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Poems of thought and incantations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Acts of Randomness". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Here are some poems about how the slayer, the doctor, and others might see the world and some possible spells I created... No, to my knowledge the spells don't work. Have fun! I doubt this will ever be marked finished.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralGenuka + 1 otherFR7193,089081,17811 Mar 1016 Apr 12Yes

Hidden Guardians

Disclaimer: Nope, don't own it. I just checked. I do not own doc who, BtVS, or any other TV show or book that this could be ascribed to. This just kinda popped outta my head.

A/N: This is in a way dedicated to everyone who is different and for those of you who aren't this is why you don't have to be afraid of us one's who are different. .... We Defend!

A/n2: forgot to mention I think this fits the slayers, and the doc, everyone else who hides in plain site just helping out where and when it's needed; up to and including certain starfleet officers and Stargate personnel. Thanks guys, for the real lifer's like that and for the fictional ones that inspire us.

(Hidden Guardians)

There is more than what meets the eye all around you
Always this has been and always this shall be, no matter how far and wide you see
No matter what doors or windows you may open

I see much that others do not, yet I cannot see much of what they see every day
I try to show them what I see
But I cannot
They do not see the little miracles and magics all around them, every single day
Can you see?

When I can get them to see even one, they are suddenly scared of my and what I can see
I see something fall and I cannot catch it for my mind has locked down once again, for no reason
Yet another time I see a danger and I can move
And do I move
I move to stop the danger and keep the others out of the way
They never see it, before or after
And my move scares them
They flinch when I come near and never know that had I not moved a death or great injury would have occurred

I tried to explain it to some and show them but it made them more fearful than not explaining
So no longer do I explain to those I believe cannot handle the knowledge, for their peace of mind
But for those like me, I try
I may fail but, I try any way
They need to know, they are not alone

We are Guardians
Our task is always to defend and protect with everything at our disposal and if we heal
We are hidden among you, to protect and heal
And yet we are apart of you
We are human too
Always there is danger unseen

We Defend
Both from what we can and can't identify and/or see or sense
Do not fear us
We are here, always to protect, guard, and defend

We are Hidden Guardians
Hidden even from ourselves
We lead when we must and follow when we must

We are the Hidden Guardians
Let evil and death BEWARE
We will not watch our brethren fall
Be they man, woman, or child
We Defend

We always defend...
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