.

“This is very true,” Carlos agreed.

“Jordy, you need more food?” Xander asked.

“Yes please,” he said.

“Ah, a bit more coherent now?” Kennedy asked, as she went over to the stove to refill Jordy's plate.

“Yeah, well, you try feeling like every part of your body is being ripped apart and the very essence of what makes you you is ripped away as a beast takes it place, and you lose all capacity for rational thought,” Jordy snapped at her, “Then see how coherent you are in the morning.”

“Sorry,” Kennedy said. “I've still got to work on that whole brain to mouth filter issue. I know I can be pretty bratty sometimes. Sorry.”

“It's okay. I'm always moody around the full moon,” Jordy said.

“You're a werewolf? How did that happen?” Puck asked.

“Hereditary. Well, it can be passed by bite, too, but mine was hereditary.”

“Puck, anyone else strike you as creepy or a bad person?” Xander asked

“Quinn's dad, maybe? I don't know if he's evil or anything, but he's definitely a hardass. He won't let me come over anymore because he thinks I'm a bad influence, 'cause my dad was a drunk before he skipped town. And he barely tolerates Finn, even though Finn's one of the best guys in our school—because his mom's kinda poor. When we were kids, Quinn had to take these etiquette classes, and when she was sixteen she had to go to a ball in a fancy dress. It was weird. She looked really hot in that poofy dress, though. Anyway, when we were in middle school, Quinn used the wrong fork once, and he grabbed her plate and threw it against the wall.”

“Does her dad hit her?” Xander asked. This was the second Lima native who'd told him Quinn's dad seemed disreputable. Xander intended to check this out first thing Monday.

“Maybe,” Puck said. “I've never seen him do it, but I think, yeah. I'm pretty sure he does.”

“And you never spoke up?” Dawn asked.

“I never really thought about it until you asked,” Puck said. “Like, once you asked I could search my memory for clues or, whatever, but I hadn't, like, consciously thought of it before.”

“Xander, there's something not-quite-human walking up the front steps,” Jordy said.

The doorbell rang. Xander stood to answer the door, and Faith, Willow, Dawn and Kenned followed him. A tall brunet man stood on the front step.

“Connor?” Willow asked. “What's up?”

“I needed to put as many miles between Angel and me as I could,” Connor said. “This is as far East as I knew anyone. Is there room for me here?”

“Of course, Connor,” Xander said. Stepping aside to leave room for Connor to enter, without voicing an audible invitation.

“Damn, Junior, you're a sight for sore eyes,” Faith said as Connor walked in, a duffel bag thrown over one shoulder. He looked like he hadn't slept in days, and like he'd been living in a dumpster.

“He erased me. He erased me from everyone's memories, so he wouldn't have to deal with having a screwed up kid,” Connor said. His legs buckled under him, and he fell, allowing Faith to catch him.

“You okay?” she asked, quietly.

“I just started running. I ran across a couple of states. Eventually I got on a bus. I haven't slept in about a week. I had to leave. Angel, he's not himself. With Cordelia dead I think he'd lost it. Angel's going evil and Wesley's going crazy. Lorne's an entertainment agent, and Gunn's become a lawyer. Harmony's their secretary.”

“Chuck's a lawyer?” Faith asked, shocked.

“Wesley's going crazy?” Dawn asked. “I just talked to him on the phone. He sounded a bit sad, but coherent.”

“His girlfriend turned into a demon,” Connor said.

“Connor, come into the kitchen, there's food, and then you can have a shower and take a nap. The house grows new bedrooms when needed, so you can stay here as long as you want,” Xander said.

“Okay,” Connor said. He allowed himself to be led into the kitchen.

Puck found himself ignored after that. The girls were all doting on the new kid, who looked like he'd taken a nap inside a blender. Eventually Puck got up and started to leave.

“You going home already, kid?” Faith asked.

“Yeah. I've gotta go take care of my sister,” Puck said.

“'Kay, see you around,” Faith nodded. “Don't do anything stupid.” Against her better judgment, she grabbed Puck and kissed him. “See you later,” she said, practically pushing him out the door.


“Sorry, I just don't see it,” Mercedes said.

“He's gorgeous,” Kurt argued. “Those lips? So kissable.” The two of them had gone for ice cream, and were walking through town while talking about the cuteness of guys.

“Maybe,” Mercedes asked. She started to turn down the street they normally took home, when Kurt hesitated.

“I think that's a bad idea, Mercedes. I think we should take another way home.”

“We always go this way. It's the fastest, and we can stop by Blockbuster on the way.”

“It feels wrong today,” Kurt said, but looked at his BFF. She really wanted to stop at the video store, just like they usually did. “Um, okay. Let's go.”

Mercedes didn't understand why Kurt seemed so uneasy, but as they walked, she started to doubt her path as well. There was a tingling on her skin, and a weird feeling in her gut. All of a sudden, she and Kurt weren't alone.

