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Wolfram & Hart's New Clients I

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This story is No. 1 in the series "W&H Clients". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: With Angel taking over the Law Firm they had to get some new clients, but do you really think that W&H are going to get upstanding citizens? Alternative title 10 Clients W&H never got. Nominated Best Portrayel of Angel/Angelus 2010.

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Multiple Crossings > Angel-CenteredtexaswookieFR151019,0782108,9027 Mar 1012 Mar 10Yes


The texaswookie looks around in surprise since the writer is in a large penthouse with a view. "Well this is different." The writer comments looking around for anything that might be used as a weapon against him in the fancy room but had yet to see anything that would rate high enough as a threat..

"Indeed it is." The Kingpin says from where he is standing by a large window. "I want you to give your disclaimer now." The big man commanded of the writer.

"And if I don't?" the writer wonders.

"Then I send them in to clean you up." The Kingpin said nodding toward some of his hired muscle. "May I introduce the Enforcers," He said with a smile," Ox, Fancy Dan, and Montana."

The writer looks up and sees the Kingpin's prized non super powered hired muscle. "Well in that case I really don't want to disturb those guys. I the texasswookie do declare that in no way shape or form own any of the charactersthat are used in this story."

""Thank you, you may leave now." THe Kingpin informs the writer with a casual nod before turning to other things that he had planned.

Angel really missed the days when the only things that they had to worry about were the monsters trying to kill everyone or bring about the end of the world. Now though it was like he was slowly allowing the very things that he had fought against for the past few years to mean nothing. "Well," he asked tiredly. We've had dirty cops, gun runners, super powered Jewish WW II survivors with messiah complex, mass murders, crazy Doctors, Ancient Greek Gods, reformed dark wizards, and cutthroat business men that put a whole new meaning to the idea of hostile takeover."

"Yeah, and the worst part about it is that most of them are actually a step above what Wolfram & Hart usually represents." Gunn reminded his boss. "So be careful how much you complain about the kind of people we're working with now. I mean really man; the only ones that are really old school style Wolfram and Hart are the clown boy and Magnet guy." The street tough turned lawyer explained. "I mean seriously man if you look at the results and numbers we're actually doing more good than evil. By the numbers at ;east we're probably helping more people this way than we were when it was just us doing the whole one on one thing. I mean sure we're helping some monsters get away with some things, but on the cosmic balance of things we're doing the right thing."

"Yes, I agree with Gunn on this. We're doing more good this way besides think of it this way we're going to be able to keep track of some of the real monsters and when they do screw up we'll be there and know where they're at." Wesley assured the vampire of the actions that they were now using.

"It doesn't change it from feeling somewhat dirty." Fred pointed out to the British man who opened his mouth to counter her but finally nodded in agreement with the Texans feelings on some of their clients.

The group took a moment to consider what they had done before taking a cleansing breath before they opened the last file of the day. "So what do we have next sweetums? Hopefully someone that won't give me as big of a headache as some of the others have given me."

"Here's hoping man." Gunn said as he began reading to the others ignoring the drink that risen hopefully. "We got a guy from New York that wants to represent him. He's being charged with organized crime; murder for hire, money laundering, bribing cops and governmental officials, gun running, dealing in drugs. It looks like they think that they can get him for the works man." Gunn said as he passed the file over for the others to examine. The group looked the file over with interest at the various charges that were being brought against their latest potential client. "His name is Wilson Fisk; he came up out of the streets of New York; and made his way into the criminal world. He's led various gangs and is suspected to be the master mind of several other items as well."

"So, has he tried to take over the world or made any pacts with evil in order to rule the world or anything of similar nature?" Wesley questioned curiously.

"It doesn't look like it Wes." Lorne said as he skimmed the file that was before them. "According to this thing the great whale doesn't involve himself in things like that however if it's just regular normal human crimes he's not opposed to getting his fingers into the pie and this bad boy really likes his pie if this photo is anything to go by." The demon shuddered as he looked at the picture of the large black man that dominated the entire picture despite the fact that he was wearing a designer suit. It seemed that clothes could only do so much for the man in the white three piece suit.

Angel looked reluctant for a moment, before he finally nodded his head in agreement with the others. "Harmony, please send Mr. Fisk in." He ordered the young vampire receptionist.

The double doors opened and Harmony led in a man carrying a cane in one hand, wearing pinstriped purple pants, and white jacket strode though the doors. Everyone looked up at the person that was supposed to be completely human yet had a much larger body than most humans did. For the group it was hard to believe that the figure before them wasn't actually at the very least part demon since. The man was nearly as tall and wide as the Beast had been. "Mr. Angel, may I present to you Mr. Wilson Fisk." Harmony introduced before she rushed out of the room as the two powerhouses of different cities tried to stare each other down.

"Mr. Angel." Fisk rumbled out at the man eyeing him with interest as he eyed the room curiously trying to figure out what kind of man it was that he was meeting with. The oriental weapons spoke of a fighter the massive desk and giant double doors showed a person used to being in control of the situation. The small table off to the side though showed that he had friends and people that he trusted enough to let his guard down in front of though. Each little bit was a part of what made this man up and the more he knew the more likely the chances were that he could manipulate him into doing what it was that he wanted him to do.

