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The Gravity Of The Situation Has Not Escaped Me

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Summary: What would have happened if Jessie was a little different... again, just a drabble with no intent to continue.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural do not belong to me. If they did I would take all the boys and make them do things... many, many things... I don't have a list made yet, but I welcome suggestions... ^_^

Ok, so I basically wrote this because I was bored, like mega, uber amounts of bored with a splash of grenadine... anyway, it's a one-shot. I have no intention to continue with it, but if anyone would like to you have my permission as long as you let me know so that I can read what you come up with... anyway, ENJOY!

time line: obviously the first episode of Supernatural and After Sunnydale sinks into the ground.


Jessica was bored. B O R E D. Her boyfriend was out of town with his brother apparently looking for their father who had disappeared on a “hunting trip”. Dear fluffy Lord in heaven, if there had been any more emphasis on that phrase it would have fallen through the floor. She smirked though, remembering the loud crash that had brought her out of bed and running into the family room in the middle of the night.

Flipping on the light she had seen her Sam, straddling another man, his fist raised as if to beat the bloody know-how out of the shorter man. Apparently Dean, the brother, didn’t know how to use a door. Instead he’d broken in through the side window and prompted her light-sleeping boyfriend to investigate the noise. A short grapple had ensued, which was what had woken her up, and then Sam had gotten the best of Dean. Some stupid cover-up story followed (yeah, she knew) and then Sam was going off into the wild blue, leaving her behind.

Jessie was bored.

Cookies! She had all the ingredients, and she could bake them and pretend she was doing it for Sam! He should be back tonight, after all he had that interview tomorrow. She wouldn’t eat all the cookies herself and she wouldn’t even have guilt calories to work off. Next step. Stand up.

But the couch was so comfy… it was long, so that Sam could stretch out, and fluffy so that she could almost sink into it and lose herself.

Ok… this sooo wasn’t happening.

Stand up.

“Stand up!” she commanded to herself. Somehow it worked. She found herself in the kitchen, gathering ingredients, then as she began breaking the eggs the telephone rang.

“Hello?” she answered, tucking the phone between her cheek and shoulder so she could continue working.

“Ok creep, I can hear the heavy breathing and it’s not freaking me out,” she scoffed and hit the red button, cutting off the call.

Halfway through mixing wet with dry the phone rang again.


“You’re going to die tonight.” It was a deep voice, rough and scratchy, as if he had a throat full of phlegm.

“Ok, so not going to happen tonight. I have things to do. Bye!” Again she hit the red button. She continued mixing and just glared at the phone as it rang again. This time she checked the caller id. She almost laughed out loud as she answered.

“You’ve been feeling like you should call and ask what’s the what, right?”

“Just maybe a little.” The voice on the other end shrugged.

“Well, to tell the truth I wouldn’t object to having someone to spend the day with until Sammy gets home,” she admitted, then sweetened the pot. “I’m making cookies.”

“I’ll be right over!”


Sam sat out in the Impala, hesitating to leave his brother. Dean would be just fine on his own. He was 27 years old for Christ’s sake.

“See you around?” He asked. His problem was never really with Dean. He wouldn’t mind it if big brother stopped by every once in a while. He had a nice couch Dean could bunk out on. And after all, Jessie’s family dropped by as if it was their job. After Jessica admitted that she hadn’t hung out with the best group of kids in high school he knew it was more of a check-up-on-the-boyfriend situation. Now he knew it was because of the frequency in which Jessie baked then anything else.

“Yeah, dude. I’ll stop by when I’m in the zip code,” Dean conceded. After all, he visited Stanford with more regularity than Sammy really knew. Besides, he’d missed his brother, and he wasn’t quite ready to cut any strings this little outing had developed.


The first thing Sam noticed when he entered the apartment was the smell of fresh baked cookies. Jessie must have been bored. The second thing he noticed was the steel tipped work boots next to the door. So Jessie’s big brother was over. He scoffed a bit, he should have invited Dean in. Those two would either hit it off completely or remove each other from the gene pool. The MAD would have been entertaining. He’d pop popcorn, Jessie would run the commentary. The third thing he noticed which, to be honest he should have noticed first, was the shouting coming from the bedroom.

“Get me down!”

“Well, I’m trying but it’s like the freak used super glue! You’re kinda fucking stuck!” Which accompanied some heavy grunting and a loud sound, like a heavy body meeting the ground.

