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Go Green Machine!

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Summary: Dawn learns what it means to be green.

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Cartoons > Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesSithicusFR1327,546031,5339 Mar 1021 Mar 10No

Transmutational Energy Beings

Author's Notes Despite my tag at the end of this chapter I have no intention of leaving this story off here. It's a cliffhanger to a two part episode kind of deal. But the second episode will still be posted here. Now then all you lurkers out there, I hereby insist that I recieve at least one extra review than the last chapter got. So instead of one review for this chapter I want at least two. That's not too much to ask is it? I'm not sure when I'll be updating this again if there aren't enough interested parties in seeing this one continued.

In case you're wondering where I'm going with the origins of the Key in this story, don't worry, I'm thinking something really good. Of course I have to explain away Glory's actions all through season five, she still wanted to get home to have her revenge I'm thinking though that there was more to her story then she let on. Hell-Goddess just seems so limiting. And as we all know interpretations of events so far in the past can be misinterpreted by modern society hence why nobody really suspected what was actually going on.

Anyway. Here's Chapter Two. And yes, in this one I've given Dolce Dawn's memories back so don't worry she's not going to be completely OCish or something. She's still Dawn, just, you know. Greener and with less hair. Also for the record I envision Dolce as being the literal twin to Donatello (Fraternal of course) hence why she also has a name starting with the letter D instead of a more unique name. Oh and I just picked Dolce's name out of a list of Itallian Renaissance names that I got while googling. It seemed the best option out of all of them.

Master Splinter sat in meditation mulling over what he had seen. His daughter had not been there before today – of this he was most certain – and there had been the unusual green glow surrounding the young female turtle. He had been so unsettled by the revelations his mind had first realized he had forgotten to address her when the five of them left to rescue April.

He was beginning to understand what was happening – the universe itself had provided clues. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – a television series that also had not existed until this very moment. And yet memories of watching occasional episodes with Leonardo were suddenly there… Inside of his mind. The creator also had not existed. The only explanation Splinter could conceive was one steeped in the mystical aspects of reality – that aspect was one his Turtles had rare dealings in. Mostly it was Dimension X or other facets which challenged them at every corner. Actual Magic was something he had not experienced since his days as the human Hamato Yoshi.

Opening his eyes Splinter let go of his preconceived notions and carefully unraveled the memories of Dolce – a name which he had bestowed upon the young female turtle due to it’s presence in a passing book he’d discovered in an old storm drain. The same book which gave the other four turtles their names.

“This is most puzzling. I recall her as though she were real, but I know for a fact that there was never a fifth Turtle. Had there been I feel the name Venus de Milo might have been more appropriate, though it is difficult to say how her brothers would have reacted to such a name.” Splinter paused. “There are no ill intentions behind this. Instead I sense that she is here for a purpose… Protection perhaps from Shredder and Krang,” he remarked thoughtfully. “I shall have to confront Dolce when she returns. Perhaps her memories will be able to help shed some light on this mystery.”

On the streets of New York a yellow and green van journeyed towards the building where April had been doing her interview with Whedon. The turtles hoped to discover some clues as to the potential reason behind Shredder’s sudden appearance there.

Most of the others were talking about the usual stuff… Getting Pizza after kicking Shredder’s butt, which one of them would fight Rocksteady and Bebop, who was going to be the one to rescue April this time, typical banter among her siblings.

But for Dolce her mind was millions of miles away. And the girl sitting across from her – the spectral brunette human who was Dolce’s age and almost her height – wasn’t helping matters either.

“You know this isn’t who you’re supposed to be,” she told Dolce.

Dolce shook her head. “I don’t care!” she screamed at her ghostly other half. “I’m a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. This is way better than being some nobody Klepto who rebelled against her Sister just because she was the Slayer and had no friends of her own.” She was angry with her other self for daring to come back. Her memories had been fine until she remembered Dawn Summers and everything she used to be.

Dawn laughed. “You’re the Key. Do you honestly think you can escape that?” she asked. “This place isn’t ready for the darkness that is part of your reality. Do you realize what could happen if Glory shows up? If demons start appearing because of you?”

