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Wolfram & Hart's New Clients I

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This story is No. 1 in the series "W&H Clients". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: With Angel taking over the Law Firm they had to get some new clients, but do you really think that W&H are going to get upstanding citizens? Alternative title 10 Clients W&H never got. Nominated Best Portrayel of Angel/Angelus 2010.

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Multiple Crossings > Angel-CenteredtexaswookieFR151019,0782108,9027 Mar 1012 Mar 10Yes


The texaswookie does the best to hold in the whimper that threatens to come out of his mouth as he sees the very very large needle that the not so good Doctor House is currently wielding. The man then begins to cheefully talk to him as if he isn't holding the very sharp and pointed implement in his direction. "Now then you obnoxious hack, with no original ideas that you have to use the ideas of others you have five seconds to say what I want you to before I shove the very large needle into you."
"You wouldn't?" The writer croaks out.
House smirks at the writer you really want to try me? He leans forward to stab the writer.
Yelping the writer jerks back before babbling out. "I in no way own the Angel characters or the House characters. Happy now?"
"No, but I am satisfied." House returns snidley before he pops a couple of pills.

Angel looked up as the others walked into the room. They had managed it they had dealt with the clearing of a criminal seeing to it that the man walked free yet another day. The entire group felt sick as they sat down in Angel's office and let the realization of what they had done sink in.

"So now what?" Fred asked as she lay in her chair her eyes haunted with guilt on helping with returning a murderer to the streets. The only thing that they felt good about was the fact that they had saved all of the children.

"Now we go over the next one of the files, and hope that not all of our clients are such monsters." Wesley returned to the young woman.

"Kind of hard not to be when you consider that this is a demon law firm sweetums." Lorne reminded the former watcher from where he was sitting with a sea breeze in his hands as he tried to drink his own guilt away into oblivion. The Host had yet to remove his fedora and trench coat as he tried to hide himself.

The others nodded as they began sorting through the large pile of folders." Hey you can't go in there!" Harmony screeched as the doors were pushed open and a dark haired woman in a tight shirt and tight skirt walked into the offices. Despite her tight clothes there was a sense of professionalism to the woman that had people stop and look at her.

"Sorry for the intrusion, but I was hoping that I could convince you to take my people on." The woman said breathlessly already eyeing the approaching security guards nervously.

The vampire sighed tiredly as he waved the guards off. "Your people?" Angel questioned looking the woman over curiously.

"Well I really only need you to take on one of them in particular." The woman admitted looking suddenly nervous. "However, if it means filing everything and everybody with you then I could probably work something out." She offered trying to convince the group to take her people on.

"And just who do represent?" Gunn asked, standing up letting the lawyer side of him take over as he approached the woman.

"Oh sorry," the woman said wincing at her mistake before she offered her hand to the group. "I'm Dr. Lisa Cuddy, I'm the Dean of Medicine at the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey."

"A hospital from Jersey wants us to represent them?" Angel asked in confusion at the request. "Wouldn't it be easier to find lawyers that lived in New Jersey?"

"Well yes," the woman admitted reluctantly, "it would theoretically be easier on everyone if that were to happen. However we have managed to scare off a number of law firms due to certain members of our staff being a little difficult to get along with." The woman said evasively not wanting to admit to anything about her doctors.

"Who is it that you need us to represent for you?" Gunn questioned as he held his hand out to her.

The woman sighed as she handed over the file. "His name is Doctor Gregory House. He's an ass, there's no arguing that but he's also probably the best damn doctor that I've ever seen or heard of." She defended as the dark skinned man began skimming over the file curiously.

Gunn whistled softly as he saw the list of various past charges that had been brought up against the man that they were talking about. "Man, I didn't know that there was anyone that could really have so many complaints against him. Wouldn't mind seeing what he does against you man. He said as he clapped Angel on the shoulder in an amused way. I can see it now the Ass vs. the Brooder." He said with a smirk causing the others to chuckle while Cuddy began to let out a sigh of relief as she realized that she just might have someone that was willing to save House for the next time he did something stupid. Knowing House though they would probably only be able to use these people once before they were forced to use someone else. Either the sheer amount would drive them off or House's acidic tongue would force them away.

"So do you think that we can represent them?" Wesley questioned the group.

"It could be possible, we'll need to investigate a bit more be sure but if this is all that is in the file then I seriously doubt that we'll have all that much of a problem. That's particularly true when you compare him to some of the problems that our other troublesome clients create on a regular basis."

"Whoa, you think you have people that cause more problems than House can?" Cuddy asked in shocked disbelief. She was even more shocked as she saw the group all nod their heads in agreement at this question. "Well then, I'll let you get to it then." Cuddy said flashing her biggest smile as she shook hands with everyone even the man that had been sitting silently in the back of the room. When she saw his face she figured it was the shock over finding someone that would represent House that made the man looked green there weren't really green As the woman left the group a relieved smile on her face at finally finding someone that was going to able to keep House out of trouble.

"How bad can this one be I mean it's not like he's a demon right? Angel questioned the others. "I mean the guys a doctor how bad can he really be?"

"He's bad enough that the entire East coast will no longer touch him." Gunn explained to the vampire.

"We'll see, I mean what's the worst that he could do. It's not like he is going to do anything that could be really that dangerous could he?" Angel told the group confidently. "If he's not going to end the world I doubt that there is anything that he'll do that'll worry us to much."
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