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Sock Puppets

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Summary: The First is vanquished, Sunnydale is a crater and it's time for them to lead a normal life... right?.. RIGHT??!!!?? Would the Powers really let their most powerful warriors go?? Not in this lifetime,or their other lifetime either... wait, what??

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Let's Sort It Out

--- --- ---

Chapter 4: Let's sort it Out

disclaimer: see 1st chapter

AN: haha, seriously, I put all the houses into a hat, picked it out when each one was called and decided to try and fit it in... When it came down to it, only one actually differed from where I wanted to put them.. weird, but it works...

... ... ...

The ride to the castle was short and all 5 teens had their faces pressed up against the window, looking at Hogwarts in fascination. Buffy was in the middle, having pushed everyone out of the way so she could get the best view.

As soon as they entered the doors to the castle, they were met by an older woman in black robes. Her hair was in a bun and seemed to be pulled back so tightly it was stretching her face. Dawn thought that maybe that was the reason for the permanent unpleasant look she had on her face.

"You five will come with me to the first years. You need to be sorted first."She turned and walked away and they all followed silently behind.

Dawn was at the back of the group and turned in a full circle staring at everything in disbelief, she was bumped from behind and stumbled forward, losing her balance and falling to the ground. She was caught just before she hit the floor and was hoisted up. She turned to face her rescuer.

"Thank you sooo mu-" She stopped when she got a look at the guy that saved her. He was tall and muscled, with blonde hair and beautiful gray eyes.

"Wow." Dawn said, before she realized what she was saying. She flushed a deep red and looked down.
"I mean, thank you, I wasn't watching where I was going."

"Dawn?" Her sister called. "Hurry up."

Dawn looked back at Buffy before turning to the guy in front of her. "I-I should go but umm thanks again."

Dawn saw his gray eyes warm slightly and he gave a small smile before turning and walking away. She turned and quickly caught up to her sister who was holding a door open with an impatient look on her face.

"Sorry." Dawn said squeezing into the room.

She caught the last part of the woman's speech on the different houses before the woman turned and started leading everyone out.

She quickly caught up to Willow as they were lead into the Great Hall and the woman put a stool down. "Did she ever say her name?"

'That's Professor McGonagall. She teaches Transfiguration and is the head of house for Gryffindor"

"Oh, when do we get sorted?"

"First." Willow replied back. "Actually you do cause you're a year younger then us."

Dawn silently groaned but hoped she was at least in the house that had the hottie she just met. She wondered what his name was and briefly looked for him, finding him sitting at the table full of uniforms and banners that were silver and green. He was leaning back staring up at the front with a bored expression on his face, when he noticed her gaze, he gave a small nod and she gave him a small smile back. Yeah, she really wanted to be in a house with him, the colors weren't so bad either. As her eyes continued moving across the room, she caught a glimpse of Harry Potter and decided she wouldn't mind being in his house either. It was a shame they both weren't in the same house, then she could join that one. Now that would be totally awesome.

"Dawnie." Xander nudged her from behind. "They're calling you and you're standing there with a goofy grin on your face."

Dawn blinked and looked around to see everyone was looking at her.She went bright red as she turned back to Professor McGonagall, who was waiting impatiently for her.

Behind her, Xander nudged her again and hissed for her to sit on the stool. Dawn did as she was told as a hat was placed on her head and Dawn wished she had been paying attention; she had no idea what to do next.

'My, my, I never expected to see you here.'

Dawn jumped about a foot off the stool and she could hear the giggles of the students watching her.

"I- I'm sorry, did you just talk?" She whispered to the hat.

'Why I did, my dear. Did you not hear my song?'


'Looking at the Potter boy and Malfoy boy were you?'

'Malfoy?' Dawn thought to herself. 'The one Faith was beating on?'

'That I would not know, but it wouldn't surprise me.'

'You read my thoughts.'

'It's what I do. Read your thoughts, see what's inside and place you into the house best suited for you.'

'You knew I wasn't paying attention, huh?'

'I can read your thoughts.' The hat reminded her.

'Right, of course. So what do you mean you never expected me here.'

'I see you're not aware.'

'Aware of what?' Dawn asked.

'Our time is up my dear, I must find you a house.'