Dolce started to cry. “Why couldn’t you just leave me alone?” she wondered pleadingly. “For one adventure, just one, that’s all I wanted. Not to be the helpless victim for a change.”

Dawn sighed and placed a spectral hand on Dolce’s shoulder. “Well you’re going to get that and more… Simple as that. We can’t go back. That nutty Technodrome place has most of the energy that made up the Key and the Monk’s spell… Even if we knew how to use the trans-dimensional portal to get back home this time we might reform as Faith’s sister instead of Buffy’s. Or worse… We could bring Glory back with us.” Dawn sat down beside herself this time.

“Why aren’t my brothers noticing you?” Dolce demanded.

“Hello! This is all in your mind sweetheart,” Dawn returned with a smirk. “What? Did you honestly think we could talk to each other otherwise?”

Dolce snarled. “Don’t talk like that to me!” she snapped. “Like I’m crazy or like Glory.”

Dawn shot Dolce an apologetic look. “Sorry. But we were her key after all. Sometimes it’s hard to keep that personality locked up.”

Dolce tilted her head curiously. “I thought The Key didn’t belong officially to Glory?”

Dawn laughed. “Of course we belonged to her!” she stated. “The problem is Glory wasn’t who she claimed to be. See she wasn’t some messed up Hell-Goddess bitch with ugly fashion sense… She was a life form of pure energy. There were a lot of us in the old days, before the demons took off. Transmutational Energy Beings to be precise, we could change shape take on any form we chose… Glory and me were kind of related, but that’s complicated and I don’t want to get into it. The only thing you need to know is… Don’t let Shredder use that device on you.” Dawn’s instructions were crystal clear. Slowly she began to fade back into Dolce’s body.

“Wait! What if he does use it on me?”

Dawn shrugged. “Hard to say. See when Glory was banished to Earth in the guise of Ben it kind of locked us permanently into the glowing orb key thing. The Monk’s spell just allowed us to regain our ability to metamorphosize… I wasn’t always as compassionate as Dawn’s soul made me.”

Dolce blinked as the turtle van pulled to a stop.

“We’re here guys, let’s go see if Shredder is still in the area,” Leonardo said.

“Oh I hope he isn’t,” Raph said. “Otherwise this is going to be a real short chapter.”

“I thought we were toning that down,” Dolce said as she shook off the lingering effects of her mental conversation.

Raph shrugged. “Once a chapter fine with you guys?”

Mike shook his head and led the way out of the Turtle Van. “Let’s go, Dudes, I want to try Dolce’s new recipe for pizza,” he said.

“Whatever it is I am not putting it in my mouth,” Raph declared.

Dolce shot Don a pleading look.

“What are you looking at me for?” Donatello asked. “He’s your brother too.”

Dolce sighed. “I know, but since we’re twins… Kind of – I was hoping you might stick up for me for a change instead of Mike,” she said in a dejected tone.

Don smiled slightly and pulled Dolce into a hug. “I’ll think of something,” he promised.

Dolce grinned. “Great! Let’s go kick shell… Where did that come from?”

“Must be a residual effect from meeting our other selves, I’ll look into that too,” Don said readying his Bo for any possible danger.

Shredder studied the readings he was receiving from the device Krang had given him. He and the mutants were standing on a roof several blocks away from their entry point and Shredder was beginning to get frustrated.

“This piece of junk isn’t working!” he cursed shaking the device in hopes of making it activate. “How are we supposed to find this energy core in a city this big?”

“D’uh, maybe we could contact some of the other criminals, boss,” Rocksteady suggested.

Bebop chuckled. “Dem criminals ain’t interested in workin’ with us no more,” he reminded. “They don’t want to fight the turtles either.”

Shredder rolled his eyes. “If my other dimensional self hadn’t been so insane I’d prefer having him as a competent ally,” he muttered to himself. “Listen, you two incompetents! Try and keep your mind on our work, we’re looking for this energy source’s core and…” The device in his hands started beeping wildly and Shredder smiled beneath his metal mask. “It’s getting a signal.”

