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Poems of thought and incantations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Acts of Randomness". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Here are some poems about how the slayer, the doctor, and others might see the world and some possible spells I created... No, to my knowledge the spells don't work. Have fun! I doubt this will ever be marked finished.

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I See

Disclaimer: No, I don't own any major TV series. If I did then I'd have some of these pieces hidden in those series with no one the wiser and be perfectly happy for people to have heard/read my work and been done with it. Regardless as to whether or not anyone cared that I wrote it.

A/N: For this chapter I think it fits well with what The Doctor and The Slayer might see and feel. I know that I wind up seeing this way far to often and taking the damage.... make sure you read the next chapter. It's important.

(I See)

I see, I see, and I see again
But never can I truly convey
The mystery, the magic, the knowledge of all that I see
Perhaps but a part might I convey but never in its entirety

I see, I see, and I see again
But what do I see?
Do I see the waves?
What waves do I see?
Are they of Water?
Are they of Sound?
Are they of Light? or of knowledge?

I see, I see, and I see again
The patterns all around me
The pieces of the puzzle
The connections no one else knows
And they are scared
Oh, so scared when they see that I see what they don't

I see, I see, and I see again
But what do I see?
I see not what you see
I see differently than you

I see, I see, and I see again
Oh, the damage that I see all around me
Why do they take the blade, forged out of words and soul, and harm each other?
Why do they tear each other asunder?

I see, I see, and I see again
I see the pain and I see the word, the motion, to turn the soul blades aside. To ease the damage done.
But at what cost? you may ask.
The cost..... is to me.
I take the damage when the blade is turned aside.
I take the damage when I act to heal the open wound or scar.
I take the damage when I step in front of the soul blade, shielding another.
The price is small enough; for the damage done to me is less than the one it was meant for.
I see the damage where others cannot
With what I see I can turn the blade aside or drive it deeper and feast on the pain.


I chose.

To heal and turn the blade aside.

With the knowledge to heal comes the knowledge to harm.

Your choice.

Chose to heal or to harm, but always the choice is yours.

I see pain, and I refuse to let it stand where I can help.

I see, I see, and I see again

But what do you see?

A/N:Okay so that fits the doc and Willow more than Buffy or any of the other slayers I can think of but hey, it works. Check out Hidden Guardians aka ch 2
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