'What do you mean though.'

The hat ignored her though as it contemplated where to put her.

'You are very intelligent I see you've learned Sumerian all on your own.'

'Sumerian? I don't even know what that is.'

'I see your heart and loyalty to those you love. You are brave to stand beside her when she'd let you and to pass on the torch when you weren't chosen.'

'Still with the huh?'

You succeed very well at whatever you put your mind to. Sorry I won't have you with who you wanted.'


He shouted out the last part and Dawn stood up as the hat was pulled off of her. A table decorated in Blue started cheering, leading her to believe that was now her house. She moved towards it, sitting next to a girl with long wavy blonde hair and almost vacant eyes.

"Hello." The girl said. "I'm Luna Lovegood.”

"Hi, Dawn Summers."

"I know. You were introduced earlier. It's so interesting to see you're all here.”

“What do you mean?” Dawn asked. First the hat and now this girl, something weird was going on.

“Oh, I can't tell you that.” She replied with a dreamy smile. “But I really am glad you're here, we're going to be great friends.”

“You don't have to talk to her.” Another girl from down the table told her. “I'm Cho Chang by the way. Do you play Quidditch?”

Dawn nodded.

"That's wonderful. Please tell me you'll try out this year. As long as it is not for Seeker."

"No I'm a chaser. Why not Seeker?"

"That's my position." Cho replied with a grin. "We have 2 chaser spots open. I'm the captain so I'll be running the tryouts and I want you to be there. Why don't you come down here and sit with me?"

Dawn looked at Luna, not really liking how they were towards the blonde. “Nah, thanks, but I'll stay here.”

Cho rolled her eyes before shrugging as Luna graced her with a wide smile.

“thank you.” The blonde replied. “That was very nice of you.”

“It's no problem.” Dawn replied. “I think that was kind of rude.”

“I'm used to it by now.”

"Alexander Harris." McGonagall called out before Dawn could ask her what she meant. She turned to the front to see Xander sit on the stool.

The hat was placed on his head and not for the first time, he felt self-conscious, wishing he were a little bigger, a little more muscular.

'Ahh, I see braveness in you. But also loyalty. You are Loyal to your friends but when they hurt you, you will find a way to hurt them. Yet you will bravely throw yourself into a fight and do anything to save your friends. Only one place you belong-'

"GRYFFINDOR." The hat shouted out loud.

Immediately the table that was adorned with red and gold burst into cheers. Xander grinned and moved to join them, although he was a little upset that he wouldn't be with Dawn but he knew it was a long shot. A year younger and she was already way smarter than him. More than likely Willow would end up with Dawn and hopefully Buffy and Faith would join him.

"Hi." Hermione said as he sat down beside her

He smiled back.

"Harry." Hermione said, trying to get him to talk, as he had been quiet the whole day. "Xander's a beater. Don't you have an opening on the team?"

Harry, who had been staring glumly at the front, turned and stared at Xander hopefully. "You play quidditch?"

Xander nodded.

"And you're a beater. Will you try out for the team?"

Xander nodded but looked to Hermione a question in his eyes.

Hermione smiled at him "Professor McGonagall told Harry his ban was lifted and that he was the new captain.

"Good for you." Xander said.

Harry smiled in thanks. "So what do we call you? Do you prefer Alex or Alexander?"

"None of the above." Xander replied. "I prefer Xander."

Harry nodded. “Do any of your other friends play? We have a couple more positions.”

“All but Willow. Faith is also a beater but Buffy is a seeker” Xander explained as Faith was being called up at the front.

"Lehane, Faith."

“I hope she winds up in Gryffindor as well.” Harry said as the brunette swaggered up to the stool.

Faith gave the students a cocky smile as she sat down and pulled the hat on top of her head.

'It's been awhile since we've had one of your kind pass through here.'

'you can thank the Sunnydale earthquake.'

'earthquake? That's what they have you believe?'

'Did something else happen?”

It ignored as it contemplated where to put her. I know what's there, even if no one else does. I see how being accepted has changed your whole path. This is your second chance, so why not make it count?'

'What?' She thought in complete confusion, not understanding what the hat meant at all.

“GRYFFINDOR” The hat yelled.