Rocksteady scratched his chin. “So where is dis energy, Boss?” he asked trying to look over Shredder’s shoulder.

Shredder pushed him away with a growl. “Stay out of my light!” he ordered. “And take a shower,” he grumbled as he turned the device towards the East. “This way… But that’s where we just were!?” Confused Shredder fiddled with the dials on the side of the scanner only to be zapped for his troubles.

Bebop shrugged. “Probably a glitch,” he said.

“Or maybe dem toitles got it already,” Rocksteady said indicating the turtle’s vehicle which was parked outside of the building they’d just left.

Shredder tossed his hands into the air with a roar of rage. “No, no, no! Every time… Every blasted time! Why can’t I ever catch a break? Those Turtles! They stalk me, I know it! Rocksteady, Bebop! We’re going to finish them off once and for all,” Shredder vowed clenching his free hand into a fist. Snatching the communicator from his belt Shredder called Krang. “Krang, send all of the Foot Soldiers!”

Krang’s face appeared on the tiny display screen. “All of them?” he repeated. “Why should I do that, Shredder?”

Shredder pointed the panel down so Krang could see the turtles’ vehicle. “Because, Krang, those accursed Turtles have already found the energy source!” he shouted almost flying into a rage fueled rant yet again.

Krang sighed. “Alright, Shredder, I’ll send you the Technodrome’s entire contingent of Foot Soldiers… But you better not come back empty handed!” Krang threatened as he severed the link on his end.

The portal to Dimension X opened up above the roof and Foot Soldiers began to pour out – all of them various colors and designs – some of them improved from the base design originally perfected by Shredder.

Rocksteady grinned as he pulled out his gun. “Oh boy, it’s goin’ ta be one o’ dem big fight scenes. I always love those,” he said turning to Bebop who was also grinning.

“That’s because we always get to cause so much mindless destruction when we start fightin’ the turtles,” Bebop said.

Shredder began to laugh madly – his mind almost certainly cracked by this point. “Tonight I dine on turtle soup,” he declared his cape billowing behind him in the wind. “Foot Soldiers, Attack!” he ordered pointing one metallic-gloved finger towards the not-so-far off Turtle Van.

The turtles were just reaching the floor where April had been during her interview when the flickering lights outside alerted them to the fact that someone had created another interdimensional portal.

Donatello rushed to the nearest window and stared outside at a sea of multi-colored robotic Foot Soldiers. He whistled. “Boy… Shredder must be really desperate to get whatever it is he wants,” he said. “We aren’t even into the part where we usually start to discover what he’s up to.”

Leonardo blinked as he studied the onrushing waves of enemies. “I think this is serious, guys,” he admitted.

Mike shook his head. “Did chrome dome start takin’ lessons from his crazy Utrom self from that other dimension or did we just tick him off?” he wondered conversationally.

Raph smirked. “Nah, I think the author just wanted to see how much pain we could dish out before we saved the day again,” he said winking at the author.

Dolce glared at her brother. “I thought we agreed only once per chapter?” She tapped her foot impatiently at her sibling.

“What?” Raph said innocently. “I wasn’t breaking the fourth wall… I was talking to the author, that’s completely different.”

Dolce sighed and turned to the greater threat. “Ok… Is anybody going to offer constructive suggestions on how we handle this?” she asked her remaining three brothers.

Don smiled and pulled his Bo off his back twirling it in his hands. “I think we can take’em,” he said. “We’re the good guys,” he reminded.

“Totally tubular, dude,” Mike agreed slapping his brother’s palm before he pulled his nunchaku from his belt.

Leonardo pulled his swords from his sheaths and gripped the hilts tightly. “Let’s show Shredder we mean business and thwart his plans again… Even though technically we don’t even know what he’s trying to do yet,” he said with a slight sigh. “Go Green Machine!” he shouted leaping out of the window and landing on the fire escape.

Dolce sighed and shook her head exasperatedly at her brother’s actions. “He’s worse than Buffy,” she muttered under her breath. “Charging in without bothering to come up with a better plan, we are so totally outnumbered here.”

