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Sock Puppets

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Summary: The First is vanquished, Sunnydale is a crater and it's time for them to lead a normal life... right?.. RIGHT??!!!?? Would the Powers really let their most powerful warriors go?? Not in this lifetime,or their other lifetime either... wait, what??

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The Normal Life

Title: Sock Puppets-1/?

Author: Music

Category: BTVS/HP

Rating: T for teen...cuz I like to swear hehehe

Summary: : The First has been defeated, Slayers have been awoken and Buffy wants to live a normal life but the PTB need her help and Buffy refuses. They decide not to let her go so easily.

Disclaimer: Whedon gets Buffy, Rowling gets Harry Potter and I get.... well nothing really. Maybe an OC or two…

Spoilers: So, this takes place after season 7. No matter what happens and what you read it is after season 7. This is in Harry’s 6th year and there will be spoilers up until then for both.

Feedback: Please

Author's Note: Its been forever since I’ve looked at this and I thought, hey why the hell not… so why not see what happens, ya know????

--- --- ---

Chapter 1: The Normal Life

“You’re not the only Slayer anymore, you could do whatever you wanted.” Willow said, her voice an excited whisper.

Buffy looked down at the crater that used to be her home.

“Yeah, Buffy. What are we going to do?” Her sister asked.

Buffy couldn’t answer, she didn’t know what to say. They had done it. They had defeated the First Evil but had destroyed Sunnydale in the process. Then again, the Hellmouth was now officially closed for business and all Buffy could do was smile.

“Uh, Buffy?”

There was no answer as she stared at the crater that used to be her home.


The tone of the voice finally caught her attention and she spun around, her eyes narrowing at what she saw before her.

“You.” was all she managed to get out.

“Great job you did here kid, The Powers are mighty impressed.”

Buffy rolled her eyes at the demon who never seemed to have good news, Whistler. “I’m so glad they approve. What do you want Whistler?” She was tired and she just wanted to sleep.

“To talk.”

Buffy snorted. “You never just want to talk, so I’ll ask one more time. What do you want?”

“The Powers That Be sent me.” Whistler started to explain.

“To tell us what a great job we did? I kind of find that hard to believe.”

“There’s a problem.”

“Have you looked at the big crater in front of you?” Xander asked. “Problem kind of solved.”

“Yes, but that’s not the problem.” Whistler replied.

Buffy sighed, giving one last look of longing at the school bus that promised rest before fully turning to Whistler. “Look, we have injured girls that need to get to the hospital. As much as I hate to say it, I need to get to the hospital.” She pointed to the blood stain on her stomach “So you either say what you came to say or get lost. Actually, how about you just don’t say anything and get lost.”

“There’s a new big bad. Well, he’s been around for awhile but has been lying low. He’s just made himself known again and The Powers think he’ll be a big threat not only to the wizarding world but to the rest of the world.”

“Hold up.” Buffy interrupted. “Wizarding world? Is this some kind of joke?” She looked to Giles who just shrugged and started cleaning his glasses.

No.” Whistler replied. “It’s a whole other world inside ours but I don’t have much time to explain, just know, they need your help. If you say yes, we’ll put you in their school as Professors, helping the students and getting ready for the war against Voldemort.”

Buffy couldn’t stop the laughter that escaped her lips. “You want me to help fight some guy named Moldywart?”

“He should’ve come up with a cooler name like Darth Vader or something.” Andrew said from the back of the group.

Everyone turned to glare at him.

“His name is Voldemort.” Whistler tried again. “He’s dangerous and The Powers think you can stop him.”

“See.” Buffy said, reeling on Whistler once more. “There’s that word again. The Powers. They think something so they have me running to do their bidding. Look around you, did you not see what just happened? We made history, we got rid of that whole 1 girl in all the world clause. God knows how many Slayers are out there so why not get one of them?”

“Yeah, about that. That’s the one little thing they’re not happy about.” Whistler said.

“We just vanquished The First Evil and you’re telling me they’re not happy?” Giles asked stepping forward.

“No, no. They’re quite happy about that. They’re not happy about all the Slayers soon to be running around.” Whistler explained.

“I thought it was a good idea.” Willow spoke up. “It worked great too.”

Buffy smiled at her friend. “It did, Wills.” She turned back to Whistler. “Maybe The Powers should have sent help if they wanted this done a certain way, instead of waiting and criticizing us for it.” She angrily shook her head. “You know what? Last time I checked, I didn’t work for the PTB. I worked for me. They may not be happy by what Willow has done but I sure am. I’m happy she awoke all those girls. It gives everyone a chance to fight, a fair chance. There’s no more stupid one girl in all the world rule.”

“Two.” Faith interrupted.

Buffy bit back a smile.

“You’d think with B breaking all the rules so many times already that this wouldn’t even phase them. Why don’t you just give us a break, yo. We fought, we kicked ass, we sleep.”

“Isn’t there like a rule about apocalypses not being able to happen one right after the other?” Xander questioned. “I think there should be a rule. Giles, is there a rule?”

“I vote to make a rule.” Willow motioned.

“Ohh, I can make a plaque and everything.” Dawn chirped.

“With sparkles.”

Dawn nodded enthusiastically. “Of course there will be sparkles.”

Whistler sighed. “Guys, I’m sorry but they need your help.”

“All of us?” Willow asked.

“You’re core group. You’re the best warriors they’ve got.”

Buffy sighed. She was tired. So, so tired. She had spent the last year fighting an evil that was beyond anything they had ever come up against and they had lost so many. Glancing behind her, she saw she wasn’t the only one who felt this way. They were sore, tired, injured and they needed time to grieve. They had given so much of their lives and they deserved to live normal and be normal. She turned back to Whistler.

“No deal. Where was our help when we were up against The First, or anyone for that matter? They left me alone to fight the Master, Angel, the Mayor, Adam, a Hell Goddess and the First Evil. You can forget it Whistler, I’m done being The Powers Sock Puppet.”

She put an arm around her sister and started walking towards the bus. “Come one Dawnie. Let’s go be normal.”

One by one, her friends followed her back, glaring at Whistler as they passed.

Whistler stared in shock as the bus slowly started and rolled away. He looked up at the sky and slowly shook his head. “I said it wouldn’t go over well.”

Looking back at the bus, he sighed. “I’m really, really sorry it had to happen this way.”

--- --- ---
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