The house Xander was sent to erupted into cheers once more. Faith gave a mock bow before descending the stairs and moving towards the table. As she passed the house with Green, she saw the blonde she got into it with, on the train glaring at her.

“Aw, how sad we won't get to spend this year together.”

His glare intensified as she heard Buffy let out a bark of laughter at the front. Faith shot her a look of confusion, wondering how she could hear her but the blonde just smiled at her and she turned back to the glaring boy, tossing him a sickeningly sweet smile before moving over to sit beside Xander.

“Please tell me you'll try out for the Quidditch team.” Harry begged her as soon as she sat down.

Faith looked at Xander who shrugged. “I told him we were beaters and apparently they're lacking.”

“Do I get to hit Bludgers at him?” She asked pointing to the Blonde who was still glaring at her.

“Doing that would make you a hero in Gryffindor.” Ron joined the conversation with a big smile.

“I'm down.” The brunette replied, turning to the front to see Willow and Buffy be sorted.

"Rosenberg, Willow."

Willow slowly walked to the stool. Not looking at anyone, or anything but the stool that was right in front of her. She wished she had Faith's or Buffy's confidence. Those two always knew what to do but not her, not shy little Willow. She had always been shy, even when her parents, although they were purebloods, had sent her to a muggle school for the first six years of her school education. If it wasn't for Xander, she doubt she would have even talked at all. It came as quite a shock when Xander, who was muggle born, got a letter for SAM. He was upset at first, thinking he would have to leave Willow, until Willow came out and told him she was a pureblood, set to go there since she was born. Xander was more then ecstatic and together the two friends set out to SAM together, meeting Buffy and Faith and the next year Dawn. Their only regret was giving up on the I Hate Cordelia Club, which they had started together.

Willow sat down on the very edge of the stool and very carefully put the hat on her head. She squeezed her eyes shut.

'Interesting. I always wondered if you would ever grace our threshold'

“Me?” She squeaked out loud before going bright red at the giggles going around.

'It's amazing, it is, how powerful you became in such a short time, it's no wonder the dark path you first chose, especially growing up where you did.'

Whom are you talking about?' Willow silently asked

'Why you, of course.' The hat replied.

'I never did dark arts.'

'Not any that you remember.'

'I wouldn't do that. The Aurors will get me, then I'll go to prison and I heard over here there are Dementors guarding the prison, I can't go there.' Willow thought

The hat gave a small chuckle.'Now, where to place you? You are very intelligent. One of the smartest to pass through I see. Perhaps you should talk to Miss Granger. I did consider putting her in Ravenclaw as well.'

'I'll be with Dawnie?' Willow hopefully asked.

'You are loyal, and brave but above all else you crave power. You fight it everyday and when you realize what you truly are, you will really be one to behold-'

"SLYTHERIN." The hat shouted.

Silence filled the hall before small but polite clapping started. Willow looked completely stricken at how quiet everyone had gone that all her friends stood up and began cheering and screaming her name.

She became even more mortified and practically ran to her new house, not looking at anyone as she took her seat. What was so bad about her ending up here? How was she supposed to stay in this house with none of her friends?

"Summers, Buffy."

Buffy practically skipped to the stool and placed the hat on her head. She really didn't care where she ended up as long as she was with one of her friends or sister.

'2 in one night, oh-ho, this is turning into quite the night indeed.'

'Excuse me?' Buffy silently asked.

'It's amazing how they left the most important part out for you to find out on your own. You, my dear, are a Slayer'

Buffy gasped and her eyes widened in shock as her friends stared closely at her. 'Slayer? Me?' She asked.

'You really shouldn't be so surprised.'

'And why not? I just found out I was the slayer.'

Buffy, like the rest of the wizarding world knew about the Slayer. But whereas most believed her to be a myth, Giles always told them that they were not a myth, he had, in fact met one.

Now she looked up to the head table to find Giles and caught his eye, giving him a bewildered look. Giles had always been a favorite teacher of hers. Even though she grumbled a lot about him and her mom, she was happy her mom found someone after Hank Summers abandoned them when he discovered Buffy and Dawn were witches. The relationship had made Buffy like and respect Giles even more because he made Joyce happy and she often found herself going to him when she had a problem. But now he could only helplessly shrug, unable to do anything for her.