“Relax, Dudette, they’re just robots,” Mike reminded briefly resting a hand on her shoulder. “Cowabunga!” he added rushing out of the window on Leo’s heels.

“What are you gonna do?” Raph asked with a shrug as he joined the others in their charge Sai in hand.

Dolce blinked as she studied the massive grouping of Foot Soldiers and her three brothers as they started to wade into them weapons flashing, Foot Soldiers exploding, Donatello briefly touched her shoulder.

“You gonna be ok?” he asked curiously. “I know you usually prefer better odds,” he added.

Dolce removed her Kusarigama from her belt with a smile. “I wanted an adventure,” she said to herself. “I’m ok, Donny, let’s kick shell,” she told her twin.

“Great!” Don exclaimed leaping out the window and rushing ahead of her.

Dolce started after him. “Time to see if all those times playing NES with Xander is about to pay off,” she mumbled twirling her weapons and lashing out gutting a foot soldier with one hit.

Shredder watched his forces as they fought the turtles. His eyes filled with an insane rage filled gleam, but the scanner in his hands distracted him from his state when it started to practically scream in his ear – though not literally.

Slapping a hand over one of his ears he took his attention away from the battle and tried to shut the thing off. “What’s wrong with this blasted hunk of scrap?” he demanded. Glaring at the readout he took an involuntary step away from the edge of the roof in complete shock. “This isn’t possible!” he blurted.

Krang’s face appeared on the communications screen. “What is it Shredder? I thought you were going to steal the energy core while the others kept the turtles occupied?” Krang stated in an annoyed tone.

Shredder turned to the scene on the street below his eyes widened in surprise. “How can I steal the energy source when this stupid contraption of yours is telling me that, that female turtle is the energy source?!” he demanded.

Krang sputtered and fiddled with the controls of the communications system. “What was that, Shredder?” he asked. “I think there’s some kind of interference… Did you say that the energy source is the female turtle?” he sought clarification knowing that he couldn’t possibly have heard Shredder right.

“That’s exactly what I just said! See for yourself, Krang,” Shredder snapped holding the communicator up to the readout on the scanner.

Krang’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. “I don’t believe it… A Transmutational Energy Source!” he blurted in a surprised tone. Rubbing his tentacles together eagerly he grinned. “Keep the turtles busy, Shredder,” he ordered. “I’m going to use the Technodrome’s sensors to try something, but they’ll notice it if they aren’t busy fighting your Foot Soldiers.”

“Then send me some more!” Shredder commanded as he stared at the growing pile of Foot Soldier parts.

Krang grumbled incoherently. “I’ll get the construction drones working overtime,” he sighed.

Shredder smiled under his mask and rubbed his hands together. “Perhaps we will be able to win this time,” he said.

Krang moved quickly over to the main control station and began tapping away with both tentacles and his android body’s hands – he needed to work double time if he was going to finish his plan. “We won’t need the core of this energy being if we can find another one at the dimensional co-ordinates where this first one was located,” he said. “The Technodrome will be at full power and then the Earth will be ours! Well… Mine at least,” he added with a snicker.

Dolce felt oddly exposed as she battled the hoards of robotic opponents alongside of her brothers – the device her spectral other self had mentioned must have been able to detect her. She was still a little bit confused as to how her other self had even known that Shredder was using a device to find her.
It didn’t matter though – if Shredder tried anything while she was stuck in the middle of this fight she’d be helpless to stop him.

Bebop landed not far from her and started firing in her general direction wildly. “I’m goin’ to enjoy peelin’ you out of your shell,” he declared.

Dolce rolled her eyes. “You’ve never been able to do anything like it before, Bebop, what makes you think you can now?”

“Because we’re supposed to win this time,” Bebop said pulling out a script.

“Oh no,” Dolce groaned. “You too?” she asked with a glare.

“How did you get that, dude?” Mike asked landing next to Bebop. “The author hasn’t even finished this sentence… Yet.”

“Awwww, I was bluffin’ ok,” Bebop admitted before whirling and aiming his weapon at Mike’s face. “But it got you close enough for me to pulverize,” he stated with a chuckle.