“Sam’s going to be home any minute and how the hell am I supposed to explain this? You tell me! How!” Jessica growled out the ending of that as if she intended to bite off someone’s head. She just didn’t have a handy target… yet. “Besides that, I’m bleeding on the bed! Now I have to wash our sheets! We don’t have any clean ones Xander! How am I supposed to explain this?”

“Ummm… it’s just that time of the month?”

“Shut it! It’s not! Sam knows that!”


“Bite me!”

“Wrong member of the family sweetheart.”

“Now it’s my turn to say, Ewwww!”

“You started it!”

“Well, I’m ending it! GET ME DOWN!”

“Freaking Slayers and their freaking… I AM TRYING!” Once again he heard the grunt of effort and then a creaking sound that reminded Sam of the time he tried to fix the ceiling fan and it fell, bringing with it a sizable chunk of the ceiling itself.

He entered the bedroom just in time to see Jessie, who was bleeding from the stomach and hanging on the ceiling, fall along with Xander, who had jumped from the bed and started tugging on Jessie’s waist in an obvious attempt to detach her, and most of the ceiling plaster she’d been connected to.

“Next time, we’re calling Willow,” Xander groaned from under Jessie’s sprawled form.

“Fine. And next time I’m smiting that asshole, I don’t care whose body he’s taken over,” Jessie returned.

“Jessie?” Sam hurried into the room and helped her up, off the ridiculous flattened Xander.

“Sam! Ummm…” she looked around the destroyed room as Sam flipped up her shirt to get a good look at her stomach. “I can explain!” she dug deep for some kind of excuse, but giggled as Sam softly traced the half-healed slash.

“Are you okay?” She looked down at his concerned eyes and melted again. It was a normal feeling for her, looking into his expressive eyes and just turning into a babbling puddle of inexpressive goop.

“It was a thing, with this guy, and his yellow eyes, and a tube of super glue?” She cursed her inability to keep her mouth shut as Xander finally got to his feet and shook his head.

“I’m going to say what I’ve always said, and say that if he can’t accept you for your admittedly odd family and their sometimes downright dangerous job, then he doesn’t deserve you… besides, I think he probably knows more about what happened tonight then we do.” Xander just shrugged when Jessie glared at him. “You know I run background checks, and I know you didn’t want to know what I found out as long as he was by and by. I’m giving you both a chance to come clean, and I want you to know that if I hadn’t been here today, Sam, Jessie probably would have gone the same way your mother did.” Xander took a deep breath and skirted around the couple, went into the spacious closet and tugged out Jessie’s old trunk. Opening it he pulled out a sack and a long ritualistic dagger. “Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go reset the wards with a particular attention to demon summons.”


It was a long, admittedly, awkward talk that followed. Sam explained how when he was six months old a demon had killed his mother; posing her on the ceiling over his crib with a slash across her stomach, then burning her alive, and set his father on a life-long vengeance path. How his father had dragged him and his older brother around the country killing everything he could as he hunted more information on the yellow-eyed demon. He explained how he’d just wanted a normal life, how he worked his ass off in every school he’d ever gone to and applied to Stanford on the sly. The fight that had followed as he told his father that he was going to go, whether he approved or not. Apparently it was a “not” and he’d stormed out anyway, calling his fathers bluff. How his father hadn’t tried contacting him since that day, and how when his brother showed up he was still conflicted about how he was supposed to act.

Then he admitted that he wanted a relationship with his brother, and hoped Dean would come back to visit, or at least call at some point.

Jessie hugged him, and settled back down on top of him. They were settled on the couch as they waited for their sheets to wash and dry. Sam had bandaged her up, though she told him that it would be healed by morning anyhow. He wanted her to explain, but she’d asked for his story first, trying to get some distance from her own. He’d conceded, but only because he knew that she couldn’t keep anything a secret from him once he knew there was one. She always gave him his birthday presents early, it almost killed her last year not to give into his fake pouting and give over Christmas presents as well.

“Xander’s not really my brother,” she started. “Well, not biologically, but he kind of adopted me when my real family died, so technically he’s kind of like my father, but he’d have to have been twelve when I was conceived, so that was really gross and we just mutually agreed that brother was a good title,” Sam smiled and place his hand gently over her mouth.

“Deep breath, and then start over,” he kissed her gently. “Nothing you say is going to drive me away.”

“Sorry, I kind of picked up the nervous babble from Willow. She’s Xander’s other half. Not like boyfriend/girlfriend because Willow’s kind of gay, but they’ve been friends since practically forever. That and she did this spell…” she looked down at Sam and just smiled. “Anyway, I’m a Slayer.”