'Not THE Slayer, my dear, but A Slayer.'

'But I thought...'

'A spell was performed to release the power into all potentials. Why am I telling you all this? You should already know all of this just as you should already know you're not the only Slayer here. There is another one, I'm sure you know her very well.'

Buffy glanced at her friends and sister, completely bewildered but also hoping it wasn't her sister.

'You know, I think sorting you would be more about where you would do the most good.-'


Again it was quiet until the Sunnydale crew stood and cheered and slowly the rest of the hall followed suit.

"Buffy what happened?" Willow asked as soon as she sat down.

"It was so weird." Buffy replied. "The hat told me-"

She stopped when she noticed the blonde guy Faith had been harassing, Malfoy, had leaned forward, trying to listen to what she was about to say.

"I'll tell you later." She told Willow, glaring at him.

The two friends turned to watch the first years be sorted, then waited while Dumbledore gave a speech welcoming them and introducing Giles before telling everyone to tuck into the dinner that had magically appeared on the tables.

After dinner, the students started standing up and heading off towards their dorm rooms. The Sunnydale crew all waved to each other, Dawn appearing to be the only one who seemed a little put out at having no one in the same house as her. At least she had met Luna, who may have seemed a little odd but was really nice.

The new Slytherin girls followed their housemates to the tower and followed them into the portrait but as soon as they were inside they had no idea where to go or what to do. They stood huddled in the doorway until a tall girl with long brown hair came up to them.

"The sixth year dorm rooms are this way." She explained in a Scottish accent.

The girls smiled at her and followed her up some steps to a room where there were six beds.

"I'm Tracey Davis." The girl told them, tossing her hair back. "There are three other girls in here. Pansy Parkinson, Daphne Greengrass and Millicent Bulstrode. Pansy should be the one telling you where to go and what not as she's a prefect."

"Prefect?" Willow asked.

Tracey quickly explained what prefects were and who theirs were.

"Draco's that blonde guy, isn't he?” Buffy asked. “our friend caught him trying to eavesdrop on us and he's a prefect?”

"Well maybe he won't be too bad now that you're in his house. Just give him some time. But I heard she gave it to him good on the train so a little extra time may be good. I think that's why Pansy isn't here to help, Draco's upset so she will be busy catering to his needs. It's quite nauseating if you ask me.”

"You don't sound too warm towards your housemates." Buffy said

Tracey waved the comment aside. "Oh, I have no problems with them. I mean they are my housemates, I just don't see eye to eye on a lot of things,"

"Like what?" Willow asked

Tracey shrugged before turning to Buffy "Is it true what I'm hearing, they say you are a half blood."

Buffy nodded. "What's the big deal?"

Tracey looked out the window. "They say only purebloods are let into Slytherin, that no Muggle born or half bloods are ever let in. I just think most are afraid to say what they really are. Too many prejudices. What about you?" She asked Willow.

"I'm a pureblood." Willow softly said.

Buffy's eyes narrowed as she stared at Tracey. "Is that why you keep quiet that you're not a pureblood?"

The tall girls eyes widened as she stared at Buffy in shock. "Me? Not a pureblood? That's absurd. Look, I have to go get ready for bed."

Tracey left them quickly.

"She couldn't get out of here fast enough." Willow observed.

"Kinda makes you wonder if I was right." Buffy said with a shrug.

"So?" Willow asked. "What did the hat say?"

"Oh, only that I was a Slayer." Buffy answered nonchalantly.

"What?" The Redhead screeched. “You're the Slayer?”

Buffy shook her head. "No, not THE Slayer. A Slayer. The hat said a spell was done turning all potentials into Slayers."

"Oh wow. Buffy you have to go talk to Giles."

"There's more. He also said there's another Slayer here and he made it sound like it was you, Faith, or Dawn"

Willow eyes widened. “That's why you put a hole in the wall this morning. That's why Faith handled that Draco kid so easily, it must be her, I haven't done any crazy strength feats.”

“What do we do?” Buffy asked.

“Not tell our roommates, that's for sure.” Willow replied. “Talk to Giles first chance you get.”

Buffy nodded and the two girls quickly got ready for bed, falling asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

... ... ...

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