“Guess again,” Dolce stated tossing one of her Kusarigama at Bebop’s gun – the chain wrapped around its barrel and she yanked it out of the mutant’s hands.

“Light’s out, sucker,” Mike said punching Bebop in the face.

“I think we really need to get rid of that contamination,” Dolce told her brother. “We’re starting to fight like those other turtles,” she added.

Donny shook his head and sent a group of Foot Soldiers crashing to the ground. “At the moment I really don’t think it’s much of a problem,” he told her dodging a laser blast from one of the gun toting drones.

“We are ninjas,” Raph reminded jamming a Sai into a Foot’s head. It crackled as energy systems overloaded and then exploded leaving Raph clear to move to Leo’s aid.

Dolce didn’t bother to talk as she engrossed herself once more in the fight doing her best to keep a Foot Soldier between her and Shredder at any time – she’d found him hovering on one of the nearby roofs early on during the battle. Spinning her weapons and linking them together she started to cut loose royally – it was definitely something Buffy wouldn’t have been able to pull off – at least not without years of practice.

“Ok, maybe that Monk’s spell isn’t so bad,” she admitted with a pleased grin.

Krang laughed as the readings taken on the female turtle showed up on his main monitor – the sensors had managed to lock on and decipher everything he needed. Now all he had to do was lock onto the source dimension with the Trans-Dimensional Portal and locate a similar entity that would… Donate their energies to fuel the remaining systems of the Technodrome.

“For once Shredder has done something right,” he stated twirling a dial and pulling a lever.

“Locking onto inter-dimensional source,” the computer announced as tons of images began to flash across the monitor.

“Curse that Utrom Shredder,” Krang grumbled. “The Technodrome hasn’t been the same since he integrated his technology,” he complained. “I used to be able to understand half of this stuff.”

“Source identified. Beginning extraction.”

Krang took a step back from the monitor with a triumphant laugh and he watched as the readouts for the Technodrome’s energy levels began to increase yet again.

“Warning! Warning! Energy source fading.” The computer beeped its alert loudly and red lights began to activate all over the Technodrome. Systems started to overload slightly.

Krang nervously rushed back to the control station and started slapping the switches. “No! No! The Technodrome is losing power!” he screamed in frustration unable to solve the crisis.

“My key!” a voice exploded from the sound speakers. “I’ve got my key!”

“Oh dear, I don’t think I like the sounds of this,” Krang admitted as he stepped back from the computer. “So I better cut the transfer off at the source,” he decided reluctantly moving over to a second control panel. Punching his fist through the panel he destroyed the delicate systems responsible for regulating the Trans-Dimensional Portal.

Sirens and explosions went off all around and the portal snapped shut.

“NO!” the mysterious energy being screeched in aggravated defeat. Flickering weakly a small red energy orb floated out of the computers. “You!” it screeched almost glaring at Krang.

Smirking Krang stepped aside to allow his Rock Soldiers to aim their weapons at the orb. “Yes, me,” he agreed with a chuckle. “This Dimension isn’t big enough for two villains. We already tried that in the last couple of seasons of the cartoon, the ratings plummeted because of it,” he added.

“Filthy wretched little limited creature!” the orb shouted. “I want my key!”

“The Technodrome was at full power until you ruined it!” Krang argued. “I was supposed to win this time… But I still might. Provided Shredder can get me that female turtle, but thanks to you he’s stranded on Earth until I can fix the Trans-Dimensional Portal controls! So what should I do with you?” he mused slowly circling the energy orb.

“When I get my key back you’ll be sorry!” the orb snapped. “But hey, at least I’m not stuck in that pathetic organic form any more. I guess I should be grateful to you for breaking me free of Ben before that Watcher killed us both,” she admitted grudgingly.

Krang paused and smirked. “So you don’t like being trapped in an organic form?” he said. “General Traag, bring me some of the mutagen, I think I have an idea,” Krang ordered his general.

The orb shimmered briefly. “What? Is that suppose to be a threat?” she demanded sarcastically.

“Oh no, it isn’t supposed to be. It is a threat!” Krang declared.

