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Finding the Devil in the Dragon

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Fan Art

Summary: Sometimes seeing the future isn't all that advantageous. Crossover with 'From Hell,' Drusilla/Inspector Abberline...if I ever get around to writing it that is. Warning: Chapter 3's picture is kinda gory

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Movies > From HellSheilanniFR1838660180211 Mar 1020 Mar 10No

Nighty Night


Nighty Night

Flash of wooden spoons and stale bread and cups full of murky water.

Seven children sat around a small dinner table, orphans obviously, from the way their eyes were full of horrors that children with caring parents would never have seen. Their heads were bowed in prayer of thanks for the meager meal that was before them.

Flash of claws and fangs and yellow eyes.

The wooden floorboards were washed in red, blood seeping into the cracks and crevices. Droplets were splattered across the peeling wallpaper. The halls and the rooms were filled with the echoes of screams that no one listened to. The children, bleeding and broken, were tucked into their beds where they finally fell silent, asleep for the last time.

Flash of a white dress and dark hair and a soft smile.

“Nighty night, nighty night.” She sang, twirling and waving her blood stained hands above her head, “nighty night to all the naughty children.” Then she laughed, a soft musical sound that echoed into the darkness. Her companion slipped a cloak on to her shoulders and they left, slipping like ghosts into the night.

Flash of light and clear water and outraged screams of pain.

“It’s too late to fight Inspector,” she said as she hissed and glared at him, “the devil has already consumed you.” Then she leaped forward into the sunlight, reaching for him, her fingers curled like claws.


Abberline opened his eyes. For an instant he was still trapped in the vision, feeling sharp pain as nails raked across his face. He flinched away, nearly toppling from the chair he’d been sitting in.

He sat up, blinking and rubbing at his temples. The pain faded as the vision released him, but not completely. Like all the injuries he experienced while ‘seeing’ it would never completely fade; it would stay in the back of his mind, a constant ache until the next time he chased the dragon.

Disclaimer: I do not own From Hell or Buffy, I'm just having fun making pictures and drabbling. =P

A.N. I really wanna make a longer fic out of this whole idea of Drusilla and Inspector Abberline meeting but I can't decide how I want Abberline to react to finding a vampire, so if anyone has an opinion I'd be glad to hear it. For those who have never seen "From Hell" Fredrick Abberline is the clairvoyant inspector who was in charge of the Jack the Ripper case. he has horrible, gory visions that he uses to help solve his cases. Also, he is addicted to opium.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Finding the Devil in the Dragon" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Mar 10.

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