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This story is No. 3 in the series "Questing around the Galaxy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to 'With Special Guest'. Cordelia is asked to reprise her role as the Princess Mirabanna.

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Movies > Galaxy QuestLucindaFR152564,83364923,96012 Nov 0313 Jan 06Yes

Guest Starring

author: Lucinda

if you could watch the movie and the series, you're fine.

main characters: Willow, Cordelia, Alex Dane

pairings: Cordelia/Jason Nesmith, Willow/Alex Dane, Gwen DeMarco/Angel, mention of Fred Kwan/Laliari

This is the sequel to 'With Special Guest'.

disclaimer; I own nobody from Buffy/Angel or from Galaxy Quest. There may be a few minor original characters.

distribution: Bite Me, WLS, NHA, Twisting the Hellmouth, anyone else please ask, I'll probably say yes.

note: AU post season 6ish for BtVS timeline, AU season 2 for Angel. Begins aproximately one month after 'With Special Guest'. :Words in colons: are over a telephone or communications device.

"Ohhh. That man is so.... arrogant! Why am I still seeing him?" Cordelia's voice, filled with conflicting emotions, rang out into the hotel.

Willow smiled, partly because she found herself wondering that same thing on occasion, and partly because it still occasionally seemed odd that she was now good friends with Cordelia. "What did you say the last time Angel asked that? Because his kisses curl your toes? Or maybe because the pair of you look good in photos together?"

"Using my words against me... isn't that illegal or something?" Cordelia sighed, dropping into a chair with a sigh.

"It's only unconstitutional to force you to testify against yourself in a court of law, which this isn't. Nice try though." Willow smiled, floating a bottle of water towards the tired looking seer, causing a thin film of frost to form over the plastic as she magically chilled it.

Cordelia caught the bottle, opening it with a smile. "Thanks... and we do look good on camera together, and he does kiss really good. But... there's got to be more than that, it's just..."

"It sort of reminds me of you and Xander, with more arrogance. You fought all the time with Xander, and then made up. That's sort of similar to what you're doing with Jason." Willow paused, glad that it no longer hurt to think of that relationship, that the pain she'd felt when she'd found out had faded. "I think the conflict makes you feel more alive."

"No psycho analyzing me. I don't get paid enough to afford it." Cordelia teased.

Willow grinned, tossing a bag of letters to her friend. "Cheer up. Not only do you get the occasional Rosenberg analysis free of charge, you have letters. I think you've got fan-mail."

"Fan-mail?" Cordelia sat up, her eyes almost glowing with delighted enthusiasm. "I've got fan-mail?"

"Long live Princess Mirabanna." Willow tried not to giggle, and almost succeeded. Fortunately, Cordelia was too busy looking at the letters to notice.

The phone rang, and Willow reached over, lifting the handset and trying to sound professionally calm. "Hello, may I help you?"

:Yes, I'm trying to contact Cordelia Chase. Is this the correct number?: The voice was a calm sounding woman.

"Just a moment please." Willow lowered the phone, and looked at her gleeful friend. "Cordelia! Telephone."

Leaving the letters scattered over the chair, Cordelia darted over, snatching the phone from Willow's hand. "This is Cordelia Chase."

She almost looked like she was dancing as the woman spoke to her, although Wilow couldn't quite make out the words. But considering that smile, she had the feeling that whatever the woman was saying was very, very welcome indeed.

"Of course I can come back. When?" Cordelia getured, and began writing something down on a pad of paper, still smiling gleefully. "Thank you."

Carefully, Cordelia put the phone down, and then turned towards Willow, smiling and bouncing with delight. "Mirabanna's making a second appearance! They want me to come back! Isn't that wonderful?"

Smiling, she gave her friend a quick hug. She couldn't quite resist teasing a little. "It does sound wonderful. Of course, there will probably be another on screen kiss for the two of you..."

"Oh, that's just... well, yeah. And what princess goes anywhere without her handmaiden? You get a return appearance too, most likely." Cordelia smiled wickedly. "Just think, the lights, the cameras, the costumes..."