Shredder backed up from the quintet of turtles nervously. “Krang… Krang! Where’s our ticket out of here?” he demanded.

“I’m busy, Shredder,” Krang told him over the communicator. “Besides I had a little accident with the Trans-Dimensional Portal. You’ll just have to stay on Earth until I can fix it,” he stated dismissively before severing the link.

Shredder growled. “Blast you Turtles!” His angry tone laced with fire. “Rocksteady, Bebop, we’re leaving,” he added before running away as fast as he could.

Dolce watched him go. “We’re just going to let him leave?” she asked urgently.

Donatello nodded. “Without this thing he can’t do anything,” he said picking up the discarded scanning device Shredder had been holding.

“Besides, what are we supposed to do if we catch him? Send him to jail?” Raph asked pointedly.

Leo sighed. “I hate to say it, Dolce, but Raph has a point. We can’t exactly arrest Shredder.” Sheathing his katana Leo kicked a Foot Soldier’s head into a trash bin. “We’d better report back to Master Splinter, he’ll know what our next move should be.”

“Come on, Dudette,” Mike added taking Dolce by the hand. “Let’s go get some bubblegum and mushroom pizza, my treat?” he added holding up a fiver.

Dolce grinned. “Can we add peanut butter?” she asked.

“Sure thing, Dudette,” Mike said. “And maybe some pepperoni.”

Trying to put her fears aside she let Michelangelo lead her off to their usual pizza joint – but Dolce was not sure she liked what could happen next – she was still a target and it was only a matter of time before her ‘brothers’ started asking the big questions, just like Buffy had. And then what? Would they flip out? Would they be overprotective much? Or would they be cool with everything? She just didn’t know – and that was the worse part.

“Rise and shine little Transmutational Energy Girl.” Krang laughed as the bright lights blinded the female mutant’s eyes.

“What happened to me?” she demanded in a growling voice as she started to sit up. “I’m physical again!” she screamed lunging for the creep that had somehow managed to change her. She stumbled and fell off of the operating table she’d been laying on.

“I turned you into a mutant,” Krang announced indicating a mirror nearby. “It wasn’t easy getting your incorporeal form into that animal’s body, but the collar I’ve locked onto your neck should keep you trapped in there and obedient to me,” he added with a burbling laugh.

Once known as Glorificus, then Glory and even Ben – the female energy being trapped in the mutated body stared in horror at the reflection of her new form. “No!” she exclaimed reaching up one cold four fingered hand. “I’m hideous!” Glory raked her fingers across the glass, but it wouldn’t break. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth and she hissed as the tail behind her rattled. A hood unfurled from around her head and she spat at Krang’s feet.

“I wanted to keep you in a creature that wouldn’t be hard to control,” Krang admitted. “But all I could find was this Dimension-X equivalent to a cobra… Oh well – you’ll just have to stay in that form until I can decide on something better. Unless you’d prefer to remain as you are.” Krang shot the female mutant a cunning grin.

Glory hissed her nictitating eyelids at last capable of keeping the bright lights in check. “When I get my Key back you are going to pay for this,” she promised and her tone said she would ensure Krang suffered great agony for this indignity.

Chuckling Krang started walking away. “I’m not sure what you call yourself. I decided a fitting name for you would be Coil-Strike, so for now I’ll simply call you that.”

Glory’s skin bristled at the blasphemy. “I am Glorificus!” she decried lashing out with her tail and knocking the android body off balance. A spark of pain shot through her collar causing her to collapse to her knees.

“Coil-Strike it is,” Krang stated in a bemused tone and once again he chuckled. “When I get the Trans-Dimensional Portal fixed I’ll send you to Shredder so you can help him retrieve the female turtle somehow hoarding the energy core we need to refuel the Technodrome,” he stated.

Glaring at the back of the android body Glory clenched and unclenched her four fingered hands. Somehow she’d get even with this thing – it was only a matter of time – and then she’d finally be able to get back to her home dimension. After she tore this dimension into shreds and left every living soul in it a decayed and desecrated husk.

The End ?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Go Green Machine!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Mar 10.

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