“Coach Tanaka?” Kurt asked, his eyes wide. “But, you're dead.”

“So it seems,” the former gym teacher said. “I'm still hungry, though.”

Mercedes gasped as his face changed. His forehead got all bumpy, and it reminded her of something. Something she'd seen in a dream maybe? She watched as the coach moved to make a grab for Kurt, but she spun around and kicked him. Kurt was her best friend, and nobody was allowed to hurt him. Nobody. She kicked him again, then spun around and kicked him a third time. Coach Tanaka managed to get an arm around her, but before he could bite her, she wriggled out of his grasp and flipped him onto his back.

“There he is!” a voice called.

“Mercedes, catch!” a familiar voice called, and before she knew what was going on, a piece of wood was being thrown at her. She caught it, and felt the weight of it in her hand. It felt natural. Instinctively, she shoved it into his chest. Her gym teacher crumbled to dust in her hands.

“Nice one,” the voice called, and Mercedes realized it was Shannon from Glee club. She was with Dawn Summers, and an older brunette in a jean jacket.

“Looks like we found the other slayer,” Dawn said.

“Slayer?” Mercedes asked.

“That's what you are,” the other girl said. “I'm Faith. Whose your friend.”

For the first time since the fight started Mercedes remembered Kurt.

“Kurt! Are you okay?”

“Okay? That was awesome. You were like Xena or something. You kick ass, girl,” Kurt said, bumping fists with his best friend.

“You knew going down the street was a bad idea, though,” Mercedes said, “You wanted to stop me. How did you know?”

“I just know things sometimes. I can't explain it,” Kurt said, embarrassed.

“You're a Seer,” Dawn realized.

“A what?” Kurt asked, putting a hand on his hip.

“A Seer. A precog. You get visions of the future. Premonitions. You know things before thy happen. Am I wrong?” Dawn asked.

“No,” Kurt said. “You're not wrong. Can you please explain what just happened though? Mercedes just turned our dead teacher into dust.”

“Coach Tanaka was a vampire,” Shannon said. “Mercedes is a vampire slayer, like me and Vi, and Faith here. Some of the other girls are slayers too. There used to be one, but now there's a bunch of us.”

“Um, okay,” Mercedes said. “Can you start at the beginning?”

“Sure,” Dawn said. “Why don't you two come back to our place and we'll give you the whole spiel. It's a Saturday, no school tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Mercedes said. “But Kurt was gonna go back to my place, so I've got to call home first.”

“I don't wanna go home yet,” Faith said. “I haven't killed anything yet.”

“Well, if Connor's awake he'll want to spar. He has some aggression he needs to fight out,” Dawn pointed out.

“Fine. But should we be bringing people home with the Pup out and about?” Faith questioned.

“He'll be okay. He doesn't change 3 nights in a row anymore. It'll be fine.”

“Alright,” Faith said. “Just as long as I don't have to give the speech.”


Brittany and Mercedes were bonding at Xander's house over the fact that they were both slayers. Kurt was sitting quietly on a couch by himself. The news of the supernatural didn't really shock him that much, but watching his best friend bond with new friends made him feel a little left out. He was trying to not feel sorry for himself when the artsy goth girl, Kit, sat next to him.

“So, you're a seer?” she asked. She'd never spoken to him before.

“Yeah,” he said.

“That's good. I mean, we used to be friends with a seer, back in Sunnydale, but she died. You're not going to die, are you?”

“I don't think so,” Kurt said, surprise on his face.

“She predicted her own death. Buffy tried to save her. She did save her, but Cassie died anyway. It was sad. I cried, and I went to her funeral. I don't want you to die, okay? Don't die.”

Kurt was reminded of a little bird, the way Kit spoke, almost like the words were flitting around in her mouth, coming out faster than she wanted them to. Kit grabbed Kurt's hand.

Don't die” she said firmly.

“Okay,” Kurt said. “I won't.”

“Okay. Good.” Kit got up and walked away from him, while Kurt looked a little stunned,. Carlos, the cute-but-scary-Mexican guy nodded to Kurt and then followed Kit out of the room. Dawn sat down next to Kurt where Kit had been.

“She likes you,” Dawn remarked.

“Huh?” Kurt asked.

“Kit doesn't talk to strangers. She sought you out. That's a good thing. Kit's a little...fragile. Some bad things happened before we moved her, and she's not all better yet. But she's a good person, and she likes you.

“I heard,” Kurt said. “I mean, I heard her parents got killed in a riot or something.”

“A lot of bad things happened. There was a bunch of earthquakes, a bunch of riots, some gangs, some demons. A lot of people never made it out of Sunnydale let alone LA. Carlos and Kit made it out of Sunnydale, but lost their parents in LA.,” Dawn explained.

“Yeah, he's really protective of her, I can tell,” Kurt observed.

