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A Phoenix Will Aways Rise

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Summary: For your veiwing pleasure, I present the most inane thing I have ever posted. Buffy meet the the Phoenix Force, I know you'll get along just swell.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CentereddeathgeonousFR1846,76314711,56212 Mar 1022 Mar 11No


AN 1: Thanks for all the positive reviews and such, and especially for the one from Lightspire, whom, since he had read this fic on a phone or something like that and couldn’t leave an anonymous review, he decided to PM me one! And as to why I do not allow any anonymous reviews, on fan fic dot net that is, for some people have asked me to allow them, well, people flame easier when they don’t have to leave their name. Really, I have no trouble at all with receiving flames, the trouble I have is with those who leave such things and don’t even have the courage to do so with their site pseudonym. Jeez, it’s not like I’m going to go all hacker city and track you down through the web using your site pseudonym and then beat you to a bloody pulp in your home after you leave me a flame. I mean, geeze, that’d be just really stupid. And a stupid amount of work as well. And to top it off I’d probably be in jail for the rest of my life for all of the laws I’d be breaking to do that. I count like at twelve broken laws that I know of there easily, and there is probably a ton more that I don’t know of here.

AN2: If anyone knows the name of Lilandra’s brother and the now current (at the point in time that this story is taking place that is) Emperor of the Shi-ar Empire, please let me know in a review or something. Thanks in advance.




In the vastness of space: Inside of the royal flagship of the Shi-ar Empire: on the Bridge

“Your Majesty! It has been thirty six hours since the last transmission from The Gladiator, and twelve hours since his last scheduled check in time!” A crewmember sitting in front of the commutations station of the ship’s bridge shouted out,

“We see.” The Emperor emotionlessly stated. “Then we guess that he has failed, although we cannot see how.” He then coldly continued. “Regardless, we will have to find our wayward sister ourselves. Where was his last transmission from?”

“Here your Majesty!” Another crewmember shouted out while the large viewing screen at the front of the bridge started to show a large map of space with a red dot on it.

“Hmmm, that is in the middle of nowhere. Do you have any idea where he was heading?” The Emperor asked.

“No your Majesty! All we know is that he was following your sister.” The captain of the vessel replied.

“Then find her, and quickly! We will not tolerate having her and the M’Kraan Crystal being out of our grasp for very much longer, are we being clear?”

“Yes your Majesty! Perfectly clear! Stratous, follow along The Gladiator’s current course and find all habitable planets that Princess Lilandra could have taken refuge on for the next ten light years! Genith, determine if Princess Lilandra’s ship in its condition could have traveled any farther than that and if so, just how much farther! We need to find her, now!”

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier: in the cafeteria

Lilandra just watched in awe, her own food long forgotten, as she simply absorbed the sight of Buffy eating. It was not her eating habits per say that shocked the stellar Princess, but the sheer volume of substance that she was packing away.

“So, um, Buffy was it?” Lilandra began.

“Yes?” Buffy warily asked between bites of her food.

“Would, would you tell me about yourself?” Lilandra hesitantly asked.

“Ugh, what’s with all the people wanting to know all about little old me? Well, ok, as long as you tell me some things about yourself, deal?” Buffy replied.

“Um, deal.” Lilandra answered back.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier: Nick Fury’s office

Nick Fury was a master of multitasking, so it was no trouble for him to watch Buffy and Lilandra bond through the cameras in the mess hall, read the orders on his desk, and still fume about the said orders. ‘How, I mean just HOW did Charles Xavier manage to get custody of BOTH Lilandra AND Buffy? And with a singed order from the President himself at that!’ He wondered as he fumed, and then he signed off on the orders while watching Charles approach the two women and he thought ‘I’ll be watching you Xavier.’

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier: in the cafeteria

Lilandra and Buffy were now chatting back and forth freely, while Buffy was trying hard to tone down the awe that Lilandra held for Buffy and she was succeeding quite handily, when Charles Xavier approached them and said “Lilandra and, Buffy was it?” After getting a nod from a suspicious looking Buffy, Charles continued on with his carefully preprepared speech. “It is my honor to house both of you during your stay on this planet.”

Buffy then interrupted him with the question “And just HOW did YOU get this honor?”

And in his office, one Nick Fury was listening in with anticipation on just how Xavier would answer this one.

Charles Xavier just seemed to chuckle and said “As it was I and my X-Men who had found you, well, we seemed to have gotten stuck with the responsibility of looking after both of you..”

“And why you? You, from what limited knowledge I have of this place, have no standing with the government.” Buffy then asked with narrow eyes.

Charles Xavier then seemed to sigh and deflate a little and then softly whispered, no, no we do not have any standing with the government. To be honest with you, Buffy, may I call you Buffy?” Buffy warily nodded in response and he continued with “I don’t know if you can understand this without my going into too much detail, if you wish I will go into much more detail for you later, but my students, the X-Men are all mutants. Mutants are, well, it has been theorized that mutants are the next stage in human evolution. They have some extra strands in their DNA that allow them to do things beyond the human norm. For a couple of examples, one of my students has a mixture of telepathic and telekinetic powers, and another can control the weather. These of course are some of the more powerful and extreme powers that a mutant can have. It could be something as simple as just having some slight physical differences, cosmetic only, to having vastly powerful abilities. The abilities of mutants are totally random, and it seems that even in families that produce a high number of mutants that in most cases their powers are all greatly different from one another, but getting back to the topic at hand, mutants are both feared and exorcized by most normal humans because of both the fear of what they can do and in my belief that they are slowly replacing them. I run a school where mutants can both be protected and can learn to use their powers, hopefully for the betterment of both humans and mutants. As to why I was given the pleasure of hosting you, well, since you still are in the government’s care, and since they are going to occasionally to check up on you, both out of need and want, when they do so, they can also check up on me and my students as well. At least that’s what I think. I was told that since I run a school that caters to ‘A diverse and unique crowd’ that I could help both of you settle into this world and teach you about it.” Charles then ended with a sigh.

Buffy softened her expression and told Charles “Well, that sucks.”

Charles then chuckled and replied to that with “It’s not that I mind taking you in, or helping accumulate you to this world, but… I do wish that it was without the threat it could possibly bring to my charges. I promised them a safe haven, and now that safe have could be in danger.”

Buffy then growled out “Not if I have anything to say about it.”

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier: Nick Fury’s office

‘Mr. President,’ Nick Fury thought to himself ‘you are devious, cunning and I think that your deviousness and paranoia just made you and our government at least one if not two enemies.’ Nick continued to think as he looked at both of his current ‘Guests’ who were teeming with outrage both on behalf of Charles Xavier’s plight, and their own, which was that of being used to possibly hurt others. ‘And Charles, good play to get them on your side, instead of ours.’ Nick thought, and then he said aloud while going back to his paper work pile-up, “And this is why I HATE politics and politicians. They fuck things up trying to be, clever. Hrph.” And then he started to read through his next document, putting all thought of anything beyond his current work aside.

EAN1: Uh, yeah, sorry about the long time to update, but, well, real life’s a bitch that’s still making me her’s, I was trying to update some of my Ranma stuff without much success, and with this piece, the cafeteria scene just took forever to get even somewhat right. I mean seriously the number of revisions that that one scene went through is staggering. Sheesh. Well, I hope you enjoyed both the update of the new chapter and the revisions of the old ones. Thanks for reading this, bye for now.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Phoenix Will Aways Rise" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Mar 11.

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