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Summary: There are somethings a demon can't control, there are also some people they can't control either. When two people wake up years after being taken they struggle to adapt to the new world.

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Literature > Vampire/Supernatural > Author: Kim HarrisonnamegoeshereFR1823,3970121,5227 Mar 1011 Mar 10No

Prologue (Awaken)

I do not known BTVS or The Hollows.


Prologue (Awaken)-

Rachel walked up to the table that held a glass coffin, the smell of ever-after was pressing in from every direction.

Who uses a coffin in ever-after? And why glass?

Something tingled in the back of Rachel’s mind, a memory of some sort but nothing strong enough to come to the front of her mind.

As she stepped forward she could see there were actually two people in the coffin. A Boy and girl with identical brown hair, though the girls was longer, and artistically placed around her. Lovers? Brother and sister?

As she placed her hand on the glass she realized that while neither occupant was breathing they were very much alive.

Who where they? And why was Newt keeping them locked up, their body and souls intact when neither were familiars? To sell?

“I thought you would wonder here soon enough.”

Rachel jumped and turned to see Newt standing behind her.

“They are not from the now. Not that you would understand, can’t understand. No, no.”

Rachel back away from the crazy demon, she had told Al she didn’t want to come, but he had demanded she come after the disaster that occurred last time she was left alone. Even with Pierce there.

“Her, I won from… Someone, songs and dance or such … Didn’t even know what she is.” The demon’s eyebrows drew together, “She’s… Different. And he, he’ll kills us all. What he was born to do.”

“That’s why you put them to sleep.” Minias said glaring at Rachel.

“Bad souls, can’t use.” She said turning around. “Out, out now.”

Rachel was very happy to leave and get out of the room, but something made her look back at the sleeping two in the room.

He’ll kill us all… How?

As they left no one saw a set of blue eye open and a chest start to move once again. A hand moved up and tested the weight of the glass. Too heavy, must be magic.

God, he hated magic.

(AN- This is very short because it is just the prologue. Hopefully I will have more soon. I am still trying to type up the next chapter of The Unforeseen but it gets boring to just type up something that has been hand written so I will work on this when I get tired of staring at lined paper.)
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