“Yeah. They're sweethearts anyway. She told you about Cassie?”

“Yeah. She died?”

“Yeah. Buffy makes sure it's a lesson everyone learns, that sometimes you can't beat death. Cassie predicted her own death. Buffy tried to save her. After she saved Cassie from all the external sources that wanted to kill her, Cassie's heart gave out. You haven't predicted your own death, have you?”

“No. I don't really get how this thing works, anyway,” Kurt said.

“I think some of it is just practice,” Dawn said. “We might be able to help you hone that extra sense.”

“Okay,” Kurt said.

“Kurt, what do you know about Quinn?” Dawn asked.

“That she's scared. That she has a big secret. That Finn's not the father of her baby, and as far as Finn knew Quinn was a virgin. That something bad is going to happen to her.”

“What kind of bad?” Dawn asked.

Kurt closed his eyes.

“I can't explain it. It's just an image I have of her, tied down and screaming. There's funny symbols around her, and candles, and people in robes. Although, they might not be people,” Kurt said. “I keep dreaming about it, but it doesn't make sense. Quinn's never been my friend. In fact, she's teased me for years. But I don't want her to go through whatever it's going to be.”

“That doesn't sound good at all,” Dawn said.

“Nope,” Kurt agreed.

“Kurt, while they slayers bond by beating each other up, let's raid the chocolate before they have the chance to devour it all,” Dawn suggested.

“Okay,” Kurt said. He was still wary of everything. He wasn't used to people being nice to him. He followed Dawn into the kitchen where Tina and Jordy were sitting on the kitchen floor, curled around each other, eating cupcakes.

“You come to get some cupcakes before the slayers get to them?” Tina asked.

“Yeah,” Dawn said.

“I'm glad you've stopped pretending to stutter, Tina,” Kurt said.

“You knew?” Tina asked.

“Yeah,” Kurt said.

“And you can see the future?” Tina asked.

“Sometimes,” Kurt said. “Sometimes it's the past. Sometimes when I want to know something the answer just pops into my head. I don't really understand it. Sometimes I just know stuff. Oh, and Mr. Schue's gonna let me sing “Defying Gravity.” I don't know if it's going to be at Sectionals.”

“That's awesome,” Tina said. “Can you see if we'll win at Sectionals?”

Kurt closed his eyes and concentrated. “I don't know.”

“Chocolate,” Dawn said, grabbing two cupcakes, which were still warm. She handed one to Kurt.

“Why do you keep flirting with me?” Kurt asked Jordy.

“Because it's fun, and you're cute,” Jordy said honestly.

“I thought you were straight,” Kurt asked, pointing to the way Jordy was curled around Tina.

“Bi,” Jordy said. “And Tina's mine.”

“No,” Tina said, “You're mine.”

“Fine,” Jordy said, “I don't mind being owned.” He kissed the Asian shapeshifter quickly on the lips. “I just like flirting. When the full moon comes around, I get really horny, and yesterday you were too easy a target to pass up. Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.”

“It was just really confusing,” Kurt said. “It sucks being the only gay kid in school.”

“Oh, I'm fairly certain you're not the only gay kid in school,” Dawn said, “But even if you are, you're not the only gay kid in Ohio. I bet we can find you a boyfriend.”

Kurt blushed, which made Tina giggle. Kurt and Dawn grabbed two more cupcakes and then joined the other two on the kitchen floor. Minutes later a stampede of slayers, and a sweaty Destroyer came into the kitchen.

“Did you eat all the cupcakes?” Vi asked.

“No,” Dawn said. “By the way, we now have a new mission to find Kurt a boyfriend.”

“Ooh,” Mary said, “That should be fun. You can't have mine, though.”

“Don't want him,” Kurt said, “He's spent the last four years throwing me into dumpsters.”

“I'm gonna have to punish him for that,” Mary grinned wickedly.

“We have something else to worry about too,” Dawn said. “Kurt was telling me about this dream he's been having about Quinn. He described it to me and it sounds like some sort of demonic sacrificial ritual, with symbols and candles and people in robes.”

“That doesn't sound good,” Faith said. “Research time?”

“I think so,” Dawn said. “We should spread the word.”

“I'll tell Xander,” Vi said. “He'll want us to call Buffy and Giles.”

“K. Xander's gonna check Quinn's family out on Monday,” Dawn said.

“Who is this Quinn girl, anyway?” Faith asked.

“Head cheerleader, devout Christian, and president of the Celibacy Club,” Kurt said. “She also happens to be, like, five months pregnant.”

“So either she's lying about being celibate, or there's something freaky and demonic going on,” Faith surmised.

“Sounds like,” Dawn answered.

“Oh goody,” Faith said, rolling her eyes with a sigh. “If it's a demon I get to kill it.”

*End 6*

So, should I keep this one going, or let it die?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Once More, With Glee." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Aug 10.

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