"Good afternoon Mr. Fisk." Angel greeted the large man standing up and allowing the man to swallow his hand in his own. I understand that you happen to be having some legal troubles." He stated ignoring the man's attempted to prove dominance by squeezing his hand if he gave an answering squeeze he would most likely break the man's hand not something that he should probably do if the man actually fit their criteria for Wolfram & Hart clients. The amount of paperwork that it would require would be a pain he had already seen what some of that was like since he had been forced to insure that a number of angry people that they had let go had been dismissed in a more permanent manner when they wouldn't take the hint and leave while they had the chance.

"So Mr. Fisk, according to this you were attacked by a vigilante right before you were arrested." Gunn noted from where he was sitting. We could argue that there was undue force used against you, If we decide to represent you of course.

Is there a reason that you might not? Fisk asked the man with mild interest.

Let's just say that we like to know a bit about who we represent and when a man who pretty much owns his own legal team decides to suddenly fly out to California and have a Wolfram & Hart lawyer added to his defense it raises a number of eyebrows. Gunn returned not about to be intimidated by the large man before him.

Yes well when I learned that Matt Murdock the Avenging Angel of Hell's Kitchen was going to be part of the opposing force I realized that I was going to need a bit more than what my usual team could come up with. Fisk admitted reluctantly. He's one of the best there is in the business and I need some of the best on my team to stop him.

"The prosecution has Matt Murdock on their team?" Gunn asked in shock. "Damn, what did you do to get him on your case?"

"Who's Matt Murdock?" Fred questioned their legal eagle member of the group.

"He's a blind lawyer, likes to stand in for the little guy. From what I hear he and his partner are the kings of pro bono cases.

"And you say that this man worries you?" Angel asked with interest.

"Yes, Murdock, is amazingly skilled in winning on his cases." Fisk admitted with a scowl. "He's dangerous, and happens to have some personal reasons for wanting to get involved in this particular case. He blames me for the death of his father if his old man had merely taken the fall like he was supposed to instead of trying to prove how good he was and making a mess that I had to clean up."

"So you killed his father way back when and now he wants to get his own pound of flesh for the things that you've done." Wesley said calmly as he observed the man with disgust as he realized just what it was that the man had done.

"It all has a very Princess Bride feel to it." Fred said to the others.

"How in the heck do you get that?" Gunn questioned the girl with confusion.

"She's talking about Inigo Montoya, the swordsman that had the line' you killed my father prepare to die.'" Angel explained to the others. "What?" He asked, as he saw all of the shocked looks he was receiving. "There are only so many hours in the day that I can brood." He defended himself. "And Spike's not the only vampire to ever watch television either." He winced slightly at the fact that he had just compared himself to Spike.

"So was it Cordellia or Buffy that made you watch it?" Wesley asked knowingly with a sparkle in his eyes.

Angel looked at the table embarrassed. "It was both of them actually," he admitted to the group. Gunn and Fred chuckled while Lorne merely smiled at the vampire.

"As fascinating as this is, I do have other things to worry about other than what girl made you watch a movie." Fisk interrupted them sending a glare at everyone at the table.

"Fine, let's do this then." Angel said scowling at the human. "Does anyone know of a decent reason why we shouldn't represent Mr. Fisk? Near as we can tell you've never tried to destroy the world made deals with demons that are trying to end the world or any similar crimes."

"Of course not," The man said looking slightly insulted at the idea that he would do any of those things. "All of those things are extremely bad for business. "It's better to do things the old fashioned way than it is to rely on the shortcuts. I particularly despise investments that have very little return value. I prefer positive returns." The man nodded in acceptance of this. "I am a businessman I won't waste time on lesser methods."

The assembled group nodded their heads in understanding. "Fine, let's get this over with." Gunn said not looking overly pleased with what was happening. "As much as I hate to admit it he's not really evil. He's a jerk and monster and a stain as a human being but he isn't evil so I say we work with him."

"Fred?" Angel questioned.

"He's mean and nasty, but he's a human without anything on him that would make us not represent him." Fred admitted looking somewhat crushed that she had said those things about another human being. "I wish that it wasn't the case, but he's met all of the requirements as far as being evil counts."

"Wesley, Lorne? Angel asked the last two members of the team hopefully.

The two shook their heads in disagreement. "I'm sorry Angel, but unfortunately they're right there is no way that we can rationalize not representing Mr. Fisk here particular considering the fact that we have agreed to represent people like Mr. Luthor."

"It looks like you have yourself some new additions to your legal team." Angel told the man despite his personal feelings toward the man.

Fisk smirked at the group. "As if there was ever any doubt Mr. Angel."

Angel wanted to let the demon out but kept the urge down and merely nodded as the man was shown out. A part of him wondered just how far he was willing to sacrifice his ethics before he would say no.

And that's the end of this I have plans for a sequel but don't plan on writing it anytime soon. Heck I have enough characters set up for like four and a half sequels when I finally get around to getting them done.

The End

You have reached the end of "Wolfram & Hart's New Clients I". This story is complete.

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