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Oscar's Underworld

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Summary: An Underworld Slayer spin-off. What exactly qualifies Oscar to be the guard of Scooby Central’s armory?

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Television > Sesame StreetEvilAuthorFR131578061,61911 Nov 0311 Nov 03Yes
Title: Oscar’s Underworld

Author: Nopporn Wongrassamee aka the Evil Author

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Spoilers: Anything goes

Summary: An Underworld Slayer spin-off. What exactly qualifies Oscar to be the guard of Scooby Central’s armory?

Disclaimer: Characters and concepts belong to their owners who I'm too lazy to list.

Author’s Note: Good God. It’s a spin-off!

It was day.

Daytime was when Scooby Central was at its quietest. Most critters of the night did their shenanigans during the night. Likewise, Scooby Central was minimally manned. There were no patrols with only a daylight capable response team on hand in case of an emergency.

It was quiet. Oscar liked quiet. No one was bothering him to get stuff in or out of the armory. That would change when nightfall approached, but he’ll take what he could get.

The armory gate swung open. To most people, even the ones with enhanced hearing like the werewolves, the gate was well oiled and quiet. To Oscar, it was like dragging nails across a chalkboard. Someone was intruding on his territory without telling him! Oscar rose from his trashcan, ready to bring the full force of his grouchy personality on the offending person.

Oscar opened his mouth to speak… and said nothing.

There was no one here. Peering around suspiciously, Oscar saw that the gate had swung open, but there were no likely or even unlikely suspects in sight. The gate had been closed and locked since the daylight team had checked out their weapons. Maybe one of Rosenberg’s apprentices was having fun at his expense.

Disgruntled at not being able to mouth off at someone, Oscar extended a mass of tendrils that might loosely be called an arm to close the gate. He felt his arm brush up against something solid that he couldn’t see.

“Eep!” someone cried.

Oho! There was someone invisible here.

“Who’s there?” Oscar called out, latching onto an invisible arm.

“Lemme go!”

“I don’t think so,” Oscar growled. “Now, who are you?”

“I’m Agent Ross with the, uh, Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms,” the invisible person said quickly. Oscar wasn’t sure, but he thought the person sounded like a female human. “I’m here investigating the, um, possible possession of, uh, illegal weaponry being held here.”

“Really?” Oscar sneered skeptically. He eyed a large gatling gun and some shoulder-fired rockets sitting openly on a shelf. “See anything illegal yet?”

“I haven’t completed my search,” Ross said stiffly.

Okay, there was no way this girl was legit. “You got a warrant, lady?”

“Warrant? Hold on a sec…” A grenade sprang off a shelf. Safety pin and spoon flew off in one direction. The grenade itself was stuffed in Oscar’s mouth. “Here’s my warrant!”


Marcie Ross smiled as the demon’s head blew up. Her bosses hadn’t warned her about the guard. They had sent her here to steal some kind of powerful artifact from the Scooby Central vault. Being invisible, she could walk in and out with the goods with no one the wiser.

She realized something was wrong when the demon’s grip on her arm tightened instead of loosening. Looking up, Marci saw that the demon’s eyes were floating down towards her in a slow, deliberate descent controlled by a few green tendrils that connected them back to the rest of its body. Watching the main torso pulse and roil, Marci realized that the demon’s body wasn’t solid and covered in fur, but composed entirely of those green tendrils.

The demon growled and pulled Marcie toward itself.


“Yo, Oscar!”

“What d’you want, Harris?”

“Time to open up for business, Oscar.”

“It’s that time, already? Okay, here ya go.”

“Are you okay, Oscar? You seem almost cheerful today.”

“You could say that I had a fulfilling day, Harris.” Oscar burped. “Excuse me.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Oscar's Underworld". This story is complete.

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