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Just the Place for a Snark (the Bellman Cried)

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This story is No. 8 in the series "An Ode to a City". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Back to Gotham we shall go and a madwoman shall lead the way.

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Fit the Last

About an hour later, the Slayer, Angel and William returned. Angel and William looking highly abashed and the Slayer looking smug. To my surprise she headed right to me.

"Dru, tell me honestly. How in the hell did you ever put up with!?! Especially for so many years?"

"Well Miss Summers," I glanced over at the closely watching pair, "I am insane."

"Well yeah...but I didn't think insanity could be that bad... Anyway Drusilla, after I finished the first round of 'Why we don't keep Buffy in the dark', for a change of pace I asked what they thought of your changing to the good. They both said it was real and earned. Now the fact that those two agree on anything is so rare, makes me think they're correct."

"We've both done stuff we wished we could have taken back, killed because of our nature, and we've both paid for our pride," without really noticing, she had slipped out of her fool persona, into a far more mature one.

"I can't forget what we've all done in order to follow our nature," her face became more sombre, "The same as you, Angel, or Spike can't. But, we have all dedicated ourselves to be better than we were. So I can forgive you, the same as I forgave Angel, Spike, Faith, and myself. If I see you again, I won't slay you. And I'll make sure the rest of the girls know that as well. Now I have to find the where that that Sir Jay guy took the rest of my group," with that she walked away dragging Angel and William with her.

"Well," I said mainly to myself, "That went far better than I expected."

"People grow Dru," Kate was running her fingers through Renee's hair while she was engaged on her mobile, "They learn, they change."

"But, this is truly the lion laying down with...Oh I don't know, another rival lion perhaps? One that has slain the first one's cubs..."

"Yes, but it looks like there really is a chance for redemption, for earning forgiveness. And maybe, just sometimes, the people that actually deserve it receive that chance..."


Yes it's very VERY short, but it is (I hope) an appropriate coda...
And yes, there will be more Dru in the future.

Thanks for all the reviews and the recs! You guys keep me honest and writing.

The End

You have reached the end of "Just the Place for a Snark (the Bellman Cried)". This story is complete.

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