“I think I’ve read about that. A single girl to fight the forces of darkness,” he looked up at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, only it’s no longer a “single girl”, because this big apocalypse and Willow activating everyone who could be a Slayer. So now it’s like a thousand or so girls in all the world.” Jessie just shrugged and tucked her hair behind her ear, then settled her opposite ear against Sam’s chest. His heart beat was strong and steady, not panicking or heart attack inducing.

“So you were “Activated” and then?”

“Vampires and various oogly boogly’s get attracted to “Slayer essence” I guess you could call it. And Slayers are kind of attracted to various oogly boogly’s, so I started going out at night and terrorizing the terrible things. They got kind of pissed and burned down my house. I was thirteen, I had no idea really what I was doing. But I figured that if they wanted me gone so bad I’d give them a hell of a good bye party. I got a couple stakes, found their hide out and killed them all. The next day Xander and Faith found me. They explained what had happened and they were genuinely distressed at what I told them had happened to my family, and they somehow got custody. I spent the next five years learning how to fight, how to deal with death and make it run away screaming in terror. I got really good at it Sammy. I mean, really, really good. And then I was done. I was just done.”

She looked into Sam’s eyes and saw the same pain. The pain that said, “no more, I’ve done enough.” She knew that he knew, yeah, it wasn’t really over, but I can pretend.

“So you applied to colleges…” he smirked at the mirror their actions had taken.

“Yeah, and I got into Stanford, which was close enough to LA so that the Angel kids could watch over me and Faith didn’t have to worry about me being so far away from Cleveland. Not to much later than that Xander decided to settle down and started a chapter in Stanford, which I knew was mostly to keep an eye on me himself, but I’ve never really minded. Then I met you,” she leaned down to kiss him. “And I fell. Hard.”

“Yeah, know what you mean.” Sam smirked. “When I saw you on the ceiling a little part of me died Jess. Even with the ridiculousness of Xander hanging off your waist I knew what that was.” He frowned. “I just don’t know why this demon has it out for my family.”

“Well, I may not be much of a researcher, but I know a guy whose got a hell of a good library,” Jessie offered.

“You know, spending time with my brother this weekend,” Sam started, shifting a bit to wrap his arms around Jess. “I was kind of thinking about my major.”

“You don’t want to be a lawyer,” Jess stated as she settled closer to Sam, once again laying her ear over his heart.

“Never really did,” he admitted. “It was just the furthest thing I could think of from what my dad was doing.

“So what were you really thinking?”

“Maybe Criminal Justice?”

“So you could put away the human bad guys?”

“And since you’re a Nursing Major you could patch me up afterwards.” His hand trailed from her waist to trace a finger up her thigh, settling his palm against her butt cheek.

“Hmmmm… maybe so,” she sighed as she slid her legs to either side of his thighs, hooking her arms behind his head to lift it up toward her lips. He groaned as the door slammed open.

“Ok, my eye is closed! I am not watching as I am putting things away and leaving as soon as humanly possible!” Xander hurried to the bedroom, they could hear as he shut things back into the trunk and then he hurried right back out of the apartment, locking the door behind him.

“We should probably clean the bedroom before we start anything.” Jessie said before looking down at her boyfriend.

“Yeah, we probably should,” he smirked as he lifted his hips to join hers, and let her know in the process just how interested he was in “starting something“.

“Of course, we could always just clean up in the morning… after all,” she leaned back down to whisper against his lips. “We got this couch for a couple of reasons.”

As they settled in place and Jess tore off his shirt Sam blessed the fact that the couch had been on sale and he hadn’t vetoed it because of a hideous plum color. As Jess started kissing her way down his chest he groaned.

Gods he loved this couch.


So the pun in the title was actually the First thing I thought of... the second was baking cookies.

MAD- Mutually Assured Destruction.... it's a military acronym. I've read fanfics that have Xander and Dean hooking up, and while it's not something I see really happening, I do agree that the power struggle would be interesting. Both physically intimidating men who are mother-hens. I just don't know if they'd both still be alive after a fight or not.... but I, for one, would pop some popcorn and wish they'd fight with their shirts off and maybe covered in oil of some kind...

Aaaaand That's enough of MY slutty mind. Anyway, hope you enjoyed! My timer just went off! I have to save my cookies!

The End

You have reached the end of "The Gravity Of The Situation Has Not Escaped Me". This story is complete.

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