"The make-up, the nausea, the attacking demonic things..." Willow frowned, thinking about the possibility of a return appearance of the Handmaiden. "Alex said there was a script being discussed with Mirabanna in it, but he didn't want me to get your hopes up. Lots of scripts get discussed and rejected. But if they're casting, or recontacting the cast or whatever, then that's got to be a good sign. We can go over tomorrow, see if there's a script yet."

"No, we don't need any attacking demonic things this time around! I refuse. As the Princess, I decree this visit to the set will be demon free!" Cordelia looked annoyed and worried, and made the proclamation in her best Princess voice.

Willow sighed, looking at Cordelia. "Do you really think it will be that easy? Declare no problems, and it will be so?"

With a casual shrug, Cordelia glanced at the phone, trying not to smile. "I can certainly hope so, can't I?"

end part 1.

Alex smirked a bit as he watched the scene currently being filmed. Fred and Laliari held the camera's attention, and they were struggling with some sort of potentially life threatening engine problem.... He had the feeling that this would somehow end up being the catalyst to the return to Mirabanna's world. He'd been hoping that the script would be approved, for the chance to have Willow on set again. Not that he wasn't still seeing her off set every chance that he could, but having her here again would be delightful. Especially since she found the Laz-Tawny subplot amusing. She'd made the comment that she would have to be upset if he kissed Gwen, but since they were scripting Laz... just make darn sure he remembered that the two were not interchangable. Her warning had been... on the one hand, a delightful sign that she cared, and another, a glimpes that hinted at previous heartache. It helped that he didn't actually think of Gwen that way. Yes, she was an attractive woman, but she wasn't what he wanted....wasn't Willow.

"What has you looking so amused?" Gwen's voice teased at him, holding a cup of coffee in one hand, and offering him tea with the other.

"The Mirabanna script was approved." He accepted the tea, sipping at it. He wondered just how close Gwen had gotten to Willow's friend Angel. They had talked a few times, but there hadn't been any actual dates, which did leave him wondering. Not that it was actually any of his business, but still...

Gwen smiled, looking pleased as well. "So Willow and Cordy will be back. Is she still... hmmm, theraputically deflating Jason's ego?"

"It would take far more than dating Jason to make her stop deflating egos. I suppose Angel might be lurking on the set as well..." Alex tossed the comment out, hoping for some sort of clue at what was happening.

"Maybe. Angel's good at lurking." Gwen sighed, looking almost frustrated for a moment.

Alex nodded, seemingly returning his attention to Fred's scene. "Do you have any idea why Fred's got a bag of coffee beans in his dressing room?"

"Just something about a Karaoke club that he and Laliari went to a few weeks back. They sang Sonny and Cher. On stage." Gwen paused, sounding faintly disturbed. "Laliari's... I just have trouble picturing her doing Karaoke."

"I can see her doing that, it is a Terran cultural experience, you know. But Fred Kwan, on stage singing? That would be... different." Alex looked at the couple, wondering how they managed to be so continuously happy together. It just seemed so amazing.

"Shall we have mainteneance make certain the elevators are working properly this time?" Gwen subtly teased, before wandering off with her coffee.

Alex scowled a little, trying not to let himself get caught smiling at the memory of that. It was the most delightful period of near claustrophobia that he'd ever had. Just Willow and himself in a broken elevator... With Willow, just about anything felt less frustrating. He just found himself hoping that there would be no more Fangor Beasts on the set this time. Granted, she and Cordelia had dispatched the beast that had attacked, but he'd just about had a heart attack, and Jason's leg was still giving him twinges. Excitement like that was not anything they needed, nor was that the way to learn more about Willow's magic. He's seen her do a few small things in the time they'd been dating, lighting candles by touching the wick, floating dropped keys back into his hand, a few words to mend a ripped seam... nothing like that green bolt or invisible wall. He thought he might like to continue learning about magic slowly.

Collecting the new script, Alex smiled, thinking about the opportunity to see Willow in that dress again. She may have felt a bit self-conscious about it until the Fangor had attacked, but it had looked splendid on her. Willow would be here again...

end part 2.
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